the reactions of everyone in this picture lol

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What would the vets and cadets reactions be if they were sent a nude by someone (they liked or not)?

Mikasa: Delete
Reiner: Print it
Bertholdt: Let his phone fall
Annie: yikes
Eren: turns phone to try to find a hidden message cause this doesn’t make sense
Jean: blush and giggle
Marco: tell the person they got it from that they probably missend this, but it’s fine
Sasha: Show everyone
Connie: Uhm okay…
Historia: lol gross
Armin: acts like he never saw it, but has it saved on his phone
Ymir: U ugly lolololol
Levi: Delete picture, delete number, Blocked and forgotten
Hanji: Send a drawing of a penis back
Erwin: is flattered
Nanaba: Scared and horny
Mike: Very appreciative
Moblit: heheheh…he…he…  

A murder just took place whose reaction is more accurate

Saihara: extremely worried, confused, already trying to piece together what has happened and who the culprit could be

Ouma: lol murder nishishi, guess the amount of fucks I give, wahoo I’m still alive, time to lie some more and screw everyone over to get results    

Thunderbolt Fantasy Panel Sakuracon 2017  Summary

It’s been a couple days and my memory’s a little fuzzy, but here’s what I remember from the Thunderbolt Fantasy panel and some tidbits of Q & A that I recall!

-we watched the first episode on the big screen

-lots and lots of time was spent on the process of filming 

-for a couple minutes, a couple puppeteers took out Betsutengai and Lin Xue Ya and went around doing a little performance (mostly just fight moves) for the audience

-Gen Urobuchi became interested in PILI and puppetry when he went to Taiwan and saw some PILI shows; he then proceeded to buy a ton of blu-ray dvds and binge-watch them in his hotel room

-they wanted to avoid making a spin-off/sequel to PILI’s existing universe since it’s like 1000+ episodes; they compared it to like trying to watch Star Trek from the middle

-the two season 2 characters were revealed; the pictures are already out on twitter I believe

-one of the writers noted that the man was a megane character even though glasses are rare in Thunderbolt’s Wuxia world (lol)

-a hilarious reaction to the female puppet’s designs was when everyone saw her and was immediately impressed, making a “OOOOOH” sound from the audience; the producer then leaned into his mic and exclaimed: “KAWAII DESHOU?” (”CUTE, right??”)

-they told the audience to note that her design is based heavily off of scorpions (I can’t really see it) and thus there’s more to her than just a pretty face 

-they announced the light novels/side stories but there was an awkward silence in which nobody cheered/clapped….I mean, assuming these novels won’t be translated, it’s not too thrilling for a Western audience

Q & A (from the fans)

-Q: How does Urobuchi’s writing process go?

A: He said that he likes to start with a death scene for some characters and write his way backwards from there. So sometimes he’s ‘nicer’ (not sure what he means) to certain characters he knows are doomed from the start. Urobutcher seemed almost gleeful saying this.

Q: Any possibility of having a puppetry show in space?

A: Wooden puppets are actually composed of just their heads and hands (or man-cleavage like Setsumushou) because their actual bodies are the puppeteers’ arms, so a space-themed show would have to have long robes like the Jedi (Yes, they said Jedi) and no form-fitting spacesuits.

Q: Is the dragon in the opening literally Setsumushou? Does this have any bearing on the plot? (Asked by a fan curious on this certain fan theory as dragon=setsumushou was stated earlier by Urobuchi)

A: Urobuchi said that indeed the dragon in the opening is based off Setsumushou’s design, but not literally part of the story itself. From my take of it, it’s more of a cool symbolic thing than anything else; I doubt our Screaming Phoenix Killer is coming back, sadly. =(

The other questions were pretty typical/I can’t remember; someone requested if Touken Ranbu could be adapted to puppetry form, and Urobuchi and his staff kinda had to break it to them to look up the April Fool’s crossover. 

I was waiting in line to either ask about what other ideas they had for April Fool’s/what drug is Lin Xue Ya smoking  but they ran out of time. I did get this nice set of stickers, though.

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Why don't you think Louis son is his? I feel like all Louis stans are tinhats and that sucks for him

i mean………. this comes off really rude lol but im going to give you an answer. 

the MAIN reason is just the general reaction of everyone around the boys, including them, to it. like, even if they arent as close-knit as we were lead to believe, its kind of undeniable that they were friendly with each other, based on tour. and none of them congratulated louis?? ever?? so like, im getting a bit out of order but like, niall will congratulate ben and his wife for their baby, and post an instagram picture with the baby, when its literally a known fact none of them are best best friends with ben. nialls stated louis is his favorite so many times, but he… never congratulated louis at all? or even MET the baby? thats not even counting how he looked when the baby was brought up, which imo, was uncomfortable, but that can also just because its a personal matter, so. but anyway, even though they, according to the gp, are the least close in the band, harry didnt say anything?? regardless of my personal opinion about him, the fact that he ALWAYS made it a thing to acknowledge pregnant women in the crowd and always said he loved babies/wanted a family himself/etc, but didnt congratulate louis.. or acknowledge the baby AT ALL? thats shady lol. especially after the interviewer directly called him out at gma after louis confirmed it, he just. stayed mute. i dont really have any reason about liam specifically.. and then the crew/friends i know MOST of them congratulated him, but thats literally nothing!!!!!! compared to the band members not.

and then the next thing is louis’ general reaction, like obviously louis LOVES kids, we know this just from seeing him with young fans and his family, etc etc, i could go on forever. and im not denying hes been sweet with the baby, he definitely has, just, from louis, i’d expect him to post more about him, like he would be GLOWING because of this baby. and ofc hes tweeted about him and posted some pictures with him, but when the baby was brought up during interviews (before he was born), he was so. uncomfortable. like i get its a personal matter, but come on. louis would want the world to know about his child he would!!! his behavior after the birth was REALLY unexpected. and his familys reaction was quite odd too just in the fact that for such a close knit, baby loving family, like, i expected them to be so much more public about it. ofc i understand privacy concerns, but like, lottie and the twins have been posting so many pictures of just their friends babies so its ahdhdhf. idk. this paragraph got a little messy.

then like louis hasnt publicly been in la in MONTHS. and the last time he ever acknowledged freddie over social media was last month i believe? and it was proven that freddie was with the jungwirths. which he literally is most of the time. and personally, i think louis would try to see his child more, imo.

then lastly i dont really discuss whether briana was pregnant or not because frankly i dont care about the mother of the baby, i care about whether louis is the father or not, but regardless announcing the pregnancy at ten or eleven weeks is insane. its unlikely she even knew she was pregnant at that time, unless she was watching and taking tests pretty much daily. she had to be trying. y’know. but back to the point. there was absolutely no reason for it to be announced that early. especially if the father of the baby is a multimillionaire, currently on tour with one of the biggest bands in the world. thats controversy that they dont need, especially again if the baby is a product of a one night stand, which he is. and briana is not famous…….. nobody knew her. we have proof that louis can hide serious matters.. theres no reason he and his team couldnt hide briana’s pregnancy. and then the announcement came through the sun.. which typically has exclusives about the boys that are either all negative or personal life related. 

theres other reasons like the jungwirths social media and stuff but i really dont feel like getting into that because some of it cant even be confirmed but mostly everything i wrote is stuff that happened in the real world. so. those are my main reasons.

////Stream picture. It was @borurou’s request along with the rest of the chat members…..

TOTALY Safe for work, ok

However, I enjoy the reaction pictures… made by the chat members. about the chatroom. LOL. by @cookierts

and this one was by @skullible hahahahahHAHAH

verdict: my stream lags for about 14 mins. THAT IS NOT GOOD HAHAHA. I’ll see if I can stream in better timing some day, but for now, the lag is TOO GREAT!

Thanks for dropping by everyone! I enjoy seeing the clsterfuck chat lol ///

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how would the members ( + v) dance when they're at a club ? (zen dances like a white dad even though he probabbly knows how to dance)

(a/n i know this says dance but i expanded it to just them being drunk at the club and i included dancing because its funny lolol pps i got invited to a party as i was writing this so)


  • initially he comes to pick you up from the club because he’s intimidated by the people at clubs because ‘they’re cool(they’re really not)
  • hes really scared walking in
  • but he’ll wants to make sure you’re home safe so he conquers his fear (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • he sees people chanting for you to down a drink and he meets ur gaze and its just like yoosung h e l p
  • so he comes over and chugs the drink down and wow i saved her!!
  • buuuut he’s a lightweight so he starts giggling
  • a lot
  • he loves ‘sex on the beach’ 
  • its FRUITY i should take it to class it’s one of my 5 a day
  • no yoosung its really not
  • but i taste oranges and and 
  • :(
  • a hyper white man on the dance floor 
  • does the boogie and failed moonwalks and wow look at mee mc loook!!
  • he thinks he’s really good oh my poor child
  • he’s so addicted to LOLOL that he probably runs around screaming at one point because i am a drAGON WARRIOR
  • ends up being SUPER paranoid 
  • when you sober up you try find him but where tf is he where has he gone omg he’s lost call the cops
  • security finds him hiding under a truck what the hell
  • apparently he heard sirens and he thought they were after him??? 
  • …why would they be-
  • probably passes out in the car
  • cries the next morning because what is a hangover???
  • why am i dying call 999 i’d like a red coffin please tell my mum i love her


  • he’s planned this night out for weeks but he’s paranoid ur going to die or something??
  • remember if someone offers you a dri-
  • i know say i have a muscular bf that will beat u up blah blah lets gO
  • thats my mc
  • you enter the club and he literally pulls out a flask of his pants and ur just like ????
  • listen, drinks are expensive and i’m not spending that much on strong flavoured water 
  • true & me too
  • at first he’s super cool as he hangs out with his old biker friends in the smoking area and you nope outta there
  • but when he sees that you’re drunk he literally jets back into the club and drinks with you
  • drunk zen oh god oh boy
  • he’s either bussing out boy band moves or either jumping up and down like a freak theres NO inbetween
  • either way you run away
  • he definitely acts cute/flirty to get free drinks that girls buy him and ur hella pissed off at him
  • but you hear him rambling to the girls about how much he likes you and quickly takes his drinks and shares them with you
  • winks @ u because this mf knows how to get free drinks how sly
  • u scared the undying shit out of me you drunk cunt don’t flirt again :((
  • he somehow ends up talking to his vodka glass when you leave him to dance
  • and he’s reciting his lines and acting dramatically - its a full on performance 
  • wow…i have a v attentive audience thank you guys I appreciate it
  • oh he’s also the drunk person who takes 100 snapchats and everyone hates him cos of it i know i would
  • when he wakes up the next morning you find him watching a youtube video of his drunk self last night and he just groans smacking his forehead
  • my manager is going to kill me
  • pout


  • he’s still in his suit so he looks very out of place
  • ah- this is a commoner club 
  • dissapointed when he sees sweaty teens just grinding on each other
  • oh christ thats a lot of leg
  • whines A LOT
  • i thought it would be empty mc..
  • jumin - its a club why would it be EMPTY you dumbass
  • literally jets to the vip section where there’s less people and relaxes for a bit
  • but he ends up sipping a little too much wine
  • tries vodka in his tipsy state and he looks like a baby who’s tried a lemon 
  • oh god o non nonon o non why DO PEOPLE DRINK THIS noNOo 
  • … actually give me 7
  • he’s so out of it now
  • doesn’t dance he just bobs his head really out of time to the music 
  • talks to everyone and everything (yes he talks to objectsabout cat wine
  • and *hic* you know cat wine *hic* will make a profit *hic* of 3 million *hic* kitten pounds *hic*
  • wtf is kitten pounds oh god what are u planning
  • leaves his card in the normal club area and everyone uses his card to buy drinks
  • um sir.. ur bill is £9867.37…
  • lol *hic* i want another water drink please 
  • you drag him out because he’s a mess gET OUT TRUST FUND KID
  • no no no i have more clients to talk to i’m doing business
  • you were talking to a chair before i dragged you out movE IT
  • in the morning you show a video of jumin hiccuping and rambling and he just straightens out his suit and walks away in shame
  • whispers to himself…what have i become


  • the club has an offer where all drinks are half priced and u just drag her along but she vows not to drink
  • lol
  • a ranting angry drunk who lets every thing in her head just come out
  • it’s roast jumin night
  • listen i hat ehis damn *hic* cat wine and his cat i mean *hic* that cat isn’t even cut e *hic* that cat hair is everywhere *hic*
  • stops mid sentence
  • hey you’re *hic* cute
  • she realises what she’s said in her drunk state and covers her mouth and u just laugh because same ur still getting embarrased 
  • she just word vomits everything but her thoughts are so jumbled up that she can’t finish her train of thought so its just random phrases and you can’t get a word in at all
  • i would quit my job but the pay is go-
  • YEAH
  • i caught trust fund kiddo with a pocky stick in his mouth on the floor trying to get elly to ea-
  • omg
  • isnt that animal abuse???
  • what the number i’ll call the-
  • you have to grab her phone out of her hand or else jumin would kill her but damn she was close
  • doesn’t dance but she just stares at people from her seat judging people verbally nd really loudly - enough for them to hear
  • she’s awful
  • shut up jaehee where are your manne-
  • but she has 2 left feet an-
  • you just drag her out because the girls are so close to clawing her face 
  • tuts the whole way home mumbling about kids these days but jaehee ur like 5
  • int he future she doesn’t even let u bring up that night because she lost 5 clients and jumin managed to hear what she said and he was v.v.v pissed 
  • throws a shoe at your head when you mention going to a club together


  • takes you to some weird underground club for officals n shit with a secret password to get in and everything??
  • where are we saey- holy shit whY IS THE GUARD BREATHING FIRE
  • you learn that they’re robots that he created - well ofc that makes sense now
  • all the drinks in the club are just rainbow coloured and weird and theres blaring techno music where am I
  • recommends you every drink and he’s also one of the lightweights so soon enough ur both somehow singing to screamo (just screaming random syllables)
  • he’s that IDIOT who screams “DRINKS ON ME”
  • oh my god saeYOUNG NO
  • gets into a dance battles (does white boy dance moves) and he loses and breaks his glasses may I add
  • but its normal because he says he has 137 more?? wdym..?
  • when people hit on you he ends up joining in and hitting on you as well because u know.. drunk logic
  • are you a calendar because dATE ME
  • we’re already dating idiot wh-
  • oh well it did it hurt; when.
  • …when..?
  • when you fell for me
  • dies on the floor laughing at his own joke 
  • then after a while he’s literally really weird like
  • weirder than usual
  • if sunflower oil is made from sunflower seeds.. and sesame oil is made from sesame seeds.. whats virgin oil made from??
  • oh god th e government is giving us viRGIN DRIINKS
  • you cover his mouth quickly because theres probably government officials in here u IDIOT shut it
  • compliments random strangers while doing the finger gun action as u drag him out
  • points at stranger “u have.. nice shape d teeth *hic* me likey
  • probably laughs the next day because those drinks don’t give you hangovers (he created them) and he compliments his own shitty dancing on camera before pulling another pair of glasses out of thin air
  • bitch tf where did that come from?????


  • he tells you off for drinking at the club 
  • but ends up drinking himself
  • okay wow seriously the RFA have no logic - rika u hired idiots
  • he becomes really artsy and he acts knowledgeable 
  • but he don’t know shit
  • you know where rum comes from?
  • uh yeah isn’t it like a by product of some sugar process thing and its fer-
  • no. i’m going to tell you the unspoken truth.
  • you get a glass of water from the mountains, put it on the table, clap 3 times, spin around 4 times, say rummyrumrum and then it becomes rum.
  • (please bare in mind he says this super seriously with the straightest face and the calmest tone)
  • he’s wandering around the club and people think he’s sober but he’s really not he just looks normal
  • ends up taking thousands of photos on his phone until theres no more memory left
  • the photos are worse.. than jumins (collective gasps)
  • but at the time he’s genuinely freaking out because 
  • omg these pictures are golden i’m literally going to make millions
  • …they’re all blurry feet.
  • probably lets to bartender ramble about his job to him because thats v and he’s nodding his head slowly at him 
  • he’s not listening btw
  • suddenly gets up (srry mr bartender) and realises he has to take pictures of you because wow ur beautiful (he’s STILL cheesy when drunk)
  • those ‘pictures’ are just confused selfies because how do cameras flip again??? technology is hard :((
  • his form of dancing is nodding his head like jumin with some jazz hands from time to time 
  • zones out a lot at the club - everyone is convinced he’s high and avoids him
  • the next morning he erases all the pictures and literally pretends the night didn’t happen 
  • acts super clueless 
  • lol whats alcohol? i only know of green tea!!
So I tried to find at least 1 good cosplay per FO4 character...

And so far I have posted the best one’s I’ve found for each character BUT when I went to search for some X6 cosplay I got this:

So sorry guys.

I think I’m just going to start using this picture whenever I see X6 missing from a reactions post lol.

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in my psychology lesson we were doing about why people find different things attractive and my teacher had a picture of you on the board and legit everyone in the class turned round to look at my reaction and i literally shouted by mistake "fuck it's my husband" and the teacher from the class next door came in and said her full year 7 class full of 11 year olds heard me im embarrassed


Tony Stark's Daughter Headcanons

A/N: This might not turn out so well but you seem to like my headcanons so I’ll just try not to completely ruin this, lol. Thanks for the anon that requested and hope you enjoy this lil thing, 💛.

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes


Tony is always very cocky with his achievements, he’s just so fucking proud of himself you can smell self-love from afar, but just imagine his reaction towards your achievements, god, he would make a copy of whatever you’ve done or take a picture of it and just go around the Avengers’ tower showing it to everyone and adding “My daughter made it, you know who made her? I did.”

• No seriously, he would be so proud of you he wouldn’t even hold himself, he would just give you a big hug and tell you how he appreciates what you do. Even if you fail.

• Actually, ESPECIALLY if you fail, Tony would be just so mad because he knows the feeling, he knows how it is to work hard on something and no one give ears to you, he knows the feeling of disappointment and failure, of no one trusting you. So he never lets you even think he’s any less than proud of you, and he tries his best to cheer you up and help you.

• I feel like he would be so fun to be around, almost like an older brother instead of a dad.

• “Y/N GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND CLEAN THE TABLE WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????” “Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist…” “OH MY GOD”

• “I kinda hope you don’t have any school plans or something because I ordered sushi and it would be very upsetting to eat it by myself”

• Actually staying in even if you had plans because even though your dad is iron man, his heart is soft and he loves your company.

• Being the first to stand by him when no one else believes in him or his inventions and him doing the same with you.


• Jealous!Dad!Tony whenever he takes you to the Avengers’ meetings with him because of your precious brain and having all the heroes in awe with you.

• Now think about if one of them fell in love with you, Tony would FLIP.

• “Stay the HELL away from my daughter, oh my GOD”

• You training with Natasha because of the danger you’re in just by being Iron Man’s daughter and Tony being super excited to watch you fight.

• Eventually, you become an Avenger as well, I mean, you learned how to fight with a trained assassin, you are GOOD.

• “Jarvis where the FUCK is my daughter it’s 2am”

• What if you were in love with someone in Team Cap and Tony being almost sure you would pick them instead of him.

• Tony was sure he could feel his heart breaking just by thinking of you staying on the other team, he would feel so upset and betrayed, he would barely even speak to anyone.

• When asked which side were you on, Tony almost wished he could close his ears so he wouldn’t have to hear it but the look on his face when you said “I’m a Stark for god’s sake, with dad, of course!” was beautifully priceless.

• Tony would call Pepper to give him tips whenever you got your period and strictly follow your requests and do his best not to upset you and bring your painkillers exactly on time.

• MOVIE NIGHTS! I just feel like you’d do that a lot.

• Also, WORK UNTIL YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR HANDS NIGHTS AS A FAMILY would happen with frequency.

• Getting away with the puppy face because Tony is a weak bitch and can’t be angry at you for too long.

• Doing funny faces at each other and reassuring smiles when you are presenting a work or something serious to help the other feel more comfortable.

• Sometimes he would put work in first place and forget about something you’ve asked him to do or ignore you when you are venting and would only realise when you had stopped talking to him and started spending too much time in your room, ignoring him.

• “I know I fuck up sometimes and I know I go to outer space when I’m working but no matter what, Y/N, never doubt this, you’ll always be my number one, favourite, invention.”

• Being partners in crime and Tony not only being the best dad ever but you best friend as well.

Hope you liked this and please give some feedback 🌈

joshua’s not on the photo bc he’s too busy scrolling down the seventeen tag on tumblr and witnessing our reactions aka the day we lost all our chills and the chills of our chills and just laughing at our posts because he’s just like that joshua u savage but @joshua follow me ily

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Originally posted by fudayk

love converting people to the Nino train!

god i really need to like draw a picture of me presenting Nino to a crowd of people and everyone going like ‘oooooo!’ and im all smug and nino is very confused 

it would come up often as a reaction image lol