the reaction was very muted

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Do you think you could do something with Mccree where his s/o had a really shitty day and just sorta shuts down? Like they go mute and stuff? (This is usually my reaction to very overly stressful things, my mind just kinda shuts off and I just need someone to hug and cuddle, and maybe help me take a bath)


- He will let you vent to him if you need it
- will calmingly talk to you, and tell you everything will be okay
- He’ll probably help you develop signals with him so that he can talk to you if you ever go nonverbal
- When you get home from a bad day, he’ll start running a bath and order in some of your favorite food for you
- He’ll cuddle up with you, not even looking at his phone or anything else until you feel better
- he’ll put on the radio for you, on your favorite station so that you can listen and relax
- if you want him to help you bathe, he’s happy to oblige, even having special things for the occasion
- he goes to lush more now that you’re with him, buying things like lotion, bath salts, and bath bombs so that you can really relax
- He’ll make sure to get your favorite scent too
- He is honestly so nice and loving and caring towards you when you’re upset

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the problem i have w/ triggers for me is that like. by definition its supposed to be something that Really messes you up and can like…put you in an anxiety attack or w/e but i got very muted reactions and emotions its like….what now…Some of my triggers affect me a lot but not all the time or all of them so how am i supposed to know when somethings a trigger or a squick. we just dont know