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women in figure skating who inspire me ♥ – international women’s day, march 8th

mao asada - symbol of her nation, experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, rises and falls and rises again, she may bend but she will never, ever break; akiko suzuki - overcame an eating disorder and fought her way back to the top, a speaker for women’s health, radiates pure joy and love of skating; yuna kim - trailblazer, shouldered a country’s expectations and did not crack, returned so her compatriots could reach their olympic dreams, ambassador and activist; ashley wagner - the almost-girl-turned-queen, faces challenges head-on and doesn’t take shit from anyone; mirai nagasu - the child star who fell from grace but refused to let that be her story, the young woman who grabbed life by the reins and writes her own destiny; michelle kwan - the eternal champion, a model of grace, faced disappointments and triumphs with dignity and class; carolina kostner - living proof that you only get better with age; wenjing sui - stares down the impossible, lets nothing, not even injuries, stand in her way, loves what she does with every fiber of her being


a while ago someone in the Jaime Reyes tag reminded me that Scarlet Scarab exists and I was like “…yes”

And then I was like “fuck it, I’m gonna ship him with Thad. How’s THAT for a Dark Bluepulse AU.” Bc I like this better than AUs where it’s Thad and Moded!Jaime



this has gotta be the dumbest thing i’ve ever contributed to this tag but the text post just EMANATES the Reach to my 1 am logic

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Amazing! So, I was thinking something like reader and Natasha are close friends but reader doesn't know that Natasha likes her and idk 2 from the ridiculous prompts happens? Thank you, and just so you know I love (♥♥♥) your writing!

(This was much much longer than expected, I just had to write alot bc I had so many ideas for my first natasha request!)

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In Her Web

“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“

Natasha loved coming in to wake you up in the morning, you were one of her closest friends on the team, she also may have a tiny crush on you.  She would never admit that to you though.  “Wakey wakey, time to get up!”, she  sung to you bringing you out of your deep slumber.  Nat walked over to your windows and drew back the curtains, spilling warm sun light into your room.

You groaned and threw your pillow over your face, “Naaaaatttttt.”

She climbed on top of your body so that she was straddling your waist. “If you do not get up in 5 seconds, you will suffer the consequences кекс.” You stayed silent pretending you were asleep.

“Ah so you want to be punished already? Well I warned you!” She attacked your sides with her fingers, making your wiggle underneath her.

You couldn’t stop laughing, and breath.  You threw the pillow into her face to distract her, but nothing can defeat Natalia Romanova! “Nat…. please!”, you gasped inbetween laughs.

“What do I hear?  Is that a weenie accepting defeat?”, she mockingly asked.  

“I am no weenie!!”,you argued.  

She squinted her eyes at you, “Admit you’re a weenie and I’ll stop!”

“NEVER!”, you yelled.

“Well guess i’m going to have to tickle you harder!!”, she tickled every possible spot.

“Okay!!”, you gasped. “I’m a huge weenie!”, you huffed. She instantly stopped, and you grabbed her hands to make sure she couldn’t attack you again.  “You’re evil.”

She laughed, “What can I say? I did warn you… weenie”, she winked at you.  

You didn’t really realize the position you were in until you actually looked at her. You had Natasha Romanoff straddling you while holding hands, this sent butterflies in your stomach making your cheeks blush.  

“You okay (Y/n)?”, Natasha asked.

You cleared your throat, “Uh yeah,um can you get off I need to pee.” That was the best excuse you could think of to get her off you.  You hopped out of bed and rushed to your bathroom.

Natasha watched you walk to the bathroom, if you saw her face you would’ve seen the hunger in her eyes.  She adored you so much, your beautiful laugh, your every full curve and stretch mark on your skin, every battle scar that you hated.  You were a goddess to her, and all she wanted was you.  No one on the team knew besides maybe Clint, she just didn’t want to complicate things if you ended up not wanting her back.

She waited for you to get dressed for the briefing on the mission. You came out in tight black leggings that had see through sections on the legs, and a black v neck shirt.

“Ready to go?”, you asked.

“Yeah, I’ve been ready! You’re the slow poke!”, she teased.

You rolled your eyes, “What eveeeer.”

You both sat next to each other at the meeting. The mission was an undercover one, it would be Clint, Nat, Bucky, and you.  You were supposed to infiltrate a hotel that was hosting a party with ambassadors and well known people around the world.  It was rumored  Hyrda agents would be trading nuclear codes for a powerful artifact from one of the guests.  It was your job to take down whomever was involved and keep the artifact safe, without disturbing the party.

You and Natasha were sharing a hotel room that was just 10 floors above the elegant gathering.  You put on a long, sparkly, ruby dress with black heels that accentuated your leg that was exposed through the slit in the dress.  Natasha had a dark, emerald, lace dress.  Her hair was perfectly curled past her shoulder, and she just looked like the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.  You tried to keep your composure, “You look amazing Nat.”

“Oh why thank you, you don’t look bad yourself tiger”, she winked to you as she put a hand gun on a holster strapped to her leg.  

The four of you took separate ways to cover more floor space.  Everything seemed normal, all the guests were being rich and doing what rich people do.  

“(y/n) there’s a man 5 feet infront of you, and he keeps looking around.  Find out what he’s about”, Clint said through your earpiece.

“Heard”, you replied back and made your way through the crowd.  Before you approached him a waiter walked by with two glasses of champagne, you took the glasses and poured a drop of truth serum in his glass.

“Well hello there, you look like you need a drink”, you said smoothly as you offered the glass. The man was younger than what you would expect for a hydra agent, if he was one.

The man looked surprised that you would even look at him, “Oh no thank you.” He rejected it and continued to scan his eyes around the room.

“Oh please, are you with another woman?”, you asked.

“No I-”, he stammered.

You cut him off, “Am I not beautiful enough for you?”, you accused.

The young man got antsy and finally caved in, “Fine I’ll take the drink.” He took the glass out of your hand and took a big sip.  You waited for the serum to get in his system, then asked questions.

“So why are you here?”, you asked in your seductive voice still.

The man seemed zoned out for a bit then he replied, “On a mission to take dangerous artifact back to Hydra.” He spoke like an emotionless robot.

“Oh is that so? And where would this artifact be?”

“20th floor with Ambassador Valenti.”

You smiled with victory and spoke in your com, “Anyone roger that?”

Natasha decided to do the secret work with you, “Heard (l/n).”

You looked back at the man and patted his shoulder, “Thanks for the help pal.”

You met Natasha in the elevator, she stood there like a model with her hand on her hip.  You hit the button for the floor, and cracked your fingers so you were ready for any fighting when you got on the floor.  

The elevator dinged and of course there were a bunch of men.  You looked at Natasha, “What’s the plan”

“Can you fight in a dress?”, she whispered.

“Uhh yeah?”

“Well then that’s what we will be doing”, she sprinted out the door and took down the closest guy.

You took off your heels and followed her lead, it was a work out but you finally got everyone out.  Your knuckles were cut up and bloody, guess you’re gonna have to deal with that later.

Natasha kicked the door open and there were body guards in there.  They started shooting at you two so you took cover, “I’m going to shoot, you find a way to the artifact”, Natasha commanded.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath waiting for the men to re load, then you would run.

You got passed them, only almost got shot twice but you got out unscathed. You took as many people down as you could; you finally came to a door.  You opened it and the ambassador was there holding the artifact that was in a case.  “Sir give me the briefcase!”, you commanded.

“No!”, he panicked.  More men came pouring in the room so the Ambassador had time to escape.  You were pissed by the time you could chase after the punk.  He climbed out the window, and you followed after him.  It was raining and thunderstorming.  The ledge you were on was slippery; you could barely see except when lighting lit up the sky.

“Guys need back up, on the side of hotel.  He is getting away with the artifact.  He made his way up to the roof, now he had no where to go.  You were soaking by the time you got to the top, “Ambassador give me the artifact!  It’s too powerful!”  You slowly made your way towards him like he was a wild animal.  “Just hand me the case and you won’t get hurt.” He kept backing away, and his foot slipped a little bit. Thunder cracked making him jump a little, this caused him to fall.  The roof was on a slant so he started sliding down.  

“Fuck!”, you threw yourself down and catch his arm before he fell.  Luckily you did, but the rain made it hard to hold on to him.  “I need back up!”, you shouted.  You tried to pull him up with all your strength but he was just too big.  

A metal arm reached for the ambassadors arm that you were holding, “Barnes, thank god you came!” Bucky pulled him up onto the roof but the antics weren’t over.

“SHIELD can not have this!” The ambassador threw it off the roof, and instinctively you jumped off after it.  Logically that probably wasn’t the smartest move.  

You caught the brief case and a balcony railing, coincidentally it was the floor Natasha was on so she was there waiting for you.

“Well look who dropped in”, she smirked.

“Just help me Natasha”, you groaned.

After everything was settled you were allowed to relax in your hotel rooms.  You were soaking wet and all you wanted to do was take a hot bath. Natasha took a shower so you could have the bathtub.  

When she got out you asked, “Hey Nat do you think you could massage my back, I think I pulled something when I caught myself.”

Nat’s heart raced, touching you? While you lay on the bed practically naked?

She cleared her throat, “Sure, just lay on the bed.”

You excitedly threw yourself on the bed while you were only in a towel. She straddled your butt in only underwear, and she started to press into your back with her fingers.  It felt so good you let out a few moans, “Yes Nat that is perfect, right there!”

Nat could feel herself get affected by your choice of words, “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.

You looked behind you and realized she was only in underwear and you were practically naked, maybe this could be the moment you finally make a move.  “Oh but that only creates more work for you later”, you teased.  You were trying to test the waters with her.  

When you said that you could see something in her eyes change, “What are you trying to insinuate, (L/N)?”

You flipped over her and sat up, exposing your chest, “Maybe I’m just hinting that I want to be bitten by black widow”, you winked.

That’s all she needed to give her the confirmation you wanted her too, “Oh you’re going to get it tonight”, she whispered against your lips.

The Reach Apocalypse

So we all remember the future that Bart came from, right? Where the Reach took over Earth and the humans were slaves?

And somehow Jaime turned super buff (alien steroids???)

I’ve just been thinking about it recently, and just how CRAPPY it looked.

Everything is gray, and there’s ash(?) everywhere. (holyshit, the world is Silent Hill) It doesn’t look very livable, but the Reach are still there.

When I first saw it, I just assumed that not everything had gone smoothly with the Reach’s invasion, and that Earth’s heroes (and probably even the Light) fought against the Reach, which resulted in a giant battle that completely messed up Earth’s living conditions, but didn’t kill the humans. And the Reach stayed anyway because they probably thought Earth still had potential for stuff and things.

But then I remembered something the Ambassador said about the meta-gene in Before the Dawn:

They did it on purpose.

Harder living conditions = more chances of “catastrophic physical trauma”. The Reach knew how the meta-gene could be tapped into, and they changed Earth so it was harder to live on and therefore breed more meta-humans!

And it’s not like they don’t have the technology for that, since we saw something similar in Endgame:

MY POINT IS THESE PEOPLE ARE SO CRAFTY AND IT’S GREAT (or terrible, depending on your point of view)

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If Young Justice had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?

Well for the original team, 

  • M’gann would probably post links to recipes, and gifs from ‘Hello Megan.’ 
  • Conner would hardly ever update but like a lot of anti-monkey posts and of course like M’gann’s selfies when she posts them
  • Kaldur’s blog would just consist of a lot of ocean pics and environmentalist stuff
  •  Artemis would blog about archery and sports and occasionally rant about a certain annoying red-headed speedster
  • Dick would reblog any interesting posts or psychology facts and Batman would probably have him reblog any posts about how good of a company Wayne Tech is
  • Zatanna would reblog a lot of new age, crystal healing, magic themed posts
  • Let’s be real, Wally would be the one to reblog posts about pepe or cat pics, and just food porn

I imagine their urls would be some variation of either their real name or their superhero names. Robin’s blog url would literally just be “dick-grayson,” which resulted in a lot of nsfw blogs following him and flooding his inbox. For the most part they’d all follow each other, but Artemis would purposely ‘forget’ to follow Wally back, but would still stalk his blog frequently. 

For the new team: 

  • Cassie’s blog would be entirely fandom related with all the ships she fangirls over
  • Jaime would reblog skate boarding tricks, or anything interesting on his dashboard. A number of his posts would also be in spanish.
  • Bart would be on the dark side of tumblr and blog the absolute randomest crap and tag Jaime in literally EVERY post
  • Jaime would then post about how annoying Bart is
  • La’gaan’s blog would be pretty much exactly like Kaldur’s, with some body-positive posts
  • Gar’s would be a lot of cute posts, mainly about animals
  • Karen probably wouldn’t update her blog often (since she barely had any time for Mal)  but when online she’d reblog science related posts

and omg the Reach Ambassador would totally have a tumblr blog promoting the Reach drinks, but his only followers would be bots.