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women in figure skating who inspire me ♥ – international women’s day, march 8th

mao asada - symbol of her nation, experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, rises and falls and rises again, she may bend but she will never, ever break; akiko suzuki - overcame an eating disorder and fought her way back to the top, a speaker for women’s health, radiates pure joy and love of skating; yuna kim - trailblazer, shouldered a country’s expectations and did not crack, returned so her compatriots could reach their olympic dreams, ambassador and activist; ashley wagner - the almost-girl-turned-queen, faces challenges head-on and doesn’t take shit from anyone; mirai nagasu - the child star who fell from grace but refused to let that be her story, the young woman who grabbed life by the reins and writes her own destiny; michelle kwan - the eternal champion, a model of grace, faced disappointments and triumphs with dignity and class; carolina kostner - living proof that you only get better with age; wenjing sui - stares down the impossible, lets nothing, not even injuries, stand in her way, loves what she does with every fiber of her being


a while ago someone in the Jaime Reyes tag reminded me that Scarlet Scarab exists and I was like “…yes” And then I was like “fuck it, I’m gonna ship him with Thad. How’s THAT for a Dark Bluepulse AU.” Bc I like this better than AUs where it’s Thad and Moded!Jaime



this has gotta be the dumbest thing i’ve ever contributed to this tag but the text post just EMANATES the Reach to my 1 am logic

anonymous asked:

Who are some good fanfic writers with nice blogs I can follow?

That’s a good question. I’ll give you a list, but since I don’t know precisely what sort of fics you’re looking for I’m not sure if this is precisely what you’re looking for (for instance I wouldn’t want to recommend Bluepulse fics to someone whose NOTP is Bluepulse), but the following authors are ones I really like and hope you’ll enjoy.

  • @weirdnonsensefandomstuff (She focuses a lot on Scarab Love or Bluepulse/OT3.)
  • @hookahpop, although more specifically their writing blog @creativityflowfics (I know hookahpop’s DC work most, so I don’t know much about any other fan works.)
  • @mr-mustache-penis (A fantastic author and currently in Voltron hell.)
  • @necromancy-enthusiast (Everything I’ve read from her has been fantastic, though as with hookahpop I’m more familiar with her DC work.)
  • @who-even–are–you (I’m currently reading a 22+ chapter fic written by them and it is destroying my heart in the best way possible.)
  • @coredesignixandnekonee (Has written some really good fics, but tends to post a LOT, so you may want to look more specifically at @tamlins-stories-and-poems for their work.)
  • @crashtacular (Does fantastic work, though I’m only really familiar with his DC stuff, and succeeds in absolutely soul-crushing his readers. Might be best to look through his [Ao3] though.)
  • @abirdaplaneaqueer (Also writes some fantastic Bluepulse OT3 fics. Her work is golden.)
  • @parvumautomaton (Primarily does needlepoint, but the fics they’ve done leave one hell of an impression.)
  • @windona (Absolutely fantastic fics.)
  • @insuffera6le6itch (If you want La’gaan-centric fics she is the best source for them.)
  • @kaerwrites (If you have any interest in Dragon Age fanfics, I can not recommend them highly enough.)
  • @puddingmcmuffin (Has written some absolutely fantastic fics, and the source of the Turtlebug ship– Zarkon/Reach Ambassador.)
  • @crawling-through-ashes (Sooooo much Bluepulse, and it is glorious.)
  • @sounddrive (If you like Transformers then you can’t go wrong with her work.)

I know that there are more I could throw on this list, but I’m drawing a blank. I hope you find this list helpful though. n.n

always a ship (tos reunion in aos-verse)

“This better not be one of your damn tricks,” George said, glaring at Kirk with his pale, manic eyes and shaking his finger as he advanced. It was as if he’d reverted to the paranoid man they’d rescued from the abandoned starbase, only months ago. “I don’t need you to plague me with ghosts, mister–”


The Ambassador had arrived. His deep voice was so soft it barely registered as sound.  "Oh, Jim. It’s true. You are alive.“

“The hell did you call me?” George rounded on the Ambassador, drawing up as if to make himself appear larger. When he stormed forward, the Ambassador did not move, though Spock cleared the way quite deliberately, his hand towards the sedative hypo that Bones had left him.

“Your name, Jim,” the Ambassador said, unclasping his hands. His entire face had opened up, a display of naked, mixed emotion: fear, relief, joy and sorrow.

“I’m George,” George said. His voice cracked with the lie, his eyes darted towards Kirk with vague accusation. “George, damn it, didn’t these boys tell you before you came storming in here?”

“Then, have you forgotten your name? I could remind you.” The Ambassador’s voice held a tremor that over a century of Vulcan training could not hide.

“It’s not my name any longer,” George said, raising his finger and jabbing it, rudely, at the Ambassador’s face. “And I want to know how you know it!”

“You do not recognize me?” the Ambassador asked, reaching up and grasping the man’s wrist, under his sleeve and not over, in a way that Kirk knew was intimate for a Vulcan to initiate. Skin on skin, fingers to pulse. “Truly?”

“Just tell me, damn it,” George said, that strident voice caught in his throat, the touch the elder Vulcan offered all but paralyzing him.

“I am,” the Ambassador said, an echo of the words he’d used to startle another feral, pale-eyed creature some years ago into silence, “and always shall be your friend, Jim.”

“Spock?” George stared at the elder Spock with wide, tired eyes, wet with tears that he refused yet to shed. “Spock. How?”

“A story too long to tell for one pass of the Watcher, t'hy'la,” Spock said, in Vulcan, taking his other hand to the peppered hair on George’s head, fingers tracing the weathered lines of the other man’s face. “Later, I will show you. Now, I will embrace you.”

George’s breath stuttered in his throat, loud in the quiet room; Kirk was holding his. Spock, behind the Ambassador, dropped his hand from the holstered hypospray, and they locked eyes over their counterparts’ shoulders.

“Spock,” George whispered. He drew his hand up, flattened the Ambassador’s hand against his cheek, leaning into its comfort. “How do I know this is real? Not another trick?”

“You know,” the Ambassador said, a soft huff of air that was gently exasperated, with deep and weathered fondness. “You simply know, Jim.”

George’s sob was restrained, as dignified as it could manage to be. He touched his two forefingers to the Ambassador’s at his temple. Kirk turned away at that, his ears and cheeks burning at seeing someone else’s very specific intimacies.

“Jim,” Spock said, Kirk’s Spock, nodded towards the door. “I believe the Ambassador no longer needs our assistance. We should allow him and his guest to retire.”

“Yeah, uh, if you’ll excuse us, Ambassador,” Kirk said as he hurried to the port, but Ambassador Spock did not respond to give them leave, nor gave any indication he’d heard Kirk and Spock at all. He was still forehead-to-forehead with George – his Jim, his Kirk, his Captain – both of them quiet and oblivious to anything else around them, as if time and space had stopped for them. Lost in their own universe, which was their due.

‘How did you find me?’ Ambassador Spock had demanded from Kirk, deep in the frozen wasteland of Delta Vega. As if that was the foregone conclusion to being stranded in another timeline, Kirk would be there, a golden beacon in the dark.

Kirk crowded next to Spock on the turbolift to their quarters, his head briefly tilted against Spock’s shoulder. Their forefingers locked, half a Human hand-hold and half the Vulcan display of those bonded at the heart. As they were, and their counterparts were, the only variables in their appearance, their upbringing, their love a universal truth, where there was always a ship, always a crew that was as close as family, and the two of them at the fore, a constant in the churning whorl of time and space of their galaxy.

new-recipe  asked:

If Young Justice had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?

Well for the original team, 

  • M’gann would probably post links to recipes, and gifs from ‘Hello Megan.’ 
  • Conner would hardly ever update but like a lot of anti-monkey posts and of course like M’gann’s selfies when she posts them
  • Kaldur’s blog would just consist of a lot of ocean pics and environmentalist stuff
  •  Artemis would blog about archery and sports and occasionally rant about a certain annoying red-headed speedster
  • Dick would reblog any interesting posts or psychology facts and Batman would probably have him reblog any posts about how good of a company Wayne Tech is
  • Zatanna would reblog a lot of new age, crystal healing, magic themed posts
  • Let’s be real, Wally would be the one to reblog posts about pepe or cat pics, and just food porn

I imagine their urls would be some variation of either their real name or their superhero names. Robin’s blog url would literally just be “dick-grayson,” which resulted in a lot of nsfw blogs following him and flooding his inbox. For the most part they’d all follow each other, but Artemis would purposely ‘forget’ to follow Wally back, but would still stalk his blog frequently. 

For the new team: 

  • Cassie’s blog would be entirely fandom related with all the ships she fangirls over
  • Jaime would reblog skate boarding tricks, or anything interesting on his dashboard. A number of his posts would also be in spanish.
  • Bart would be on the dark side of tumblr and blog the absolute randomest crap and tag Jaime in literally EVERY post
  • Jaime would then post about how annoying Bart is
  • La’gaan’s blog would be pretty much exactly like Kaldur’s, with some body-positive posts
  • Gar’s would be a lot of cute posts, mainly about animals
  • Karen probably wouldn’t update her blog often (since she barely had any time for Mal)  but when online she’d reblog science related posts

and omg the Reach Ambassador would totally have a tumblr blog promoting the Reach drinks, but his only followers would be bots.