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Early-Grape Brows collection in Wildly Miniature Sandwiches pallet!

Here’s my first recolour release! I’ve recoloured allot of stuff for personal use but never released it because it doesn’t always look the best XD. 

In both naturals and un-naturals to match WMS’s hairs and base game/pack recolours! 

This is a swatch addon so you will need to download the original brows from Early-Grape to get EA’s colours!

Uni-Brow found here

Brow with slit and plain brows found here


Sims File Share

There is a combined package with all brows and re-colours together or the separated so if you just want the naturals or un-naturals you can download one or the other!


@early-grape for the original brows!

@wildlyminiaturesandwich for the beautiful pallet.

and a special mention to @weepingsimmer as it was her tutorial that originally inspired me to recolor something and guided me through it!


On this day in music history: April 8, 1977 - “The Clash”, the debut album by The Clash is released. Produced by Mickey Foote, it is recorded at CBS Studios in London and National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, UK from February 10 - 27, 1977. The self-titled debut release by the iconic British punk band is recorded in just two and half weeks, at a cost of only £4000 ($6698.40 USD currently). Many of the songs are written while The Clash are living in a council flat in NW London being rented by Mick Jones’ grandmother. The album quickly establish the band in their home country and earn them a loyal fan base, featuring several songs that become standards in the bands repertoire including “White Riot”, “Career Opportunities”, “Remote Control”, and “I’m So Bored With The USA”. In spite of its UK and European success, CBS Records initially passes on the releasing the album in the US, calling it “un-commercial” and “not radio friendly”. It still finds a sizable audience in the United States when record stores begin importing UK copies of the album, selling an impressive 100,000 copies before it is picked up for domestic release by Epic Records in July of 1979, after the release of their second album “Give ‘Em Enough Rope”. However, the US version differs from its UK counterpart, replacing the tracks “Deny”, “Cheat”, “Protex Blue”, “48 Hours”, and “White Riot (original version)”, with “Clash City Rockers”, “Complete Control”, “White Riot” (re-recorded version), “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”, “I Fought the Law”, and “Jail Guitar Doors”. The initial US pressing also comes packaged with a bonus 7" single featuring the tracks “Groovy Times” and “Gates Of The West”. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1999, and on 180 gram vinyl. Another vinyl reissue is released in 2010 that includes the bonus 7". A numbered limited edition version pressed on split blue and white vinyl is released in the US for Black Friday Record Store Day in November of 2015. “The Clash” peaks at number twelve on the UK album chart, number one hundred twenty six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm running out of games to play. I have played most of the English and Doujin Games available and I moved on to Japanese Games. I also played games in my android and PSP and also on the NDS. But I really wanted to play more games on PC. Can you kindly suggest otome games on PC for me? I won't mind even if it's M+18, as long as the story is great, I'm also not that picky in art. Thankies much =')

Hi~! Here’s a list of otome games on the PC, so I hope this helps!

  • Ken ga Kimi
  • Dot Kareshi We’re 8bit Lovers!
  • Tokyo Yamanote Boys
  • Black Wolves Saga (15+)
  • Dousei Kareshi Series
  • Photography Journey (TBA)
  • Shinigami Kareshi Series: Re: Birthday Song and Un: Birthday Song (TBA)
  • Starry Sky Series
  • Ayakashi Gohan (TBA)
  • Bad Medicine (releases in May 28)
  • Tiny x Machinegun The Game
  • Bloody Call
  • D.C. Girls Symphony
  • Garnet Cradle
  • Shinobazu 7
  • MIYAKO ~ Tsukiyomi no Yume ~
  • Sangoku Renseki ~ Otome no Heihou ~
  • Double Score Series (Cosmos x Camellia and Cattleya x Narcissus are released, and Marguerite x Tulip will be released this year. The other games in this series are still TBA)
  • Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser
  • Danzai no Maria
  • Heart no Alice no Kuni
  • Hana Awase
  • Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Here’s PC 18+:

  • Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori
  • Under the Moon
  • Vampire Sweetie
  • Riddle Garden
  • Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi
  • Jooubachi no Oubou: Menou Hen
  • Koezaru no Akai Hana
  • Trick or Alice
  • PersonA ~ Opera za no Kaijin ~
  • Chou no doku hana no Kusari
  • Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage
  • Tsubasa no Oka no Hime ~ A red & blue moon -finite loop-

I hope this helps! I’m just listing PC otome games that I believe to have a good story! If there is any more to add, please feel free to add more!

- Mod T

The U.N.'s Shocking Gender/Feminist Bias: Masterpost with Links

Here is a list of my posts on the shocking gender/feminist bias at the United Nations. A link to this post will be on the front page of my Tumblr so it is easy to find. I plan to update it in the future. Feel free to send me relevant links & info:

Quick Intro Summary: The U.N. is now a feminist missionary organization and a humanitarian nightmare

The very feminist U.N. Women now controls the entire U.N. system through a policy known as “gender mainstreaming”. Gender mainstreaming means all U.N. programs and actions must account for “gender equality.” U.N. Women has the ultimate authority to decide what “gender equality” actually means, so they now rule the entire U.N. system in practice.

The results have been disastrous. The U.N. has excluded men from humanitarian aid simply for being men, unnecessarily prioritizes aid to women, promotes male genital mutilation even though it strongly condemns all forms of female genital mutilation, produces mountains of highly questionable (if not outright fraudulent) research on gender-related issues, campaigns for government Internet censorship to supposedly protect women from mean words online, and blatantly promotes feminist ideology in both the first-world (through publicity campaigns such as HeForShe) and in the third-world (by integrating feminist indoctrination into humanitarian aid programs).

I understand this may sound a bit conspiratorial, but please visit the links below and judge for yourself. Most of my evidence comes from official U.N. sources. Remember, your tax money is likely funding the U.N. through member state donations.



Embarrassingly, it’s been a little while since the last time I did any sort of bloggin’ whatsoever. Now, I find myself near the very end of a long year having said nearly nothing about it! What a year it’s been for Paramore. Taylor and Jeremy and I are so thankful, so exhausted, and so satisfied. Thinking back on everything from The Self Titled Tour in OZ to launching “Ain’t It Fun” on one of the biggest pop stations in the country, to Parahoy and Monumentour… I just don’t know that there’s been another year in our career that has felt both this sentimental (like show #2 on the cruise) AND this triumphant (like having our first top 10 single at top 40 radio) all at the same time. It just keeps getting better, you guys.

2014 really changed me in a lot of ways. I guess it’s one reason I kept away from blogging and sharing as much as I usually feel inclined to. I grew up a lot and the process wasn’t really expected, nor was it always fun. Since the top of the year, I’ve gone through a “break-up”, a “make-up" (YAYWOOHOOO!), had a really promising hair-dye business opportunity completely fall through, got sick a TON of times on Monumentour and had to cancel shows, and just got plain tired. Well, we all did! Oh, I also got a dog (YAYWOOHOO!). The reason I’m saying all this is to show you that even when things look simple or wonderful on the surface, there’s always a battle to be fought. Don’t let it stop you from getting where you want to be. It’s not about where you think you should be, or even where you think you deserve to be. Where do you want to be? 

I’m so eternally 100% absolutely ridiculously grateful for people like you who have given my life, as well as Jeremy’s and Taylor’s, a major purpose. We are constantly learning along with you. Existing along with you. Singing along with you. But more than that we are always FOR you. This is so cheesy, omg… but you can’t water down the truth and when you do, it loses all its power.

I hope that, at the end of this year, you realize how the hard times made you. I hope for you that you allowed those times to make you better. I would bet that you’re better. 

You already know about this but, to bid 2014 goodbye, we’re leaving you with a re-release of our Self-Titled album. The re-release includes tracks from our favorite show on Monumentour, which took place at Red Rocks in Colorado. We didn’t originally intend to ever do anything with the recordings. It wasn’t planned. We just loved the show so much and felt it embodied the rawness and the fun that we had with you over the summer. The songs we chose to include from that show are mostly ones that weren’t on The Final Riot (save for “LTFB”, which we just HAD to have since we played that and “Part ll” back to back!). These recordings are un-touched and though they’re not perfect, we are psyched that we caught it on a recording because it was so special for us.

The re-release also has ALL 3 B-sides! Maybe you’ve already heard “Escape Route” and “Native Tongue” but there is noooo way you’ve ever had the pleasure of “Tell Me It’s Okay”. It’s such a cool song. I’m so happy we finally found a home for it. For whatever reason, at the time, it just didn’t fit the album. We never even finished recording it! This is the scratch demo that we recorded all in one take while Ilan was tracking drums at Sunset Sound. I later added some harmonies, Taylor threw an extra guitar bit here and there, and that’s pretty much it! The lyrics were always important to me and very true to that particular time in our band’s life. Maybe I’m giving too much away here but… it IS okay to be happy NOW. 

Lastly, there’s the duet I did with Joy Williams (formerly of The Civil Wars) on “Hate To See Your Heart Break”. We recorded our vocals (to the original track) in Santa Monica, CA about a week after the Monumentour ended. Joy has been a friend and a mentor of mine since I was just 12 years old. I met her, by fate, about a month into moving to Franklin, TN. She was on her own musical journey and I was chomping at the bit to start my own… (little did I know I would meet the guys like 6 months later). Joy has been an incredible example of strength, perseverance, faith, and grace throughout all the years that I’ve known her. I always wanted to be able to sing like her and being able to duet with her actually felt like an amazing tribute to the inspiration she’s given me. Taylor and his family are also close with Joy and he is actually the one who brought up having her on the song. It’s the first time we’ve ever collaborated with anyone as a band and we’re all really really proud we were able to invite someone into Paramore’s world who completely understands multiple aspects of who we are. Whether you’re a Paramore fan, a Civil Wars fan, or you just like pretty songs… This one will satisfy, I swear! 

Alright, this is long. I’ve typed for DAYS. My fingers hurt. I’m a little rusty! I won’t take any more of your time, except for to say this: we love you and we can’t wait for what’s next.

Always always always betting on you, 


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