the re animator

sean spicer, a total asshole, wanted a minifridge so he wouldn’t have to drag his re-animated corpse to the cafeteria and be seen by all the people that openly mock & despise him on a daily basis, so he sent one of his assistants to go take a minifridge from an office of junior staff at the white house

and those staffers told Spicer’s messenger to go fuck himself, that’s their fridge and they actually need it because they don’t get meals at the cafeteria like spicer does

so, instead of being a reasonable human being and ordering a new one off Amazon, that asshole personally himself went to the officer at night after everyone left and stole the fridge, carrying it back to his office in the white house with his own hands

like that’s the perfect story to totally encapsulate what a complete and total joke not only this current administration is, but that the very bedrock institutions of American democracy are

it’s literally a fucking joke, they couldn’t write something as ludicrous as this on fucking Veep