the ray william johnson song

Okay, I just need to vent here!

I’ve come to the conclusion that people will always bring up the past, even if the people who have worked so hard to move forward, try to push past it, and it’s sad. So they said a few rough things in the past. Don’t act like you haven’t said something you didn’t mean because people aren’t perfect. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve laughed at jokes that have been racial or not appropriate. Unless someone yells “I hate white people” or “I hate Hispanics” Or “I hate black people” then I wouldn’t get too offended. Yes there are stereotypes out there, but hey all of our races have them. For example, Ray William Johnson had made a stereotype song. Did anyone get offended? No. Why? BECAUSE HE WASN’T BEING SERIOUS! Just like the grumps were when they made a joke. If you listen to what they say, they apologize and say maybe that was stupid and if they said something really bad, they’d admit it wasn’t right to say. We are human being’s who were created to have flaws. It doesn’t mean they’re racist, or homophobic, etc. They fucked up, yes, but they have admitted their mistakes and even said they are trying to understand more about different communities.

Why can’t people just seriously leave the past where it needs to be?!

Do not judge a game that wasn’t created by the grumps but only voiced them and don’t get paid for!

Don’t judge a game if you haven’t even played it!!!!!!

If you’re going to judge people over what happened in the past, you’re an asshole, especially when you’re probably not even remotely innocent.

Didn’t you get taught to turn the other cheek and act like an adult!?

Maybe I was raised differently. I accept everyone, gay, different gender, different race.

Yes I’ve made jokes, but I wasn’t once trying to be an asshole.

We are all human and we make mistakes and we screw up, but don’t hold it on people their entire lives for a few things they said and tried to fix!

Sorry if people now think I’m an asshole, but to be clear, I am not racial or homophobic. I’m bisexual and I accept everyone and even stand up for rights for everyone!! -.-