the raw herbs


I picked some wildflowers for my bedroom, put my dried mint into a jar 🍃🌸 then I started reorganizing my herbs, seashells and crystals 🔮🐚✨


Completely natural, organic, and safely harvested dried hibiscus. It can be used in spells, candles, teas, and more. It was a very tart ad floral taste and scent. It can be eaten plain to get rid of a bad taste in the mouth and to clean teeth.

Hibiscus is high in vitamin C. It helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. It benefits the immune system and digestive tract. It shortens the life of colds, flu, and viruses. It speeds up the metabolism to aid in healthy, safe weight loss. It also lowers inflammation!

The Wiccan’s Glossary

024 - Mountain and Sea Grilled (my rough translation)

(The description of this dish basically explains how fresh meat and fish cooked together give this meal a nice volume and make it a perfect score dish… or something lol)

Ingredients: Hylian Bass + Raw Meat + Hylian Herbs (I’m just assuming… if anybody could confirm this?)

Effect: restores 10 hearts

How to: put into cooking pot

🚚 I-Have-To-Move Trade Extravaganza!!

I have:
-heaps of bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes. Including tiny antique perfume bottles
- wide variety of old tins
- small candles, all kinds of candle holders, incense holders, matche books and boxs
-old book fly leaves, book illustrations, and
book board
-art suppies! Paint brushes, ink pen nibs, blank journals, and stationary/scrapbook patterned paper
-nick-nacks and chochkies galore
-river glass, rock, and driftwoos from little arkansas river system

What i’m looking for:
-star maps
-any old witchy books
-dowsing rods
-scrying mirror
-vulture feathers
- crow skull or claw
-fox teeth
-Any interesting antiques (prefer small stuff)
-raw stones
- marshmallow dried herb

If u want to see what i have i’d prefur to see what u have to trade first (Too much to take pics of). Im in kansas and would ship about anywhere.
I would sell items as well.

Catch me at: gothagness on tumbler
Or email at

😉 thanks for checking me out!

with Herbed Tahini Sauce

4 rice papers (serves one, multiply if you’re inviting a friend)
½ cup cooked vermicelli (AKA rice noodles) 
1 red beet (boil, allow to cool and cut into slices) 
1 carrot
½ cucumber
½ avocado
handful of mixed lettuce
handful of sprouts & fresh chives

2 tablespoons tahini
1 garlic clove crushed
½ lemon juice
1 tbls sauerkraut
1 tsp cracked pepper
Herbal Salt to taste
Fresh dill & chives
+ splash of water if needed for consistency. 

1. Blend all sauce ingredients until smooth, set aside
2. Prepare all vegetables by thinly slicing longways 
3. Fill a shallow dish with warm water, one at a time dip rice paper sheets in the water for 5 seconds, remove immediately and lay on a chopping board (wood works well here) 
4. Arrange filling on the wraps, starting with the noodles, followed by the vegetables, keeping everything centred. 
5. Fold the top and bottom in, the sides should stick down, starting at one side roll the paper over the filling and continue to roll to complete the wrapped process. Repeat. 
6. Dip and eat! Enjoy immediately! 


Zen’s Botanical (

I love this business! I met them at the Denver Black Arts Festival and had to buy everything! They have all kinds of products that you can buy, mostly soaps, essential oils, shea butter (karité) and the like, all handmade and at amazing prices. Plus the woman there (the owner) was so sweet and helpful, and when I told her how excited I was about her business she literally teared up and gave me a hug!

The pictures above are from my most recent order. Included are several bars of soap (including a traditional handmade shea butter Black Soap) and pound of raw shea butter.

Some descriptions from the order and prices
1lb Raw Shea Butter - $10
Activated Charcoal Soap - made with bentonite clay, activated charcoal, vitamin E oil, black seed and essential oils.
Nubian Musk Soap - made with cinnamon stick powder, myrrh resin, essential oils and raw shea butter
Peppermint Oat Soap - essential oils, raw shea butter, peppermint herbs and whole oats
African Black Soap - plantain leaf ash, cocoa pod ash and raw shea butter.

All soaps but African Black Soap are 3/$10.

African Black Soap is $6 per bar, and the bars are HUGE and smell amazing.

They also sell essential oil perfumes for men and women, woven tote bags, hair oils and sea sponges.


I suppose since I’m showing off other women’s rawness, I should introduce myself and part of my story as well. I got a chance to be on the other side of the camera when I had Bailey take these of me for our first Woman in the Raw shoot.  The Herb that is featured is Vitex/chasteberry, the same that was written about on Bailey’s post here
Here’s my two-cents on discovering my womanliness and my hopes for this project:

I was nine or ten, overheated while running around playing tag on the playground at Elementary School on a hot day, wishing I had worn a short-sleeved t-shirt. I chose to wear a long-sleeve that day, and every other sunny day, because I was convinced that the sight of my irregularly hairy arms would make my friends and the boy I liked find me unattractive and boyish.

Before entering Jr. High, my older sisters told me I had to tame my beastly eyebrows. While waiting for my skin to numb with bags of ice, they browsed Seventeen and Cosmo to find celebrity inspiration and then tweezed me into a different looking person.

My mom was sympathetic towards me as my hairiness came from her and regularly bought me cream bleach on her trips to the grocery store so I could bleach my “mustache.”

It wasn’t until traveling abroad without much access or time for hair-removal and alteration tricks that I learned to live without them. And it wasn’t until I discovered and fell in love with old photographs of Frida Kahlo that I learned to be okay with me in my natural hairy state and eventually, find that state beautiful, exotic even.

It’s still difficult not to cringe when a pokey, black hair (or seven) establishes itself on my chin because that voice in my head says it doesn’t belong there on that chin, that female chin. But, I look closer at that hair on my chin and see how its growing out of soft skin that wraps around my entire body, the largest organ I have, my shell, my home. And I’m reminded of the splendor of that body, how it carries me through the world and allows me to experience this great gift of life. I decide once again, that it is perfect, and that every other female body is as much of a jewel as mine and should be celebrated in its nakedness.

The visual examples of women owning their rawness that I craved in my youthful state of feminine insecurity were rare and stigmatized. 

Now, as an adult, I’m blessed to know many women who bear humbly the fullness of their natural existence. They undoubtedly still face ridicule for their “non-feminine” features like their hairy armpits, or short hair, or too strong of arms, or too “lazy” of appearances.  But, they are comfortable in their skin and feminine identity, a trait more challenging to achieve than any sort of perceived beauty. 

The highest pursuit I can have as a photographer is to to enable advocacy through my photographs. My hope with Women in the Raw is that it can both normalize and honor the diversity of feminine identity, to provide realistic and empowering examples for young girls at the crux of developing their self-expression. 

-Tari Gunstone