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Breath of the Wild Recipe Guide

The game’s still pretty new so I’m assuming there isn’t a good database for recipes so I’m sharing just a few that have been practically life saving:

Steamed Meat - heals 13 hearts - Palm Fruit, Hylian Shroom, Hyrule Herb, Raw Prime Meat, Bird Egg

Meaty Rice Balls - heals 16 hearts - Endura Shroom, Endura Carrot, Silent Princess, Raw Gourmet Meat, Hylian Rice

Hearty Fried Wild Greens - full recovery, +12 bonus hearts - 4 Hearty Radish, Hyrule Herb

Hearty Mushroom Skewer - full recovery, +8 bonus hearts - Hylian Shroom, Hearty Truffle, Hyrule Herb, 2 Hearty Radish

Enduring Salt-Grilled Greens - full stamina recovery, +1 full bonus wheel - 2 Endura Shroom, Endura Carrot, Goat Butter, Rock Salt

Energizing Seafood Rice Balls - refills 1 ¾ stamina, heals 9 hearts - Stamella Shroom, Hylian Rice, Courser Bee Honey, Rock Salt, Staminoka Bass

Electro Fried Egg and Rice - mid level electric resistance boost 10min, heals 7 hearts - 2 Voltfruit, Zapshroom, Hylian Rice, Bird Egg

Mighty Mushroom Skewer - high level attack boost 4:10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Razorshroom

Mighty Fish and Shroom Skewer - high level attack boost 4:10min, heals 6 hearts - 4 Razorshroom, Mighty Carp

Tough Shroom Skewer - high level defense boost 9:10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Ironshroom

Sneaky Shroom Skewer - high level stealth boost 10min, heals 5 hearts - 5 Silent Shroom

Imagine you're a werewolf kidnapped by a hunter part 2

Part 1  

Once your first litter was weaned off of your milk, your master organised an auction to sell them. You were of course, present because they needed proof that you were indeed an alpha female to justify the premium price they would fetch. As you lay in your wolf form behind steel bars to keep you in captivity, you couldn’t believe the numbers the auction was reaching. By the end of the auction, your boys were sold for arond $60,000 a piece and the girls for around $80,000 (one in particular went for $96,000) as you watched you master collect the money from each of the buyers, you found peace knowing that they would be cared for if they cost so much. That night you found yourself in his nest being bred again, you were so horny you didn’t even bother trying to fight him off. This was just your life now. You were shocked as he leaned up at you to kiss you just before he filled you with his seed again and even more shocked when he fell asleep immediately after. You tested to see if was really asleep, then began examining him for a clan mark. Hunters we’re usually from one of a few clans, but your master lacked any marking. , and then considered your options. You were most certainly pregnant again, so if you escaped back to your pack you would be stripped of your status and your pups would be killed for being bastards. You concluded that as long as he took good care of you, you would willingly stay with him. As the second pregnancy progressed, your master took much better care for you than before. He fed you excellent raw meat and herbs and took care to begin milking you regularly as soon as your lactation began. He even let you move freely about the house, and took you on walks around the neighborhood. (In wolf form, telling everyone you were his dog who he was breeding). You didn’t mind. You loved the attention they gave you. They would pet you and comment on how beautiful your fur was and how beautiful your puppies would be. You even played fetch to give off the illusion of being a normal dog. After the park, it was time for milking again and this would require you to be human. You cried out as he gently massaged your sore, milk-filled breasts before attaching the milkers. “You’re such a good girl.” He said as the milker began to suck on your teets. “It’s like I’ve domesticated you.” He laughed and you smiled. You didn’t care that he killed your closest friends or robbed you of your future. You loved this. You loved him and everything about your new life. You loved knowing that you had no agency in your own life anymore. As your pregnancy progressed further, it became painfully clear that you were going to have even more pups in this litter than the last. Your massive belly made you nearly completely immobile laying in your master’s bed. When you finally gave birth, you learned you had been carrying 10 pups. 6 females, 4 males. You were glad your master had been milking you so much because there was no way you could nurse them all at once and by now, he had built up a massive stock of milk for them. You were satisfied knowing that your master would care for you until the end.


024 - Mountain and Sea Grilled (my rough translation)

(The description of this dish basically explains how fresh meat and fish cooked together give this meal a nice volume and make it a perfect score dish… or something lol)

Ingredients: Hylian Bass + Raw Meat + Hylian Herbs (I’m just assuming… if anybody could confirm this?)

Effect: restores 10 hearts

How to: put into cooking pot


Completely natural, organic, and safely harvested dried hibiscus. It can be used in spells, candles, teas, and more. It was a very tart ad floral taste and scent. It can be eaten plain to get rid of a bad taste in the mouth and to clean teeth.

Hibiscus is high in vitamin C. It helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. It benefits the immune system and digestive tract. It shortens the life of colds, flu, and viruses. It speeds up the metabolism to aid in healthy, safe weight loss. It also lowers inflammation!

The Wiccan’s Glossary

with Herbed Tahini Sauce

4 rice papers (serves one, multiply if you’re inviting a friend)
½ cup cooked vermicelli (AKA rice noodles) 
1 red beet (boil, allow to cool and cut into slices) 
1 carrot
½ cucumber
½ avocado
handful of mixed lettuce
handful of sprouts & fresh chives

2 tablespoons tahini
1 garlic clove crushed
½ lemon juice
1 tbls sauerkraut
1 tsp cracked pepper
Herbal Salt to taste
Fresh dill & chives
+ splash of water if needed for consistency. 

1. Blend all sauce ingredients until smooth, set aside
2. Prepare all vegetables by thinly slicing longways 
3. Fill a shallow dish with warm water, one at a time dip rice paper sheets in the water for 5 seconds, remove immediately and lay on a chopping board (wood works well here) 
4. Arrange filling on the wraps, starting with the noodles, followed by the vegetables, keeping everything centred. 
5. Fold the top and bottom in, the sides should stick down, starting at one side roll the paper over the filling and continue to roll to complete the wrapped process. Repeat. 
6. Dip and eat! Enjoy immediately!