BOOKS I’VE READ ⁽²⁰¹⁸⁾ ·  opal, maggie stiefvater

“Dreamstuff always sounded like a dream, which sounded like the ley line, which sounded a little bit like the electrical murmur you would hear under large power lines, which sounded like when you walked into a room and the television had been left on but the sound was turned down. It was also a little like the thrum inside her that she could sort of hear-feel when she was lying quietly in the grass not-sleeping. Dreamstuff could be objects, like those left behind by Ronan’s father in the outbuildings, but it could also be living things, like the deer Ronan had dreamt, or like Opal herself.”

Fanfic description: Slow burn, pining, etc etc

Me: I can handle this

(Me Two chapters in)

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pick your collection

alluring: a bottle of wine, a postcard with a view of paris from a balcony at night, a pair of high heels, silk and velvet, a letter from a lost lover, rose perfume

delightful: freshly picked flowers, a vintage school bag, seashells, a silver ring, a few paperbacks on topics from poetry to politics, a box of matches, a notebook and pen

radiant: polaroid pictures of neon signs, red lipstick, second-hand vinyl records, some iron-on patches, a map, strawberries

fascinating: a language learning book, crystals, an old silver dagger, a deck of cards, lithographs of the night sky, a feather

lovely: a sketchbook, a bicycle, cassettes, black and white photographs, a pair of ripped jeans, a magic 8 ball