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Ooooh for the minific thing, Blue and Ronan (Blue/Ronan friendship is my FAVOURITE THING) and X!

I’m getting back to this meme, finally! I hope you’re still around anon. This is X - A flash of anger

“God, you think you’re so, so–”

Blue stops short. Not because there’s a dearth of terms that can be used to describe Ronan, but because there are too many to choose from, ranging from innocuous to outright offensive. The most offensive thing about Ronan, she thinks, is that Ronan knows exactly who he is. He is terrible and awful and he’s that way on purpose, so pointing it out to him is hardly going to do more than reinforce his world view.

No, in the game of offenses and slights that is friendship with Ronan Lynch one must always be prepared to be caught off guard and to attempt to catch him off guard in turn. She watches as he leans back against the BMW, arms crossed and eyebrow cocked. Come at me, his posture says. Come and unseat the unseatable king of knowing.

There have been serpents in the garden from the beginning, she thinks. She says, “Careful.”

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International Book Giveaway 

So last month my tumblr officially had its fifth birthday, I’ve been here for five years my goodness it doesn’t even seem real! In honor of those five years I decided to do my first ever giveaway. A book giveaway for all my lovely followers who have made my experience on this site so damn enjoyable and unforgettable!

 Here are the rules and information!


  • must be following me: this is for my followers only. I will double check.
  • reblogs only, likes count as bookmarks (you can reblog as often as you like but don’t spam your followers!)
  • this giveaway ENDS on March 12, 2016
  • there will be TWO winners! each picked by a random generator. since I have six titles listed above, each winner will get three books in total. whoever replies to my message first, gets first “dibs” on whichever titles they want. which leaves the remaining titles for the second winner! SO BE ATTENTIVE to your askbox! 
  • winners MUST respond within 48 hours or I will pick another winner(s)
  • if you are chosen you must be comfortable with giving me your name and shipping address ( I will ship worldwide ❤ )
  • books above are gently used/new conditions
  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS: I know for a fact that those don’t follow me. I stress the fact that I’m doing this for all the lovely people who have been following me on this site, whether it’s been only a few days,months or years. Thank you for making my five years on tumblr absolutely magical

if you have any questions about the giveaway don’t hesitate to ask me!

best of luck and with all my love, 

❤ Alejandra 

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You are my absolute favorite pynch author! Your writing is beautiful. Do you have any fic recs by any chance? Ive read all of your fics already and was wondering if you had any you enjoyed!

Thank you, anon! That is very sweet of you to say. And oh gosh, I have SO MANY FICS that I enjoy! So many more than would be feasible to put in a post. So this is a very short, incomplete list of things you could read. You know, compared to the much longer list I send to friends after they read the books. (And the entirely other list I was working on for @battlestarbean. I didn’t forget you! I’m bad at life! Also behind on the Pynch AO3 tag by like, three pages!) Er, I’ve tagged Tumblr names where I knew/could find them.

Anyway, fics!

  • with grateful arms by @deadnoahs: OT5, T, Noah can feel it when they touch his bones. 
  • let’s get together before we get much older by @raetxt: Adam/Ronan, Blue/Gansey, M, College AU where Ronan and Blue come to visit and Adam and Ronan dance and stop dancing around things. Bonus pretties by @cloven.
  • The Gates of Horn by ariadnes_string: Ronan-centric,G, THIS FIC IS MY JAMMEST OF JAMS. Ronan coming to terms with himself in the wake of his father’s death and getting his tattoo and hanging out with the artist at the beach. Like, I cannot tell you how great it felt to find this and read it. It feels like it was built for me. I want to send this author flowers. 
  • Wonderterror Weekend by @nimmieamee: Adam/Ronan, E, As it says on the tin -  Adam Parrish gets Saturday off and spends the day falling in love with Ronan Lynch. I have a lot of feelings about lots of little pieces of this, but mainly about the boots.
  • no need for goodbyes by @miruak: Adam/Ronan, M, Another college AU. Whatever, I’m easy for college AUs. Ronan visits Adam at school, they look at art and get reacquainted with each other.
  • Keeps Me From Unravelling by @greywarenmagic: Adam/Ronan, NR, Adam knits, Ronan is jealous, there’s a hideous sweater. My heart broke within the first couple of paragraphs (Adam’s childhood rather reliably renders me a mess), but it grew back by the end. 
  • Room to Grow by traincat: Adam/Ronan, T, Adam and Ronan take care of an egg for some sort of family planning unit and it hatches into a dragon. I giggle and clap with glee on the train.
  • Things That Go Bump In The Night by @genderhexe: Gangsey fic, T, The gang get caught in a haunted house and, as Sequoia says -  The real ghosts are the friends we made along the way! Look, I’m obviously biased, because we discussed some of this when they visited Boston, but it is 100% delightful and you should read it. See also: The Trans!Ronan series
  • we’ll keep tattoos for homes by @aaronminyards: ALL of the relationships, T, Adam, Blue, and Gansey run a tattoo shop and Noah and Ronan open a flower shop across the street. Okay. OKAY. I very purposefully wasn’t putting WIPs on this list, but look, the third chapter of this gave me Too Many Feelings about identity and basically I just need other people to cry over all of it. 

Also, maybe in general read all the things by @knightsren (x), @excelsors (x), and @nimmieamee (x). Just, you know, if you have time.

And like I said, there’s a ton more really great stuff out there not reflected here, but if I linked you out to every TRC fic I loved we’d both be here all weekend and I have important Galentine’s things to deal with! So consider that a starter pack. Happy reading!