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Exclusive: Dean Martin Will Return to Vegas, In Hologram Form
“The King of Cool” will tour the nation in holographic HD.
By Julie Miller

Grab hold of your loved ones! Next year, audiences will be transported back to the Rat Pack era thanks to an upcoming Dean Martin hologram, which will debut in Las Vegas with a full stage show, can exclusively report.

She Steals the Sun and Shuts Out the Light

“Are people in your realm truly so little-educated in dancing?” He seems genuinely curious. “It seems everyone learned in the Enchanted Forest.”

Post-5B, super-fluffy domestic… uh, fluff. ~2600 words.


Emma takes time off. They take time off.

The first few days are a haze of sleep and soft sheets and making love and fucking (Emma’s noticed a distinct difference between the two depending on how desperate they are for each other at any given moment and relishes them both). They hardly come up for air at first, scarcely leaving the bed for the odd shower or trek to the fridge, but it never lasts long before they come together again in a dance of lips and tongue and skin.

The fog slowly lifts. They drink in their fill of each other again and again and again until it’s nearly been a week and they realize they haven’t really seen the sun in days, only soft light filtered through heavy curtains. As loathe as she is to leave their house (their house – it’s such a big idea that settles so easily in her heart) there’s something to it, walking down the street hand-in-hand to meet her family at Granny’s and then a detour to the grocery store on the way home.

It’s so simple, family lunches and perfunctory shopping with the man she loves.

She’s waited 28 years for this, to do these things. It’s been far longer than that for Killian and her heart aches at the happiness on his face, at how he’s relaxed and easy in a way she’s never seen before, his kisses no longer desperate, his hand at her back less protective and more content.

It’s like they can finally breathe together. It’s like they were meant for this.

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Away from the club, with its dressing-room atmosphere of gushing sentimentalities, Sam and I got to know each other well. There were serious talks, months of real closeness. I loved Sammy. At the emotional center of it all I could see his problem clearly. A problem of circumstance - born black in white America.
   One night at my house I had him look in the mirror. He looked hard and long. Then a grim smile as he turned around. “Well …”
   I said, “You’re black, Sam. Nothing is gonna change that. And if anybody tries to make you feel that’s bad, let it be their problem. Besides, I wouldn’t have you any other way.”
                            - Jerry Lewis in Jerry Lewis in Person, 1982.


When I saw the first image for Two-Face ‘66 by Garcia-Lopez, I didn’t think there was anything special about the split suit. Aside from the squiggly pattern on the bad side, I thought it was just a pretty standard Two-Face suit until I saw Alex Ross’ version.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but this may be the first Two-Face to ever wear a tux! It’s like he’s half Sinatra/Rat Pack, half cheesy Vegas lounge singer. I’m not sure how intentional this was on Garcia-Lopez’s part as designer, but seeing as how I’m a fan of both Two-Face and the Rat Pack, I love this to itty bitty bits. It’s such a subtle, clever way to make him fit into the 60’s while still keeping him stylish and aesthetically pleasing!

I wish I were in better shape so I could cosplay the hell out of this design. And then reuse the makeup for a Aparo turtleneck cosplay. Life goals, folks, life goals.

Outsider Headcanons

lol yes I’m aware these are all over the place.

☆ Angela has violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor.

☆ Cherry and Bob met by him being devious and putting wrong answers in a literature book they shared. Cherry spotted him one day and confronted him. Bob decided not to do it again. From then they have little convos within their little 5 min break between classes. It was their freshman year.

☆ When Dallas was running from the police when he was shot, he caught himself in the moment of reflection. Before he was shot dead to the ground, he thought to himself, “ I’m tired of you watching over me, I’m joining you.”

☆Kathy will defend and protect Sandy at all costs.

☆ Cherry and Marcia love The Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand.

☆ Kathy, Sandy, Sylvia, Evie will often sneak out of the house and go to near by 24 hr diners or record stores.

☆Angela dresses ahead of her time.

☆ Most of the time, Tim and Curly don’t really acknowledge Angela.

☆ Sometimes Angela will flirt with Tim gang members and vise versa. It doesn’t usually end so well. She just does it because to make sure he brothers are aware of her. They are.

☆ Since the Curtis brothers are well know in the neighborhood, other greasers and hoods think Ponyboy has a stick up his ass.

☆ Darry is very influential in the neighborhood. Other greasers and hoods won’t admit it but they look up to Darry physically and mentally.

☆ Darry is quite the ladies man

☆ Younger Curly x Pony hated each other. Curly would always try to fight Pony.

☆Soda and Steve have talked about going to somewhere like Cali.

☆ 1970’s Tim Shepard ends up in Las Vegas.

☆ TwoBit x Johnny love to vent to each other.

☆ Kathy and Angela love the Rat Pack.

☆ The gang thinks Pony is gonna get beat the hell up one day if he keeps calling other hoods dumbs for no particular reason.

☆ Curly loves tattoos

☆ Curly thinks Sandy is absolutely gorgeous

☆ Most guys in the neighborhood like Sandy, so that’s why Soda doesn’t talk about her in bull sessions.

☆ Sandy has felt insecure about Soda chatting up girls. He would even do it while in front of her. That’s why she was lead into another mans arms.

☆ Soda likes the fact Steve accept his flaws bc they somewhat the same.

☆ The Brumly Boys are actually pretty good looking.

☆ Sylvia and Evie get in trouble in class for passing notes.

☆Cherry and Marcia get in trouble for the same thing but mostly talking during class.

☆ Kathy’s bubble gum pop severely and is very well known for it.

☆ Sylvia hates strawberry ice cream.

☆ 70’ s Sylvia and Evie love Cherry Bomb

☆ Dallas and the Brumly Boys don’t get along so well.

☆ Brumly boys are wisecrackers af.

☆ Marcia basically lives in Chanel.

☆ Angela likes to put sugar in boys cars that fuck her up.

By the power of watermelon, I finally managed to get the entire pack on camera! So here’s the story:

These 4 boys were rescued after living with 3 other rats in a tiny hamster cage without any shelter. After a stint in a foster home, they’re now with me for the long run! Brokkoli the opossum’s sleepytimes cage isn’t empty anymore. <3 I installed some platforms to give them a proper castle and here we are. Thank you all so much again for helping with the funding for these ratties :)

The two white and grey boys in the middle are 5 months old and still need names. The others are 1.5 years old - the siam boy is Keks (cookie) and the dark one on the far right’s name is Brezel (pretzel)! They are so bouncy, inquisitive and just plain adorable. The old men like to hang out in my bed and play or snooze (especially Keks), the younger brothers are squirmy little scuttlebugs. They all come running when I’m in front of the cage, follow my hand, and sometimes ride around on me, and I’ve had them for less than a week… such great pets! I love them dearly.

I just saw the most ridiculous comment. Someone actually said that if you get more than three rats they’ll “form their own pack and stop loving you”. Let me tell you right now that is complete BS.

People always use that sort of excuse so they can keep one lone rat (”I don’t wanna get two because my rat might bond with the other rat instead of me!”), I’ve never heard it used to discourage people from keeping more than three rats. 

Most rats are happiest in groups. That’s the most natural situation for them. Believe me, they will not stop caring about you just because they have more rats to play with. My rats were always just as interested in me whether they were in a large group, a trio, or a pair.

The most important thing is that you do what’s best for your rats.