the raphael of flowers

ok but what if malec get married on the anniversary of their first kiss? “exactly 5 years ago i almost got married,,, to a woman!” *the crowd gasps* “shocking, i know! but then this man stormed in all like ‘sorry am i late to the party?’, told my mum to fuck off and gave me the chance to make the best choice i ever made in my entire life. to choose myself. to choose love. to choose this handsome man right here. i am a lucky man, i know!” *laughs* “of course, lydia is a lovely woman and im glad she’s happy with her wife lindsay now but she wasn’t really,,, my type, to say the least. but this man is. Absolutely. my type. and i wanna spend the rest of my life with him. i know some of you might be wondering why we’re even getting married since according to my blonde brother jace here we’re 'already a disgustingly cute old-married couple that is raising 83727 kids together anyways’” *everyone laughs* “but still,,, i wanna make it official. i want everyone to be the witness of this. to witness how much i love this man. also, i really wanna be able to legally call him my husband, so there’s that”*everyone has put their hands on their hearts in awe & is smiling*

raphael santiago is lowkey and secretly obsessed with flower and he loves them sm but all the flower shops close before he can ever leave the hotel so when simon lewis (enthusiast of happiness and Advisor To The Interim Chapter President Of The New York Vampires #1) finds out about this, he decides to open up a flower shop in the hotel for the vampires by getting meliorn, his newly acquired friend, to get him flowers from the best seelie fields and forest clearings. the tiny lil store in the ground floor of the hotel is successful. raphael goes daily and no one dares to tease him about the small flowers that simon always puts behind his ears or tangles in his hair. basically, simon adds florist extraordinaire to his list of duties.

Raphael is hella punk, Simon hella pastel and they are both very much in love.

More flower crowns because why the heck not! (*´▽`*)

This time, featuring Usagi Yojimbo, @koujiminamoto‘s version of Mona Lisa & Venus De Milo, and my oc, Alice. 

The Cycle of Seeds

Summary:  Gabriel flees Heaven
Word Count:  842
Rated:  Teen
Notes:  Enochian in bold.  This is compliant with my “By the Grace of God” ‘verse, but is not exclusively part of the series.  More of an exploration into Gabriel’s history.

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A selection of drawings by Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759 –1840). Pierre was sometimes called the “the Raphael of flowers” for his botanical illustrations of exquisite detail and beauty. He collaborated with many botanists and painted the flowers found in the gardens of French chateaux and further afield. He was also an official court artist for the famous Queen Marie Antoinette and after the French revolution Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, became his patron.

You can see the small details of his paintings zooming into the images in the google arts project 

  • raphael: *saltily picking flower petals*
  • raphael: i love him
  • raphael: i don't love him
  • raphael: *plucks last petal*
  • raphael: i love him
  • raphael: DIOS PLEASE

Pastel-babes in love  (✿ ♥‿♥)

la vie en rose

shadowhunters 200 word snippets (2/?) : raphael/simon

“Romance isn’t dead after all,” Raphael drawls in wry amusement, eyeing the bouquet of withered flowers Simon is proudly holding in his hands. They might’ve been roses at one point, but most of the petals have fallen off and those that have not are wrinkled and dry and curling in on themselves.

Simon looks sheepish. “I meant to give them weeks ago, but I, uh… forgot?” His voice tilts higher towards the end of the sentence. He shoots an apologetic smile, his teeth flashing, and Raphael feels like rolling his eyes but decides against it.

“Well,” he starts, taking the flowers with an excessive amount of care considering their current state. “I appreciate the gesture. Really, I do.“ And he finds that the does. It’s the first time anyone’s bought him flowers, and he can’t help but feel a little bit smitten.

Simon beams at him, repeating his well known mannerism of biting his lower lip nervously. Raphael’s heart does things it’s not meant to do, such as flutter and skip a beat.

They spend the rest of the night sitting on the roof of the hotel, watching the stars. Simon keeps pointing out constellations. Raphael rests his head on his shoulder, and feels he’s at home.

anjawritingsx  asked:

If Raphael likes flowers then give him his favorite ones! By the way Si, he told us you already make him very happy and that he feels like the luckiest guy in the world! ;)

Simon - He said that? He’s really sweet, mostly he’s sweet in spanish. Which is why I’m learning how to speak it. But I think I will get him flowers. I know he likes them, and it’s not like I can just go out and buy him chocolates. I’m not sure what kind he likes, but I’ll ask Lily when I can. She’ll know. She knows like everything there is to know about Raph and the clan.

Flower Shop AU
  • inspired by an anon i got
  • Raphael storms into Clary's Flower Shop and looks directly at Simon (The register person) and slams $20 on the table
  • Raphael: How do I passive aggressively say 'fuck you' in flowers?
  • Simon: Uh, Meadowseets, Basil, Geranium, but who gives someone flowers as a way of saying 'Fuck you, I hate you'?
  • Raphael: Just give me a mixture of whatever flowers you just said that'll cost under $20.
  • Simon: Okay...
  • Raphael leaves the store and comes back like 2 minutes later and hands Simon the flower.
  • Simon: You can't return flowers...
  • Raphael: I'm not returning them, they're for the stupidly cute flower shop boy who stands by the register everyday.
  • Simon: What?
  • Raphael: Idiota!
  • And then he grabs Simon and kisses him because fuck his stupid face and fuck his stupid cute grin.