the ramp


Downside up but every time somebody goes down a ramp it gets faster


Topi’s Daily Card #912:  Extraplanar Lens

When you see this card, you’re normally either dealing with a blue or a green deck most of the time.  Green wants huge ramp, Blue wants tons of mana in order to hold mana up for counterspells easier.  Really, any single colored deck benefits from Extraplanar Lens, but sometimes people do a little extra to keep the power all to themselves.  Because it deals with lands with the same name instead of a land type, most players using this will use Snow-Covered lands, a more uncommon basic land type that is less likely to be used by their opponents, and therefore keeping the power more one sided.  This card should be a strong contender no matter what color EDH deck you run, as long as it’s just one, or maybe two colors, with plenty of basics to boost.

anonymous asked:

I just want the immature games to stop. I'm really upset about the fact that SC ramped up the 'we are a couple' mode in January (no, we are not delusional as even the media reported it) just before Sam turned up at a family wedding with his alleged SO & Cait turned up London with T again. Their behaviour has caused me to lose respect for both SC. It was a shit thing to do to shippers especially as they know we were attacked by IW etc for 12 mths. It also shows a lack of respect for their fans.

Just the fact that 💩 gets his rocks off by attacking and insulting and harassing a portion of their fandom and their silence after almost a year of it makes it looks like they condone it is enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Just goes to show that money and fame isn’t everything. And even if someone has it he can still end up as a fat bitter mean old man on twitter. As for the rest of it, I don’t know what’s behind it or what’s true or what’s what. There may be a logical explanation for all of it that doesn’t include any games at all. Maybe too much is being read into it. At least it’s not mean spirited or bullying. They do what they do for their own reasons and they aren’t doing things directly to the fandom that are hurtful, no matter how you perceive or explain their behavior.


Good wood - how have I never seen this before? Might just be the coolest pad I’ve posted to date… especially if you’re a hardcore skater. The ‘Merello House’ by WMR architects in Pichilemu, a coastal resort southwest of Santiago in central Chile.