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I’ll probably always be bitter about Princess Rover but I’m fully prepared to ship Eretria and the new girl Lyria (Lyretria? It flows nicely.) in season 2 of Shannara. I still need to see Eretria angst about Amberle, though. They were important to each other. There’s no way Eretria wouldn’t be devastated about what happened.

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Pink Lemonade and Princess Rover :D

Thank you for asking me this because it really made me realize how similar these ships are. (Although Princess Rover can never be canon now because Amberle is now an Ambertree and it makes me sad.)

But seriously Eretria and Trini are both so smol and try to act like they don’t care about anyone or anything, but are secretly so whipped for pretty girls. Oh and they both speak Spanish and are very kickass. (Ivana speaks Spanish… I don’t think Spanish is a thing in Shannara, but oh well.)

Then you have Kimberly and Amberle. (Similar sounding names too!) Amberle who is a literal princess and Kimberly who is a figurative one. 


Oh and I pick Trimberly/Pink Lemonade just because both of them are still alive lol. I will still be forever bitter about Princess Rover but I’m also excited about Lyretria!

Okay The 100 fans, I don’t want to lose you guys because of what happened last night. Y'all are so special and important to me and we’ve all had so much fun together. I don’t want this shitty writing to ruin this. Whether you watch another single episode of the 100 (I’ll at least finish the season, I think, to see if there’s hope), whether it turns out Lexa/Clexa is gone for good or not… this fandom is a part of my life that I refuse to let be completely ruined. I don’t want it to go away. So let’s stick with each other. We will make it through together, somehow.

Carmilla season 3 is this summer and we should know soon about a Shannara season 2. (PRINCESS ROVER ALL DAY ERRYDAY!) Faking It will be back soon too. I will continue to rave about Rey and Star Wars and the possibility of her being queer. Idk if I will watch Orphan Black this season or not, but maybe? Game of Thrones isn’t exactly in the queer lady fandom but I am trash so of course I’ll blog about it too. And the usual Marvel and DC stuff. Let our loves keep us together instead of letting our sorrow pull us down and apart. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that it can get better with the right people in your corner.

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I just really pray that whatever they hope to gain from this is worth whatever might be lost in the process. It hurts my heart to think that they were possibly in a situation where leaking a video like this was their best hope at getting out of it.