the rambling rover

Okay The 100 fans, I don’t want to lose you guys because of what happened last night. Y'all are so special and important to me and we’ve all had so much fun together. I don’t want this shitty writing to ruin this. Whether you watch another single episode of the 100 (I’ll at least finish the season, I think, to see if there’s hope), whether it turns out Lexa/Clexa is gone for good or not… this fandom is a part of my life that I refuse to let be completely ruined. I don’t want it to go away. So let’s stick with each other. We will make it through together, somehow.

Carmilla season 3 is this summer and we should know soon about a Shannara season 2. (PRINCESS ROVER ALL DAY ERRYDAY!) Faking It will be back soon too. I will continue to rave about Rey and Star Wars and the possibility of her being queer. Idk if I will watch Orphan Black this season or not, but maybe? Game of Thrones isn’t exactly in the queer lady fandom but I am trash so of course I’ll blog about it too. And the usual Marvel and DC stuff. Let our loves keep us together instead of letting our sorrow pull us down and apart. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that it can get better with the right people in your corner.

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