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Chocobros in the snow though?

  • Ignis has to sit out during snowball fights because he legitimately always wins and the others would at least like a fighting chance?
  • Except Noctis he cheats by warping all over then it’s a team effort to take the Prince down
  • Ignis makes a killer hot chocolate though and what snow day is complete without hot chocolate?
  • Noctis and Prompto’s mugs have way too many marshmallows like their mugs are at least half full of marshmallows
  • It gives them a good excuse to have a few more cups of hot chocolate though? Gotta have at least two since their mugs weren’t full 
  • There’s an army of snowmen lead by one towering snowman and one that might have been bigger buts it been knocked over
  • If you ask Noctis and Gladio about it they’ll just point fingers at each other
  • Prompto has photographic evidence of the whole ordeal and promises to give them to whoever gives them their hot chocolate first
  • But Prompto made a nice little snow chocobo chick out of part of the fallen snowman
  • Chocobros build Talcott his own little snowfort. Ignis uses a squirt bottle with water and food dye to write “Talcott’s Tower” on the front
  • Everyone’s cheeks and noses are red when they go in and the whole place smells like a delicious stew that Ignis has had cooking all day

anonymous asked:

Could I get a headcanon of how the chocobros would react to their crush being naked after they try to wake them by pulling off the covers?


Gladio - Goes straight for yanking the covers off of them to wake them up since most people don’t appreciate that and figures he’ll get to adore how cute they look all mused from sleep while they grump at him for stealing their nice warm blankets. When he pulls the blankets off though and sees that they’re naked, his first thought is woah followed immediately by oh shit. He throws the covers back over them to cover them up while he apologizes and turns away. before he leaves he tells them that Iggy has breakfast ready so they should get up and get dressed before it’s gone and then so is he. Later in the day he’ll pull them aside again and apologize and when they tell him it’s alright he’s over it since they are. He does secretly hope that he gets to see them naked again though since they’re gorgeous though.

Ignis - Tries waking them up gently at first, saying their name and opening up curtains but when they just pull the blankets up under their chin and roll away from the light, he knows he has to take more serious measures. Ones that he usually saves for a certain sleepy Prince that is notoriously hard to wake up. So he grabs the covers and pulls as hard as he can to get them out of their grip. As soon as he sees that they’re naked he stutters out his apologies, stating that he didn’t know but its still inappropriate of him. He turns his back to them to give them privacy and promises them that it won’t happen again but it is time to get up. For the rest of the day he gives them space and is very formal with them to try and make up for that morning.

Noctis - He thinks that taking the covers off of them is a great way to wake them up since Ignis always does it to him. The prince doesn’t think that there’s a chance they’re aren’t aren’t least in some sort of pjs so when he rips the blankets off of them he’s surprised by the eyeful he gets of them. Instantly he blushes from head to toe, appreciating the view for a moment before remembering that’s not a sight he’s supposed to be seeing. He turns away quickly and mutters out his apologies and tells them that it’s time to get up before scurrying out of the room. The rest of the day he’s quieter than usual and tries to give them space.

Prompto - Figures the best and quickest way to get someone up is take away their blankets since that’s the best way to wake him up. He starts to yell “GOOD MORNING!” as he tears the blankets off of them but he chokes when he sees they’re completely naked underneath them, so it’s more like “GOOD MORN-AACKK”. He’s stunned for a second before he turns on his heel so his back is to them, apologizing and making a joke as he high tails it out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him. The rest of the day is spent making awkward jokes while he tries very hard not to remember what they look like under their clothes.

anonymous asked:

Chocobros receiving a beautifully wrapped box, containing a photo album with boudoir photos of their S/O and a little frisky note from them. One problem though, they won't be able to meet till the next week. What will Chocobros do? ;)

Gladio - Loves the present but hates that he can’t really express how much does for another week. He limits himself to only looking at a few pages a night, wanting to draw it out and try to save all of that built up frustration for them. It works for the first few days but in the very early morning hours of the fourth day he’s having trouble sleeping because he can’t stop thinking them and the pictures and he needs to get himself off just once to let off some of that steam so he can make it through the next few days.

Ignis - He tries not to look past the first few pictures and not reread the note. If they’re going to be separated for another week he needs to try to make it easier on himself to focus on his work to help the time fly by. He knows the more he looks at the book and the note the more time will seem to creep by until he gets to see them again. This works for the first few days except on the third day he starts to wonder if the entire book is filled with pictures and what they could be. Given the first few he knows the uh subject of the book but not the details. By the time the week is over he’s got each picture memorized and has had more cold showers than he has his entire life.

Noctis - Opens the book and instantly shuts it, surprised by what he’d seen on the first page. He’d open it back up and blush a little as he read the note they left, groaning because they have a week apart to get through still. He tries not to go through the book every night but he does anyway, a combination of just plain missing them mixing with how hot the pictures are making it very easy for him to forget that he wanted to try and save up some energy for their reunion.

Prompto - After making sure that he’s not going to be bothered for a while, he instantly flips through the book kinda fast the first time barely taking in each new picture before he goes back through it a second time. The first time was to sate his curiosity about what the next picture would be, the second time he notices details. It’s only after that second time that he reads the note and let’s out a long whine because they’re going to be separated for a whole week. During that week he goes back and looks at the pictures whenever he thinks he has time, looking at the book for as long as he can. Of course besides formulating a plan on how their reunion is going to go, he also starts to wonder if maybe they’d let him take pictures of them like the ones in the book.

moonfire810  asked:

How do you think Gladio would be with an S/O who was a Glaive and survived the attack on insomnia?

Honestly he’d be a mess of emotions. From the moment they heard that the King was dead and Insomnia had fallen he was sure that he had lost them. He didn’t have time to focus on that though, he still had to try and get in touch with his sister along with keeping Noctis safe. Besides maybe some small part of him hopes that they made it out, as ridiculous as that is.

When he sees them again he’d pull them close, gently holding them and trying to be careful of injuries they undoubtedly have. He’d want to hug them tight though if just to convince himself that they’re actually there with him and this isn’t all some vivid dream he’s about to wake up from. Still he’d be a bundle of relief and joy and worry and filled with so many questions, the most important one being are they okay. Then he’d tell them that they can never ever scare him like that again.