the rainbow threw up

“lady and the tramp spaghetti scene,, SPAGETTTI” - @bunchofwildflowers


“Hey Ben! Pass one over here.” Richie yells, gesturing to the bag of sour-sugar coated gummy noodles Ben has sitting on his lap. Ben pinches the bag closed and tosses it over. Eddie rolls his eyes.

“What’s so appetizing about a floppy worm-noodle? Seriously, do you know how many health problems those could cause?”

Eddie watches disgustedly as Richie sucks one into his mouth, “Erectile Dysfunction?” He asks, cracking a grin.

Eddie rolls his eyes again. “C'mon, Eds. You promised all of us you were gonna do your best to stop with the whole health thing.” Richie dangles a gummy worm in front of Eddie’s eyes.

Eddie takes the candy from him, sighing and gingerly biting down. His taste buds go through a series of emotions before he puts the whole thing in his mouth.

“Well?” Beverly asks, leaning into the conversation.

“It’s fine.” Richie hands him another. Beverly laughs.

“Yeah cause you aren’t enjoying them at all.” She smirks, turning back to face Stan.

“You know,” Richie elbows Eddie’s side. Eddie yelps. “There’s nothing wrong in admitting you like candy. Especially the dangly sweet stuff.” He winks obnoxiously.

Eddie groans and reaches into the bag. Richie laughs.

Eddie doesn’t know how it happens. One moment he’s having a rivoting conversation with Bill, chowing down on gummy worms - stressing about how intensely he’s going to have to brush his teeth later - and the next, his lips are on Richie’s. They taste like sour sugar.

It isn’t much, just the corner’s of their mouths connected by an artificially colored sweet. Until Eddie turns to face Richie in confusion.

Beverly is laughing and Stan’s eyes are wide open. Eddie can feel his face heating up as Richie bites down on the gummy worm and pulls away.

Eddie frowns, he clutches the fabric of his pantleg. The sugar from his fingers rubbing off.

Richie narrows his eyes at a cackling Mike, “Hey! How were we supposed to know we were eating the same worm. Fuck you guys.”

Eddie sighs as Richie drags him away from the group, Bill whistling behind them. Ben shushes him.

After they’re safely behind an oak tree Eddie lets out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

“I’m sorry.” Richie blurts.

“This is what I get for eating bug shaped type two diabetes.”

“Are worms bugs?” Richie asks. Eddie laughs.

Eddie watches as Richie kicks up clouds of dirt, “You know… I didn’t hate it.”

“Yeah?” Richie smiles, Eddie stares at the glint in his glasses. “Me neither.”


14.08.17 //  the colours for this are all over the place so it looks mildly like a rainbow threw up on it aha! but I saw a picture of a swimming pool at sunset and I just really wanted to do a spread kinda themed around it (so I did).

 in other news the bts comeback posters have ruined me?? I’m definitely not ready. btw the cute jimin art down in the bottom right corner of this spread was actually done by me! so if u wanna show it some love u can find it here! I hope you’re all having a good day ☺️

 🎶: You Know Me - AKMU


     “Oh. My. God. You’re covered in glitter.”

     Your mouth fell open as you stood at the door of your motel room, looking into the parking lot with a barely contained fit of laughter poised to erupt. Sam Winchester was covered head to toe with color-shifting rainbow confetti. He threw his hands up as if in defeat.

     “Go ahead. Say it.”

     “You look like you got attacked by a unicorn!” you said with a broad grin, smile only growing as the corners of Sam’s lips reluctantly tugged upwards.

     “Yeah, yeah. It’s all very funny,” he said with a pathetic attempt at stern. “Now how do I get this stuff off me?”

     You shook your head and backed up a step, putting some much-needed distance between you and your newly-sparkling boyfriend. “Ha! Good luck with that,” you laughed. “Glitter is like the plague! Once it’s touched something it never goes away. Hell, I still find glitter in my hair from that one … unfortunate Halloween.”

     Sam’s eyebrows shot up. “This stuff isn’t gonna come off?”

     “Oh, it will. But you’ll be finding pieces of it every day for at least the next few weeks. Then after that, periodically for … well let’s start with forever and work from there.” Sam let out a breathy laugh at that and you threw him a devious smile in response. “Oh, you think I’m joking? That’s cute.”

     Sam snapped his mouth shut.

     “Soo … what you’re saying is you don’t wanna get any of this on you?”

     “Oh hell no, I -”

     You realized your mistake the moment you said it. Then your eyes went wide as a grin spread across Sam’s face.

     “Wait! Stop!” you cried, taking a few stumbling steps back in a desperate attempt to get away from him. But before you knew it two strong, glitter-covered arms were wrapped around you, every color of the rainbow raining down from his hair into your own.

     You stopped struggling once it was clear you weren’t getting out of this one, not that it mattered now you’d become more glitter than girl.

     “Are you happy now?” you grumbled, twisting your neck to look up at the towering man holding you against his chest.


     You rolled your eyes but Couldn’t help a small smile. “Fine. Let’s just go get this shit off, okay?”

     Sam nodded. “Lets.”

     For a moment it was silent, the two of you making your way to the bathroom to brush off as much loose glitter as possible on an easy-to-sweep tile floor. Then you felt those muscly arms around you once again, warm breath ghosting over your neck, and Sam’s deep voice sending a shiver down your spine as he spoke.

      “And maybe we can remove some other stuff, too.”

These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images. And I know you can see Dean in these gifs but it’s the best I could do :p just imagine Sam’s talking to you instead!


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Maggie takes Alex to her first Pride the summer after they start dating. Alex is super excited and decides to go all out and Maggie spends a good three minutes just trying (and failing) at not laughing cause Alex looks like a rainbow threw up on her, which is a huge change from her usual “fifty shades of black” that most of her clothing is. She makes sure James gets lots of pictures.

Sam’s Timestamp: 1999

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Tags: AU, fluff, jealous!Sam, first kiss <3

16 years old- Sam’s a sophomore, Y/N’s a freshman

Note: feedback is necessary appreciated!!

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So you want to study abroad in Florence?

Good choice! Prepare to have the best time of your life and never want to come back! But studying abroad isn’t all flowers and rainbows. Shit happens. Sometimes serious shit. Sometimes really fun shit! So I’m here to let you know the truth about living in Firenze.

  1. Don’t bring anything you don’t want stolen. This even includes things you plan on keeping in your apartment. I unfortunately knew of several instances where girls had their credit cards stolen by a roommate, where roommates stole their belongings, and where roommates let strangers into their apartments who they didn’t trust. Seriously. Your grandma gave you her wedding ring and you always wear it? Not in Florence you don’t. In fact, this goes for studying anywhere. Leave that stuff at home. Only back the bare basics.
  2. Know where to eat. As nice as it is to sit across from the (fake) David in Piazza Signoria, the food ain’t. I’m going to let you in on a secret: any place where there is outdoor seating is more than likely a tourist trap. That means overprices, low quality crappy food with a view. Instead opt for places down alleys, further away from the tourist attractions, or on the southern side of the river (Arno). If you need any recommendations, let me know.
  3. Know where to eat GELATO. Omg. I cannot stress this enough. My family ate so much crap gelato because they didn’t believe me when I said it wasn’t the good stuff. The good stuff is hidden. Literally. Like, it’s stored in metal vats under the counter. If you pass a gelateria where it looks like a unicorn threw up rainbows all over it, then it’s not real gelato. Real gelato are all pale, natural colors, hidden in metal containers, and CHEAP! Gelato shouldn’t be more than one euro fifty or so for a scoop. Of course, there are exceptions sometimes: my favorite gelateria was right next to the Duomo. It was pricey because of location but it was also organic and HEAVEN!
  4. People there can be creeps. It’s not Italian men, either. It’s men who come from other countries, look semi-Italian, speak Italian, and prowl on Americans who are drunk and stupid. Don’t get wasted. Just don’t, you’ll be a target. Twice I heard girls screaming in the streets at 4am, and I’m not the only one who has. Americans are stupid and think it’s cool to get belligerent and plastered. That’s how they get their stuff stolen (which happened to almost everyone I knew).
  5. Know your cappuccini. Similarly to gelato, it should be cheap––somewhere between 1.20-1.50€. Also, Italians drink cappucini for breakfast typically. Drinking any espresso with milk after around 11pm is considered taboo, and in more rural areas they won’t even make it for you saying it’s for your health. But in places like Florence they’re used to making it so it’s not an issue, but prepare to get looks. Again, I know the two best cappuccino spots in Florence, so let me know if you need recommendations. 
  6. Bring sturdy shoes. I killed the pairs I brought. My thick boots were worn down to almost nothing by the end. The uneven, cobblestone streets are harsh on your shoes, so bring ones you don’t care about and leave the heels at home. If you’re determines to wear high heels when going out then bring wedges.
  7. Do touristy shit. But don’t do it all at once! My roommate and I paced ourselves which made it nice for weekends when we had no excursions or trips planned. We weren’t bored and we could go hit up a Florence museum or church we hadn’t visited yet. So as much as you want to do everything ASAP, try and space it out!
  8. Speak Italian. Please, please, PLEASE try. They LOVE when you try. You will feel so stupid and lame trying to speak it because you will sound white as hell, but trust me, they love when you try. I never met an Italian who scowled at my attempts at speaking. They were so happy to help me, teach me phrases, and complimented my accent (which is such a nice feeling!). So try, try, try! Even if they speak to you in English, try Italian first.
  9. Keep track of your money. Euros go a lot faster than American dollars. We did a lot of shopping at the .99€ shop down the street but that was more like $1.36 or so. You might think, “Wow, €40 for this shirt, what a deal!” when really that’s closer to $55. Try not to overspend, and if you have an apartment with a kitchen, try to cook most the time! Seems counterintuitive since you’re in Italy, but your health and wallet will thank you.
  10. Let it goooooo. Forreal man, you’re in one of the most incredible cities on the planet. Try and move past homesickness and go outside and enjoy the scenery. Trust me, it really helps. Buy some wine and cheese and sit by the lake (yes, you can drink in public, it’s a beautiful thing). Go to aperitivio (buy a drink, get unlimited free food!) before dinner and relax. Instead of going out or traveling every weekend stay in the city and try and make it feel like home: eat, explore, savor. I can’t stress how awesome this experience is, and letting go of restraints like homesickness, diet plans, and shyness can really help you have the best time possible.

As always, let me know if you need any advice or tips for living in Florence. I hope this helps you all x

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Hi! I really love your art and style and literally everything about it omg. You are my idol! but I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind: How do you choose the colors you're going to use together because you use colors that are like the completely opposite but somehow they always look amazing after you've blended them. When I tried this, it looked like satan threw up a rainbow. Do you have any tips for me? ~ a very thankful anon :) (I'm sorry my english isn't the best)

LOL why thankyou!!!! tbh i used to rely a hell lot on overlay layers to harmonise my colours after i was done with them but warm colours always came naturally to me?? reading about colour theory didnt help me much either bc i’m someone who just relies on trial and error and going with your gut feeling.

you could try to get a sense of the range of hues that you natural find yourself gravitating towards and start small? just like how i used to just rely on and explore red:

and now pastel/peach!

Skooptales - My Skeleton

Skoop has a skeleton (duh). 

But, an actual physical skeleton that is Skoop’s height and is dubbed ‘Boney’.

Boney is a guy skeleton whom I had originally standing in my room. My sister complained how creepy Boney was despite his highly gentlemanly demeanor. Seeing as we used to share a room, I felt bad she was to terrified of a little bone man at the end of her bed.

So, I dressed him up. 

Threw a rainbow jacket on him, a pair of black exercise shorts with a white stripe along the length and a white sun hat. Boney was looking quite dapper!

Then the moving began.

I have my own theories as to why it happened, but the damn skeleton kept moving around! I had tried everything to stop him. Either I sucked at stopping him or something funky was up.

I’d come home, he’d be at a different spot than I’d left him; He’d bend over and sit down right in front of me; He’d knock everything off my shelves, yet still be standing.

Needless to say, after my brother came in once and insulted the skeleton, only to have it fall flat on it’s face directly afterwards, I decided I couldn’t babysit him anymore. Picking Boney up, I threw his carcass into my shame void of a closet! He occupied this sacred realm for five or six months.

When I moved as of recent, I found Boney! Oh, happy day!

Boney sat on a cat litter tub in the center of the living room for a while. The cats loved him! They still love to climb inside his pelvis and nibble at his rib cage (the little jerks!). I had moved him a couple more times: Once to sit on my fan and another time to lay on my friend’s bed.

Now, Boney sits in the back of my car, buckled up of course. He’s still dressed up and dapper as ever! 

What a handsome skeleton I have. I’m happy to chauffeur him around.

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Ibuki and Fem!S/O Wedding Day?

Ibuki Mioda X Fem S/O Wedding

  • This was not a traditional wedding what so ever
  • First of all, the color scheme was all over the place
  • (It was like a rainbow threw up all over the venue)
  • Randoms flowers of all sizes and colors were scattered about the place
  • None of the guest’s dresses or tuxes matched at all
  • Ranging from style (Hiyoko’s super formal kimono to Akane’s… dress? Looked more like a shirt but whatever)
  • To colors (No one knows how Souda got a bright yellow tux and no one wants to know how)
  • Yet somehow… everything fit
  • Ibuki herself was not wearing a traditional wedding dress
  • ….well it started as one until she ripped off some of the lace and splattered it with pain
  • (She was still wearing her piercings of course)
  • Ibuki was bouncing up and down waiting for her S/O to walk down the isle
  • And when she did, it was like time stopped
  • She looked so beautiful and perfect in that white dress
  • Almost like an angel (an angel that now belonged to Ibuki)
  • For once in her life, Ibuki was speechless
  • When reciting vow’s Ibuki sounded serous… well mostly serious
  • “Ibuki swears to you, S/O that she’ll always stand by your side no matter what. She’ll protect you from the whole world, hell Ibuki will punch the world in the face if she has too! Your the amp to my guitar, the rock to my roll! You make my world spin around…. Ibuiki is so glad that you choose her out of everyone in the world.. I love you so much S/O!”
  • (Is that Nekomaru crying in the background?)
  • As soon as they were pronounced wife and wife Ibuki tackled her S/O in a passionate kiss
  • Causing some people to wolf whistle (cough Teruteru cough)
  • (And then heavy death metal music played from the stereos scaring the shit out of everyone but the happily married couple)
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A - Age: 26

B - Birthplace: Alaska

C - Current Time: 9:30pm

D - Drink You Had Last: Coffee (… I like coffee before bed, ok?)

E - Easiest Person To Talk to: @feyre-archerons-scrapbook

F - Favorite Song: Really loving “Whatever it Takes”  by Imagine Dragons right now :)

G - Grossest Memory: I was five and had a bad strep-related infection that ended up landing me in the emergency room. Before we knew how bad it was, after a day of being sick, my mom gave me popcorn to try and get me to eat something. It was rainbow popcorn and I threw up five times in a frankly ridiculously colorful spew.

H - Horror Yes Or No: Yes but proper horror, not jump-scare or torture-porn (So, no “Human Centipede” or “Saw”)

I - In Love? With Rhysand and Rowan.

J - Jealous Of People? Not really? I tend more towards being happy for others :)

K - Killed Someone? IRL- no. In my writing? *laughs until I cry* daily.

L - Love at First Sight or Should I Walk Past Again? Walk past again, I’m a very shy person and it takes me a while to work up courage.

M - Middle Name: Suzanne

N - Number of Siblings: One blood, 2 doggies.

O - One Wish: I’d like to be a published writer. Even if it’s just one book that sells 1 copy, it’d be nice :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

P - Person I Called Last: IDK, most conversations are via e-mail or text.. The last one who comes to mind is my ex college roommate, Sammy

Q - Question You’re Always Asked: “Have you charted the cameras yet?” (I work in TV)

R - Reason to Smile: Books~!!! Wonderful and amazing friends, the comments a lot of you leave on posts :)

S - Song You Last Sang: “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

T - Time You Woke Up: 9:30 am

U - Underwear Color: Leopard print with black lace (It’s laundry day, I hate leopard print…)

V - Vacation: Either South Korea (I lived in Wonju for a year during college) or London/UK

W - Worst Habit: Procrastination, drinking coffee at 9:30pm.

X - Xrays: Yes? Mostly of my ribs and heels (a couple of bad accidents)

Y - Your Favorite Food: Chinese Beef & Broccoli or Korean bulgogi soup

Z - Zodiac Sign: Pisces // Aires (cusp)

Am I Worth It?

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Part I /  Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI

Requested: Yes! By the lovely besttmrshanks

Prompt: “ Hey love!!!! I loved your imagines!! Can you please do a part two on the she’s not worth it?? It would mean so much to me! Thanks

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Liam Dunbar

Word Count: 1.288

Warnings: Bad body image, Liam Dunbar cuteness, bullying

Type: I don’t think it has a type… Fluff, I guess? You decide.

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23. We are not allowed to put all of the items on Professor Dumbledore’s desk in rainbow jello.

I ate so much jello that day. - PP

And then threw up in my trunk. - RL

I said I was sorry! - PP

It really is way too easy to break into that man’s office. - SB

His passwords are very predictable. It’s like he wants us to come in. - JP

Glory Days Part 5 (IM RP AU- Shun & Midi)

    Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /

❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥

3 days later –

Midori’s POV

“It’s too dressy. Not dressy enough. That outfit doesn’t scream fuck me. Midi I forbid you from wearing pastel pink. Too many buttons; he’ll take all night to get them undone. You look like the 80’s threw up on you. Not rainbow stripes - not now, not never. Look - just… hold up, hold up!”

The endless laughter and witty commentary which spurts from Eriko everytime I step out of the changeroom to show her off yet another outfit I’ve tried to put together is eating away at my confidence; or well at least the lack of it. At this point, apart from wanting to sink my teeth into a burger because I’m absolutely starving I’ve come to wanting to accept that perhaps my fate is to forever wear jeans and oversized sweaters which allow me to hide away from the world.

Rummaging through a rack not too far from where I’m waiting unimpressed; the looks I’ve gotten from passerby-ers seeming puzzled at my choices, it’s a few quick moments before my best friend returns with a pretty royal blue sun dress which she forces herself into the change room to get on me.

“Eri it’s too small.”
“No it’s not! Stop wiggling and let me get the zip up.”
“I can’t breathe!”
“Shut up - you actually have a figure you just happen to hide it beneath oversized tshirts and sweatpants.”

The half argument, half fight of determination is ended with a smile of approval as I’m forced to acknowledge my reflection in the mirror.

“It’s short….”
“Midi it ends just above your knees; any longer and you’d be a nun.”

Sighing; I hear my phone ring in my backpack and rush to grab it near tripping over and stumbling in the flat shoes I’m wearing. Thank god I was stubborn enough to say no to high heels. Ignoring the fact that Eri has her phone out snapping pictures of me because this is probably the first time she’s actually seen me in a dress, my cheeks start to heat up with a quick blush as the name of the screen coaxes me to check the message a little quicker.

Baseball training finishes early tonight. You girls want to come out for dinner? - S

It’s something between a happy dance and a bounce which I manage to choreograph in the change room to show off my excitement at what’s going on. Grabbing Eri’s hand; I shovel the clothing I was wearing earlier into my backpack and tear the tag off the dress I’m in, deciding to leave it on as I drag us both towards the registers.

“The guys have finished practice early - they want to know if we can meet them for dinner.”

Somewhere between the mall and the campus ball ground, Eri utters something about visiting my mother’s lingerie store next week and I eagerly agree just to keep her happy; right now though, I’m ecstatic on any excuse available to see a guy I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

Maki’s POV

Things have been strange the last couple of days - all starting with the fact that my should be socially awkward room mate who usually can’t stand the opposite sex decided to get a little too close to the fresh meat I’m trying to pursue along with a list of one nights stands and ghosts from girlfriends pasts wanting to rekindle memories, moments and feelings that I have no intention of re-experiencing or putting myself through.

The dorm has been quiet since the party - everyone actually getting some decent sleep; which means it’s been 4 days since I last got laid and anyone who knows me is well aware that this is some kind of cruel miracle.

“Maki - get your head out of the clouds and focus on the damn ball!”

Coaches voice is starting to grind on me; starting to get on my nerves and I can’t at all be anything but thankful when finally, the whistle blows and that’s a training session over for the night. It’s a last frustrated pitch towards the home plate diamond that I throw which convinces me it’s time for a cigarette.

“You have any plans for tonight Yukihisa?”

It’s a ball girl that asks; a young 19 year old something cutey that I’ve had on my radar for a while but right now, don’t have the energy to want to deal with. Ignoring her with nothing more than a kind smile, I head towards where Shun and Toshi are waiting for me surprised to hear that they’ve already got plans organised.

“Dinner us and the girls - are you in?”

I stop short of answering; pulling a cigarette out of my pocket wanting at least a few drags before heading to the showers.

“Sure..”, I agree glancing over toward Toshiaki who seems to be in his own little world. There’s a frustration that builds up inside me knowing that he hasn’t given any consideration to the 1st rule of brotherhood - bros before hoes but then can’t really blame him after leaving him in such a situation.

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Any tips for finding a good character design? I've had this one oc sort of running around in my head for a while but i can never get a good design to stick, like for a while it seems ive finally found it, then when i look at it next time it seems really really off. So yeah, ever had trouble designing an oc like that and if so do you have any tips? Much appreciated

Hmm… finding a good character design. This is something I’ve indeed experienced having trouble with, primarily for the character I derive my username from, Earthsong. She’s not necessarily the first character I’ve ever but she IS the first character I made with a personality, background, and purpose in mind. Basically she’s the first character I’ve made that had any sort of extensive characterization to her, despite that characterization being pretty bad up until now.

Anyway, character design. The biggest things I’d think that speaks the most about the appeal of the character’s design are: their silhouette, their personality and how that reflects itself in their design, and overall uniqueness.

So first off, their silhouette. One of the most important things I’ve learned about animation is that a good character and a good drawing has a strong silhouette. What I mean is if you took your character and completely colored it a flat black so only it’s outline shows, you should be able to easily tell who that character is or what the character is doing. Silhouette is good for giving the character personality and life. How the character stands and carries themselves and how that personality is shown through their actions is often achieved in body language. For example:

Three very iconic characters that’s very simple to recognize. And that’s without seeing their features! Not only does it tell us who the character is, it gives a pretty good summary of that character’s overall personality and how they carry themselves.

Second off: Shapes. I will go about this time and time again for as long as anyone asks me art advice, but seriously, shapes are your best friends. For one thing, simplifying what you see just makes it more simple to draw in the long run. Which is another point I’ll talk about some other time: drawing your character shouldn’t be tedious. Anyway, back to shapes. Shapes not only makes things more simplistic to draw, using certain types of shapes, angles, and curves can tell a lot about a character without the character actually doing much. This is usually because shapes have meanings to us that come from cultural, personal, and biological influences. For example: what does a square mean to you? It can come off as something study, reliable, strong, but it can also be seen as closed off, plain, boring (why do you think people say “don’t be a square”?). When I alter the designs of the MLP cast, I pay as much attention to shapes as I can, with the biggest example probably being Applejack. I use the square as her primary shape because of the former reasons I listed above: strong, sturdy, reliable. In contrast to that is Pinkie, who is mostly round with the reoccurring circle: bouncy, energetic, friendly. Shapes are your friends indeed: don’t be afraid to use them and consider them when designing a character, because they generally help supplement the silhouette of the character.

Finally, overall uniqueness. When I say this I don’t mean throwing stuff onto the character until it looks like a rainbow and fashion designer threw up on them. What I mean is what makes this character stand out in comparison to the other characters similar to them? You should be able to tell who the character is even when they’re bald and naked. The last two points play strongly in this, silhouette because it should be strong even without clothes, and shapes because that plays a huge part in small and large characteristics like facial features. The eyes are very important because as humans, that’s what we generally look at first; there’s a reason why they’re called the windows of the soul. The shape of the character’s eyes and how far/close they are apart can tell a lot about a character too: wide eyed characters as seen as innocent, narrowed-eyed character are seen as serious or suspicious, eyes spaced a part are seen as oddities, eyes close together are seem as humorous, small eyes are seen as arrogant or unwilling to change one’s view of the world. It can vary, so eyes are really important when making a character, and that’s not to include nose shape, mouth shape, ear shape, overall facial shape.

Don’t rely on just colors to achieve uniqueness either. Too many colors will give the eye too much to look at, whereas only one color can be seen as visually boring. Experiment and go crazy, but try to keep continuity in your colors and try using colors that can harmonize with one another.

And overall, have fun. Creating a character can be difficult but that’s part of the fun of bringing a character to life. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and if you mess up, don’t get too frustrated. Sometimes it takes a while before a character is fleshed out completely, sometimes you completely retcon a previous design and make a new one for an existing character, but whatever the case enjoy yourself!

Here’s some additional sources on character design if my own reply isn’t good enough:

I hope this answers your question! :3

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Did u see the celeb mix Larry Stylinson article? Pick someone who's supportive?!

Wow that made me cry:

“In Larry seemingly getting a second life, it seems as if Louis and Harry did also.  In their own ways the boys have been able to come into themselves a bit more.  We’ve seen Louis come back; a bit of his flamboyant side surfacing again.  Louis has been the whipping boy of One Direction, the easiest one to take the swing at and the one who catches most of the punches, but while all of that happens to him, real fans of Louis know the truth.” 

“While it’s obvious that Louis still can’t speak out about certain issues and he couldn’t possibly hold up a rainbow flag or be adorned with a rainbow bracelet without catching flack for it the very next moment, he sees the walls around him beginning to crumble, and he’s enjoying the view.”

“In Buffalo, Harry draped a rainbow flag around his body and danced with it during Act My Age.  It caused a plethora of humbled fans to take to social media and thank him for the kind gesture.In Montreal, Harry draped a rainbow flag around his body and danced with it again.  This time, we caught a glimpse of Louis too.Louis stood behind Harry and watched him with a fond appreciation as Harry threw the rainbow flag up, for the second show in a row, and paraded it around the stage.  He looked on with a warm smile as he ran up the catwalk knowing that Harry was brave, he was lovely and he was using his social status to do something good for everyone.  Louis watched his friend make a statement to millions without having to say a word, and he did it with such pride I felt my own heart grow in size.

Does Harry carrying a rainbow flag around the stage prove that Larry is real? Not a chance, it proves that he uses his celebrity to bring awareness to social issues and that his heart is huge and loving and accepting of all people.  Does Harry wearing a rainbow bracelet prove that Larry is real? No but it proves that he knows that love is love, no matter who it exists between, no matter what the body of the individual your soulmate resides in looks like.  Does Harry speaking up for all love prove that Larry is real?  No, but it proves that Harry is supportive.Does Louis being enchanted by Harry fondly while he dances around with a rainbow flag prove that Larry is real? No but it proves that he’s proud of his friend for making a statement.  Does Louis watching Harry prance around with the rainbow flag and not being able to contain the smile plastered across hit face prove that Larry is real?  No but it proves that Louis is supportive. And you know what they say. Pick someone supportive.