the rainbow serpent


Easter hog!  For all your Easter needs.

Female Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus) - anaconda morph.
(Eggs are chicken eggs and japanese quail eggs, one of the eggs is from an Easter Egger.)

Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!

Horror movie scenes that scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them

The attack on the moors - American Werewolf In London 

The chestburster - Alien 

The demon behind Patrick Wilson - Insidious

The final scene in the house - The Blair Witch Project

The blood test - The Thing 

The old hag in the bathroom - The Shining 

Freddy creeping over Nancy - A Nightmare On Elm Street

Alice’s doppelganger - Lake Mungo 

The plaza scene - Suspiria 

The witch in the girls bedroom - The Conjuring 

The party monster scene - Jacob’s Ladder 

Ayesha crawling on all fours - V/H/S 2 

The tall man in the bedroom - Phantasm 

The voodoo zombie bride - The Serpent and The Rainbow 

Look behind you! - The Descent 

The demon on the top floor of the apartment - [REC.]


Day 14: BFTbookchallenge: Hobby

I love reading and rainbow book stacks!!

#AmpersandSept17 Book Photo Challenge••

Day 6: Stack.

You know you’re a bookstagrammer when one of your goals in life is to one day own enough hardbacks to make a hardback rainbow. But for now I’m quite happy with this rainbow stack I made! #bookishtower tag tagged by @captain.valour, thank you! 😊❤️📚👍🏻😍📖🌈

anonymous asked:

so this might be weird but you seem to know a lot about gods and goddesses so i was wondering if you know of any gods or goddesses of like, gender or being trans or change or what have you.

well, this is sort of vague because i don’t know if you mean, strictly trans, or like… idk. i’ll just include things about deities not being a specific gender i guess

offhand in Greek mythology i know of:

  • Hermaphroditus, who was the god of androgyny, basically, since he was a man and became merged into one form with the woman he loved. i guess he also represented fertility and marriage (both male and female aspects of it)
  • Dionysus was supposedly raised disguised as a girl when he was a child. earliest depictions of him pictured him as a manly man but he later came to be pictured as a young boy/androgynous youth
  • And in Greek mythology there are lots of tales of gods changing forms and pretending to be other genders, an example being Zeus disguising himself as the goddess Artemis in order to seduce one of her nymph followers.

looking online i found some other things and i’ll split them into their respective pantheons/mythologies

Chinese Mythology:

  • Lan Caihe being a figure that never had a very defined gender and was always pictured in gender ambiguous clothing

Japanese Mythology

  • Shirabyoshi, a female or transgender kami who would dress in men’s clothing
  • Inari, a kami, who was pictured in various forms, as a young girl, old man, or an androgynous buddhist person. also they were a kitsune and i guess kitsune like to change their forms to whatever they want regardless of gender
  • Ōyamakui, a transgender mountain spirit

Hindu Mythology

  • In general hindu mythology has a ton of examples of their gods changing genders, manifesting as different genders at different times, being reincarnated as different genders, or combining to form androgynous or hermaphroditic beings. like just read this article on wikipedia

African mythology:

  • the Dahomey people believe there is an androgynous celestial deity of creation that was formed when a brother (Lisa, sun deity) and sister (Mawu, lunar deity) came together.
  • Shona people have an androgynous creator deity Mwari, who splits sometimes into female or male aspects

Australian Aboriginal mythology

  • have a rainbow serpent god (Ungud) that’s either seen as androgynous or transgender
  • I guess they have another rainbow serpent god who is also transgender named Angamunggi

Pacific Island mythology

  • The Bayagoin in the philippines worship two transgender/hermaphroditic gods named Bathala and Malyari
  • The Ngaju Dayak in Borneo worship Mahatala-Jata, a transgender/hermaphroditic god that was a combination of Mahatala, a ruler of the upperworld, and Jata, the ruler of the underworld from under the sea
  • Again in Borneo, there was a deity, Menjaya Raja Manang, who was first a male god, but another god’s wife became sick, and when the male god tried to heal her, the male god changed into a woman or became an androgynous being

Aztec/Mayan mythology

  • There’s a god of maize in mayan mythology that’s pictured as an effeminate young man in art and i guess constituted a third gender in their culture
  • Tlazoteotl in aztec mythology is the underworld goddess of life and death, but it said to be the metaphorical mother/protector to transgender or lesbian priestesses called Huastecs

Inuit mythology:

  • technically this isn’t about a deity but: the inuits believed that the first two humans were both male, and they became a couple and “mated” and one of them became pregnant but wasn’t equipped to give birth and a spell was cast over him to give him a vagina and thus become female

Sumerian/mesopotamian mythology:

  • a goddess (Ninmah) supposed created “physically differing” people including “women who cannot give birth” and “the one who has no male or female organs” who were regarded as a third gender and the supreme god (Enki) was accepting of them and gave them roles in society like being priests/priestesses or servants of the king
  • In mesopotamian mythology there’s something else about third gender priests that would worship Inanna

Arabic mythology:

  • the Jinn were beings created from smoke and could change their appearance (and gender) at will
  • also not a deity but there were believed to be springs/wells that could change a person’s gender should they drink from them

ok this took forever hope this helps. basically all my sources came from this so they might not all be accurate or true but like…. it was a lot to cover and i would still be working on this if i had to search the web to fact check every single one of these things lmao

Just in time for fall I’m drawing a comic about a zombie walk. Can you pick out all of the zombie pop culture references? 

The Rainbow Serpent

Origin: Australia

Type: Dragon

Habitat: Deep waterholes below waterfalls

Painting of the Rainbow Serpent have been dated back to more than 6,000 years. It is made up of several animals: The head of a kangaroo or horse, a long snake-like body, and a pointed or spiked tail like a crocodile.

It is believed that they are connected to the life-giving fertility of rain. They are responsible for storms and floods, which occurs to punish those who violate the natural laws. The bones of the people swept away by the floods are regurgitated and turned into stone.