the rainbow dash


All google plus users please help a user by the name of rainbow dash derpy hooves is going around stealing characters copying characters and tracing others art mostly mine. It is hurting me and many other people I’ve been trying to get her to stop for over 6 months I am at my breaking point I beg of you to get this out there.

@colanom @eyebrow-lorde @daddy-patryk @n00dl3-blossom


My coloring! It was hard to choose just one book so I did too! I was too sleeepy when I was done and almost fell asleep while coloring 🙊 lol. But had to put all my stuff away Bc my dogs like to eat my crayons lol. I made rainbow dash and put stickers on it! And made hello kitty’s sky yellow aaaand pink! Bc I like when the sky changes colors and gets pink! So I gave her one😊 and gave her sparkly butterflies too! ✨