the rain song

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What if Cas never listened to the mix tape, but instead just kept it in his pocket at all times because Dean gave it to him and that makes it precious.

Aww nonny why?? Saying that Cas never got the chance to listen to it before he died makes it SO much worse!

I like to think that Cas was listening to it in his truck when he was hunting Lucifer with Crowley to block out Crowley’s constant chatter. With a small smile on his face whilst he thought about how the lyrics reminded him of Dean… and Crowley would be like “Urgh… I never thought you would be one to listen to this rubbish. I guess Squirrel really did rub off on you…” and Cas just rolls his eyes and ignores Crowley because he’s too busy listening to The Rain Song.

Whenever he leaves the truck he takes the mixtape out of the player and puts it back in his inner coat pocket though, because he likes to keep it close to his heart.

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*rain* *on a high rooftop* *intense situation* *Bruce throws the cowl on the ground* *J and B crashe into each other* *kissing passionately* *feels cheesy but dammit good* *literally that one scene in "the notebook"* *more rain* *love song in the background*


Seriously, there aren’t enough fics with that in. Or fanart. Especially ones with Batsy picking J up, slamming him against a wall and snogging the ever loving fuck out of him. And they’d be all bruised and bloody cos they’d just had a massive punch up and it’d be all angry and growly and grabby and scratchy and…



I need a moment.

She was beautiful.
There was no denying it.
But she wasn’t that kind of beautiful that made everyone turn,
Or took everyones breath away when she entered the room.
Her beauty was hidden,
But once you’ve seen it she becomes nothing but beautiful.
Shes the kind of beautiful that keeps you up at night,
The kind that makes you love every part of her.
Some people may not see it,
And you know she can’t,
But she’s beautiful.
Theres no denying it.
—  A.P

                                       high hopes. when it all comes to an end.
                                            (happy birthday @nancyywheller​!)

I saw it one morning in the car. When the sun rising found your eyes and turned them gold.

I kept seeing everyday we were together.
Riding home in the afternoons,
That one Friday night.

It occurred to me,
That i think i had always known.
All the moments we touched
All the times we locked eyes.
I love you and you will never know.

—  A.P