the rain represents the emotions at that time

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pairing: kwon soonyoung & lee jihoon (soonhoon)
genre: fluff
word count: 1.2k

in which soonyoung will always waits in the rain post-break-up and jihoon will always finds him with umbrella in hand.

Jihoon glances at the window, it’s raining outside and the only thing that bother him is that his roommate nowhere to be seen. He look at the clock again, it’s already 11 PM and there aren’t any sign he is coming home soon. Usually his roommate will text him if he isn’t coming home and Jihoon would stop wait for him and went to sleep. His roommate often teases him about it, saying and Jihoon is actually a softie and subtly caring towards him. Of course Jihoon will object it, quite harshly at that. Nope, he doesn’t care about his stupid roommate at all, and he isn’t worried about him not coming home. His phone screen light up and he quickly take it, expect it from his roommate.

jeon wonwoo: yah, where is soonyoung? he haven’t reply my messages at all. i thought he will return the book from jihoon.

lee jihoon: i dont know. he haven’t come home.

wen junhui: isnt he going on a date with his gf?? he might be at some motel at this point.

xu minghao: you should stop waiting for him then, jihoon hyung. he won’t come home.

lee jihoon: who says i’m waiting for him??

kim mingyu: we all know you always worry over him, and waits him to come home. what a nIcE RoOmmaTe.

lee jihoon: pft, stop telling bullshit mingyu.

lee seokmin: uuh, it’s raining outside, are you sure you’re not worried, hyung?

wen junhui: ha, jihoon will forever deny his softness towards soonyoung. he won’t admit no matter how much we says it.

xu minghao: why would jihoon worry over him when he is enjoying his time with his girlfriend in motel.

lee jihoon: …you guys are ridiculous.

kim mingyu: ouch, that’s hurt minghao, you hurt jihoon hyung~

jeon wonwoo: what are you talking about?? soonyoung has new girlfriend? why i don’t know about it??

lee jihoon: ???

lee seokmin: what do you mean hyung? he have been dating minkyung for two months, it’s definitely not a new girlfriend.

jeon wonwoo: oh. then why i saw minkyung with another guy last week?

kim mingyu: wtf??

xu minghao: the hell?? what a jerk

wen junhui: did soonyoung know about this?

lee seokmin: i dont think so. that’s why he is on date with her. what do you think jihoon hyung?

lee seokmin: jihoon hyung??

jeon wonwoo: don’t you think soonyoung will see this chat, he’s in the group after all. he will know about jihoon then..

kim mingyu: that’s good then if that happen, but he’s so dense i don’t think he will catch up.

xu minghao: i don’t even understand why soonyoung hyung always date other girls but jihoon hyung.

Jihoon quickly get up from the coach as he hurriedly ran to the front door. He quickly grabbed the umbrella and went outside the apartment. He cursed under his breath as he shook his head, now it’s all makes sense why Soonyoung didn’t text him at all, haven’t come home and it’s raining. Not far from the apartment area, he finally found that particular person, crouching down under a tree with his head hanging low. His clothes drenched in rain as the tree doesn’t help at all since the rain pouring heavily, his body was shivering but there is no sign he plan to get up soon.

A soft sigh escapes from Jihoon’s lips, he approach the figure quietly. He stopped right in front the boy as he made sure the rain doesn’t touch the latter anymore. The figure blinks as he doesn’t feel the raindrop anymore and wonder if the rain has stop, then he saw the familiar shoes in front him, he quickly look up to see his pink haired roommate standing still while looking at him expressionless.

“Jihoon, what are you doing here?” He manages to say something, still staring at the boy.

Jihoon let out another sigh. “Why is it always raining when you get dump by your girlfriend anyway?”

Soonyoung grins at his roommate, although there is no sign of playfulness in his eyes, not like the usual grin he give to Jihoon. “The sky represent my emotion, you know it right, Ji.”

“Get up, fool. Are you trying to make yourself sick this time too?” Jihoon rolls his eyes as he nudges the boy with his knee impatiently.

Soonyoung get up with smile plastered on his face, this time much more genuine. “There will always you who will take care of me anyway. So I don’t really worry if I get sick again.”

The pink hair boy look up at his roommate, he glares at the latter. “I’m not going to do that this time. I will let you dying on bed. Hold the umbrella, my arm hurts.”

Another smile adorns on Soonyoung’s face as he gladly take the umbrella from Jihoon’s hand. The two walk back to their apartment in comfortable silence. Jihoon steals a glance once in a while, observing Soonyoung’s expression. His face doesnt show sadness as much as the first time he found him under the tree, he looks more happy now and he wonder why he look like that, he doesnt look like someone who just get dump because his girlfriend found another guy.

“You didn’t look that sad.” Jihoon says nonchalantly, eyes not looking at the boy beside him, resist the urge to turn. He afraid he can’t control himself and will be too focused staring at his roommate face and he don’t want it to happen. Jihoon doesn’t want to admit it but sometimes he caught himself staring at his roommate unknowingly. He just like the way Soonyoung’s brown eyes twinkles in passion when he talk something he loves, the way his nose scrunched up cutely when he smile, the way his pink lips would pouting when he’s sulky because Jihoon doesn’t want to share his snack. Of course Soonyoung doesn’t know about it and he will make sure the boy won’t know about it.

Soonyoung blinks, quite surprise at his emotion too. Somehow he didn’t feel that bad anymore. “I don’t know. But, I feel much better when I saw you before.”

This make Jihoon raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Well, I always feel happy when I’m with you though. I like being with you, Ji.” Soonyoung continue, and Jihoon would be lying if he said he doesn’t feel anything at all when hear it.

“That was so cheesy, Kwon.” Jihoon shook his head, trying to suppress his smile.

Soonyoung nudge his shoulder, eyes glints with playfulness which Jihoon found to be adorable. “Admit it though, you like it, right?”

As to what Junhui had said, Lee Jihoon would never admit his softness toward Kwon Soonyoung and will just show it subtly. While Kwon Soonyoung always knew it and finds Lee Jihoon to be cute, thus make him teases the latter endlessly.

“Ah, I made dinner but it’s already cold. I–” Before Jihoon could finish his words, Soonyoung already ran toward the door leaving him outside.

“Nope. You can’t throw it. It’s the first time you cook something, I’m going to eat it, Ji.”

“You’re such a kid, Kwon. I won’t take your food, place it down on the table, silly. Go change your clothes first, you’re going to caught a cold soon if you keep wearing them.”

“Okay, but I’m going to eat all of this by myself.”

“Who says you can eat all of them?”

“Ji, I know you made this for me.” Soonyoung stop on his way to his bedroom, he turn to look at the pink hair boy, lips curling into playful smirk that Jihoon hate the most, it’s attractive. “You look cute blushing like that, Ji.”

A pillow shot toward his head. “Shut up, Kwon!”

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Here’s something to think about:

This is Gintoki when he’s released from prison by Yaemon:

He’s weakened, (they probably starved him in there), and can barely stand. Judging from his clothes and the state he’s in, we can conclude that the meeting with Otose in the snow takes place right after:

The anime seems to confirm this by adding the snow to the escape scene (it’s hard to tell if it’s snowing in the first mangacap, but let’s assume that it is):

And then you get this nice little parallel here:

There’s snow when he first meets her, and rain when he finds her for the ‘last’ time. Snow being a symbol of hope, a blank slate; rain being a metaphor for loss and death.

However, snow can also represent repressed emotions and the desire to confront them. Here the rain can be a much needed emotional release; the breaking point. And judging by the pivotal scene hereafter with Shinpachi and Kagura, we can conclude exactly that.

(Nice touch there, Sorachi.)

When Gintoki makes the promise to protect Otose, he uses it as a tool for redemption. A sense to keep on living. When that seemingly ‘fails’, he tries to retreat, but it’s only when those closest to him say what he needs to hear that he can start to move on emotionally.

We have not lost anything yet. So you must not lose your soul.

Strengthening others with pretty little philosophies about life is easy, but actually following them through yourself is the most difficult thing there is.


The band is in an arid desert environment, and features each of the band members in a different element of nature. Joseph Kahn used each element to represent the different personality of the singers. He decided that A.J. McLean embodies the band’s rock and roll sensibilities, with his ’fiery light and Hollywood cool’, so he framed McLean by the sun as he drives a classic car down the highway. “The elements are sort of embracing their performance, so it feels like emotions. Nick Carter is ’very volatile at times, beautiful to look at, but dangerous if you get too close’, so he is represented by fire. Howie Dorough, the ’slick guy in the group’, became rain. Kevin Richardson, ’the most mature and reserved’ Backstreet Boy, is ‘colder,’ so he became snow. Brian Littrell, who’s described as ’this big ball of energy, you can’t stop him’, became the crashing waves of the ocean.”

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The Full Moon is in Taurus ~~
time is placid…flowing like a melting milk pot. music sounds slower.

it has been raining here, dark, the taurus moon melancholy, literature seems to sing, theres lethargy but theres no need to sleep, there’s something like a night lullaby

a slow process of emotion, a feeling of renewal and deep reflection. the taurus-scorpio axis is one of value, material and physical. it’s also a highly fertile time, the taurean archetype representing the fertility principle, scorpio’s reproductive ruling, and the feminine lunar processes. this is not only in terms of pregnancy, but also giving birth to ideas relayed from the bottom of consciousness, creative melodies, and regenerative purification that give new light to old perspectives and previous experiences that are wearing us down and causing us to carry a dead weight

it’s a time to indulge. midnight icecream. sensual luxuriation. bath bombs. meditation. and sitting under the full moon

dont’ forget to put your crystals out ;)

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Symbolism within the posters

Its interesting on how the comic con character posters they teased are filled with so much symbolism.

  • Ruby’s poster is a scythe with roses coming out of it, with the moon in the background. Makes sense as a lot of her journey will most likely be about dealing with what she found out about her heritage. The Moon is also tied with roses in most of song lyrics so there’s a connection between that. Also Roses are framed in the same way as the shattered pieces bursting out from the moon. Also “red like roses” has always been associated with loss and death for Ruby. “red like roses” haunts her dreams with images about her mothers death and now she has suffered a lot more than just that, so we will most likely have her dealing with that too.
  • Weiss poster is a rapier with a glyph in a snowstorm, with grimm in background. Many people pointed out that Schnee hereditary semblance(aka pretty much necromancy) is the only thing we know that summons things apart from grimm. The family is also the most connected to Dust mystery and are set in Atlas, which in itself is located in fallen kingdom of Mantle, so it works nicely as summary of things surrounding her character and most likely relevant to her story arc. At the same time, a rapier with fire dust(Weiss) in a cold blizzard(her family) is clear symbolism for the conflict within her family. And the fact that the Schnee flyph is split in half most likely is another symbol fo the conflict between her and her father.
  • Blake’s poster contains a white fang mask, her ribbon and her weapon, all of them surrounded by rain. All three elements represent the things that defined Blake and the things tied to her struggles, while Rain is symbolic of negative emotions, bad things having happened, etc. The Ribbon represents her faunus heritage that she hides as she tries to define herself for who she is, even if she is not exactly sure what she wants to be or how she wants to fulfill her ideals. The White Fang mask is embodiment of her conflict for equality and her conflict with the White Fang which she views as her failure. So obviously all of those elements have to play a role in her story. I already made a theory before that she might try to create an counter-organisation to WF as an alternative so I’ll just leave it at that as a guess. Whatever it is she is clearly set to oppose Adam and the white fang.
  • Yang’s poster is more mysterious. Its her weapon, bandages( I assume these are bandages because no idea wtf else can that be) and ozpin’s gears surrounded by embers of fire. Her weapon and bandages clearly represent the loss of her arm and her struggle with that. Embers are essentially “death of the fire” and usually used to represent the end of something. If fire is passion, will and determination, then embers of fire usually can symbolize represent dying emotions, waning relationships, burning bridges, which is identical to yellow chrysanthemum in her concept art. Likewise, the ozpin gears most likely hint at Raven possibly revealing whatever made her to go rogue in the first place(Ozpin’s One Big Lie?), which is pretty much the most clear way for Raven to get her on her side if it ever happens.