the rain almost got me

May I Have This Dance?

Theo x Reader
Theo convinces Y/N to dance in the rain with him because he knows, no matter how much she denies it, that she loves the cliché romantic moments.

You were huddled under the awning right outside the school. It was pouring down rain and there had been an emergency that they wouldn’t let you go for because you were the “baby” of the pack. They had also forgotten about you, once again.
“Shouldn’t you be at home?” Theo was walking across the parking lot, in the rain.
“Well, I don’t have a car, and y’all forgot about me, again,” you said, not moving an inch.
“I’ll drive you home, come on,” he said. You shook your head. The last time you met up with everyone else while it was raining you almost got electrocuted to death. “Well, if you won’t let me drive you home yet, may I have this dance?”
“Really? You’re going for that much of a cliché moment?” you asked rolling your eyes.
“Maybe it is cliché and cheesy, but girls always talk about dancing in the rain,” he said, offering you his hand. You took it and let him pull you out into the torrents of rain drops. “See, not so bad, right?”
“I’m not getting electrocuted this time,” you stated.
“There’s always that,” he said, twirling you around, “Now, let’s get you home.”