the railway children,


books have to be heavy because the whole world’s inside them. (moodboards for my favorite classics)


Also she had the power of silent sympathy. That sounds rather dull, I know, but it’s not so dull as it sounds. It just means that a person is able to know that you are unhappy, and to love you extra on that account, without bothering you by telling you all the time how sorry she is for you.

The San Antonio Railway Ghost Children - Texas’ most famous ghost story, arguably, is that of the ghost children that supposedly haunt a San Antonio railway track. An intersection of roadway and rail road track, which is located near the San Juan Mission, is the scene of this mysterious tale. As the tale goes, in the 1930′s, a school bus filled with children stalled on the rail road track. Tragedy struck, when an oncoming train crashed into the bus, killing all of the children and bus driver. Legend says that any car that stops in the same area, will be pushed by unseen hands over the train track until they reach safety. People believe the ghosts of the children haunt the area to protect people from another misfortune like the one that cost them their lives. Many curious people have driven to the area in an attempt to see if the famous legend is true; there have even been numerous reports of tiny fingerprints being left imprinted on the car and claims of ghostly children’s voices and laughter being heard in the area.


The Egregiously Overlooked Underappreciated Individuals:

Jennifer Ann Agutter (1952-)

“You just don’t go on doing things that don’t make you happy. I don’t feel that life’s got to be really lovely, really wonderful all the time. For me, if life’s good, it’s good - but it’s not going to be good every minute.”

He goes in and the door is shut. I think we will not open the door or follow him. I think that just now we are not wanted there. I think it will be best for us to go quickly and quietly away. At the end of the field, among the thin gold spikes of grass and the harebells and Gipsy roses and St. John’s Wort, we may just take one last look, over our shoulders, at the white house where neither we nor anyone else is wanted now.
—  E. Nesbit, the end of The Railway Children, 1905/06
The Railway Children

The Railway Children - Brighter (1987)

This band have been on constant rotation in my headphones recently, they hail from Wigan, and signed with Factory for two singles and one album until they got a deal from Virgin a year later. They were hated by the NME, who wrote them off as Smiths rip offs. They’ve probably got a point, but I think that’s a bit harsh, most jangle bands of the late 80s sounded like The Smiths, it was hard not to at that point in time. Anyway, this second single from them is a little gem, always cheers me up.