the railgun

90% of the time Okamoto Nobuhiko voices a character, that’s my favorite one (or he is tied with my favorites, ie. Shin-Ah is tied with Yona, Zeno, and Hak in terms of favs).


So the Navy’s railgun prototype is the most extra thing in the world and Jack would most certainly have one.

I have this headcanon that if a war ever breaks out (I really don’t think aku would give a rip if some war started happening somewhere tbh), Jack will just enlist if he’s in the area because wth else does he have on his plate at this point. He keeps the dog tags from anything he’s fought in as keepsakes

Oddly enough, this was in my drafts since waaaay before the whole WWIII thing started up lol. Here’s the versions with the gun firing and without