the raffle


aaaAA we reached 1.7k guys, thank you so much for sticking with me :0 to show my thanks, here’s an art raffle! <3


  • must be following me! but pls don’t unfollow right after that would b rlly rude? >:0
  • reblog to enter! 1 reblog = 1 entry! likes don’t count :’)
  • have your askbox open! i’ll inbox the winners, if you don’t reply within 48 hours i’ll have to choose another :0
  • i’ll be choosing 3 winners!


  • nsfw
  • animals
  • mecha

deadline is APRIL 25th 2017 UTC+07:00 !! good luck & thank you <3

1,300+ followers!!!!


Okay my dudes, Imma do a competition.

Winners get: 

1st place gets a full coloured picture as a gif of their chosen oc 

2nd place gets a full body coloured transparent picture 

3rd place gets a simple sketch

reblog, like this post and on the 13th of april I’m gonna do a raffle of the amount of you guys


-only one like or reblog

-no reblogging this after april 13th 

-don’t bash me if you don’t win 

-you MUST be following me

Thanks to everyone so far.

I’ve started at the bottom of Tumblr, trying to get noticed with my art. Since then I’ve learned a few tricks (like tagging my shit) and I’ve met amazing people. I’m not by the top yet but one day I will be standing there among all the kool kids. Together we will reach 300, which is my next goal after these 200+ followers.

Thanks to @ask-luciavampire @askstevethepony @sugarbooty1 @vocalgamer360 @askinsanejack @askkeirastarlightdraconequus @emo-lover for being in the raffle pic.

Let’s hope the road won’t get bumpy on the way to the top. ^w^


Okie, first thing is first.. Thank you so much for 100+ Followers!!!! Holy Andromeda. I didnt think I would get this many! So, I’m planning a giveaway/raffle type thing to thank you guys for it. You have no idea how happy I am TwT. Second thing.. I’m back gonna post some more asks some time today or tomorrow. Again thank you all for this. And lastly Im thinking of adding a few more Ocs that will be askable.Not yet but maybe?

Have a nice day/night and Thank you once again