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she deserves to see him

It had been weeks since she last heard from him, and while Sakura attended her best friend’s wedding alone, she kept her mind open and heart happy.

Naruto deserved this, he deserved a happy ending after all the shit he had gone through his entire life.

Between the hand holding, small gestures of smoldering love and final hurrah, Sakura couldn’t help but wish he was here. Her mind felt cluttered, lost in a wave of pain as she watched Sai with Ino, or Temari with Shikamaru. 

She felt it in her heart most of all, but when her emerald eyes found that familiar looking hawk, it was like her heart had kick started. He glided smoothly to her, taking his landing on her forearm and presented a small letter. 

A single word, not entirely meant for her, but then again it was.

He was aware of Sakura’s feelings, and while he hadn’t attended the wedding with her, she knew in her heart that he had always been there. Not in person, but just there.

Her eyes remained on the rough, scratch piece of paper, fingers shaking slightly while her eyes held back silent tears. A small smile finally pulled at her lips.

Her legs began to take her towards Naruto. He was surrounded, Hinata attached to his arm while her family stood by her side. Smiles masked everyone’s faces as well.

It was a beautiful picture that Sakura admired. Having the one that she loved by her side, smiling a heart warming smile while he thanked everyone for coming and attending such a beautiful event.

She waited for what seemed like ten minutes, and when she finally worked her way through the crowd that surrounded the couple, she presented Sasuke’s letter to Naruto, gave him one last hug and congratulated the newly weds one last time.

“Hang in there,” Naruto soothed softly as he let her go.

The sun held its position in the sky, hovering above the mountain lines while Sakura walked away. She found a familiar sadness transpiring in her heart once more, but she kept her head held high and continued to that spot.

It was nothing more than a guess, but if she had the faintest clue of what Sasuke was hinting to, she’d find him. The streets remained empty, not a soul in sight and when she finally arrived, bittersweet memories came rushing through floodgates.

The cool stone seat felt familiar as she sat down on it, memories of team 7, of her and Sasuke’s first confrontation, and their emotional good bye. Sakura kept her legs together, the coral fabric soft against her thighs as she slung her head over her body, letting the emotions from a long day finally spill.

Her tears were hot, her mind growing numb while she released quiet sobs into the twilight. 

Why did he have to leave? Stay away for so long?

Seconds, and then minutes, and then finally an hour went by. By the time she wiped the remaining of her tears and cleaned the running make up from her cheeks, it was time to head home. 

He wasn’t here, and she wouldn’t see him today.

Another day, she thought, giving Sasuke the benefit of the doubt. 

As she stood from her seat on the bench that held memories of days past, the dragging of her heels filled the empty street as she began her walk home.

The flurry of rushing wind and silent promises stopped her in her tracks, rewinding time back to that night.

The night he left.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” he whispered next to her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Her muscles tensed, heart rate increased, jade eyes wide with shock.

It was unlike him to apologize, but it made the faintest of smiles appear. 

He was here.


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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but I'm having a rough night, I wish I were dead. Do you have any words of encouragement?

i wish your days get better.
i wish that you have so many good days that the bad days seem like a distant memory.

i wish you all the smiles.
i wish you all the sunrises and sunsets surrounded by warmth, love and protection.
i wish you purple, pinks and yellows.
i wish you happiness.

i wish that you know everyday from now on how very loved and valued and appreciated and cherished and important you are.

these things i wish for you and more.

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Omg!!! The boys are performing on Monday night and I thought I wasn't going to be able to go but my Mom surprised me and now I actually get to see Tyler and Josh in real life!!!!!!!! I can't believe it yet! I'm so excited this is amazing!


thats AWESOME. im so excited for you! have a great time. drink lots of water and sing your heart out. 💕

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I told a guy that I love him and he told me that loves me but he just told me tonight that he was wasting his time telling me loved me because he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me and I feel like there is something terribly wrong with me

there is nothing wrong with you.

people fall in and out of love all the time but there is nothing wrong with you.

what he said was hurtful and wrong.

being with someone that loves you is never wasted time. he messed up by pulling you along and he’s trying to make himself feel better by putting you down.

he can make like a tree and fucking leave.