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i find it so hilarious when i see people say “bayley deserves better” & “sasha deserves better” when you have women like emma, alicia fox, summer rae, hell, even dana brooke on the roster who get literally nothing but could potentially kill it if they were given the opportunities, yet most wrestling fans literally don’t care about them cos they weren’t triple h’s nxt favs


Who was Best Dressed on the #BETAwards Red Carpet?

  • Cardi B
  • LeToya Luckett
  • Nikki Thot
  • Duckie Thot
  • Logan Browning
  • Ryan Destiny 
  • Kat Graham
  • Justine Skye
  • Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Issa Rae
Call Me Maybe

Because I’m obnoxious and still can’t stop listening to Carly Rae. I could have added more, more, more - but I pulled back a bit. You’re welcome?

Summary: Lily Evans keeps running into this fit, black-haired, spectacled bloke in the aisles at Tesco. Muggle AU, Modern AU

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She first noticed him in produce, digging through the courgette box like there was some hidden treasure at the bottom. She grabbed one from the top of the pile, and her hand entering his field of vision startled him, made him set down the half a dozen courgettes he had in his arms, and turn to look at her, cheeks flushed, as she dropped her vegetable into the basket on her arm.

‘Sorry,’ he said, running a now vegetable-free hand through his untidy black hair, 'my housemate is forcing me to be stupidly particular about my courgette selection.’

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ackerduchess  asked:

Could you please enlighten me about any major nonwhite women in the star wars universe aside from the movies? SW is severely lacking in major nonwhite women. Iden Versio from Battlefront 2 is such a nice breath of air. I can't wait for her story.

Check out @blackwomeninstarwars – it’s more focused on Black women than WOC in general, but it does include NBPOC like Jessica Pava. It also has posts about WOC coding of non-human characters.

In the current canon, the major non-cinematic WOC are:

Sana Starros (Black) – Really great character from the Star Wars comics set between a New Hope and Empire Strikes Back (it’s really well done imo – feels like you’re right back in that timeline). There was a lot of controversy when she introduced herself as Han’s wife. It was, apparently, a fake marriage. Sana and Leia became good friends, offering rare women-focused story arcs. Sana is also established as sapphic…

Doctor Aphra (Asian) – Aphra is a space archaeologist who works for Vader and has adventures, including one with Leia and Sana, where we learned that she and Sana were once a couple. She has her own comic title and a Hasbro toy. Often described as a POC, she appears East Asian or multiracial, depending on the artist. (ETA: Aphra is Asian. Thanks, @urthwyrm!)

Ciena Rhee (Black) – A main character in Claudia Grey’s “Lost Stars,” part of the Journey to The Force Awakens book series. Ciena is a country girl who joins the Imperial Academy to become a pilot and falls in love with a fellow pilot who grows disillusioned and joins the Rebellion. Official art confirmed that she is Black, resembling Sonequa Martin-Green.

Rae Sloane (Black) – An Imperial Captain and eventually a Grand Admiral, Sloane worked with Vader, tried to keep the Empire alive after the Battle of Endor, and may have had a hand in the rise of the First Order. She was protective of Hux when he was a child with an abusive father. She’s been featured in the Aftermath series of novels and a few of the comics as a villain beside the Big Bad, like Grand Moff Tarkin or Hux.

This is not a comprehensive list – I haven’t even touched the Clone Wars Series – but these are a few of the prominent women of color in current Star Wars canon.

I always hate when WWE have RAW or SD in LA because they always have stupid "guest stars" in an effort to get attention instead of focusing on the wrestlers.

I don’t give a shit about LaVar and Lonzo being MizTV tonight. I just don’t want the RAW women to be all shoved into one short segment like they did last week. They deserve more segments, more time, better storylines, and they need to bring Summer back already. She’s been out since last August with injuries but she’s been cleared for at least two months now and they still haven’t brought her back.

meowgraine  asked:

Pink, freckles, blushing, clouds

pink: sunsets or sunrises?

sunrises. i feel like its the sign of starting over.

freckles: what’s something that makes you happy? describe the first thing that comes to your head?

its airy and so yellow. it makes bubbles of soft cotton candy pink fill my chest. its something that i probably won’t ever get to hear in person and something i hope everyone that does get to hear it appreciates.

its josh dun’s laugh.

blushing: describe a rad person you know

they give so much? they are unknowingly sweet and i love that about them dearly. they have such a warm heart and i’m so glad to have them in my life. i’m going to meet and hug them in 136 days.


clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel

1. preoccupied by jon bellybutton

the line “god made me a full blown genius, what the fuck i need coke for?” makes me feel golden. i feel strong? i think is the word.

2. the plan - the front bottoms

you gotta move on. this song helped me get over my ex. it helped me accept things and push forward.

3. 2 rocking chairs by jon bellybutton

its just really cute. its bubblegum pink.

4. joyriding - frank iero and the patience

its a bop.

5. planetary [go!] - mcr

i get super into this when i’m driving. its my ringtone for @bittersweetbands