the racial draft

you know the chappelle’s show racial draft sketch where dave dressed up as a white man and was all “excuse me i’m talking a white man is talking!” so true to life 

2016 Best Black History Month Ever

• Beyonce Dropped Formation & Announced New Tour

• Deray McKesson is running for Mayor in Baltimore

• Cam didn’t win the Super Bowl but he still fine (LOL)

• Kendrick Lamar Grammy performance was unapologetically

• Blackish had one of the realest episodes about police brutality ever (thank God they didn’t get cancelled)

• Stacy Dash got traded in the Racial Draft for Gary Owens (long overdue)

• Black Lives Matter activist keep popping up at Hilary rallies 😂

• Raven Simone got reminded that she was still a nigga (although she exaggerated her story, ok she lied)

• Steph Curry revealed to us that he truly has God within him while making 3’s

• President Obama basically turnt up for the concert honoring BHM

•Gods of Egypt flopped (Get that Whitewashed shit outta here)

• Chris Rock setting it off at the Oscars & slapping white folks in the face

I’ll leave it to y'all to add other things but all in all I say 2016 black folks showed out for the culture.

can us black folks just nab those blueprints NASA got for their near-light-speed traveling warp drive star ship and pick out the nearest habitable earth-like planet we can move to and just let white people be fuckin nuts all by themselves here?? cus I really wanna do like Kanye and get on spaceship so my ass could fly away from these racist killers and their friends. let’s get the racial draft going so we leave all the new-black shoe shining coons here with the whites and start anew elsewhere.

I kind of find it hard to believe any country with a ton of white people in control of government do not disproportionally target their poc population (typically dark skinned) for armed services but please correct me if I’m wrong so that it just shows how even shittier the relationship between “racial drafting” and the military is in the US