the quote sounds weird i know

Talking over the intercom
  • Shiro: Your voice sounds weird, like you're in an air shaft.
  • Pidge: That's because I'm in an air shaft.
  • Shiro: ... do I even want to know?
  • Pidge: Probably not...

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Louise apparently tweeted that she's fine with where the show is left off and they don't have to make more cuz she made her peace with it. Honestly I believe because of all the inconsistencies but such quotes from the cast honestly make me second guess. Of course they would lie about it but... I don't know, it just sounds very natural, like this is truly where they planned to end it for now. The other part of me remembers the quote about moffat informing them of a long term plan *sighs*

ok louise is on in this shit, anon. they all are. why do you think ben and martin are on hardcore radio silence irt anything sherlock? i have literally not heard them say a damned thing about sherlock since s4 has come out anD THAT IS WEIRD

but also it makes sense because those boys cannot stop themselves from saying something stupid so sue has enforced a travelling basement ban on all of them which goes with them wherever they go

The signs as out-of-context quotes from school: high school edition
  • Aries: "does anyone know when the first piano was invented?" "shakespeare!"
  • Taurus: "okay, explain to me: what is anime?"
  • Gemini: "...then add pot in there. just a whole bunch of pot everywhere"
  • Cancer: "but i wanna be possesssssssed!" "i wanna be a deeeeeemonnnn!"
  • Leo: "some weird shit's been going on"
  • Virgo: "amadeus? more like amaDEADus!"
  • Libra: "well that's an opinion no one cares about! let's sail it down the river!"
  • Scorpio: "'i can't do this'? that sounds like a direct challenge"
  • Sagittarius: "the 6s is for dads" "i AM a dad"
  • Capricorn: "bless you" "DONT TELL ME WHO TO BLESS"
  • Aquarius: "im feeling book. are you guys book?" "yeah, we're book"
  • Pisces: *singing* "someday you'll fly little chicken, watch out for the shadow, it'll kill yaaaa"
That’s why things like Undertale are popular. Like, Undertale is not a game you could’ve taken to a publisher and been like, ‘This is my game, there’s a spaghetti skeleton, his brother wears a sweater,’ like, no one’s gonna make that game! Like, you just make it and then if you’re weird enough I guarantee you there are people as weird as you that are gonna like it. So, y'know, if you wanna do an animation about a one-legged turkey that can’t walk or something, there’s gonna be someone who’s gonna love that.
—  Ross O’Donovan on Twitch Weekly
  • Jekyll: You chloroformed Lily?!
  • Victor: We're in trouble. We have to do something.
  • Jekyll: I don't know what to do. My whole brain is crying.
  • Dorian: Guys, guys, guys. Hey, hey. I have an idea. Okay, it may sound a little weird, but trust me.
  • *All three lay on the ground next to Lily*
  • *Lily wakes up; all three pretend to wake up*
  • Lily: What's happening?
  • Jekyll: We ALL got chloroformed!
  • Izuku: You chloroformed the janitor?
  • Ochako: We’re in big trouble we have to do something!
  • Izuku: I don’t know what to do my whole brain is crying!
  • Tenya: Guys, guys, guys. Hey, hey. I have an idea.
  • Tenya: Okay, it may sound a little weird, but trust me.
  • *hours later*
  • Janitor: What happened?
  • Izuku: Oh, we ALL got chloroformed

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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Everyone calls me Liz but some people call me Lizzie/Lizzybeth/Lizzypoo cuz it annoys me and some people call me Froggie or Middle/Mid (long story for both)

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 5"4 ok I’m short shut up

Sexual orientation: Bi, bitches

Ethnicity: Half Chinese, quarter Icelandic and quarter British

Fav fruit: Bananas or oranges. I can’t choose I love them both too much why am I so attached to fruit

Fav season: This sounds weird but winter. It’s the only season where I don’t get hay fever and I can’t do heat. Also tons of people birthdays that I know are on Easter so CAKE. Also we can play lacrosse in winter but we can only do athletics in summer and I HATE athletics.

Fav book: I DONT KNOW maybe the Lord of the rings trilogy, I read that in a day, re-read it 11 times and used to speak elvish although for some reason, I never got around to watching the movies. Blasphemy I know.

Fav scent: I like musky ashy scents

Fav color: Like a dark blue-purple

Fav animal: Cat

Coffee/tea/hot chocolate: The drinks I have most are water, americanos and green tea so…

Average hours of sleep: 5 probably. I know it’s unhealthy

Cat or dog person: Cat, but I still love dogs

Favourite fictional character: I can’t choose! Well I just finished voltron and KEITH but I also love Kagura from Gintama but lance too and like I CANT CHOOSE

Number of blankets currently sleeping with: 1

Ideal trip: Four places which I’ve been to a lot actually. LA, Japan, my grandma’s appartment in Shanghai and my other grandma’s house in Clacton on sea but the places in the last two have been sold.

Tagging: I wanna get to know all of you! I’m just gonna randomly do this. DONT DO THIS IF YOU DONT WANNA. Seriously.


[Chimeras attempted to pull a prank on Theo and one thing led to another….and now he is paralyzed.]

Josh: You paralyzed Theo!?

Tracy: Stop yelling at me! You’re the ones who got caught!

Josh: You’re the one who’s yelling!

Hayden: We’re in big trouble! We have to do something!

Tracy: I don’t know what to do, my whole brain is crying!

Corey: Guys, guys, guys! I have an idea. Okay, it may sound a little weird, but trust me.

[Five minutes later]

[The Chimeras lay on the ground with Theo as he regains consciousness]

Theo:…What’s happening?

Corey: Oh…we all got paralyzed…

Josh: Somebody paralyzed all of us…

Hayden: And now we’re regaining consciousness…together.

I’m such a lucky snzfucker…my bb sends me vids of her snzing like every time she can get it on video :“0 she’s so supportive of this weird thing and she asks to read my fave snz fics and she said that her snz were boring so she would "experiment with making them sound cuter” I’m like you are already perfectttt

Just to let any of you guys know that there are amazing people out there who will love your weird ass for who you are bc she doesn’t think this is weird she always reassures me and she even spells it like “snz” bc she doesn’t want to make me cringe.

There is hope I never thought I would be accepted but here I am

part 2: surrounded by trees

There’s a safety in thinking in a diner. You can have your coffee or your milkshake, and you can go off into strange dark areas, and always come back to the safety of the diner.” David Lynch

i was looking at David Lynch quotes and anyway i have to say it sounds like a really good idea to go on a nice little night time drive to the 24 hour diner on route 5 and get a vanilla milkshake and maybe some fries.  

i know when things used to feel too weird for me, it always felt really good when i could feel grounding and balance and enjoy ordinary things like being at a diner or at no frills restaurant. a nice place to admire the complexity & idiosyncrasies of people and perhaps even feel the mystery that surrounds certain things & everyday life.


Honestly, dude, when I was little…. I know there’s nothing more annoying that when actresses or people that are considered attractive say stupid stuff like: “I was so ugly” but let me tell you – I was just like my brother until I turned 14. Terribly worried because of it, really weird, totally lanky, clumsy, people used to confuse me for a boy constantly. The first time someone had to put a mic on me, the sound engineer put some tape on my chest – now don’t make a big deal about it – I was 10 years old. He was pressing hard and he said: “Hey you’re a strong kid, what’s up boy?” And I sat there and replied in a small voice: “Hum, no. Stop.” (she laughs). And it was like that every single time. At some point, I liked being treated the way that I was. But do I love myself? That’s a funny question. I’m happy, I have a lot of luck, I’m healthy and I’m aware of it all. (when asked: When you look in the mirror, do you like what you’re seeing?)

I’ve never been in the military, but I have this Purple Heart
I got it from beating myself up over things I can’t fix
I know it sounds weird but sometimes,
I wonder what my bed sheets say about me when I’m not around
I wonder what the curtains would do if they found out
About all the things that I’ve done behind their backs
I’ve got a hamper that’s overflowing with really, really loud mistakes
And a graveyard in my closet, I’m afraid that if I let you see my skeletons
You’ll grind my bones into powder and get high on my fault lines
—  Rudy Francisco, My Honest Poem (spoken word performance)

Whatever you are doing right now, know that you crossed my mind. Recently, you’re all I think about and somehow, in this weird state I’m in, I get to know you more and more. Is it my desperation or my eagerness? I don’t know anymore.

Anyway, enough about drama. I did not intend to write this letter to address my sadness. I don’t want to sound lonely when maybe right at this moment, you’re with someone. You’ve probably closed your mind about thinking there’ll never be another girl you’ll ever love after this one, because I know I wouldn’t too.

It often eludes me that I won’t have the honor to be your first. Your first kiss, your first love, your first everything. And that just proves that there is more to life than the primordial firsts. Know that I understand, know that you should too because we are not perfect but we’ll be for each other if we choose to accept it.

I am excited though, of that ‘zing’ moment my grandmother always told me about. “That’s how you’ll both know.” She often ends it with a smile and I believed her. I believe however dull the moment will take, we’ll both feel that electric current of proof that Cupid really did aim that arrow for the both of us. When that time comes, we’ll know.

When that time comes, I’ll be ready. I’ll stay true to my word when I promise you that I won’t be like the others; with their drama and compromises. You’ll come as a gift, and I’ll treat you right because you would reciprocate the same. This won’t be unrequited, our future love story will be the history our granddaughters will soon swoon over. And I won’t get tired retelling the story, as long as you’ll end it with me.

This is not a shout to the void because it will happen. Tragedies and unseen foes will come and go and I am worried about how we’ll go over it. That is why I am writing this to you now so you will know. Gosh no, I don’t need a fancy knight on a white steed. I’m not even sure if they still exist. I just need you, and your unconditional protection that comes with your unconditional love and I’m good with that.

Blow off the grand gestures and side-long glances, when you catch my attention, I’ll know.

When will it happen? The waiting wears me out sometimes. Seeing other girls and boys my age holding hands make the yearning seem farther and farther from my grasp. Sometimes I get tired of the waiting because I am afraid it will never come. That all the 11:11 wishes and eye lashes will be futile. But then again, by the end of the day, when I lay in my bed, I am still consumed of the curiosity of how it will feel like when one morning I will wake up beside you. And that gives me so much hope I hope again.

—  athenacaissa

« There is such a thing as having enough. You might think a meet-and-greet with 150 people sounds sad, because maybe you think I’m forced to do it. But you would be surprised. A meaningful conversation doesn’t mean that conversation has to last an hour. A meet-and-greet might sound weird to someone who’s never done one, but after ten years, you learn to appreciate happiness when it happens, and that happiness is rare and fleeting, and that you’re not entitled to it. You know, during the first few years of your career, the only thing anyone says to you is ‘Enjoy this. Just enjoy this.’ That’s all they ever tell you. And I finally know how to do that. » 

So I just watched Mr. Candle Cares

Okay okay okay

So as you all probably know I am a huge tomco supporter, and the new episode was just food for my soul.

But it got me thinking, what if tomco is actually end game?

I know it sounds like hopeful thinking, but just hear me out.

The whole episode of Mr. Candle Cares is basically just there to prove that starco is platonic and they are happy in their platonic relationship. I mean, these are actual quotes from the episode:

“Starco is completely platonic.”

“He’s my roommate. We’re just friends.”

“you’re right, it would be pretty weird to date your roommate.”

The rest of the episode was just spent with tom and marco bonding and Marco helping him to realise that pining over star would get him nowhere. I mean they’re basically friends by the end and it makes me so happy.

It’s not that farfetched that they would get together, I mean, the show is already so refreshing in terms of romantic expectancies, and lately people are becoming a lot more accepting of homosexual relationships in cartoons.

I would seriously be so exstatic if they did. And I’m p sure star ships it ;))


MCU Meme: Two Avengers: Janet Van Dyne

AU where Marvel remembers the Wasp exists.

*I know the first quote is rubbish but the “What is this unearthly vision?” would sound weird in the context od AoU