the quote seemed fitting

i really gotta give shada credit because ‘space ranger partners’ is EXACTLY how i’d describe keith and lance’s relationship at this point


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 3 - Favourite Theme: Inevitable Death

River: Sometimes I wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I’m still a little bit— immortal. I think everyone wonders if they are, but I was, once…

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“You would find her in a polaroid picture

and she

means everything to me”


My favorite part of [voicing Darth Maul for Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out] had to be that “I’m So Awesome” song, of course. But I’ve done these Star Wars jobs for awhile now, and I’m a Star Wars fan, so I daresay I know Star Wars pretty well. So to be able to kind of poke fun at it is a good time, especially when you don’t really go too far with it. I have tremendous respect for George Lucas and Star Wars, but yeah, to take a not so serious approach to it is definitely a rare opportunity. - Sam Witwer [x]


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I love how as children, Azula and Zuko were always together. Even though Azula teased and taunted him, it didn’t affect their bond. Yes, their relationship is messed up and confusing later on as adults but in Zuko’s flashbacks, we are shown something different. They played together when they weren’t fighting for their father’s love. 

-In one scene when Ursa receives a letter from the battlefront, Azula and Zuko run past, laughing and smiling, enjoying each other’s company.

-They fed the Turtleducks together at the pond, Azula showing him a less than friendly way of feeding them but he mimicked her regardless.

-Azula dragged him into her games with Mai and Ty lee quite a bit. 

-Azula watched him play with his knife and I am assuming he watched her train.

-Azula tried and succeeded at times to drag him with her to spy on certain people or in other cases, she wanted him to explore the hidden tunnels with her in the palace.

-They played together at Ember Island and reenacted the play “Love Amongst Dragons”, Azula always playing as the Dragon Emperor and Zuko as the Evil Water Spirit. 

The important thing to remember here is that they were closer than they are now. Once Ursa disappeared, Ozai was their only influence and it drove them to have this love/hate relationship we see in the show. As we know though, from “Earth Kingdom Chronicles: The Tale of Azula” –and comics–she doesn’t hate him as much as the fandom thought she did and it’s proven in there from her own words/actions, that she loves him rather than hates. Zuko is also shown in the comics and show that he loves her. Since Ozai is gone now from both their lives, they can start to mend what was once broken.

Their relationship is very complex and complicated and I think this quote from Zuko seems fitting for their relationship:

“Keep in mind, these are dual swords. Two halves of a single weapon. Don’t think of them as separate because they’re not. They’re just two different parts of the same whole.”