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my animation teacher keeps using the kiss gif for examples of stuff and he says its his fav he described them as a nice couple

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Two things: 

1.  WHAT!!! HOW did this come up?  Where do you go to school? akdjfkjsf… I’m so confused and also SUPER flattered, but

2.  I literally scribbled that out on a crappy tablet on a tiny screen with even lower standards than usual because it was an April fools post!  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhggghhhh!!! 

S4 Fuckery

Ever since S4 I’ve been using the tag “S4 fuckery” on posts about things from the series that make no sense. So here’s a breakdown of reasons why I think S4 is fake and that TJLCers are meant to pick up on that.

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today i was studying math and the subject was lines and the book reminded me that, by definition, lines are infinite - which i totally forgot until now

so, of course the first thing that came to mind was stucky’s quote “i’m with you til the end of the line” 

guys, lines have no end so it’s literally about being together forever and not just their “end” cause lines are infinite and so is steve and bucky’s love for each other and i’m just

Girls made of snow, language made of thorns, and putting ourselves back in the narrative

I’ve had some ideas swirling around my head ever since I finished reading Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust that condensed while I was reading Leigh Bardugo’s short story collection The Language of Thorns, so I want to talk about it a little.

It started with the realization that Girls made of Snow, while it is a Snow White retelling (or perhaps better called a reimagining), completely leaves out the whole seven dwarves part of the story. In my review, I pointed this out as something I liked — the story didn’t need to sidetrack there, and it kept us focused on the real core of the story: Lynet’s relationship with her stepmother, Mina. Lynet being Snow White, Mina is the Evil Queen.

The book alternates chapters between Lynet’s present day and Mina’s journey from the daughter of a sorcerer to the bride of Lynet’s father, making Mina the second main character. This is where the book’s “feminist fantasy reimagining” tagline comes in. The point of Bashardoust’s story is to explore the stepmother-daughter relationship and how they could come into conflict without it being about who is the fairest of them all.

The point of tension Bashardoust goes for is about politics and power, a much more satisfying reason than “well, women get angry when another woman is prettier, that’s all”. But the framework of Snow White also gives her plenty of room to work with how women’s appearances and age are seen and judged. What if Lynet’s beauty binds her to her dead mother in a way that strangles her, while Mina struggles with knowing her beauty gains her what respect she commands and aging could steal it away? The commentary that emerges isn’t new — I think we all realize how damaging the value placed on women’s appearances is — but using the cultural touchstone of Snow White makes this version powerful. It’s probably my favorite thing about the book, even above giving Lynet a female love interest, which is something we’re going to circle back to.

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So my favorite Reaper76 headcanon is that Gabriel is a HUGE NERD (which is like, strongly implied btw - ).

But only Jack knows this. After being Gabriel’s “best friend” for 30-ish years, Jack knows WAY TOO WELL how nerdy Gabriel is. And he loves it of course, because Jack is just as big a nerd and he loves everything Gabriel is.

But literally no one believes Jack because “Commander Reyes is such a badass.” or “Commander Reyes is so cool.”

So Jack suffers as Gabriel blatantly drops obscure sci-fi movie references or fucking video game quotes into his everyday conversations and NO ONE GETS THEM except Jack.

Gabriel: You gotta redo this budget, Jesse - your numbers don’t make sense, Mason.
Jesse: okay, cool, I’ll do that, boss - who’s Mason?
Jack *in the background*: Someone needs to stop him.

Jesse: I dunno what ta go as for Halloween this year. Any suggestions, padre?
Gabriel: Do you like lobsters?
Jesse: I - wha
Jack: …
Gabriel: how do you feel about shirts with only one sleeve?
Jack: Gabe.
Gabriel: do you feel like the ocean’s grey waves?
Jesse: ya’ll seriously lost me like a calf in a herd
Gabriel: it’s alright, Delores - how do you feel about Paint It Black in instrumental form?
Jack: *head in hands* oh my god

Gabriel and Jack pass Winston:

Jack: Hey Winston -
Winston: Hello, commanders!
Gabriel: Sup, Rajang?
Winston: …I don’t know what that means, sir.
Jack *so mad because he gets it*: Dammit Gabriel
Gabriel: No worries, Caesar. How’s that Tesla Cannon coming along?

Gabriel and Jack debrief Genji:

Gabriel: really glad you’re going to help us out, Genji.
Genji: Thank you, sir. I will do what I can to help cut out the corruption in the Shimada clan.
Gabriel: I really respect that. So you can use a katana, shurikens, and the Sharingan?
Genji: uh, yes, the katana and shurikens, I am very proficient in. What’s a sharingan?
Gabriel: Don’t worry about it. Angela is working on new cyborg upgrades for you.
Jack: whyyyyyyy

The worst moment is when Gabriel says that he “death blossomed the enemy squad” in the middle of a Blackwatch report and Jack practically starts sobbing with laughter because he knows Gabriel just dropped a fucking Last Starfighter reference and everyone else thinks Jack has lost his damn mind.

But the overall worst part is when Gabriel’s references work into Jack’s brain inadvertantly and then EVERYONE thinks Jack is a huge nerd.

Ana: Well, that mission was tough. Do you think we’ll see more from Null Sector after this?
Jack: Nevermore.
Ana: …what
Gabriel: *dry wheezing cackle* mierda, joder, holy shit
Ana (on the comms): Rein, Torb, you won’t believe this
Gabriel: how the fuck can you not like Poe??
Jack: Whitman is better -


Villa de Bear - Bangkok, Thailand

Villa de Bear is an expansive seven-rai establishment with its own bedtime back story: Villy, the restaurant’s armless black bear mascot, inherited his uncle’s Teddy bear factory but was apparently more passionate about spreading joy with food than toys. He turned the factory into a food village, honouring the venue’s history by designing thread-, button- and gear-themed dining halls. 

Villy also filled his restaurant with inspiration, in a literal sense. At Villa de Bear, you can find inspirational quotes on the walls, the ground, the pillow you’re leaning on, and on the tiny ribbon around your special drink. Quirky potted plants and figurines add to the interior’s warmth. If that’s not enough to make you gush a little on the inside, then clearly it’s your turn to sit on the “Villy” couches, the best seats in the house. For dinnertime on a clear night, you might prefer choosing from the wide array of outdoor or semi-outdoor seating, where you’ll be able to get up close to a live band.

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Sometimes I just get a little bit overwhelmed and feel like my whole life is poetry and lyrics and sunbeams and I get this beautiful feeling of wonderful soft happiness that I want to keep hold of for as long as my heart beats. I want to wake each morning feeling sunkissed and excited, I want laughter lines and wrinkles around my eyes from smiling, I want to have someone in my life who feels like home and who understands me when I don’t make sense. It makes me so happy to know that even as I lie here with a huge smile on my face and love in my heart, that some of the best days of my life are still to come.
“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

I just realized something.

While that quote, on its own, makes a lot of sense in retrospect - Amethyst probably legitimately feels like garbage as a result of being abandoned in the Kindergarten and being a “reject” gem - I was struck by the thought that she also does have a fixation on actual, literal garbage. We’ve seen her room, after all; she’ll take anything that someone else doesn’t want. That’s when it hit me:

Amethyst collects garbage because she empathizes with those objects for being thrown away.

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Hi! You said you kinda wanted to elaborate on your tony stark post (the one about his flaws) so I was hoping you'd be willing to? I'm interested in what you have to say!

Yes hello my new favourite person I have been waiting to meet you.

What I wanted to elaborate on is the distressing trend of equating flaws to mistakes. 

This is really freaking common especially nowadays and especially on tumblr. I cannot count the amount of times someone did/said something bad years ago, realised their mistake, apologized for it, and moved on only for some jerk with a bone to pick go through their blog and dig up all that nonsense again, and that is the exact mentality we see when people talk about Tony’s “flaws”. 

People will say things like “hey, remember when Tony got drunk in the suit and almost killed people?” to just shut down any conversation about his flaws. They do that all the time. They give no context, no character motivation as to why, and they say it when the context of the argument itself is inappropriate. For example, I’ll talk about the helicarrier scene and how I personally see Steve cutting into this man he doesn’t know in extremely personal ways as an indicator that Steve was very much in the wrong in that scene, and Tony Stark being on the defensive the whole time shows that Tony was, well, defending himself. The person I am then having that conversation with will say “hey, remember that time Tony kicked a one night stand out? He deserved it.” Just….out of the blue….The conversation had nothing to do with that. Why are they bringing it up now? So I will say something like “Um, that happened in the past. It has nothing to do with what we’re talking about and he is a changed man in a monogamous relationship.” and immediately we have the trademark “Yup, typical Tony Stan. Not willing to admit his flaws.” that makes me want to throw my hands up. 

Mistakes  ≠ flaws

Which is why I believe there is so much vitrol spewed towards this character because this, in and of itself, is a mentality shared by, oh, about 65% of tumblr. They cannot possibly believe that an individual can change, can learn from their mistakes. Which sucks because that is what the entirety of Iron Man is about in the mcu. Learning from your mistakes. Changing yourself. Becoming something better. Becoming the person who helps instead of hurts.

People will say “you aren’t willing to admit his flaws” and from what I have observed, that is never true. You, dear antis, refuse to admit his growth.

The second thing I wanted to elaborate on is context.

As I mentioned in the earlier example, one thing they will always reference is Iron Man 2, because Iron Man 2 is littered with mistakes. And, uh, you want to know why there is a disproportionate amount of mistakes in Iron Man 2 then the rest of the franchise? He was dying. He was being poisoned by the thing he would later describe as “a terrible privilege” and he refused to tell anyone. That is the context. He was acting like a man about to die and it shows. But us? We can scream that Tony was dying until we’re blue in the face but the only response we’ll get from the people who irrationally hate him? “Good. He should have died.” They do not care about context. It’s why their token line is always “War Profiteer!” and will scream it any time they get the chance.

Tony has made a lot of mistakes, but he always learns and he always grows.

First Iron Man: Negligent in managing his company. Mistake. He then takes control of his company, cleans up the mess of illegal stashes of his weapons, and defeats the guy who was dealing under the table. I.E Learns to become responsible for his company.

Second Iron Man: Get’s rip-roaring drunk, fights his best friend and lies to his girlfriend which causes a huge rift. Mistakes. Cleans up his act, fights together with his best friend in a badass team-up, tells his girlfriend the truth and in the third Iron Man sees that the exact same thing is happening and right away tells her the truth. “I’m a piping hot mess.” I.E learns to be responsible to himself and his loved ones.

Avengers 1: No mistakes. None. He was rude but as we already established, that’s a character flaw of his, not a mistake.

Iron Man 3: Was rude to a man at a party once. Here we have an example about how this flaw gave birth to a mistake. He was rude at a party once, but he is consistently rude. The only reason this qualifies as a mistake is because he didn’t know he was talking to a whiny entitled piss-baby who decides to become a terrorist when Tony doesn’t give him the time of day.

An actual mistake made in Iron Man 3 is when he threatens a terrorist on tv ignoring the context of literally just walking out of a hospital and seeing his friend almost dead. Mistake. Which he then immediately faces consequences for, and then apologizes for. “That was selfish and stupid.” I.E learning to recognize and control his impulses.

Now we get to the fun bit. Ultron.

Age of Ultron: Didn’t tell his team he and Bruce were creating Ultron. Mistake, but oh boy very subjectively. 

Creating Ultron was not a mistake. Anyone who tells you that selectively ignored about 50% of the movie. Bruce and Tony were working on ultron way before the sceptre came into their lives and ultimately creating a peace-keeping AI would be amazing. Which, uh, is exactly what happened. Tony and Bruce created a peace-keeping AI that is good and kind and wise and is going to be instrumental in their fight against thanos. The only mistake made there is that they shouldn’t have been messing around with the sceptre in the first place, and considering they know that and, uh, the sceptre has mind-altering powers it’s pretty safe to assume the sceptre played a hand in their behaviour. Considering the sceptre literally created ultron, I am not surprised.

The actual mistake made in the movie was not trusting his teammates. That is a theme throughout the movie. “Sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things.” and “together.” making this very apparent. The mistake of this movie is not trusting his teammates, something he learns and understands by the end of the movie with his own echo of steve’s quote “together”. Now, remember when I said that this was subjectively a mistake? 

Because the lesson he learns here, wasn’t a lesson at all.

Civil War: Didn’t tell Wanda before telling Vision to keep her on lockdown. Mistake. Not keeping her on lockdown. That makes sense any way you slice it. It’s just the lack of communication that was the mistake. (seriously though the lack of communication is a mistake shared by literally every character in this movie). Bringing Peter in to the conflict. Mistake. Even though Peter was only supposed to “keep your distance web ‘em up.” he still brought a kid into a super conflict. He can’t do anything to fix his mistake with Wanda but in the next movie we very much see Tony take responsibility for this kid and make sure he isn’t needlessly throwing himself at danger. He supports him and helps him when he needs it and is overall perfect in that movie. No Mistakes in Spiderman: Homecoming (though don’t tell those bastards at tv tropes that or they’ll bite your head off).

Here is where we get to the fun stuff because that lesson he learned in the last movie? About trusting his teammates? Throw that out the window. Trusting his teammates is the mistake. Thinking they had his back was the mistake. Thinking they would never lie to him because they just learned what lying can do to a team was a mistake.

Trusting Steve was a mistake.

Trying to kill Bucky. Mistake?

I would say so just because I would be upset if Bucky died. But its like trying to say that a bear who mauled a man to death for killing her cub made a mistake. It’s like saying a kid who’s grown shouldn’t hurt the person who abused them just because they too were abused, that they didn’t mean it. It’s like asking a man with PTSD watch someone choke his mother to death to then let that man go. It’s impossible. People are emotional and loving but that can turn deadly in a heartbeat if you hurt the ones they love. It is innately human to respond this way. People will go to the ends of the earth to protect the ones they love and you think them already being dead is going to stop them? No. Tony going after Bucky maybe was a mistake, but a mistake he had no control over. It would take a ridiculously mentally strong individual and Tony is already compromised, same with everyone on the team. Though I will hate Wanda for the bizarre direction her wrath took, I will never begrudge her wanting revenge for her parents, even years later. Because that’s what humans do

As a mental exercise I ask everyone who seriously thinks Tony could have resisted the temptation to protect his family with; What if the situation was reversed? What if Bucky had to watch a video of Tony killing Steve? What if he knew vaguely that someone had hacked his suit but what if they hadn’t for this instance? What if this was all Tony? If Tony didn’t exist, Steve would be alive right now. And if Bucky looks into Tony’s eyes, he will see guilt and resignation, just as Tony saw in Buckys. Why didn’t someone just tell him if he’s so innocent?

So, no, I don’t think there was a single force on earth that could have stopped Tony from attacking Bucky. Mistake? Eh. I’ll let you decide that.

In conclusion, Tony makes a lot of mistakes, but every single time he picks himself up and becomes something better. Every. Single. Time. So when someone says “he has a lot of flaws!” tell them no, he has made a lot of mistakes. Flaws? He has about the same as any other human being, but more often than not the only flaw they care about is that he is Tony Stark, and that they believe there is something fundamentally bad about that. It’s usually only 1 of 2 reasons. 1) they hate the mentally ill. I have seen numerous posts about how Tony is “whiny” (lmao could you imagine?) or 2) He got in the way of the most popular marvel ship, Stucky. It is almost always this reason. They will scream their “facts” about why they hate him and we keep saying how that doesn’t make any sense and if, hey, you want to dislike a character you don’t have to make up bullshit! Just say you don’t like them! That’s fine! No one will begrudge you that. But it’s obvious after a time that all the people leaving nasty messages in out inboxes and telling us to kill ourselves always have a steve or bucky icon and a common ship in their bio. There are a few other reasons. Sometimes someone is just plain anti-marvel and hates all the characters, and hey, at least I can respect that. At least they aren’t hypocrites. And then there are a few that just genuinely dislike Tony, and as I mentioned above, That’s fine! These are also the people who, like, won’t talk about his flaws because they aren’t jerks who think their two cents about a character is needed if they don’t like them. They just stan who they like and leave other people alone. I love them. 

Tony is flawed, but so is everyone else. Steve is a stubborn, arrogant, patronising ass. Natasha is controlling and manipulative. Thor is a piece of work, he’s basically just as rude as Tony and just as arrogant and bull-headed as Steve. There are more, but I’m sure you get my point. They all have flaws. But I have never seen a single person go up to a cap fan and demand they list the ways Steve is flawed. I have never seen anyone scream about how Steve fans never admit his flaws, even though, uh, they never do and he has many. I have never seen the vitrol and hate spewed in my direction for loving a fictional character anywhere else in the marvel fandom, save for maybe Shaaron Carter. People will create entire blogs just to harass Tony fans. They will take pictures of him and put red Xs through them as their icon like how fucking Extra is that?

This post is just to remind everyone that every single goddamn Tony fan will admit his mistakes, as long as you admit he’s changed. If you can’t do that? If you are so caught up in sending death threats over fictional characters that you can’t fathom in your mind that people can change? Then we really only have one thing to say to you.

Tony Stark is perfect and has never done anything wrong ever in his life.

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Oh my god,had Sam to do an appears again with MM yesterday in NYC,or what does mean the fanpic from yesterday and the vid from MM too? I hope you can explanation it! Sorry for my english,but today i can`t concentrate me because this nuisance,my head is rather emty!

Yep, blonde haired Sam seems to have made an appearance yesterday. Gotta pay up for that re haired oh so obviously latergram he sent from “"Provence”, that one that pretty much ruined the “romantic holiday” that was supposedly taking place there. It’s rather difficult to sell a romantic holiday with your “lover” when only one of you is there lol!
He pretty obviously missed the end of premiere week to head back to Budapest, but it makes absolutely no sense, if he had actually been in France after his work in Hungary was done, for him to head back to NYC for literally one day so he could be seen at this concert. And make no mistake, he was meant to be seen there, and seen with her. It’s predictable. Every time there is a bit of balking on Sam’s part about this “romance” there is an obviously set up “appearance” done to mitigate it. Think about SDCC and the last minute addition that left everyone scrambling on the red carpet because there apparently hadn’t been time enough to work out the logistics of who would stand where and with whom. And now this. Does it make any sense for him to fly all the way from France to NYC to spend one day or two and then back to Scotland for MPC? It doesn’t really.
I think he’s been in NYC for some time. He likely returned quietly after his movie work was done and has been spending some quiet time with Cait who has also been off the radar lately. And it was after he bollocked up the cover story designed to account for his time off by posting that unconvincing French pic that this little appearance was set up. The hint that he gave out a few days earlier that he was a question mark for the MPC thing was maybe the day it was set up that he would attend this concert and be sure to get some fan pics and seen with the girl too. But, likely due to her flight arrival back in NYC from France this would have to happen the night before he would have to be in Scotland, making his attendance at MPC almost an impossible feat. If they had been together this whole time why not just make some appearance at some other thing a few days ago and leave ample time for the MPC appearance too? It just makes no sense to do it this way if they were “together”. To me this awkwardness is just more evidence that they aren’t.
It’s not a good look. And frankly I’m a bit surprised by it. It makes it seem that he was more intent on playing than seeing to his charity obligations. And that may be it, but personally I see at work in this latest debacle the same hand that added a last minute addition to a Baftas table, and to a SDCC red carpet, at work here. And that hand has historically always been a heavy hand, and showing little thought for the feelings, or reputations, of those it impacts.

Don’t read Super Sons yet (or Jon Kent is the proof of how watered down a Superkid need to be in order to stay alive)

Before we start, I want to clarify that I liked Super Sons, despite its horrible writer, the art is amazing and it gives us a decent enough replacement for a Batman/Superman title. However, I’m writing this post to hopefully raise some kind of awareness that the book is more like a filler title, which means it is not suitable if you really want to know about Jon Kent (or Damian Wayne in that matter).

As far as I’m concerned, Super Sons is a title that’s disconnected from any events happening whatsoever in the continuity. It’s not only me, but a lot of my friends, who have been long time fans of Damian, have complained about its lack of regard for all canon developments of the characters as well. While I can see why its simplicity could be appealing to many (also thanks to the outstanding art), it creates false impressions about the characters, especially for people who are new to the fandom. And the thing is, first impression sticks. Maybe for Damian it’s okay because he’s been around for a while and has a big fanbase that understands him, Jon is not as lucky.

Jonathan Kent does just not appear out of no where in the page of Superman #1, smiling and giving a thumb up to his dad while proudly thinking “My dad is Superman”, nor he is just a kid enjoying a happy life with his family when Robin came knocking on his door in a moonlit night. He had a normal life before that. A kid who existed for like one year but no one paid attention to until his name was attached to a Batkid.

If anyone asks me where to read about Jon, I would always point them to Congvergence: Superman and Lois & Clark. Then, to a more extent, the entire preN52 Superman. Because once you do, you will realise Jon is not a cardboard cutout model of a sunshine baby with red S on his chest, who always smiles and endures everything people throw at him, who has no life and no stories beside his relationship with the Bats - something fandom seems perfectly content to take the Supers as.

Jon’s existence alone involves the death of New Earth, of Superman, of Superman. I don’t think enough people know this and it honestly pains me. The biggest shift of Superman’s character in the last decade and no one points it out because it’s covered up in all the media brainwash and the hate bandwagon that implies the death of N52 Superman is something we all should celebrate. And no one knows the death count is not one but three.

First is the death of New Earth (preN52 universe), the second is of N52 Superman, and the last…is of Rebirth Superman.

Yes, he died the moment he appears. Not in physical sense, but in the sense that all of his ideals and morals are dead. The very essence of him is dead. Rebirth Superman - who people and even DC are hailing as the real Supes, left his homeworld to die and did nothing. Nothing. The magnitude of this is x2 when you consider survivor guilt is one of the main things that make Clark who he is. The man literally used to say out loud he should have stayed and died with Krypton. The man to whom family is everything, Earth is the home he has vowed to protect. And he let his world burn and ran away.

That brings me to the second point. I used to hate that. A lot. I could not stand the thought of Clark actually did it, and even let N52 Superman die before his eyes without helping (what happened to the ‘he can’t save everyone, but if Superman is there, it’d be okay’????). Maybe I’m just trying to rationalise this so it would not eat me alive, but if the motive of Clark is shifted to exclude everyone BUT his children, it would be a different story. It would make sense. (Im only saying his CHILD, not including Lois because I was also surprised she would let him run away from their dying world, but consider her condition at that time? Even she would be on the same page as him.)

This is certainly NOT the first time Superman is a father. But certainly the first time he let the world burn so his child would be safe. That child? Jon.

And it is not even OOC if one knows the history of Clark being a father. Tragedy. Tragedy because Clark is capable of being a good dad, and his fear of being alone means that once you’re his family, he’d love you so so much. There used to be a time when he was afraid of having a kid because of the life he led, but he accepted every superpowered kids that were thrown his way. Even when most of them were created to kill him. And as I said before, because they bore the burden of that knowledge, it drove them to self-sacrifice most of the time.

But ah, Superkids die and don’t come back (even the ones that are alive [Traci, Nats] are often forgotten). Clark saw Kon died, saw Mae died, saw Cir-El died, saw Chris threw himself to a life worse than death twice. I honestly can see why he could not let the same thing happen again when he had another chance… with Jon.

Jon is Clark's redemption. As a friend of mine remarked, Clark doesn’t just love Jon, he needs him. Clark looks into the future and Jon is the only thing he sees (actual quote in canon). He can’t lose another child again. He’s in too much pain already. And because most people don’t know, a discourse literally happened when Clark crashed down the Batcave with blazing red eyes demanding where his son was. He seems to be overreacting, and I think the writers didn’t even know they’re doing it, but for a Superfam fan, Clark’s action makes so much sense.

So that’s the story behind Jon’s existence, but what about Jon himself? He did not even like the fact that Clark was Superman from the start. His dad was revealed to be Superman and his reaction was why did you and mom lie to me all this time? How could you call this normal? How could you call this safe? Maybe that’s the reason i truly like the way Jurgens writes Jon better (besides the fact he’s his actual creator duh) - his Jon has…layers, his Jon is an actual kid yet there is quality to him that you can get away while writing fictional characters. He reacted angrily when he discovered his parents lied to him, yet a part of him from the start had known there was something wrong with his family. He was aloof and sad because he had no siblings or relatives. I don’t think he realised the magnitude of the thing Clark did for him (because yet again Clark and Lois did not explain to him clearly about their homeworld, and what had exactly happened to their N52 counterparts, and Jon only wanted his family back. Rebirth Superfam is as dark as it gets man). And while he finally accepts the cape and title (notice how Lois and Clark never really ask what he wants, even though the answer would have still been the same, the “Superboy” and the cape have been assigned to him since the first day), a part of him is clearly unhappy how much the revealation has altered his life. And somehow, he just accepts that being Superman is the most important thing to Clark. (I was yelling “NO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HIM IS YOU BABY” in my head the whole time when he said that).

Those conflict and pressure certainly do not show in Super Sons title (for real though Jon has three sets of personalities at this point: when Jurgens writes him, when Tomasi writes him, when Tomasi writes him with Damian). And the sad thing is I truly think it is also the title that is keeping Jon alive this long. Chris went through a dramatic life as well, but because his main character focus was always within Superfamily circle, he was killed off twice. The problem is not that DC didn’t try, but the problem is the fandom would not change. Superkids never stand a chance in the first place.

But who knows? Maybe things would be different comes the Oz Effect. I do think Jurgens and a portion of Rebirth Superman team do not like the trend that Jon is being detached from his story in Superfam either (for real Action Comics is the only title that has Jon but never lets him mention the event in Super Sons or even Superman once. They had a crossover and that’s it. Even when Jon expressed his dislike to moving to Metropolis it’s like he and his parents magically forgot that it would mean he’d be closer to where Damian lived). I hope they have just all gone “fuck it we gonna bring New Krypton back and kick the Superfam up there y'all can take it or leave it it’s Kryptonian heritage time”.

So yeah I guess my point can be concluded as: it’s fine if you like Super Sons, but it’s not a title I would recommend if you really like Jon as a character. Lois & Clark only has 6 issues and is very neat. And all preN52 Superman content you need to know I’ve summed up pretty much all above. I really hope this post has been informative.

However, if you want to look at Jon as a one-dimensional character then well I guess you do you, but please just be mindful that he is not as simple as you perceive him to be, nor is Superfamily. They’re not, and never, to be reduced into “perfectly happy family with three kids only”.

“Cuanto peor mejor para todos y cuanto peor para todos mejor, mejor para mí el suyo beneficio político”

This is why you should never listen to Spanish politicians’ speeches if you want to practice your Spanish. Mariano Rajoy, current president of Spain, is well-known for saying things that do not make sense, which leads to many memes online (which his party wanted to ban). His quotes reach TV as well so that we can have a laugh (he always fucks it up).

Translation: “When it’s worse better for everyone and when it’s worse for everyone better, better for mi your own political benefit” (That’s literally what he said).

So, remember Spanish politicians are not the best teachers!!

PS: Since some people are asking, Mariano Rajoy is the leader of el PP (Partido Popular, conservative) and the man at the end of the video is Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos (left-wing)

Million Reasons // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 6 of 6)

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Mentions of Sexual Content, Mentions of Smut, Angst, Jealousy, Fight, Making Out,and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,094

Song: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

A/N: Well folks, this is it. We’ve officially reached the Finale. I absolutely loved writing this little series and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend you listen to the song after finishing, it’s gonna make you all kinds of happy and it definitely inspired some quotes. Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support! 

P.s. I will be posting an Epilogue with more smut for y'all!

Wiping away the last remaining tears on my cheeks and taking a much needed deep breath, I knocked on the front door of the Martin household and just waited for my fate. I don’t even need to have supernatural powers or senses to know that this night is going to be a complete bust. Lydia, on the other hand, would literally behead me if I even consider missing this event.

Ever since last night, when I drove Stiles into the arms of another girl, all I’ve wanted to do is just hide away in my own house and hopefully never have to leave again. But, no, now I have to come to this stupid party Lydia threw for the pack because it’s basically mandatory.

The front door flew open when I least expected it and I even jumped slightly in shock. On the other side of the door was a very well dressed, as always, Lydia Martin. Her face lit up into a smile instantly when she realized I was the one that had arrived.

“Whoa, you scared me there.” I chuckled and the smile on her face grew even wider.

“Ah, always a pleasure.” The red head slightly lifted her skirt to bow and I laughed.

Lydia took a step aside and opened the front door more, pointing inside. “Come on in.”

I smiled at her one last time before walking past the door and into her beautiful home, the sound of the banshee closing it behind me. We walked all the way to her backyard and the bonfire Lydia had promised was already in full swing.

I entered and felt content to see everyone so happy and just enjoying themselves. Scott and Kira were dancing together in front of the bonfire, both too drunk with each other to even care who could possibly see. Malia was engaged in a conversation with Theo and my stomach turned in disgust at the sight of him. Mason and Liam were chugging down cups of, what I assume is, beer and the last person my eyes laid on was him.

Stiles was sitting slightly away from the bonfire, alone, with a red plastic cup in his hand as he quietly sung along to the music playing. The butterflies in my stomach, which have declared it as their home at this point, had woken up from their slumber and began flying around crazily just at the sight of this boy. It took everything I had not to cry and give into my emotions I was trying so hard to hold back.

“Hey guys!” Scott’s voice shouting pulled me out of my trance. It’s amazing how Stiles doesn’t even need to say or do anything for me to already feel completely lost in him. “Emma’s here!”

I blushed at the Alpha’s excitement to see me and my eyes peered around the room to see everyone smile, even Theo, at my arrival. Well, everyone except for Stiles that is. His eyes, immediately, pierced into mine and I could feel my entire body ignite on fire. I gave him a weak smile and saw awe and wonder quickly flicker in his pupils.

“Alright, now the party’s started!” Scott exclaimed, approaching me and giving me a big bear hug. It was a tight hug, but surprisingly pleasant. To be honest, I didn’t even mind the lack of air when we finished our embrace. “Somebody get this girl a drink!”

“Thanks, Scotty.” I laughed, watching as the host of the party made her way into the kitchen just to get me one.

I immediately ran after her, feeling bad that she would have to go through the trouble of making me a drink. Lydia was already grabbing a plastic cup when I entered the kitchen and stopped her.

“Thanks Lydia, but you really don’t have to.” I stated, approaching her.

“Oh, it’s okay.” The banshee shrugged and waved her hand at me, getting the vodka on the counter to pour a small amount in the shaker. “I like making drinks for my friends.”

I smiled at her kindness and politely thanked her as I watched Lydia put a juice mixer into the container. Putting on the lid, she shook it to blend the two different liquids together and, then, opened it. I leaned on the counter at the same time that she poured the drink into a plastic cup just like the one Stiles was holding and handed it to me. I took a sip and the alchohol burned it’s way down my throat, but the sweet taste of the tropical juice made it worth it.

“Hey, so how’d your date with Theo go last night?” Lydia turned her entire body to face me with a smirk planted on her lips as she leaned against the counter, as well. “Did you guys, you know…?”

I audibly groaned as I took another swig of my drink and she furrowed her eyebrows in interest.

“What?” The red head chuckled. “Is he that bad in bed?”

“Lydia!” I laughed, shouting and she lifted her hands in surrender. “It didn’t even get to that. God, I would never let that lame excuse of a man into my pants.”

“Oh, my God!” She laughed with me and it felt nice to just talk to her without thinking about last night. “How terrible was the date?”

The problem wasn’t really the date, per se. It’s that I’m in love with Stiles Stilinski. But, I can’t exactly tell you that.

“The date wasn’t that awful. It’s what happened after the date that’s the problem.” I told her and Lydia had never looked more intrigued in her entire life. “The guy is the worst kisser I have ever met.”

Lydia bursted out laughing and it made me happy that I was the one to cause that. She had to literally get a hold of the counter to stop herself from falling over and I noticed water gather up in her eyes.

“Oh, man.” She wiped away a fallen tear from laughing too hard and I smiled at her actions. “What a shame.”

The sound of Scott shouting our names at the top of his lungs broke our little bubble and we instantly ran towards the backyard. Fear flooded in my veins, my mind already imagining the worst case scenarios possible.

“Yay, you’re back! Let’s play games!” Scott celebrated and as soon as I realized we weren’t actually facing a supernatural threat, I let myself relax again.

The pack had turned the music down and everyone was sitting in a small circle around the fire, content smiles on their faces.

“Dammit, Scott!” Lydia yelled with a scowl, approaching him to slap his arm. “You can’t just scream like that!”

“Yeah.” I agreed, slightly laughing at her anger. “You scared us both.”

“Sorry.” The Alpha shrugged, a mischevious smile plastered on his face. “But, I really want to play Suck & Blow.”

“Do I even want to know what that is?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him as I sat down in between Liam and Malia.

“It’s when you have to pass a playing card to the person next to you with your mouth.” Lydia explained, taking her own seat in between Kira and Theo. “You blow as the other sucks the card away from your lips. If you let the card fall, you two have to kiss.”

“Is this really a game we should be playing?” I scoffed.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!” Scott shrugged, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. “But, I mean, we’re definitely gonna have to make some seating arrangements. Exes can’t sit with each other.”

The Alpha pointed to the were-coyote sitting next to me and that’s when I had noticed Stiles sitting next to her. Malia looked like she couldn’t care less about this situation, but was grateful of Scott’s thoughtfullness, anyway.

“Okay, uh-” Scott peered around the group to see who could take her spot, his face full of concentration. He didn’t even bother to look at Kira because there’s no way in hell she’s sitting away from him, but carefully looked at the rest of us girls. Scott took his time staring at Lydia thinking whether or not he should suggest her, until his brown eyes fell on mine.

My heart, immediately, stopped and I seriously considered just making a run for it. My eyes widened immensely as I noticed his lips curl into a sly smirk.

“Emma.” The werewolf pointed at me and, then, the girl beside me. I watched in horror as he said the words I didn’t want to hear. “You switch places with Malia.”

Everything in my head seemed to spin as I nervously took Malia’s spot. I didn’t even have it in me to react or say a single word to my Alpha, I didn’t trust my voice enough. My eyes prickled with possible tears just at the idea of being beside Stiles after everything that happened and I have never felt more defenseless. Every supernatural creature I have faced is nothing compared to my fear of facing Stiles.

With a quick glance, I turned to look at him. His eyes didn’t even dare to meet mine as they were glued to the floor. That’s when I noticed he was nervously fidgeting with his hands, something he does whenever he’s scared or anxious.

I shut my eyes before taking a deep breath and turning back to Scott to watch him attach the playing card to his mouth and pass it to Kira. It was a success and everyone payed close attention, with intrigue in their eyes, as she passed it to Lydia. When the red head passed it to Theo, I couldn’t help but notice her quickly glance at me and smirk. I smirked back at her at the memory of me confessing the guy is an awful kisser. Lydia was able to pass it to him without letting it fall and I had to hold back my shameless laughter when she looked me straight in the eye and mouthed “thank God”.

After Theo sat Mason, then, Liam and Malia. The card was getting by just fine as everyone did surprisingly well. Everybody playing it off cool and I was shocked that no one had dropped it yet.

When it was my turn to receive the card from Malia, I felt the excitement of the game run through my veins. She passed it to me and I was in awe that we managed to keep it flowing. I mentally prepared myself before turning around to Stiles and approaching him.

His eyes were wide as they observed me place the card on his lips. The second I got so close to him, I felt his familiar smell that I loved so much and I became instantly consumed by Stiles. I was slightly distracted as I remembered all of those intimate times we spent together, but he was able to get the card.

For about two seconds.

The entire world seemed to slow down when we watched the card detach from his mouth and fall onto the ground as if the universe was stuck in slow motion. I could feel my heart fall into the deepest pit of my stomach at the same time that everyone yelled excitedly.

“Wonderful.” Stiles scoffed and I looked up at him, his eyes now on my own.

“Oh, you know what that means!” Kira squealed, clapping her hands together as Mason and Liam made annoying smooching noises.

I tried desperately to speak with Stiles through our eyes, asking him if he was okay with this or if he’d like me to come up with some excuse. But, either he didn’t pick up what I was putting down or he just chose to ignore me.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but were only a few seconds. There were so many different emotions on his face and I didn’t know how to decipher any one of them. All I could really understand was the incredibly strong tension between us right now and I wondered if any of the werewolves could sense it.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Scott shouted, way too eager for my liking. “Stiles, kiss her already!”

A feeling of comfort, suddenly, rushed into me when Stiles’ eyes changed and they flickered in the same way they did the night we last had sex before, well, our “breakup”. They were soft and warm and I already sensed myself getting lost in them.

Goosebumps made their way onto my skin when he settled his hand on my cheek and pulled me in towards him. My breath hitched in my throat with how nervous I was as he placed his lips on mine. I, immediately, closed my eyes and let myself enjoy this one moment of weakness.

His mouth back on my own felt like I was finally home after a really long and painful day. All of my fear and hurt melted away as his lips brushed with mine in such a soft and delicate pace, I could barely feel it. But, then, the sound of the pack cheering loudly seemed to, suddenly, spark something in him and he put his other hand on my other cheek.

I grabbed his plaid shirt with my fingers, the kiss now deeper than before. I wanted to moan, I wanted to smile, I wanted to cry at all of the different feelings I was facing with this breath-taking kiss. To the rest of them it was just some heated little makeout session we were having, but to us it was so much more.

It was the feeling of the ice in between Stiles and I starting to melt. It was the beginning of a possible fix in our broken relationship. It was the weight jumping off our shoulders as we began to feel at peace. It was a conversation our bodies were having, confessing how much we desperately wanted and needed each other.

I internally groaned when Stiles slowly pulled away and let me go. It felt cold not to have him with me anymore, but I could still feel the tingle of his touch on my lips. My body thankful it got to taste my one drug I’m so addicted to, again.

“Damn!” Liam laughed and the majority laughed along with him.

The blush on Stiles’ and my own cheeks were obvious as we nervously recomposed ourselves. I looked over at him and he was smiling, my heart felt like it could fly at the beautiful sight before me. It amazes me how in love I am with this boy and how he truly has my entire heart in his hands.

The game went on for about an hour and everyone was having the greatest time, including Stiles and I. It was nice to just be able to relax with him and not have to pretend like everything was okay because, in some way, things we’re starting to be okay again.

When the smoke coming from the bonfire became so strong that practically everyone was coughing and having a hard time breathing, we knew it was time to move the party inside the house.

“I say we play Never Have I Ever next.” Lydia suggested once we all sat at the dining room table, each of us now with glasses of wine in our hands. Sure, we’re just teenagers but we’re very classy teenagers.

“How does that game work?” Malia asked, taking one of the many bottles on the table and refilling her glass.

“It’s simple.” The banshee smiled and I listened carefully because I also have no idea how to play. “It starts by someone saying something they’ve never done before and all of those who have done that thing before must take a sip of their drink. For example, if I say I’ve never eaten an apple before, everyone who has eaten an apple drinks.”

“Oh, alright. Then, let’s start!” The were-coyote exclaimed, clearly excited to play. “Who goes first?”

“I’ll go.” Kira offered and everyone smiled at her. “Okay, never have I ever gone fishing before.”

“Oh, come on Kira!” Lydia laughed, getting popcorn from the bowl on the table and tossing some at the kitsune. “You’re always the prude!”

“Yeah, you have to have scandelous confessions.” Mason agreed and I couldn’t hold back my smile. “They need to be intense.”

“Fine, then.” Kira pouted and Scott tried to comfort her. “You start.”

“Gladly.” Mason smirked, his face mischievious as he came up with his statement. “Never have I ever thought about having sex with someone in this very room.”

The rest of the table looked around at each other before literally all of us lifted our glasses and took a sip. The laughter was uncontrollable at how everyone just confessed that they’ve thought about sleeping with one another and it was refreshing.

“Okay, my turn.” Liam chuckled at Mason’s shocked reaction. “Never have I ever actually had sex with someone in this very room.”

My eyes grew wide and I internally cursed myself when I felt my heart begin to beat faster. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles all took sips as my hands felt clammy. My mind was running a mile a minute and I didn’t know what to do.

“Emma, why is your heart beating so fast?” Theo narrowed his eyes at me and everyone at the table turned their heads to stare at my blushing cheeks.

“Yeah, it totally is.” Malia agreed, her face curious. “It’s like it’s about to jump out of your chest.”

I could already feel Stiles’ heated stare on me, he lifted up his hand to nervously bite his nails and I felt like I could be sick. The entire table cautiously waited for an answer and my stomach knotted in anxiety. With my heartbeat pounding in my ears and shaking my entire body, I picked up my glass and slowly took a sip.

The room went silent with realization and I could even hear a few gasps coming from my friends when everything made sense. Only five of us took sips and everyone knows that Scott is committed to Kira and was to Allison before her, which means he never would have had sex with me. Leaving the only other possibility in the circle… Stiles Stilinski.

My heart twisted and sunk with nerves at the pack staring at me in such awe and shock that they had no idea how to even properly react to this. Anxiety flooded my entire body as Scott was the first person to speak up.

“I knew it!” He shouted and my heart stopped, Stiles also snapping his head towards his best friend.

“What?” I gawked, completely astonished.

“You guys have been reeking of sex the past month! I knew that couldn’t be just a coincidence and I eventually put it all together.”

“Well, nice detective work.” I answered shyly, my eyes falling to the floor in embarrassment.

“Wait, wait, wait. Is he the one you’re in love with?” Theo suddenly stood up, severe anger in his eyes. “Is Stiles the one you dropped me for?”

I, immediately, turned to look at Stiles and he was both perplexed and flustered. The awe and hope in his eyes were obvious and I gave him a weak smile. He smiled back and it felt like the world was, finally, falling into the right place again.

“You fucking bitch!” Theo snapped, pulling our attentions back to him. “Stiles Stilinski?! I am so much better than that pathetic loser!”

Anger boiled in me like never before and I instantly stood up, approaching Theo. He was slightly surprised at my sudden action, but stood his ground anyway. I didn’t even say anything, too furious at his remark towards Stiles, and I just lifted my hand and slapped him across the face.

“Oh, shit!” Liam shouted, clearly amused at my actions.

“Don’t ever talk about him like that again.” I threatened with a low and stern voice as Theo’s hand clutched his reddened cheek. “You are nothing compared to Stiles and not even worth wasting my breath on.”

Before I even knew what was happening as it all happened so fast, Theo pushed me up against the wall. It felt as if all of the wind was immediately knocked out of me the second my back hit it. Theo’s enraged face was just inches from mine. Fear consumed my thoughts as I watched him lift one hand to attack me, the claws already sprouting out of his nails. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what was about to come.

Suddenly, Theo was ripped away from my body before he could sink his claws into my flesh and it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I looked beside me to see him being dragged to the front door against his will by my saviour. My heart fluttered at the sight of Stiles protecting me as he pushed the werewolf outside, Theo falling to the ground immediately.

“Don’t ever fucking touch her again.” He threatened, grabbing the door handle. “Or I’ll kill you myself.”

Stiles didn’t even wait for a possible answer, he just shut the door in Theo’s face instead.

The entire room was silent with everything that just happened, no one even daring to say a single word. All of their eyes were switching from Stiles to me, back and forth. That was when I noticed the boy I love glance over to Lydia and they shared a conversation through their eyes. My heart sunk in response and I’ve never felt more stupid in my entire life.  

I can’t believe for the slightest second I actually thought that I had the chance of being with Stiles again. He’s with Lydia now and would never take me back, not after I rejected him.

This was all way too overwhelming and I felt like I was going to explode.

“Excuse me.” I quickly stated, before running out towards the backyard. My face heated with embarrassment and my eyes warning me they were about to cry.

I took a deep breath once I was alone and rested my hands on my knees, trying everything I can to pull myself together. This entire night kept replaying in my head over and over again and I wanted to scream. The tears had now escaped my eyes and I didn’t even bother to stop them, I was too hurt to care.

The faint sound of footsteps walking towards me rung in my ears and I didn’t need to turn around to know who they belonged to. The memory of when I found Trevor cheating on me and running away only to be chased after by Stiles, before any of this happened, flooded my thoughts and it made my heart sting. God, that feels like so long ago.

“Stiles, I’m so sorry.” I turned around to see him standing behind me, his hands tucked into his pockets. “If I had known that suggesting we become friends with benefits would have resulted in all of this, I swear I never would’ve. Because of me, I’ve brought so much pain into our lives and I’ll never forgive myself for that.”

He stared at me for a few seconds before clearing his throat and answering.

“Well, I’m not sorry.” Stiles shrugged, his voice full of kindness. “I don’t regret a single encounter of ours and I really hope you don’t either.”

“Of course not.” I shook my head, not caring that so many tears were flowing down my cheek and he could see them. “I just regret hurting you.”

His eyes fell to the ground and my heart bled at the sight.

“I made a mistake rejecting you. There’s not a second that goes by that I haven’t beat myself up for it.” I confessed, my voice small and nervous. “B-But, I’m glad that you’re happy with Lydia now.”

Stiles’ head snapped up to look at me, confusion imminent in his features, as he took a step towards me. “What makes you think I’m with Lydia?”

“W-What?” I was completely baffled, this new information surprising me. “That doesn’t make any sense. I saw her at your house last night and you two were kissing.”

“You saw her at my house?” He narrowed his eyes at me, a smirk on his face. “Emma, were you stalking me?”

“No!” I shouted a little too quickly and Stiles laughed. “Stiles, I swear to God, I wasn’t stalking you.”

“Then, what were you doing at my house last night?” The freckled boy folding his arms across his chest, challenging me.

“I-I-” Letting out a nervous sigh, I tried to stop my stuttering. “I turned down Theo on our date because I realized that I loved you and only you. I went to your house t-to tell you and I secretly hoped you’d take me back, but then I saw you kissing her and I just… left.”

Stiles took another step closer to me and I felt my hands start to get clammy.

“You should’ve stayed.” He announced, a smile plastered on his face and I had never been more puzzled in my entire life.

“Why would I have done that?”

“Because you would’ve seen what came after the kiss.” Stiles stated, his hands coming out of his pockets to settle on my waist. “I confessed to Lydia that you’re the only love of my life and I could never be with her. She took it really well, actually.”

My heart fluttered at his confession and the tears started to slow down. Every single nerve in my body that was anxious and terrified a few seconds ago are now calming down and I could feel myself breathe again.

“Stiles, I don’t deserve you.” My voice was small and weak, but Stiles didn’t mind. He just shook his head at me and smiled.

“Emma, we’ve all made mistakes before-”

“No, but what I did was cruel and mean. You shouldn’t be loving towards me right now, you should be walking away and looking for someone better.”

“I guess you’re right.” Stiles shrugged and my knees went weak. “With everything that’s happened, I’ve got about a hundred million reasons to just walk away and leave without ever looking back.”

My eyes fell to the ground in pain as those words left his mouth, my heart churning in agony. However, the feeling of Stiles’ finger on my chin, gently lifting my face to look deep into his warm and golden eyes, had my breath hitching in my throat.

“But, Emma, I just need one good one to stay.”

It felt as if all of the ice in my veins was immediately set on fire and my entire body breathed again, relief and love taking over my emotions. There were tears rolling down my cheeks again, but this time they weren’t full of grief. For the first time, the tears falling from my eyes were tears of joy. I smiled at Stiles and I had never felt more safe and content in all my life.

“Remember when I said I couldn’t risk being in a relationship again?” My eyes pierced in his and he smiled, nodding. “Well, Stiles you are the risk I am willing to take. The risk I will always take.”

We were both smiling at each other like two idiots as he placed his hands on my cheeks, his eyes never breaking from my own. That’s when I felt the warmth start by tingling in my toes and fingers before passing through my entire body like a wave, washing away all of the stress and the pain of everything that happened between us. It left me refreshed inside and by the gleam in Stiles’ eyes, I knew this same waved passed through him, too.

His lips touched mine and I sunk into him. This kiss wasn’t just a simple kiss, it was kiss that helped mend everything we had broken together. The entire world ceased to exist as I focused on the feeling of his steady heartbeat against my own chest. Everything was soft and warm, the sensation of heat flooded our skin after spending cold and lonely nights away from each other. This kiss is the greatest kiss I’ve ever experienced because it wasn’t filled with passion and lust, it was filled with love and I will carry this feeling for the rest of my life. When I die, I will die with this memory of his lips against mine.

I inaudibly groaned when Stiles pulled away for us to breathe and he settled his forehead on my own, his thumbs softly caressing my cheeks.

“I know you’re scared of giving yourself to me but, Emma, I promise you I’ll never leave or hurt you. I’ll cherish you forever, making sure that every single day you know just how important and beautiful you are.” Stiles spoke, his words making me blush. “Over the course of this past month, you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and if you let me, I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way.”

Stiles wiped away the tears on my cheeks and I melted into his soft hand. Bringing my own hand to hold onto his, I let myself be fully consumed by him. I was nervous to let my walls down for someone, but I already felt so safe in his arms.

“Emma,” He stated my name when I couldn’t find the words to answer him. “Three words, eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.”

My entire body and mind were screaming at me, desperately trying to convince me to not give in. They reminded me of all the times I was vulnerable to past boyfriends and how I was constantly thrown down a deep precipice of pain and despair.

But, as I gazed into Stiles’ mesmerizing eyes, they were tuned out and all I could hear was the faint voice of my heart. Telling me, no- begging me to do the one thing I was originally against.

With my heart pushing me into a defenseless territory where I would, without a doubt, be emotionally exposed to this boy holding me together, I let the words roll off my tongue.

“I love you.”

anonymous asked:

I'm curious: what do you make of John's love for the hat? The metas I've heard identify the hat as the persona Sherlock feels like he has to put on for the rest of the world (a persona including his straightness), and that makes a lot of sense to me. But in that case, why would John always want him to wear it? Do you read that as John trying to avoid hoping for a romance between them? Or do you not interpret the hat that way? Thanks!

In direct reference to what I added to that Moffat quote, literally on the show Mary is John’s subconscious, so the direct conclusion to draw is that John wants Sherlock to wear the hat. That is the the surface level reading of TLD, so that’s what Moffat should have said if there was nothing else to Ghost!Mary’s existence.

Except we know that she does have more meaning than just being John’s subconscious, and so does Moffat, which is why he said Mary wanted Sherlock to wear the hat.. If Mary represents Heteronormativity (”I know what you could be now that I’m gone”), then Ghost!Mary is John’s heteronormative thoughts and his ultimate struggle to overcome them - his unhappiness in the life he thought he wanted, his desire to cheat but it still not being enough, and his feelings that (gay) Sherlock and his (gay) love for him are “monsters”.

If we remember in TAB when John told Sherlock to “wear the damn hat”, that moment gave us helpful symbolism - the storyteller is asking Sherlock to be the man he writes about, not who he really is. The hat is what the people want to see, but not who Sherlock really is. It masks Sherlock’s true (soft, feeling, gay) self. Sherlock throws it off the cliff into the waterfall in rejection of this fake identity, which John helps him realize.

But the hat returns in TLD as Ghost!Mary repeatedly suggests to John that Sherlock should put the hat back on, perhaps as a sort of: “LOL what are these, gay thoughts?? Wouldn’t I/the kids like him better if he was straight? LOL check yourself John.” But John finally comes to terms with these thoughts at the end of the episode, and they finally disappear when he realizes that it is what it is, and he can’t change Sherlock or his own feelings for his friend. 

After John’s speech about not being able to be the man Mary(/heteronoramtivity) wanted him to be, putting the hat back on is a subtle say for Sherlock to complete the thought that was interrupted. It’s a way to show John that he is Sherlock’s “piece of that”, that he can be the man John writes on his blog, the man he thinks John wants him to be. But remember that “wear the damn hat” is something TAB John said, so TLD John has no idea what it means, which is probably why Sherlock is still wearing it the first time we see him again in John’s TFP dying horror-themed nightmare.

But her “wounded doe with a spine of steel” act should actually be quite appealing to Jon. This lady goes to parlays, to battle planning sessions, rides across the snowy and cold North to secure allies, jumps off towers to rescue herself and is so close to the Battle of Winterfell that she literally gets there five seconds after the castle is taken. Oh, and she killed someone. She is as close to a fierce warrior woman as she could get while having no fighting skills. She is certainly no longer the type of lady who sits over her needlework, waiting to be rescued from her tower of villainous captivity.  In fact, from Jon’s point of view Sansa might even come across as a self-rescuing, fierce, contrarian redhead with a killer instinct and an inability to trust his commitment to her cause. Who occasionally likes to question the depth of his knowledge.

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Louise apparently tweeted that she's fine with where the show is left off and they don't have to make more cuz she made her peace with it. Honestly I believe because of all the inconsistencies but such quotes from the cast honestly make me second guess. Of course they would lie about it but... I don't know, it just sounds very natural, like this is truly where they planned to end it for now. The other part of me remembers the quote about moffat informing them of a long term plan *sighs*

ok louise is on in this shit, anon. they all are. why do you think ben and martin are on hardcore radio silence irt anything sherlock? i have literally not heard them say a damned thing about sherlock since s4 has come out anD THAT IS WEIRD

but also it makes sense because those boys cannot stop themselves from saying something stupid so sue has enforced a travelling basement ban on all of them which goes with them wherever they go