the quote literally makes no sense

today i was studying math and the subject was lines and the book reminded me that, by definition, lines are infinite - which i totally forgot until now

so, of course the first thing that came to mind was stucky’s quote “i’m with you til the end of the line” 

guys, lines have no end so it’s literally about being together forever and not just their “end” cause lines are infinite and so is steve and bucky’s love for each other and i’m just

“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

I just realized something.

While that quote, on its own, makes a lot of sense in retrospect - Amethyst probably legitimately feels like garbage as a result of being abandoned in the Kindergarten and being a “reject” gem - I was struck by the thought that she also does have a fixation on actual, literal garbage. We’ve seen her room, after all; she’ll take anything that someone else doesn’t want. That’s when it hit me:

Amethyst collects garbage because she empathizes with those objects for being thrown away.

But her “wounded doe with a spine of steel” act should actually be quite appealing to Jon. This lady goes to parlays, to battle planning sessions, rides across the snowy and cold North to secure allies, jumps off towers to rescue herself and is so close to the Battle of Winterfell that she literally gets there five seconds after the castle is taken. Oh, and she killed someone. She is as close to a fierce warrior woman as she could get while having no fighting skills. She is certainly no longer the type of lady who sits over her needlework, waiting to be rescued from her tower of villainous captivity.  In fact, from Jon’s point of view Sansa might even come across as a self-rescuing, fierce, contrarian redhead with a killer instinct and an inability to trust his commitment to her cause. Who occasionally likes to question the depth of his knowledge.

Here’s my idea for Lyle Bolton in the DCEU.

Joker’s super pissed that literally no one in Arkham takes him seriously, but they’re all scared of Bolton. So he figures if he can’t get people to respect him, he’ll make damn sure they don’t respect Bolton.

By any means necessary:

“I eat wannabe gangsters like you for breakfast.”

 "Gee Lyle I didn’t know you were into vore.“

*Bolton tries to strangle him*

"Harder, daddy!”

The Rogues may not respect Joker as a crime boss, but at least now they appreciate his sense of humor.

Eyy, I’m off to bed, my dudes. Take care, love you all! <3

Dear Lover,

1. You need to know that I will love you through literally everything.
You did something wrong? It’s okay, people make mistakes, it’s what makes us human and I want to help you grow from it. No matter what you did, you will learn from it and I will forgive you but more importantly, I will help you forgive yourself.
You reached success with something? I’m so proud of you. I will help you feel proud of yourself, pride in yourself is important. No matter how small your success you deserve praise.

2. Please please please talk to me. I know this is very vague but that’s really all there is. If something excites you and you think of telling me about it, do it. Your happiness makes me happy and the smallest details in your life, joyous or sorrowful, are important to me. I will always care about what you have to say.

3. Never ever ever feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to around me. If you are ever uncomfortable in any situation I will help you become comfortable. Your needs are important, even if that need is for me to go away. My only request is that you let me know what’s going on so I understand.

4. All I could really ask of you is your honesty. Anything you tell me will be appreciated if it’s said honestly. Even if it’s negative. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes but at the end of the day the fact that you chose to be honest with me will help me to forgive, love, and trust you more.

5. All of these things I will do for you as well. With two people there are two parts and to expect you to hold up your end of the deal without doing the same has never seemed right to me. There is work involved. Please hold up your end so I can hold up mine.

6. I am still learning a lot of this. We can learn together. No matter how long or short our time in life together, we can learn from each other.

—  Letters to My Lover, 6 Things I Need You to Know. By d-earvincent.

The World is the last card of the major arcana. its all about cycles coming to an end and restarting, also is closely related to the cyclical progression of time and the human experience. i immediatley thought perfect, this whole damn book series is about cycles, literal and figurative. it makes even more sense going back to that quote from BLLB, “Humans were so circular; they lived the same slow cycles of joy and misery over and over, never learning…” etc etc (you know the one). I saw so many connections in this card: specifically as the book series was literally completed (or is it, maggie?) this year and the many figurative cycles of life and death along the way.

anyway, i thought a lot about beginnings and ends and places in between and wound up choosing noah for the hand on the left and gansey for the hand on the right, meeting in the middle on the ley lines. I see noah and gansey as both  sort-of a start and a finish, and by “sort-of” i mean in the way that a circle doesn’t have a definitive beginning or an end. they were both just two points that keep being revisited over and over.

i had a ton of fun researching tarot for this zine and i was so so humbled that so many fantastic artists jumped on board. it was well worth all the work and i’m just so glad everyone is enjoying their copies! please check out @trcfanzine for more final pieces, and you can still get a digital copy!!

No one could quite understand what was going on in her head; she didn’t want to get a job, she didn’t want to go to college, but she applied anyway. She wanted to travel and see the world. She’s close with her family, but they don’t know about anything that happens in her life, they know she’s happy, but they don’t know that she’s sad. She’s like a puzzle that no one can complete. She cancels herself out, being too negative and too positive all at the same time. She makes no literal sense. She keeps herself occupied reading endless books, living her life through romance novels, since she doesn’t have any romance in her life. She wants to move away and start over, but she doesn’t want to leave her friends and family. She wants to be healthy so she eats fruits and vegetables and then starves herself; she smokes 12 cigarettes and washes them down with Jack Daniels. She fears change, but she craves it. She looks mean, but she has a heart of gold, she acts cold and distant, but she’s craving affection and love. She doesn’t believe in love.
—  I don’t know what grey is, I never did.

I wish people would just enjoy a show without having to be so picky about stuff, like I honestly never criticized cartoons until I saw everyone else pointing out all this stuff like “Oh this could’ve been better’ or "Oh hey look at this continuity error’ and I’m just ‘yeah okay I guess that makes sense’
But seriously, there’s actually no point. It’s not like anythings gonna change?? They already made the episodes so literally all you have to do is watch it and enjoy it, that’s the point of watching it in the first place, and if you’ve really got all that stuff to complain about and be nitpicky about, then just stop watching?? If it makes you mad, just leave?
Like if I see a movie I don’t like, instead of complaining angrily and writing super long posts and combing through every single error, all I do is just??? Turn off the tv??? And then watch something else??? Why ya gotta ruin everyone else’s time, half of us don’t even care that there’s a few errors, honestly most of the people criticising have never made their own cartoon before and they probably don’t know how difficult or restricting it is so
They came out to have a good time and honestly they’re getting so attacked rn
And same here, I just wanna look at beautiful fanart and positive analysis to have a good time tbh

anonymous asked:

Alright, silly question for you. How do you name your OTPs?

I mean, I guess it really depends??? I used to use jokes as my OTP tags, but they’ve kind of just… Evolved into things that make sense to me?

Like Rindea is “A World Apart” because of their separation. Kaden/Azura is “A Lullaby for a Fox” because Azura sings and Kaden is literally a fox. Snowlily Shipping gets “Don’t Say Goodbye” because of SuMo endgame stuff. All of them have explanations, some of them just don’t seem obvious at first?

My friend @sugaredrefrain uses quotes though, which is what I think most people do, and I honestly think she has the better tags oops.

     ;;~     So my buddy Jimmy is tempted to make blogs for either Qrow or Jaune in the end! 
     His reasoning for Qrow is because he loves how mysterious the character can be but at the same time feels that’s why he would struggle.
     His reasoning for Jaune is because he can relate in the sense of being and I quote “a bitch as nigga who needs to get on everyone’s level.”

     I mean I said he has improved and shit but Jimmy literally said “yeah but does he have that thic pyrrha booty?” and I’m literally fucking dying of laughter!!!!

I feel quite uncomfortable expressing my (quite deep and expansive) emotions. Not only to other people, but to myself. I guess having lived a turbulent life, the world feels chaotic and arbitrary, and the only way for me to feel secure is to feel that I at least have control over myself. I take solace in the fact that even though the earth is an anarchic, lawless, irrational place, I myself can at least make some sense. That’s why suddenly bursting into tears or lashing out at someone for something petty is quite literally the worst feeling in the world; at that point I have lost everything, and become part of the daisy-chain of nonsense I despise that keeps me up at night.
—  Submitted by therealcharlesdarwin
There’s nothing to fear in oblivion – unless, of course, your consciousness survives death. If so, it would be reasonable to fear the sensation of consciousness without senses, suspended alone in the cosmos, with no one to hear you, and no way to make yourself known. No reference point for counting time – a count that does not matter anyway in a literal eternity.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, The Auction (Ep. 37)