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Name: Jaymie

Nicknames: I don’t have one oops someone give me one 

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 4'11"

Orientation: i have no clue everyone is cute

Favorite fruit: watermelon

Favorite season: autumn

Favorite book: Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin 

 Favorite flower: daffodils

Favorite scent: i get migraines from a lot of smells but I love lemon!!

Favorite color: pastel pink

Favorite animal: pufferfish

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Tea!!

Average sleep hours: whenever I fall asleep and awake up my sleeping schedule is so messed up

Cat or dog person? Both!!! But I have a cat named Muffin!! And I love sending people pictures of him

Favorite fictional character: I love Heihei from Moana

Number of blankets you sleep with: 4 but 3 end up on the ground

Dream trip: maybe Ireland??? I don’t know I haven’t really thought about it

Blog created: lol I have no clue I don’t remember

Number of followers: 144 

Anyone can do this if they want!!


so last week i attended an actual 2 hour long academic college lecture on internet memes in a global political context and i thought some of you memeology-inclined folk might be interested in my notes from said lecture (if u can read them)

the quote in the top left corner of the first page “we’re going full scientific on the meme” is a direct quote from my professor btw. that’s literally how the lecture started. i was so blown away that i thought it was worth noting.

anyway kids Academic Memeology is real and the future is now

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Hey! So I'm rewatching the first season of The 100 bc bored as hell haha and I can't stop wondering if Lexa was aware of everything that was happening with the Sky people like before it got super serious, because I'm pretty sure she lives in Polis and not the middle of the woods so idk. Do you have any thoughts about this? I love your blog btw:)

oh girrrrl. I wish I could have somehow compile the hours i have spent watching this show, seriously I watch like an episode or part of an episode everyday. This show is so full of symbolism and parallels and excellent quotes and I just LOVE IT OKAY!?!?! Thanks for liking my blog!! :D Okay…now onto your question:

No doubt that Lexa saw the Dropship fall from the Sky, or at least hear accounts from something falling into Trikru territory. Lincoln was sent to scout out the delinquents and that is when he drew the stuff in his book. You see in in the tree’s at the very end of (1x02) and you see his book in (1x07):

Bellamy and the others while looking for Octavia walked into Trikru territory where scouts killed a few of the delinquents. This is when Lincoln sounds the horn and saves the rest of them from being killed. In (1x07) Lincoln was captured and was held captive and tortured, he probably missed a check in or something and maybe that is when Anya came to TonDC? Or maybe Anya was in a Unit General for the warriors in the TonDC area so she was already there. Anya was the ‘ambassador’ for Lexa in (1x09) when she met Clarke on the bridge, talking about peace negotiations. Then Jasper fired the first shot and effed up the peaceful negotiations. Anya was shot and probably went back to TonDC where the rest of her Unit was waiting. A message was probably sent to Lexa about the failed negotiations. This is probably when Lexa gave Anya the ‘green light’ to move forward on the attack. 

Then in (1x10) that is when they sent Murphy back into the Dropship camp to weaken them with a virus. They use this virus to weaken their enemies before they attack. This is when the Delinquents blow up the bridge and this is when Tris is injured. Tris dies in the next episode and in the next Clarke is captured. I have a feeling Anya was going to take Clarke to Lexa before Tristan showed up, and told them to kill Clarke. Tristan shows up to tell Anya that Lexa is giving her Unit to Tristan because she failed at the peace talks and at the attack on the bridge. That is when you see Anya’s face drop, and knowing know that Lexa was her second you can see how much more this moment hurt for Anya.  Then Tristan also failed at killing the delinquents. I think Lexa was sent messengers with updates on the battlefield constantly.

When the rest of the Ark Station fell from the Sky and Lexa probably called a Coalition meeting or something, but then Finn massacred TonDC and that is why Lexa came herself to deal with the Arkers. (P.s. I’m kinda thinking that Polis is Philadelphia…they better tell us where it is this season) 

Anywho that’s my ‘off the top of my head’ run down of all the events that happened in Season 1 and how Lexa probably was getting the sad play by play in Polis. She knew of Clarke ever since Anya went to go meet her in (1x09).