the quote is from an interview after he did into the fire though

In a universe where we age backwards.
We are born at the bottom of graveyards.
Dust becomes bone
Bone become flesh.
As we enter the surface there is light.
Later we will learn that they call it the sun.
For now;
we are wrinkled skin and slow smiles.

We are assigned to younger adults who become our caretakers. Mother. Father. They teach our tongues the words of their people. We get better at remembering.
But no one recalls the life before this one.

We learn to walk without the cane; without the limp.

At school; the best teachers are children. They tell us of all the years they have lived.
Between classes we talk about what we want to be when we grow down.

At graduation, the grey fades and we find out our true hair colour for the first time; women begin to bleed; their breasts rise; our bodies become firmer; the wrinkles smoothen like pressed flowers.
We dance for the first time. And don’t feel tired.

My caretakers are teenagers now. They’re loud and hard to understand. The scientists say it’s something with their hormones. I find that my mother skips work and listens to sad songs; she spends more time looking in the mirror now. My father cries when no ones looking;
it’s hard for a man to become a boy.

When we go to find jobs the younger ones interview us. When we turn 13 we will have to retire.

I save money to put my caretakers into a children’s home when they get younger. Just like they did for their grandparents.

I was assigned my first elderly person. He’s 95 and confined to a wheelchair. He doesn’t have any hair yet but I know it’ll grow soon. Sometimes he grabs my wrist to look at the way our skin doesn’t match. When he gets younger I’ll tell him about race; he’s too old to understand such things. I name him Luke.

I fall in love with a younger man; a writer named Hercules. He says funny things like “Imagine a universe where we age backwards; where we start off babies and die when we grow old.”
I try; but it seems impossible; too farfetched.
At our wedding; Luke is the ring bearer.
(He walks down the aisle without his wheelchair and I can’t help but cry).

Hercules kisses my forehead every time we meet. Says he wants to savour the days when he stands taller than me.

My caretakers are babies now. And Hercules is a teenager. There’s something different about him; he says I’ll understand in a few years.

They say that my mother wouldn’t sleep the night my father passed on; that she wouldn’t stop crying for what seemed like no reason but I think that somehow she knew. He’d been asleep in his crib at the time; the passing often happens this way.

Hercules holds me tighter that night. He’s started having nightmares. I guess it’s harder for a writer. To know that one day he’ll forget how to say how he feels; how to read.
I wonder how babies manage it. To have all these thoughts and no way to express them.

I’m eighteen today and it’s full moon. Hercules takes me to the beach and insists we bathe entirely naked. Between the waves he tells the whole sky of stars that we’re rebels now; that becoming a teenager makes us free in ways I don’t yet understand. I think that he just wants to taste everything before he dies.
After sharing a bottle of wine on the sand with him and dancing to the sound of the ocean’s monologue…
I believe him.

Our love has changed. From candle to fireplace to forest fire. I want to touch him all the time. He likes writing poems on my skin; but says that even without them I’m the best book he’s ever read.

My breasts are shrinking. And my bleeding had stopped. Though no one really understands why it happens. Hercules says maybe it served a purpose in the life before. His voice is high pitched now; more like mine; a sign of maturity.

Being teenagers was hard but nothing prepared me for childhood. They say it is a lot like old age.
Luke put us in the nicest children’s home he could find. It’s full of interesting people who’ve retired like us. But the babysitters are always watching. We play games during the day but they force us to go to bed even if we don’t want to. Hercules and I have to sleep in separate rooms now.

Yesterday they caught Hercules trying to paint his hair grey again. He believes he can fight it somehow. He hates that he can’t stay focused long enough to finish books but he still brings me love letters; crooked hearts coloured with crayons. I stick them on the fridge and stoop so that he can kiss my forehead.

When the babysitter told me that Hercules had passed on… I learnt what it felt like to be crushed. Some days I’d feel the ghost of his lips against my forehead and feel so angry. I’d cry and scream and curse. They called it a tantrum.

I’m five years old now and I’m beginning to understand that the end looks so much like the beginning and that’s why they call it the circle of life.

—  In a universe where we age backwards // Ceres @mentamorphisis
Adlock For Dummies

I was supposed to write some fanfiction, and as usual, I decided to scroll through the Adlock tag to get some feels rolling. But instead, I found myself disappointed at the fact that there has been another fiasco involving hate being present in the tags that caused a back-and-forth between Adlockers and, based on my observation, some Johnlock shippers (and yes, I’m using the entire ship name to have it appear on their tag because tit for tat).

Originally posted by xxvoodoo99xx

So first off, bless you my fellow shippers, @i-am-adlocked, @redwulfgirl, @marvelfangirlandsherlockian4ever, @magicalpostface, to name a few for defending the ship to the core, and for @thank-you-for-being-with-me​ and @themissadventurer​ for explaining wth happened. 

Now, this isn’t me putting gas to the already burning fire, but it is sickening to go over this again and again and again. To be fair, I have tried to be level headed back then about this whole conundrum, but seriously though, this has got to stop. 

Originally posted by itsfandomstuff

So I decided to approach this the Adlock way. I laid out the most common arguments against this ship and I’m going to give my most logical answers to it. Is this going low? Maybe. But hey, it’s a slow night for me so here’s to sharpening up my good ol’ brain cells.

Note: All quote references came from this brilliant post.

PART ONE: Disproving common arguments

1. “But Irene is gay…”

Yes, Irene had said this herself. From what I’ve seen in the fandom, people have a split opinion on the matter, taking Irene as either a lesbian or a bisexual, and coming from individuals who are part of the LGBTQ community, there should be a huge amount of respect for these opinions. But sadly, it has become a fiasco on its own. Now, as someone who is a genderfluid sapiosexual (putting this here because otherwise I would be called out for pushing heteronormativity or spreading homophobia and all those things), I personally think that Irene used the term gay loosely. She obviously prefers women, but is also evidently attracted to Sherlock.

Originally posted by bidoctor

So referencing what Lara Pulver stated back in 2012, “It’s just a label, isn’t it? Because, at the end of the day, I think she had feelings for Sherlock. So then people say, ‘Well, so she’s obviously not gay. She must be bisexual.’ But actually, let’s not label this. Let’s just know that human beings fall for other human beings.”

2. “Shipping Adlock is homophobic”

If we are going by expressed declarations of sexuality, it is important to not only take in Irene Adler’s preference into question. John Watson has been very vocal about not being gay, having been engaged into several relationships prior to his marriage with Mary Morstan, and yet has been subject to claims that he is, in fact, in love with Sherlock Holmes. So, logically speaking, rejecting one point over the other completely disproves the argument. 

3. “There are undeniable proof that Sherlock and John are in love”

This is something I didn’t want to tap on, but felt like I needed to do so. From the ACD canon to the BBC version, there are arguments falling ill to the common notion that the relationship of the two borders on romance. 

Originally posted by yes-yes-this-is-me

It has been a common fictional trope, where a character who is angsty and misunderstood is accepted by a trusty and kind comrade – or a brother not by blood but by bond if you will – and it is something intriguing because it is not so common in real life. This is because as much as it is embraced in fiction, males in real life are often pushed into the stigma of being macho men, for the smallest amount of affection showed towards someone else is regarded to as romantic attraction.

Love is very much present between Sherlock and John, but similar to characters like Frodo and Sam from LotR, Jem and Will from The Infernal Devices, Steve and Bucky from Captain America, and other ‘shippable bromances’, this is, in fact, nothing romantic, because newsflash, romance isn’t the only type of love there is. And the main reason why there are often claimed as so is because of this underlying patriarchal effect that two men can be friends, ‘but hey, no homo’, which frankly makes this all the more absurd. It’s like we hate this thinking but subconsciously, we have fallen deep into the expectations it represents.

4. Queerbaiting

In millions of interviews and conventions, the writers have explicitly said that Sherlock and John are not together, at least not in a romantic fashion, and this is first and foremost a story of their adventures as a detective and his chronicler. So blaming them and accusing them of queerbaiting is very much unfair.

Originally posted by the-state-0f-longing

All the ships have the liberty to ship what they ship, to hold on to every evidence and claim that they have as presented in the show, but to push through with an idea once a conclusion has been drawn seems unfair to the entire fandom altogether. It is fair to feel disappointed towards an episode you didn’t like, but a story and a writer that reels toward what the audience asks it to be is nothing more than laziness. 

YOU. CAN. ALWAYS. STOP. WATCHING. Don’t go as far as ruin the experience for everyone. It’s like because you’re allergic to nuts, then you expect your entire school to ban it and close all the shops in town selling it. 

PART TWO: “Adlock does not make sense”

I felt this needs to be a section on its own because as much as our ship only has a handful of references to play with, I can at least say that Adlock has sailed by itself even without our help. 

1. “So you like policemen?”

Most people who do not ship Adlock claim that Sherlock ‘malfunctioned’ in this scene because he was jealous ‘of’ Irene. But if we look at it, John was the first one who flirted with Irene by trying to make a move using the soldier card in contrast to Irene’s supposed liking of policemen. 

Now to quote Mark Gatiss, “He suddenly meets someone who fascinates him. Holmes and Adler have an intellectual attraction. He doesn’t understand it. It’s like falling in love, but he doesn’t know what it is.”

Originally posted by i-am-adlocked

It was obvious that having this woman one up him distracted him for a fragment of a second that he wanted to get back this air of superiority. Still, she outsmarts him. Also note that the morning after, he has already looked her up on Twitter, showing that she did pique his interest. 

2. “You barely knew her.” 

Abruptly answering is a way to tell when someone is lying according to Sherlock himself. So why did he give a clipped ‘yes’ when John asked if he was okay upon deducing that Irene Adler was ‘dead’?

Plus, nicotine was supposed to be something to keep him at bay – to keep his mind sharp. We saw how much he needs it if he’s an emotional wreck to enable him to think. But when Mycroft gave him low tar because he deemed that Sherlock barely knew Irene, he scoffed. He gave a grunt that sounds humorously offended. If you didn’t catch this then please watch the scene again.

3. “Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathise entirely.”

Sherlock and Irene were each other’s distraction, like the king and the queen of the opposing sides of the chessboard. And this was clearly a declaration that Sherlock was aware of how attracted he was to her, probably more so on an intellectual level, and that he genuinely wanted to understand and even impress her, much like her attempts to do so with him. 

Originally posted by athingwithpeas

4. “There’s no point in my leaving the flat for anything less than a seven, we agreed.”

Karachi is 4,906.6 miles from London. Just putting it out there. 

Oh and a challenge from Mr. Cumberbatch himself from 2015:  “They had a night. Irene Adler and Sherlock had a night. I’m absolutely certain of that. Deal with me.”

5. “I’ll still have it.”

Why would he ask for Irene’s Vertu? What did “The Woman… THE Woman.” mean? Going back to ASiP, the most obvious reference is “If she’d left him, he would’ve kept it. People do, sentiment.”

It was his obvious admission that Irene did in fact beat her, because she made him show that he did care about whatever it is that they had.

And add to his collection of all sentimental things, plus in reference to a Chekov’s gun, the rose in the hospital window in HLV disappeared, meaning Sherlock took it with him when he escaped. They wouldn’t show that camera play without meaning tbh.

6. “Get out of my head, I’m busy.”

Seeing how Sherlock’s mind palace works, he projects people in his mind as he needs them to be – whether it be their opinions, the moral balance they lead him to, etc. 

As his mind illustrates, Mycroft is often shown in a setting where he is regarded to as an important compass for intellect and logic, whereas John is often the one who offers practical and emotional approaches. Molly in HLV was presented such as a medical reference, and Anderson represents the firm believer that despite the perils and impossibilities, he can surpass death once more – quite a touching nod to TEH Anderson, tbh.

Originally posted by sorrowsflower

Anyway, going back to that scene in ASoT, it was clear that the mere thought of The Woman sent him a wave of distraction and nostalgia. His representation of her was with the look of affection and longing, something projected by his own subconscious. 

7. The pocketwatch in TAB

As this is all happening in his subconscious, the mere idea that John ‘his moral and emotional compass’ Watson brings up the thought of Irene Adler in the pocketwatch is an internal dialogue of his logic going against the musings of his heart. 

8.  “People text. Even I  text. Her, I mean. Woman. Bad idea. Try not to, but you know, sometimes…”

Sometimes, what? That is the question, don’t you think? 

In addition to the whole bromance thing, John expressing his grief in front of Sherlock cancels out the whole macho man facade and simply offers what years of friendship between them developed: trust. In this, Sherlock must’ve felt like the whole ‘I don’t text her back’ statement was already overdue, and just as how John confessed that he’s not as good as anyone holds him up to be, Sherlock also felt like it’s time to not be embarrassed to reveal that he is also, at times, vulnerable against his own impulses. 

Originally posted by i-am-adlocked

9. Irene knows Sherlock’s birthday + “The Woman will cry”in HLV

As I see them as people who don’t really fall much into these formalities, and also averting to the common notion that Sherlock and Irene’s relationship circulates in nothing more than lust, I’d like to point out that the main tether that tied them together is their intellectual connection. BUT, bordering to personal information, especially as  they are not people who would succumb to conventional topics of conversations, knowing Sherlock’s birthday and having his subconscious relate Irene Adler as someone who will be deeply affected by his death mean that their relationship has been long past simply passing time with mind games and solving cases. 

10. He still has all her texts, has her name in his phone as The Woman, and saved that bloody text alert EVEN AFTER CHANGING PHONES

If this doesn’t shout sentiment, then I don’t even know…

11. “Play you.”

Now one argument about this is that maybe Sherlock played this because ‘play you’ simply means ‘play something you composed.’ BUT, Eurus also did tell Sherlock to play something he understands

Originally posted by kaneabigails

After the statement regarding sex, it is clear that Sherlock is not as fazed as he was back in ASiB on the matter, and going beyond the implied physicality, it also shows that after all those years, Sherlock finally has an understanding as to why he wrote that piece for Irene Adler. It’s another solidification that they have developed a deeper relationship than just two people enjoying the company of the other for the mind games they provide, but they can even go as far as claim that they deem the other person as important.

And so, any other statements about Sherlock and Irene’s relationship in front and behind the camera is found in the post I used as a reference, which you can read here:

Now if someone is up for an argument or would like to add anything else, my message box and replies are always open. With this off my chest, I think I’ll start working on those fanfictions again. :)

Beneath the Stars Chapter 2

Chapter I

AO3 Linkage

Summary: The start of Feyre’s senior year brings with it a lot of unexpected stress as she prepares for the reality of college applications and finds out a startling revelation from her dad.

Chapter 2

The last bell of the school day chirped sharply in my ear. It was a little unsettling to have to skip my first session of AP Studio Art for a mandated senior assembly, but I kept reminding myself I’d get it back on Friday and that wasn’t so long to wait.

With a graduating senior class just over a grand, the school administration couldn’t fit us all into one space to discuss our impending college admissions. Hell, I didn’t know how they were even going to fit us all into the football stadium for graduation. Rehearsals alone were a nightmare I wasn’t looking forward to.

Thank goodness June was still several months away.

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Her Limits

Prompt: Yukino is bothered by Sting’s popularity with women
Submitted by: destiny-1027
Pairings: StingYu, hinted NaLu and GaLe.

Lucy Heartfila smiled as she flipped through the latest issue of Sorcerer’s Weekly. She, along with Erza and Levy, were visiting Sabertooth to discuss Minerva’s defection. “That’s a nice picture of you, Yukino,” she told her friend.

The silver haired girl blushed at the sight of her revealing glamor shots. “I can’t believe they talked me into doing that.”

“You look good.” Levy looked from the photos to her own meager bosom in dismay. “…Really good.”

“Another slice of cake, Erza-san?” One of the new barmaids offered, skipping over in a pair of short shorts.

The redhead nodded, quite pleased as she started on her third slice of strawberry shortcake.

“Anything for you, Yukino-san?” The curly haired blonde questioned.

“No thank you.”

The newcomer did little to hide her satisfied smirk. “Well, in that case I’ll go see what Sting is up to.”

At this the celestial mage’s left eye twitched ever so slightly. Of course she was going to find Sting. Entire queues of girls were practically lined up to do just that.

Unlikely as it seemed, Yukino could hardly remember the last time he invited her to the pool.

“Sabertooth has been getting a lot of new members lately,” Erza observed. There were many unfamiliar faces, most of them female.

“That is true,” Lucy agreed. “Maybe the guild’s new reputation appeals to them.”

“Something appeals to them, alright,” Yukino affirmed caustically. Something about the way their eyes roved over him, stared for too long, and tried to possess all that he was made the usually demure young woman see red.

“What do you mean?” Lucy asked. She didn’t see how new members could be seen as anything but good news.

Yukino sighed, running a hand over her face tiredly. “Turn to page seven.”

“Guild Master At Ninteen,” Levy read the headline aloud, “Fiore’s Most Eligible Bachelor.”

“Seriously?” Lucy laughed.

“Keep going,” Yukino said wearily. “It gets worse.”

“Rare and powerful dragon slayer, natural leader, and animal lover,” Levy quoted. “This makes Sting seem like quite the catch.”

“Laki and Kinana seemed to think so,” Erza said after recalling an earlier conversation.

“He is pretty cute,” Lucy allowed, eyeing his shirtless pictures guiltily.

Yukino flushed. “I-I suppose.”

Levy pursed her lips as she scrutinized the page. “I don’t get it,” the bookish mage said after much deliberation. “He’s not even as good looking as Gajeel.”

“But who do you find better looking than Gajeel?” The blonde teased as she sipped her coffee.

Levy’s expression darkened. “That was low, Lu-chan.” She never even told anyone how much her friend liked it when Natsu worked out in her room.

“It’s admirable that Yukino is so protective of her guild’s reputation,” Erza commended between bites of cake.

“If only that was her actual concern,” Rufus mused as he approached their table. “I recall a much more personal reason for Yukino’s distress.”

“Rufus-sama!” She covered her face with her hands, deeply ashamed of her pettiness.

“Really?” The Fairy Tail trio leaned over, smirking.

“Are you in looooove?” The blonde purred, mocking Happy. She had always found their encounter at the banquet vaguely romantic. “You two would make a very cute couple.”

“No, Sting-sama is…I mean, I have no intention of-”

Rufus pulled down the brim of his hat. “Love sought is good,” he began.

“But given unsought is better,” Levy finished the quote.

“Act III, Scene I,” Lucy recalled. “What an amazing work.”

Rufus glanced at the pair incredulously. “You read?” According to his memory, which was never wrong, Fairy Tail wizards were far more brutish than bookish.

“Religiously. And Lu-chan writes as well.”

“Well then,” the memory make wizard smirked as he spotted Sting descending the stairs with a dark haired girl. “Be sure to watch this next scene closely.” He was sure it would make an interesting story

“More recruits?” The young master looked around the guild hall, astounded by the number of people who wanted to join Sabertooth. He’d only been able to meet with a few of them so far.

All the interviews in the past few weeks kept him so busy he hadn’t been able to do much else, not even train with Rogue or hang out with Yukino. He wondered offhandedly what they were up to.

After this thought, he redirected his attention to the girl he’d just spoken to. “Where do you want your guild mark?”

The voluptuous young woman lowered her shirt’s neckline immodestly. “Right here, Master,” she purred, dragging her index finger sensually over the top of her breast.

“She cannot be serious,” Levy said from where they were watching. If that were Gajeel she might have solid scripted a brick wall between them.

“You have it rough,” Lucy turned to where her friend was sitting only to see her getting up. “Yukino?”

“There is only so much that a girl can take.” She glanced at her friends with an unprecedented fire in her eyes before taking off.

“Sting-sama.” She approached just as he was about to brand the brunette with the guild’s insignia.

He turned to her with a grin that never failed to turn her knees to jelly. “Hey. Where have you been lately?”

“Here and there, mostly out on jobs,” she said breezily. “I could ask you the same question, though.”

“I know, I know. I’ve been horrible lately. Let me make it up to you.”

She looked down, blushing slightly. “You don’t have to do anything like that.” She didn’t even know what right she had to be annoyed.

“Come on, don’t be shy. After I finish here I’ll take you out to dinner. How about that place in Crocus you like?”

Yukino smiled lightly. “That would involve taking a train Sting-sama,” she pointed out. And besides that, they wouldn’t get back until early the next morning.

He blanched considerably at the thought of transportation, but held his ground. “Doesn’t matter.”

‘That’s what he says now’ the celestial mage thought. Still she agreed, knowing there was no stopping him once he got into his planning mood…and that she really loved that restaurant.

“Alright,” she paused momentarily before reaching for the stamp in his hand. “Allow me to get our new member settled. Erza-sama has something important to discuss with you.”

“Fairy Tail? Is Natsu-san-”

“No, not this time,” she laughed, finding his childlike admiration quite adorable.

“I’ll see you in half an hour.”
- - - - -
“What a romantic end to our day,” Erza mused as the Fairy Tail trio drove back to Magnolia.

“I envy Yukino,” Levy sighed. “She really has the best luck as far as dragon slayers go. To think he’s actually taking her out.” Meanwhile, a certain individual she knew would undoubtedly invite her to a scrap heap before a bistro.

“I know. Natsu just eats me out of house and home,” she looked up at the dazzling stars in the night sky. “Still, I really hope those two end up together.”

“Ah, so then the three of you could exchange advice,” Erza noted.

“On what?” Lucy asked, puzzled.

“Being the girlfriends of dragon slayers.”


“Or would the correct term be mates?”

Notes: So, I made another Shakespeare reference (I’ll stop, I promise lol). Prompts and feedback are more than welcome. Thanks for reading, everyone!

agutterfullofstars  asked:

sorry to bother you - i was just wondering if you could explain 'how collins gave up on him'?

hey there, you’re not bothering me, in the slightest.

(to give some context i assume you mean the tags my friend elyssa attached to this post)

i believe collins gave up on peeta for a lot of reasons, most of them have to do with MJ and the travesty it is, in and off itself, but she started giving up on him prior to that. 

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Sherlock’s Mirror Palace / Dream - or, a tour of TST’s particularities and several open questions

Feat. lots of images and links to other people’s metas/theories. 

Btw, @johnlockfulfillment has started a Masterpost :)

Let’s look at these many, many little things that make me certain most of TST was either Sherlock’s mind palace version of actual events or his projection of future occurrences or a dream or something else but drug-induced. 

This also ties in with variations of Extended Mind Palace, as @impatient14 details here with 20 reasons; and @tjlcisthenewsexy shows here

This is surely not complete yet, so this post will be edited. I also have a list of questions at the end, both timeline-related and more general. 

The over-arching message, for those wanting a quick summary: 

There are too many things wrong or wonky in this version of reality for it to be actual reality. It’s rather a mirror verse (indicated by the many, many mirrors akin to TAB, or the reversed layouts of places like the Watson flat) or a dream sequence to enable Sherlock to process or work through something (see @shawleyleres meta on the recurring dreams). 

Everything after that first fishy fin transition (at least) is mind palace or a distorted/mirror version resp. dream. 

I’m going to show you why I think this, with the aid of a lot of pictures and links to other people’s metas. If you’re skeptical, please give this a chance. Hell, they literally told us right at the beginning that they are going to manipulate actual events:   

Cabinet Member: That is now the official version, the version anyone we want to will see.

Having taken care of the threat of incarceration by doctoring CCTV footage, a “naturally high” Sherlock decides to wait since he is the “target” of a posthumous ploy by Moriarty. Then we get new credits and Sherlock telling us the original story of a tale he re-wrote as a child when he couldn’t do much with premonition. 

We also get this fish-y transition into a rather wonky 221B: 

The skull is facing the other direction and now wearing a magnifying glass. Most curiously, though, is the fact that John is typing on an iPad while it’s obvious he has the photos open and not a web browser: 

John blogs about the many cases that Sherlock solves - during which we get the second “It’s never twins” from Sherlock - and yet the initial shot of his ‘blog’ show it’s just as inactive as the blog the BBC had set up. (More on this here, by @glenien). 

The cases are all (or for the most part) CONTRADICTIONS, as @separating-my-porn-and-tjlc has detailed so brilliantly here. @tigressthetiger also talks about how wrong the cases are here

Keep in mind we already had TST as a case on John’s blog, wich was different. And they neither acknowledge nor resolve that in any shape or form. Lestrade actually tells us repeatedly to read John’s blog!

Oh, also: the one client, with the Mary-esque wife, had a fish tattoo. And something about the gf’s name was also wonky, as @tigressthetiger  explains here.

Then, there is the negative of a skull that has replaced the skull poster we are familiar with. And the skull GETS BRIGHTER (x). 

The Watson flat, too, is mirrored. And I’m not only talking about John sleeping on the wrong side of the bed and there being a mirror through which this position was established, but that’s a great point as well. (See also @gosherlocked‘s post here).

The flat’s entire layout is also REVERSED

In His Last Vow, the front door was on the other side. See, John opens the door with the window at his back: 

In TST, it’s reversed, just like the bedroom. 

From the Christening, we again have a watery transition to Sherlock explaining the way of life to Rosie: 

The next bit was the only thing that really struck me when I watched TST for the first time: the time loop on the bus.

We transition from a sleeping John at 221B to a John dozing on the bus with a daisy in his hair, which he showed to Rosie (who has a fish mobile! and really weird wallpaper, featuring the magpies from TSoT and clowns/jesters). Sherlock texts him about Greg coming by Baker Street the following day (why only this late? I thought Lestrade was feeling the pressure to solve this?), and we get a house reflected in balloons when Greg explains the case. 

Another weird transition happens via the magnifying glass on Sherlock’s side table, motivating some split-screen action, as well as the door window transition leading to the case.

Back at 221B, the brunette forensic officer is carrying a file tied with a pink shoe-lace. She is waiting outside the door while Sherlock is dealing with a client… and yet, the file (or one also tied with a pink shoe-lace) is already inside 221B

Curious, isn’t it? HOWEVER - at the end, after Mary’s death, we see Mrs H and Sherlock in 221B and there are two files in the flat, one back there and one on the desk. So it’s likely these are simply two files from the brunette forensic woman.

Fast forward a little bit into the cave-like secret base (lit by candles and electricity), we also get to see Sherlock and Mary via a mirror: 

Mary renders Sherlock unconscious and flees. Cue weird fish eye transition and we see Redbeard as well as two children playing on a stony beach - one of them, presumably Sherlock, is pretending to be a pirate. 

Once Sherlock is awake again, he seeks out his brother… whom is introduced this time as two people:

He’s also not the Mycroft I remember - the one working to ensure the stability of the British government… since Sherlock says, when enquiring about A.G.R.A.: 

Sherlock: Well, I mean the British government. Or whatever government you’re propping up. 

Very weird. So we’re led to believe Mycroft is morally grey (also wearing the suit for it) and is for hire, rather than motivated by loyalty to his country? (This ties in nicely with @delightedwhenz‘s theory on Mycroft being Amo here). 

The Mycroft-Amo connection is also furthered by the superimposed text of AMMO being mirrored when Sherlock turns the pad he wrote it down on. 

We get another mirror when Sherlock and John catch up with Mary: 

Sherlock calls about having made the faulty “Amo” connection to Lady Smallwood. Sherlock and Mycroft are juxtaposed on screen during their phone call, then move in the same direction: 

Sherlock’s over-imposed shot prevails, however we stay with Mycroft on English soil. 

On the flight back, we catch the first glimpse of E (aka Faith, Culverton’s daughter? See @abitnotgood‘s great find here) in the plane window and are given a flashback to John presumably cheating/flirting with the Lady in Red/E/a literal red herring:

Now, during the flashback, I noticed an inconsistency in the background. In the twoshot of John and E, we see a firetruck in the background. In John’s subsequent close up, there is a police vehicle, but no firetruck. 


As someone who as filmed before, this is something I’m prepared to accept as being a genuine blooper. You don’t control the street when you’re filming outside (at least not unless you close it off, and I doubt they did that, please correct me if I’m wrong). 

Still, it’s another particularity. 

John saves her number (which is a fake tv number, as @warmth-and-constancy points out here) and certainly texts her an “Hey”. We have no definite proof, however, that she is the one on the other end of the night owl/vampire debate. @jenna221b (I think, can’t find the post rn) suggested it’s a code, like Vatican Cameos, and Vampire signals which plan to execute, like Lazarus did on the rooftop. @the-7-percent-solution, however, suggests he might be texting Harry here.

We also get John composing a breaking it off text, only to find her at the bus stop (Culverton in the background on a poster saying “murder” and “business”). We never find out if he really breaks it off or not.

We do get - after Mycroft interviewing Lady Smallwood (with another mirror) - another moment at the Watson flat, talking about bedtime stories, and then Sherlock realising how wrong he was on the Vauxhall Bridge, the shot finishing with the MI6 building prominently featured. 

Mary gets a longer message (a code, a cypher, idk, but something is weird about it. “The curtain rises” is a meaningful quote, in any case, as @eleclectic has shown) than John. Why would Sherlock comment on Mary’s final act? Premonition? It has to be more than simple foreshadowing for us viewers. 

We return to the final show down at the aquarium, with John lagging behind due to having to find a babysitter first. And the more I re-watch this scene, the more likely I find it that the secretary was forced to pretend she was Amo by, if not Mycroft then someone. (Seriously, if she really had a lucrative side business, how come she only bought a cottage and still lives in a tiny flat??).

During the scene, we also have jellyfish in the background, which cease flapping about in their pool after Mary pushes Sherlock out of the way. John and Sherlock previously discussed a case with jelly fish, and them stopping their movements in sync with Mary’s heart stopping might open up a connection.

More importantly, though: Why doesn’t Sherlock move himself? Why is he paralysed? If Mary had enough time to jump into the trajectory, Sherlock would have had time to evade the shot, too. He must have seen it coming, he’s Sherlock after all. 

We get another shark fin transition from grieving John to the secretary being taking in (via a very weirdly lit tunnel of mysterious location):

And THEN we switch elements. We stay an eerie blue but rather than water, it is fire. Fire obscuring something I have no idea how to name, and giving way to the cemetery: 

Edit: This might very well be a coffin! Aka Mary’s coffin. 

A grieving John ignores his phone (phone as heart? Is he ignoring E or Harry/second recipient?) and Sherlock pays Ella a visit. 

Ella: But I can only help you if you completely open yourself up to me. [said no therapist ever, as @merlenhiver pointed out]

Sherlock: That’s not really my style. I need to know what to do. 

Ella: Do?

Sherlock: About John. 

Meanwhile, Mycroft returns to… a mirror verse version of his flat (or a secret safe house for people to retreat to?), where he stretches his spine (like John did after the Christening). There are Asian cuisine take away menus on his fridge, as well as an elephant and the number 13. Or rather, the 13th - a date? Since Mycroft looks at his watch immediately, I’m inclined to call it a date of some significance. 

Edit: @jenna221b found a proverb stating that at the 13th stroke of the clock, all previous strokes must be called into question

Mycroft calls Sherrinford and WAITS for this person. 

Also, the empty state of the fridge for me is a direct contrast to TAB Mycroft who is obese and always surrounded by food. 

Then we see parts of Mary’s very curious DVD, hear Mary repeat certain phrases over and over, and Molly tells Sherlock that John doesn’t want to see him anymore. 

Sherlock, voice over musing over avoiding Samara and death, ‘walks’ from London into the watery blue imagery again. 

And we close on what, to me, looks like a POV shot from below water upwards, where the sun is showing the onlooker which direction to turn to come up for air… 

… before the post-credit “Go to hell, Sherlock.”

What’s my point?

It’s simple: we are not in reality. This is a mirror universe, or a dream. If it’s a mirror version/Mind Palace, it’s either 

  • a) what Sherlock thinks will happen (all the talk about probability and extrapolating behaviour on the basis of mathematics)
  • b) or a distorted/filtered version of what actually happened, which Sherlock is processing in his mind palace. 
  • Alternatively, it’s a dream helping Sherlock solve the mysteries of Moriarty and Mary. 

I contend that everything after the first fishy fin transition is mind palace/dream (if EMP ever since the HLV hospital scenes proves incorrect after all). Sherlock is still high, after all, even higher than before due to the “natural high” maybe?

Timeline questions: 

  • Why did it get dark before the boy brings the tea to Sherlock, John, and Mary? Or is this a second tea?
  • When did Mary’s hair have a chance to grow so much?
  • I’ve also read that the baby looks older earlier in the chronology than later… there is definitely some time-related inconsistency happening. 

A few additional questions: 

  • How does Sherlock know about “The problems of your future are my privilege”? He was in the kitchen at the time. 
  • Likewise, when did Mary find out about Sherlock being a “dragon slayer”? (x)
  • Why does AJ conclude Mary is the traitor, or why does Sherlock conclude AJ is looking for HER, when she isn’t even an English woman? Sherlock deduced that in HLV, after all. 
  • Why did Mary get herself a new fake ID between shooting Sherlock and Appledore? It was issued 14 October 2014 (x)
  • Why does John, a trained soldier, not use a gun when he has one when he could (probably) have incapacitated AJ?
  • What about Charlie and his parents, or rather, making Charlie so explicitly camp, growing up with a father who worships Thatcher, and not mentioning it once? Also, His parents, or rather, his mother pretends like there is no such time when the hadn’t been together (which was after the father’s 21st birthday), and she asks Charlie about “eating properly”, a question which Charlie evades (food = sex?)
  • On the topic of food, what is the deeper significance of Sherlock openly eating ginger nuts (and talking about food) while high and waiting to become a target, or how can we connect this to existing theories/metaphors? 
  • Is E wearing a rose necklace a connection to Rosie/Mary?
  • What’s with the daisy John has in his ear? 
  • What’s up with the Black Pearl? Redbear/Barbarossa the pirate connection? Why is the issue dropped?

I’m sure there’s more and I’ll add to it when I come across something. 

If you have ideas about answering them, or additional stuff to add to this, let me know =)

Tagging some additional folks who might already have things to contribute: @alilysrose @isitandwonder @deducingbbcsherlock @adlerforpresident (and many more)


I know a lot of you are not happy with CeCe being A. I can understand that to some extent, so I hope this list can help you see the bigger picture and minimise the negativity. I honestly cannot see how it would have worked with anyone other than CeCe being A because let’s be honest - there’s heaps of clues (that I will share in this post) so if it was Wren like we all expected, then how do we explain all the CeCe clues? You can’t - and they would be plot holes! I think no matter what the result was, people were going to be disappointed and complain because it went on for 6 years and the mystery got so deep. There were going to be complaints regardless even if it were Wren because then the CeCe clues don’t make sense and there were going to be plot holes regardless.
Before you all message me saying “but Marion’s death is a plot hole in the timeline, how could it all make sense!”… I fully agree with you. THAT is a plot hole. But everything else makes sense! I hope you all enjoy this list of my favourite clues and clarifications on confusing story lines!

PERSONAL FAVOURITES ARE 1-4, 6, 8, 18, 21 and 22 .
LOL I have a lot of favourites ;) Most confusing storyline saved for last.

The writers made sure that throughout the years, CeCe is connected to every aspect of the show and they did a hell of a good job with that because CeCe is the only character I am aware of that can be linked to ALL 5 of the following -The A team, Red Coat, That Night, having an evil side and Radley. NO OTHER CHARACTER, and I mean not a single character, do we have solid evidence that we can link to ALL 5 areas above! So well done writers, for making CeCe the ONLY character we can link to ALL of those.

1. I kick myself and call myself the bad detective for not even thinking CeCe could be A because in 4x11, we literally see CeCe in a black hoodie. The writers were smart here - they made most of us rule out CeCe for thinking it’s too obvious for them to reveal A in a random episode. “Wren is A theorists”, or “the finale was re-shot theorists” or “anti-CeCe” theorists… I ask to you: how would this scene from August 2013 make sense if CeCe is NOT A? It wouldn’t! If Wren were A, I would call this a plot hole and say it was changed from CeCe to Wren.

2. My second favourite clue which is so ‘in your face’ was in 4x01, where Mona literally tells us that she passed on the A Game to CeCe in Radley. How did I miss this or not think to use it in any theories! “When CeCe came to Radley, I thought she was Ali. I don’t remember what we talked about, that was before they changed my meds”. Oh how convenient Mona can’t remember what they spoke about!!! No other character do we know of that visited Mona in Radley, and this whole time we were supposed to be looking for someone who can fit the role of being Mona’s visitor when she said “I did everything you asked me to”.

3. My third favourite ‘in your face’ clue is in the very first scene we met CeCe from 3x07. She screwed up by mentioning Hanna’s shop lifting which she shouldn’t have known. BUT, she did, through conversation with Mona at Radley when the A Game was passed on. This line really sold it to me when Marlene said something along the lines of (not word for word) : “we intentionally introduced CeCe into the show to become A/Ali’s sister which couldn’t have been done with an existing character”. I mean… in her very first scene she knew something only A would know. If the writers didn’t plan on having CeCe be A, we would’ve had a totally normal first meeting (or she wouldn’t even have been introduced at all).

4. Another one I actually laughed at when I found this last week. Good one Marlene. The typical A ending scene of 3x06 was A looking for a house/apartment in Rosewood. The very next episode CeCe moves back into Rosewood. How did I not connect the dots when the ending of 306 was A looking for a place in Rosewood then the very next episode 307 we meet a new character who just moved in to Rosewood! Duh!!

5. When Spencer got locked in the shower in 3x20, the numbers 307320 popped up and a PLL writer (I believe it was Bryan Holdman but don’t quote me on that) took to Twitter to say that those numbers in the shower scene were significant. Well, if you go to season 3 episode 7, 3 minutes and 20 seconds in (307320), it is CeCe’s first appearance. Yep those numbers were significant!

6. This is the longest dot point and isn’t really a clue towards CeCe being A, but rather I want to clarify this extremely confusing event. It does key in to CeCe being A though, so it’s still relevant.

I need to make this loud and clear, CECE DID NOT PLAN ON KILLING THE LIARS AT THE LODGE IN 3x24.

If she did plan on killing them, that’s a plot hole because CeCe said “I love all of my dolls. I would never let anything really bad happen to them. That’s why they’re still alive.” CeCe clearly said in 610 she wanted to TRAP the girls. This doesn’t mean burn them alive.

CeCe wanted to put the girls in what seems to be a dangerous situation because CeCe knew that if it looked like the girls are in danger, Alison; her sister, would turn up to help them (which she did - Alison pulled the girls out). CeCe used the event as a mean to find out if her lost sister who she felt bad for 'killing’, is alive or not. And she was!

Pretty much that night at the lodge was all about Mona getting all the liars together in the lodge, under orders from CeCe (but Mona didn’t know it was CeCe). Mona and the liars thought the unknown Big A or Red Coat was flying down to meet them but not in a happy meet and greet way, but for Red Coat to ‘do something bad’ to them. CeCe fooled Mona/the A of that time, and sent a decoy Sara Harvey/Red Coat instead of herself hence Sara said “Mona thinks she’s about to see you (CeCe), she doesn’t have a clue (that I’m here instead).” Sara’s job was to round all the girls together in the house to make it look like something bad is going to happen, to make Ali come and save them, to find out if Ali is alive or not.

Melissa revealed in 4x04 that WILDEN SET THE FIRE. Why? Stay with me on this, it might get complicated, but Wilden needed Alison dead. I’ll explain why Wilden needed Alison dead in the next dot point, but for now… Wilden needed Ali dead. Wilden thought ALISON was flying down to meet the girls (as did the liars; they thought either A/Red Coat or Alison is coming to meet them) and Wilden thought Ali would be in the house with them. Wilden wanted to kill Ali by lighting that fire. Wow Wilden got it so damn wrong.

“Then Shana showed up, and all hell broke loose”, said CeCe in 610. There’s proof CeCe never wanted to set the lodge on fire and kill them; “All hell broke loose”! 

As Shana said in 501, “I thought I locked you all together at the lodge, but I guess you were late to the party Alison”. So, “all hell broke loose” because Shana escalated what was supposed to be a fake threat, to a REAL threat. Shana locked the girls in there, Wilden set the fire. Why did Shana want to do that? Shana ALSO thought Alison was going to be in the lodge (”but you were late to the party”), and as we learnt in 501, Shana was A to get justice for what Ali did to Jenna. Shana AND Wilden BOTH wanted Alison dead. They BOTH got it wrong when “Alison was late to the party” because CeCe sent a decoy/Alison was never the one coming down from that plane.

Additional: in 404, Melissa reveals she sent Shana and Jenna to the lodge to find out who the liars were going to meet. Well Shana escalated it and went one step further than just finding out who and reporting back to Melissa…

I know it’s complicated but don’t be too quick to hate on CeCe being A. She didn’t do everything. In this case, all CeCe wanted was to know if her sister is alive or not. Shana and Wilden screwed it up. CeCe didn’t want to kill the girls at the lodge!

7. In 4x07, the writers literally tell us who organised the plane carrying the person who the liars and Mona thought was going to be A/Red Coat. Nigel reveals to Caleb and Toby that CeCe Drake organised a flight to the lodge where the girls were, where CeCe let out Sara Harvey/Red Coat to distract them. Marlene said in an interview that after this episode where Nigel said “CeCe Drake organised the plane”, there was no going back.. Big A is confirmed!

8. Remember when Wilden said in the pilot that “Rest assured, I will find out what happened that summer”… that is sketchy because he kind of already knew. Wilden was paid off by Mrs. D to say that Charlotte/Ali’s 'murderer’ was never in Rosewood that night. So when Wilden found out Ali is alive, he wanted to pin the murder on the girls (which he tried so hard throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3) because he needed to save himself - if Ali came home alive, then investigations would open again into what TRULY happened that night and Wilden would be the first cop questioned (for covering it up). So, CeCe knowing that Wilden would never let her sister come home alive to tell her story, killed Wilden. Another reason CeCe killed Wilden is for ALMOST KILLING HER DOLLS in the lodge fire - CeCe had no intention of killing the girls at the lodge. Hence all of 4A was about A/CeCe framing Mrs. Marin for Wilden’s murder - I can’t believe it never occurred to me that CeCe is A when the liars CLEARLY thought CeCe killed Wilden (it was even reported on the news) yet A was framing someone else for the murder to save them self. Good one CeCe (and Marlene!)

9. Next to Charles’ name in blocks in the dollhouse is a red car. CeCe drives a red car almost identical to the toy in the dollhouse! (I saw this one in my dashboard on the night of the finale so I can’t take credit for this pick up, can’t remember the exact person though.)

10. Marlene said that the song 'Crazy’ by Patsy Cline is a clue. Lyrics include “I’m crazy for feeling so lonely” which we now know forms part of CeCe’s motive for torturing the girls. Further to this, I love how Marlene intentionally called episode 3x07 'Crazy’ - 307 is the episode we first meet CeCe.

11. In the webisode series Pretty Dirty Secrete, Jason asks CeCe why she broke up with him. CeCe says “I really don’t think you want me to do that”. Fair enough! In a costume store buying a Halloween costume is not exactly the best place for CeCe to tell Jason they’re related…

12. In 4x23 we see Mrs. D giving someone in the woods a briefcase. The next episode we see CeCe wearing a shirt previously seen in Mrs. D’s room so we can conclude Mrs. D was passing on that shirt to CeCe in the woods in 423. Cool little clue towards CeCe and Mrs. D having a bigger relationship than what was lead on because on top of that CeCe and Mrs. D exchanged awkward eye contact at the police station in 424.

13. CeCe has a violent side and has made A-like comments before. To Jenna she said “I will scratch your eyes out”.

14. This is major - how the hell did I miss this. CeCe leaves the country in 501, and we don’t hear from or see A until 505. Makes sense why A was quiet; duh she wasn’t in the country. HOW DID I NOT SUSPECT CECE; THIS IS MAJOR.

15. CeCe Drake has the same initials as Charles DiLaurentis. Even cooler, CeCe got her name from merging Charles and Charlotte. Both beginning with C, double C, equals CeCe. GREAT logic. Love this one.

16. CeCe says to Ali at Christmas “When you loose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest”. Almost seemed like she was talking from experience, as at that time CeCe was ALSO mourning over the death of Mrs. D like Ali (her mother too).

17. Two blondes killed Mona. Blonde number 1 who went up the stairs was CeCe, blonde number 2 who was in Mona’s bedroom, was Sara Harvey. It wasn’t Ali like they made us think, that killed Mona, obviously. It was CeCe. “We don’t just look alike, we think alike too”. - CeCe in 501. Yep they look so alike (especially from behind because I thought it was Ali who killed Mona).

18. “I did everything you asked me to” - Mona in 225. “I’m proud of you. You’re getting better. Just keep taking your meds” - CeCe in 610 in a flashback to 225.

Everyone, including myself, thought CeCe being Mona’s visitor was a weak-ass response. Well it makes sense and I’ll tell you how.

Here is a dialogue between Wren and Spencer in 3x23 that explain exactly CeCe’s reply to “I did everything you asked me to”.

Spencer: How many times did CeCe visit her [Mona]?
Wren: I wouldn’t know.
Spencer: yes you would. You authorised it.
Wren: and I was almost suspended for it. Mona was under restriction at that time. No visitors.
Spencer: and you broke the rules for her because?
Wren: CeCe called me and was desperate to see Mona. She thought she could help her recover. CeCe thought she could serve as a role model for Mona (because CeCe also suffered from Ali’s bullying as Ali got CeCe kicked out of school, so CeCe thought she could help Mona get through her 'Ali problems’ too).

Isn’t this genius. Of course it doesn’t have to be true that CeCe thought she could be a role model for Mona. Well… it could be… but that was CeCe’s excuse to Wren, the doctor, so that he would authorise her visit. The real reason/second reason was to steal the A game. CeCe was already a patient at Radley at the time but under the name Charlotte. I highly doubt they let patients walk around from room to room, so, when Charlotte wanted to visit Mona she visited under a different name (her alias, CeCe Drake) with the help of Wren, the doctor, who thought CeCe was going to help Mona. This leads to the next question that perhaps Wren is the He of the time jump because maybe he worked out CeCe is Charlotte or maybe he authorised it for additional reasons, beyond him thinking that CeCe was helping Mona.

So, perhaps “you’re getting better. Just keep taking your meds” isn’t such a pathetic answer to that confusing scene of 225 like I originally thought. CeCe was supposed to act like she’s helping Mona - that’s how she was even authorised/allowed into Mona’s room!

19. Below is a photo from 4x12 in Ezra’s lair in Ravenswood.

Theory 1: One way CeCe got money to pull off her stunts as A was through Ezra paying her for knowledge on his true crime book (she most likely gave false info given that Ezra didn’t solve anything).

OR, I would prefer -

Theory 2: Spencer actually said “it looks like A formed a corporation”. So, that bank statement could actually be Ezra’s detective work that lead to him finding CeCe FORMING the Carissimi group! And once CeCe had formed this Carissimi group, she was transferring the funds into her own personal bank hence Spencer said “there were two payments made to CeCe Drake last week”. CeCe was paying herself from the corporation she formed, and Ezra found that? But Ezra wasn’t smart enough to work out what it’s for.

Either of these are a clue towards CeCe being A - but I don’t know which one is true. What do you think? Personally I think it’s number 2.

20. In 5x25 we see photos of the guys from the Ice Ball within the dollhouse. Well, A would’ve had to have been at the Ice Ball to have even taken those photos. CeCe was at the Ice Ball!!! Noticed this whilst re-watching Welcome to the Dollhouse which now makes a lot of sense knowing it is CeCe.

21. In 4x09 when Spencer asked Shana “who is Jenna so afraid of?”, Shana replies “CeCe Drake”. I believe Shana joined the A Team to help Jenna (as Jenna fears A) by infiltrating the A Team to take down CeCe. OR, Shana didn’t even have to know CeCe is A.. she could’ve just became A to take down CeCe to protect Jenna in general. Either one works, doesn’t really matter.

Why did Jenna fear CeCe? Well Ali and Jenna had it out for each other and Jenna probably noticed CeCe taking Ali’s side (now revealed because they’re sisters and CeCe loves Ali). Besides, CeCe pushed Jenna in that lake because Jenna was a threat to Alison and as we learnt with the lodge fire, CeCe wanted to make it safe for Ali to come home but feared Jenna would stop her…
So then why did Shana point the gun at Ali in 501? Exactly what I just said. Shana became A to help Jenna (they fell in love) by taking down Ali (and CeCe). It’s a REALLY complicated 'square’ between CeCe, Ali, Shana and Jenna but just know it’s CeCe and Ali vs Jenna and Shana. It makes sense now!

Marlene has confirmed it was CeCe who pushed Jenna in the lake. So, CeCe was scared that Jenna would be a threat to Alison if she comes back alive to Rosewood and CeCe wants to protect her sister.

22. CeCe drugged Mona and kidnapped her then put her in the dollhouse because Mona was a threat to Alison - Mona and the liars all thought Ali was A and were about to take action to bring down Alison. CeCe wanted to protect her sister evident when CeCe said to Ali in the Christmas episode “Mona can’t hurt you anymore [CeCe looked so serious when saying this]. You can’t let your guard down Ali”. CeCe being A also explains why she favoured Alison/Mona in the dollhouse, and at the same time; why Mona copped it bad in the dollhouse being sent to the hole as she said “Game over Alison, I win” – CeCe was scared that Mona was about to take down her sister (with the help of the liars)!!! And a similar case for the liars - “your ex-friends are here tonight and I don’t think they came to say merry Christmas”, says CeCe. CeCe knew that the liars are on Mona’s side so she needed to ‘get rid of them’ TOO before they take down Ali which she did by getting them all in the dollhouse. I BELIEVE CECE WAS GOING TO GIVE UP THE A GAME IN THE DOLLHOUSE once everyone was assembled together to tell them the truth of who she really is, why the game was going on, ultimately so that the liars can leave Alison alone. If Mona and the liars hurt Ali for being A (suspected for being A), then CeCe would never get back to her family which she so badly needs! That would explain why CeCe voluntarily gave up the A game in 6x10.. why she voluntarily turned around to reveal herself: she arranged the dollhouse so that she can save Ali from Mona and the liars, and once all assembled in the dollhouse (perhaps at the prom or in the vault), CeCe could come clean just like she did in 6x10. Well, she was going to do end it earlier because thats why she kidnapped them all and put them in the dollhouse, but the girls escaped by setting of that trap at the prom! This probably really pissed off CeCe. Plan failed. All that effort to get the girls in the dollhouse and they escaped. HENCE they spent the night outside in the cold rain. Hence CeCe played mind games with them in their rooms. As punishment for all the effort CeCe went through to assemble them in the dollhouse to come clean about everything - and they tried to escape during the prom.

Hope you enjoyed! I understand if you don’t like CeCe being A, the way the finale was done was very underwhelming with not much intensity and OMG moments but the overall concept makes a lot of sense and I hope this post helps you see that :)

(I feel like this link is worth leaving here.)

Taking the Plunge, Part 3/3

An Ode to Wet!Killian and the Olympics

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Killian Jones is going for gold at the Olympics, Emma Swan fetches the divers’ towels. She doesn’t think she’ll have any problem resisting the charms of all those half-naked, wet divers. That is, until she sees him.

A/N: Rated M. Certain details (re: diving in Rio) have been changed to my liking. Thank you to @seethelovelyintheworld for the fun idea. Any and all puns are dedicated to @the-captains-ayebrows!

Emma kept on trading quips with Killian every time he came by her station for his towel, but as the evening wore on and the competition grew heated - mere points differentiating the top three diver’s scores - she found herself offering praise and encouragement more and more, unwittingly.

“You sure know how to score,” she told him after his final dive with a mischievous wink, a row of 9.5s and 10s lighting up the board. The other divers still had to complete their dives, but it was looking highly likely that Killian would medal after all.

Killian grinned at her, his expression now a bit more familiar, a bit more personal as he walked towards her, glancing behind him to look at the board.

“Don’t I know it!” he chuffed with a cocky shrug of his shoulders.

She handed him a towel and he covered his head with it, wiping the water from his eyes and rubbing it over his hair. It gave Emma the perfect opportunity to watch his abs flex, the muscles stretching his skin tight over his hipbones and she bit her lip. How hadn’t she noticed those before? They would make such perfect handles.

When he was done drying himself, he draped the towel around his neck and moved closer, his eyes full of something bordering on affectionate. How did his hair manage to look completely disheveled and artfully styled at the same time? Emma mused.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like the interview ?

are you kidding? would you find a comedy about the holocaust funny? you think watching this movie is any form of rebellion?

the movie is probably super racist, and offensive, and giving money to james franco who tried to sleep with a 17 year old.

heres an awesome comment i found, you should read it:


“The funny thing is that the early reviews of the movie were pretty lukewarm, not just from critics but from regular test audiences. Now after this controversy, people are hailing it as the greatest comedy of our generation.

It’s also caused a resurgence of those stupid NORTH KOREA BEST KOREA memes. That’s just annoying, though.

What makes me angry is that by mocking North Korea, the mockers are reinforcing the DPRK’s state propaganda. If you think the North Korean government is stupid or you see them as toothless cartoon villains, then you’ve already been indoctrinated by it. Hook, line, and sinker. Without getting too much into my personal life, I have close ties with people deeply involved in North Korea. I’ve befriended DPRK defectors and people who have dedicated their lives to dismantling the Kim regime.

North Korea is the only Orwellian police state in the world and it has been that way for almost 70 years. Other nations have tried to maintain a government like the DPRK’s in the modern world and failed. The USSR broke apart. Fascist Italy fell. Nazi Germany fell. Gaddafi was ousted and killed.

Yet the DPRK endures. People don’t rebel, other countries don’t invade them, and they still receive concessions from the international community even as they continue developing their nuclear program. Stupid governments can’t keep 24.9 million people drinking the Kool Aid and force exponentially more powerful countries into bargaining positions.

A large part of why North Korea endures is because they’ve carefully engineered how they want to appear to the West. Horrific things are happening there right now. Some of my friends have been sent to juvenile concentration camps where kids were beaten and raped by the guards. Camps where kids had their feet cut off for attempting to escape. Friends who saw a fresh corpse on the street every day they walked home from school, left to starve to death on the sidewalk because of the Great Famine. Friends who were forced to eat bark to survive, friends who witnessed cannibalism.

There is so much information out there about how horrible and dangerous North Korea is but the international community doesn’t receive pressure from their constituents to do anything about it because everyone views North Korea as a joke. That is a very intentional, calculated move by the DPRK government. They are fully aware of how ridiculous and empty their threats sound. Those statements are nothing but propaganda fed to the West.

B.R. Myers is one of the world’s foremost scholars of North Korea and he pointed out that North Korea is not very socialist or communist. In fact, if you read the North Korean constitution, you won’t find a single mention of socialism or communism. But they are very Confucian, and a lot of what they talk about in their constitution is aligned with Confucian principles. That also goes for their foreign policy. It’s straight out of the Art of War. To quote Sun Tzu:

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

And that’s exactly what North Korea does. They know they can’t possibly withstand a military invasion from a first world power, but at the same time, they can’t risk a policy of close contact because it would compromise the internal propaganda they minister to their citizens.

So they make ridiculous threats they can’t possibly carry out. They get angry about comedy movies. They play the role of the tiny man with a huge chip on his shoulder, and the international community responds accordingly. The unspeakable atrocities North Korea is committing against its citizens is overshadowed by the global public perceiving North Korea as a cartoon villain. And when North Korea does do something legitimately dangerous like missile tests in Japanese waters or firing upon submarines, it is without warning, provocation, grandstanding, or boasting. Nothing came of the RKS Cheonan attack because there was no hard evidence that linked it back to the DPRK. Do you think an inept government can pull that off?

This is how they control their public image. It’s how they make it clear they are not to be fucked with when they want to be taken seriously, but when they need to relieve international pressure off themselves, they start talking like Darth Vader, and the laughs and mocking that follow work to North Korea’s benefit.

Did you know they’re also heavily involved in organized crime? You probably haven’t and you’ll never hear North Korea boasting about it, even though their criminal enterprises are a legitimate threat that causes actual damage overseas. They want to divert people’s attention away from things like Room 39 so they make wild threats they cannot possibly carry out and the international media eats it up. Room 39 is a multibillion dollar criminal enterprise but we have little information about it. People struggle to accept that the DPRK can run operations like this because of the misguided belief that the DPRK is run by boneheads.

Look at what the response has been like for their threats about The Interview. The DPRK knows damn well they can’t bomb any American movie theaters. But they used their grand, puffed up threats as propaganda. And it isn’t the first time they’ve indoctrinated the West with idle threats.

What’s the response to North Korean news on any popular media website? North Korea Best Korea! ROR! You are now banned from r/pyongyang! Any discussions about the concentration camps or human rights abuses are completely drowned out by stupid memes, stupid memes which exist because North Korea presented itself as an evil empire out of a sci-fi book and the West ate it up. North Korea is already associated with vapid memes in the eyes of young westerners. Now it’ll be associated with a slightly above average comedy movie and hammy threats, playing right into the belief that North Korea like a real-life version of Mordor or the Galactic Empire.

When you hear about the Galactic Empire killing trillions of people in Star Wars, you don’t feel anything because it’s exaggerated fiction. On a subconscious level, it’s easy to feel ambivalent towards millions of people being tortured, raped, and starved on a daily basis when you view the oppressing power in the same level of ridiculousness as Darth Vader.

But Kim Jong Un is not Emperor Palpatine. The Workers’ Party are not Sith Lords. They are completely sane, flesh-and-blood men and women no different from me or you who torture and imprison regular people.

Real people. People who are fathers, daughters, uncles, friends. Imagine if your family lived in a country where one misstep you make could land you and your children in the gulag. If you have daughters, you can expect them to be gang raped by guards. You can expect them to have forced abortions for carrying mixed children. If you have a relative that has special needs, expect them to be executed for polluting the gene pool.

When you step back and start deprogramming yourself from the media conditioning that North Korea has been feeding you, it’s not so easy to be so flippant about North Korea, is it? Suddenly it becomes as disturbing as joking about the deaths of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, or creating memes out of the two NYPD officers who were murdered in cold blood simply for being in uniform. Picture that on a scale magnified by millions and perpetuated every single day.

So the fact that the world is congratulating itself for being so witty and edgy for mocking North Korea is what made me angry this week. I’ve seen more outrage against North Korea for bullying Sony into pulling this movie than I have when the UN released its report on North Korean concentration camps.

If the world was able to see North Korea soberly as the most brutal dictatorship in the world, it wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass convincing people to get involved. That’s harder to do now that everyone is lapping up the DPRK’s Kool Aid without realizing.

Why is this the issue Reddit wants to have protests over?

The real way to stick it to North Korea would be to start organizing mass donations to nonprofits dedicated to ending it, making their human rights abuses viral, and starting an online movement that pressure world leaders into breaking the Kim regime. That would actually scare the shit out of the DPRK.

The Interview is out and millions are spending cash on watching it.”

Supernatural 9x14 "Captives" / Queen of the Damned

I have been meaning to make this gifset for a while now (but since I am really only still a complete newbie at making gifs and didn’t have “Queen of the Damned” on DVD I kind of was unable to do it up until now). Ever since the spoiler about the episode title for 9x21 “King of the Damned” came out. I have been writing a spec/meta on possible parallels, etc. back then already (see here for the original post), but I thought I’d just attach what I wrote back then to this post anyway, because this scene bascially sparked the whole spec and meta in the first place.

So since the info on 9x21 being titled „King of the Damned“ was leaked, I couldn’t stop thinking about the vampire movie „Queen of the Damned“ from 2002. I have no idea, whether in any way the writers might have felt inspired by that movie or not (I rather lean towards the latter), but phew, even if they didn’t, there sure are lots of things fitting to SPN’s current arcs.

Beware: This is going to get crazy!

So what’s „Queen of the Damned“ about? I admit I never was into vampire movies much, but I always like „Interview with the Vampire“ and „Queen of the Damned“. The latter sure isn’t the best movie ever written - in fact it’s kind of cheesy, but hey sometimes you can just watch for the eye candy ;P. That being said, the general overarching theme fits perfectly to SPN. So here is a short recap.

We have Lestat, a vampire, who went to sleep multiple centuries ago, because he was jaded and fed up with immortality and struggling with the thought of having to live forever, but having no one to share it with. Fast forward a few hundred years and Lestat is awoken by the sound of music, because you see, Lestat has loved playing the violin (and as later gets revealed, he still owns his violin, which kind of represents that in some ways he still clings to his humanity – the violin is a metaphor for his humanity). He becomes a rockstar and openly talks about being a vampire and with that getting all fellow vampires wanting to kill him. He however gets „saved“ because as we learn in a flashback he once drank the blood of the queen of all vampires and that exact queen, who centuries ago, was asleep when he drank from her and kind of got really high from it, ogt super strong and got tons fo flashbacks of her killing people, but also growing to like the taste), now is looking for him. To cut this short. Lestat goes with Akasha. Akasha wants him as her new king and create their own kingdom. Together they go on a murder spree. But before everything truly goes to hell one vampire family, Lestat’s maker Marius decides to take Akasha out and they manage to do so, but to tha later. The other important part, you have to know about is Jessie. Jessie is human and fascinated by vampires, studies them, etc. and eventually falls in love with Lestat and in the end is the key to „save“ Lestat from certain death.

So far so good. I think I will go about this spec/meta a little different, meaning I will walk through the movie via quotes here and there. But before that, one thing you can keep in mind here. Most of the time these characters could be seen as mirror to oen another.

Akasha = Abbadon

Akasha’s blood = the first blade

The king = Crowley

Lestat = Dean

Jessie/Marius = Cas

In some instances Akasha/Marius can also be seen as Crowley though, so it’s tricky.

In a flashback we see Lestat drinking from Akasha, who has turned into a statue centureies befoe he finds her, because she stopped drinking blood, because her king had stopped drinking blood. We learn that together they „nearly drank the whole world dry“. When Lestat drinks from her, he gets intense flashbacks from her killing people and vampires alike, but also seems kind of overhelmed by the feelings. In fact he kind of look similar to how Dean looked when he held the blade in his hands. When Marius finds out, what Lestat did, he restrains him.

Lestat clearly wants more blood, even says it and he almost gets free from being tied down.

Marius: „You drank the purest of blood from the oldest of things”

Lestat: „Her blood is like liquid fire.“

Marius: „You have no idea who she is. She has no respect, except for blood. A taste for human and immortal alike. Her and her king nearly drank the world dry together. She made you quite powerful.“

Lestat: „You won’t stop me!“

Marius: „I hear her blood in your voice.“

Lestat: „She chose me.“

Marius: „I chose you“

After their fight, Marius leaves Lestat, who shortly after decides to go to sleep, but he says this about that time

Lestat: „My teacher left me to my darkest lesson: That in the end, we are alone.“

And with that he cannot deal.

So, this whole scene mirrors what we saw happening in 9x16 „Blade Runners“ almost to a t and what effect the first blade had on Dean. Even Lestat’s and Dean’s motivations are similar or rather state of minds. They simply loath to be alone.

Throughout the whole movie, one gets the feeling that Lestat, sure likes to show himself, but also is tired of living. He is missing someone to spend eternity with, he craves to be living and being with a human. This is where Jessie (Cas) comes into play. She falls for Lestat and he also has a soft spot for her. Not much later, when Lestat as rockstar is about play concert and he needs time to relax, we see him in a coffin (see gifs above) with his headphones on. Drowning out the rest. And we even get the same shot, camera going through his whole place and then stopping on Lestat who suddenly wakes up, eyes wide open – just like Dean in 9x14 „Captives“.

Anyway, he feels someone’s presensence. Marius comes to visit him, his old companion so to speak. And he tells him that Akasha woke up and killed her king and with that

Marius: „She absorbed the king’s powers.“

Lestat: „Then let her come.“

Marius: „You are no match for her.“

Well, to me this is such a good possibility to what might happen to Crowley. Abbadon might kill him, absorb his powers and then kind of seduces Dean into working with her, which is kind of how Akasha goes about with Lestat. Akasha is fascinated by Lestat kind of like Abbadon was fascinated by Dean in 9x02 „Devil May Care“. Then during Lestat’s concert (Jessie is in the crowd), during which all the vampires, whose secret Lestat gave up, want to kill him, Marius tries to help him, but in the end it’s Akasha, who takes him with him, ~saves him, wants him by her side. She sedcuces him, he drinks her blood (very much alike to Sam and Ruby) and that is making him stronger as well, but also kind of ~dependent on her.

While Lestat and Akasha go on a killing spree together, Jessie along with her family (who turns out to consists of vampire as well) wants to take Akasha down while she is most vulnerable, which is when she lets others drink her blood. Who drinks the last blood kills not only her, but will die himself as well. Speaking of the devil, Akasha shows up at their place, Lestat with her, seemingly merely a puppet on a string.

Jessie: *sad* „What has she done to you, Lestat?“

Lestat: *evil smile*

Akasha makes clear that they either „join her or die“, „obey or die“. To prove how much powers he holds over Lestat she tells him to kill Jessie.

Akasha: *to Lestat* „You love me?“

Lestat: *nods*

Akasha: „Then prove it.“

Lestat: „She is nothing to me.“

Jessie: „It’s okay, it’s what I want.“

And so Lestat very gently kills her (or is he?). Afterwards she wants the rest to bow to her, but instead of doing that Lestat resists her, tells her he wants the crown. Akasha likes it, tells him he is a true king and lets him drink her blood.

Akasha: „See how he obeys?“

A little later she gets nervous, because Lestat doesn’t stop drinking her blood, so she pushes him off with difficulty. That’s when the other vampires atack. They nearly drain her, but stop, because the one to drink the last drop, would die alongside with her. And so Lestat jumps into action, but just seconds before he’d die the aunt of Jessie walks in and takes his place.

Of course this is all wildly speculative and crazy, but I could see this happening as a fighting sceanrio between Dean and Abbadon as well. Like, the whole thing. Especially with Cas being ready to die for him. But just like Jessie, in the end Cas will be alive and will also be the one, to remind Dean of his humanity, show him that his heart isn’t truly missing (that it’s just misplaced). The same way Jessie reminded Lestat of his humanity by pointing out that he kept his viloin. A symbol for his humanity.

Ahoy from Darlington! Just concluded an evening with Himself, which was lovely and apparently raised the best part of £10,000 towards the Darlington Police memorial fund - a cause close to Mark’s heart as his late brother-in-law is amongst those officers being remembered. The first half of the evening was interviewer-led and a run through of his life and career with various questions and showreels. They played several chunks of roles where he was half-naked including the Crimson Petal flamey death scene, don’t know who picked those but good job! The second half of the evening was based around questions from the audience submitted earlier that people were then called on to read out. Including one ten year old who asked if Mark would help with his English homework. Bless! (Mark said yes but added that he’s very expensive.) Particular moments of note: Mark said he’s played Dracula in a very faithful adaptation for Big Finish, as an audio play. He said he had a cold and gave it a very deep voice, and there was lots of acting right up close to the microphone which he mime-demonstrated, and he thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Sounds fab to me, hope BF make it available soon! On the new projects front he’s also apparently directed a missing Hitchcock script called The Blind Man as a radio play with Hugh Laurie and I think he said Rebecca Front, apparently to come out at Halloween. I’d like to double check my facts on that with someone else who was there, just since it rather came out of left field - sounds v interesting though! He did also make reference to a project he’s worked on for two years that has hit roadblocks, in the context of struggles with the BBC and how he doesn’t get blank checks to write whatever he wants, but he’s exploring other angles with it - so even when you’re as successful as Mark, getting projects off the ground in the TV industry can be a frustrating process. Random bits of trivia and fun: Mark apparently owns one of Jon Pertwee’s jackets from Who, he’s very proud of it. His character in Dad’s Army has a limp, he thought it would make good backstory but came to regret it when he had to limp though retake after retake. He was asked to adapt a one-off remake of Are You Being Served but turned it down as sacrilege, which he acknowledged as rather hypocritical! Peter Mandelson remains his favourite character he’s ever played and he was tempted to just go around his daily life in character as him. He thinks it would be brilliant to have a female Doctor, Michelle Gomez has shown it could work, but it shouldn’t be done in a box ticking because people said it was time for a female Doctor way, it would be down to the right actor for the job. He doesn’t think the Doctor could be played by a child though (one asked) - because child employment laws are very restrictive! Mark talked about performing at the civic theatre when he was a child in his first ever acting role, where he was a baker slash fishmonger who sang a song and then choked to death along with everyone else in a fire - it may have been about the great fire of London, I missed the context! Several times Mark asked if questioners were related to his former teachers and even his lollipop lady though I don’t think anyone fessed up; there was quite a bit of local reminiscing about pubs at one point too. He said he’d be in Darlington till Tuesday and was planning to spend some of that time catching up on pubs! One of the more strange questions was if he was preserved as a piece of taxidermy, what position would be like to be preserved in. So, as he knowingly paraphrased - what position would be like to be stuffed in. He backwards crab-walked across the stage and said he’d want to be a moveable robot. When talking about how they’d never get away making the League on TV these days he went into the Papa Lazarou origin story, complete with voices. It gave a fascinating glimpse into a world where Mark could have played him instead of Reece - weird to think about! Someone asked if he was more like Mickey or Mycroft and he said a bit of both, and Mickey is his favourite League character to play maybe tied with Les McQueen. There were several mentions of “it’s a shit business” when referencing attacks on the BBC and the like. I think he may have forgotten about the ten year olds being present at that point! The life motto of work hard and be kind came out again, along with the make them laugh/cry/wait, and several Churchill quotes (plus a manspreading Churchill impression). Jacob Marley was the topic of an impassioned plea, since he’s still living in hope to one day play the part. Apparently he’s written three different versions of A Christmas Carol himself that haven’t been made. He proposed doing it at the civic theatre next year & crowd funding, which got a good reception! When asked what he’d like to do in the next ten years, the final question, he said more of the same - because it makes him happy, and doing what you love is just about all you could ask for. There was much applause at that. Oh, and yes he started the second half just lying face down on the stage floor for some reason - he claimed he’d just always wanted to do that. The interviewer said he could do whatever he liked! Well why not. Thus ends my rambling look over the evening. The tl;dr version is it was a lovely evening, Mark was on top form in terms of the mixture of considered, thoughtful answers plus snippets of trivia and fun stories, alongside lulz and snark and a lot of laughter. Good times!

                                           Ezra Theory

Ezra, Ezra, Ezra, I’m on to you.

Ezra likes heavy alcohol like scotch or whiskey a lot. And so does -A. We’ve seen -A drink scotch and whiskey several times and I don’t think this is a coincidence. At the Montgomery’s for a party, Ezra brought a bottle of scotch.  -A would have to be old enough to buy alcohol which limits a lot unless they had fake ids I suppose. At one point, Jason’s entire front porch was filled with bottles of scotch by -A, and Jason threw them out. That means he probably doesn’t like scotch and -A does. I wouldn’t eliminate Jason from the -A List yet, but it does contradict.

There are several messages on his chalkboards that have something to do with Ezra being -A. I wouldn’t read too much into it because many characters have those kind of things, but they do support my case.

So you know how Hanna signed up for the beauty pageant, so did Kate, and that was right after Hanna opened up to Ezra about how Tom chose to give his college money to Kate instead of her. Well that seems too convenient. Here’s what we know: [Tom gave college money to Kate instead of Hanna. That’s why she was going to enter the pageant. Hanna opened up about it to Ezra in The Brew. Right after Kate’s name was on the sign up sheet causing Hanna to mess up on the dance and convince her coach that she shouldn’t enter.] I think -A (Ezra) wrote Kate’s name on the sign up sheet even though she wasn’t participating just to intimidate Hanna.

There has been some controversy on if Ezra could be -A because of the lairs.    -A’s lair on the bottom is, messy, cramped, creepy, and practically a shrine to Ali. Ezra’s Ravenswood lair is, neat, organized, and equally dedicated to the Liars as well as Alison. People have thought that since Ezra doesn’t have all of  -A’s qualities that he can’t be -A. However, maybe -A needed someone who is very neat and tidy to help them out on the -A Team.

In 4x14, there was a really weird scene with Mona and Ezra. When Mona said,  ”I wonder how much better I’d be off with a good mentor,” that made me think. I think what she could’ve been implying is to ask Ezra to be Big -A. In there conversation, when Mona expected sympathy from Ezra for what’s happened to her, but he told her that it was her fault. Then she said, “He who is without sin, Mr.Fitz.” That is obviously a quote from the Bible. Which reminded me of the Will the Circle be Unbroken flashback. What I think it means is that since Alison was in her journal the entire time, something in her diary will help solve who -A is. Anyway, remember when Mona visited Spencer in Radley and made her think of all the things that have happened since she refused to be -A. And then she accepted. What my point is, is that maybe in their conversation he didn’t accept, but then he wanted to be -A. Look at Ezra’s smirk at the end of the video. He’s up to no good. He could’ve said no because then no one would ever think he’s -A, even though he already is. After 3x23, it seemed like Mona stopped being -A and was on the Liars’ side. And that well could be. I think there’s more to it though. I think she continued to be Small -A to find out who Big -A is and tell the Liars.

Also, I’m pretty sure that -A has been in all seasons. Ezra has. Marlene King said that -A was in the pilot. She might have meant Mona, but if not, Ezra was in the pilot.

In a recent interview Keegan Allen (Toby) revealed some information about -A. He said that everybody knows who -A is, but they’ll still be surprised. Face it, everybody knows that Ezra is -A, but refuse to believe it because either they like him, or they think it’s too obvious. Keegan literally said that -A’s identity is obvious. And even if my most surest, solid, theory of -A that I believed so much was revealed, I’d still be kind of shocked.

Though I have plenty of solid evidence, motive is a bit jumbled up. So, I’ve been thinking about motive and I have a few ideas. He might’ve wanted revenge since because of Aria, he was fired from Rosewood High, fired from Hollis, and fired again from Rosewood High.

I think that book was a lie. He wouldn’t even let Aria read it, Ezra’s a reasonable man, there must’ve been a purpose. I think it was just research on the girls to fulfill his -A duties. 

I think the reason he broke up with Aria was because he was in love with her. I think he actually did love her, and that because he was victimizing her as -A, that if they continued to be a couple, he would stop being -A.

So, do you think Ezra’s -A?