the quilling at the fair

Remus falls asleep while standing straight in the middle of a corridor on the way to class and Sirius spellotapes a note to his forehead which reads, “Remus Lupin: Human Disaster”

James reads it and goes, “Padfoot, be fair,” and takes out his own quill so the note now says, “Remus Lupin: Mostly Human Disaster”


“is that a riffle?” he asked. 

you loaded it, “yup.”

“its bigger than mine.” he stated.

you shrugged, “so?”

“so its bigger than mine, its not fair.” 


Class Appreciation Week, Day 7: Post whatever you want!

“… at the end of the day, they’re just children. They can’t cope with this.”

The Doctor’s appearance is a strange moment, really. Sweeping in with a few quick and supposedly easy lessons to teach before abandoning Coal Hill to the care of a few scared teenagers is a discordant note in a melody that will prove far more complex. Of course, in these brief moments, we are offered only a simplified version of this character, but it serves as an interesting counterpoint, contrasting the basic tenets of Class and Doctor Who..

In a Doctor Who setting, dangerous aliens are fun, words and clever ideas make for entertaining resolutions an putting four teenagers in mortal peril on a weekly basis could be just an adventure. As serious and as complicated as Doctor Who can get, in the end, the next story will likely start with a Doctor and a companion, happy encounter a new source of danger. Here, this is juxtaposed with the grittier, less fantastical reality of our five protagonists.

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harsh reality || baekhyun

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AU prompt : a mark appears where your soulmate touches you.

4417 words; soulmate!au; baekhyun/reader scenario; general

“Well aren’t you a little dazzling tonight,” a familiar deep voice chuckles from over your left shoulder. A small smile tugs at your lips, and you find yourself spinning around with such excitement, you nearly stumble over your own feet.

“Yifan!” you exclaim, feeling your cheeks flush ever so slightly. The said man laughs wholeheartedly, a large hand darting out to grasp your arm to help steady your clumsy self. Once balanced, he releases you and you clear your throat, brushing off any imaginary dust that might have landed on your dress during your little moment.

“Is that how you greet the Second Prince of your neighbouring kingdom?” Yifan scolds lightly, pulling a chuckle from you.

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I HAVE JOINED THE DIAKKO/DIANAKKO SHIP. *runs around squealing in excitement*


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Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living. 

A/N: Look who started a new chaptered fic? *coughsnotmecoughs* I’ll finish my other stories, I promise, but the prompts…

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Chapter One    

     There were irrational fears, and then was Phil’s greatest fear. Heights, public speaking, failure…at first glance nothing about his phobias seemed especially unusual. Though he might consider himself to be a coward, in actuality his list of fears was shorter than most people’s. An effect of this however was that the few fears he did have were overpowering.

    Phil’s greatest fear was of the name ‘Dan.’ He was fairly sure that this particular fear stemmed from the words seemingly branded on the inside of his left wrist.

    Nice to meet you, Phil Lester. My name is Dan.

    The words were nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone Phil knew had words inked somewhere on their wrists. Each phrase was different, but it was almost impossible to find someone who wasn’t aware of the significance of the words.

    Phil’s mum had first told him the story when he was a child.

    “You see those words on your wrist? Someday you’re going to meet someone whose going to tell you those words. That person is going to be your soulmate.”

    She had neglected to mention that those would also be the last words your soulmate ever spoke to you.

    It was the irony of the situation that this ‘Dan’s’ supposed last words were also an introduction.

    Most people had the opportunity to at least get to know their soulmate a little before the end, but Phil wouldn’t even have a chance for that. Over before it had even began. Whether it was a mark of how biased life could be or if it was a matter that Phil was one of the least interesting people in the world he didn’t know. Either way, he lived in constant fear that one day he would meet someone named Dan only for one of them to die seconds later.

   It wasn’t so much a fear of the name Dan as it was a fear of introductions. It was a fear of the moment when he met someone new and he had to give his name and hear their’s in return. He had no way of knowing which hello was going to be his last.

   Finding your soulmate didn’t necessarily guarantee death, but Phil had always had an overactive imagination.

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Hi, I know that the headcanon things is for character ... But I would like to hear about the friendship between Tania and Matteusz. Thank you!

(don’t worry, this actually makes it a lot easier to come up with headcanons bc you’ve been more specific)

  • Headcanon A: what I think realistically

I think as the two most Ravenclaw inclined members of the gang, they gradually grow into a pretty formidable duo, the Problem Solving Pair, and they get to the point where they’re bouncing ideas off each other and occasionally even finishing each other’s sentences. 

Ram thinks it’s weird. Charlie and April think it’s super neat. Quill unforthcoming about her opinion.  

  • Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

Okay so I headcanon Tanya as a lesbian, so I reckon she would go to him for advice when questioning and coming out and stuff.

But imagine her a couple of years down the line, calling him in a crisis like “MATTEUSZ HELP I WANNA HAVE SEX WITH THIS GIRL BUT IM WORRIED IM GONNA DO IT WRONG HELP”

and Matteusz is like “….. Tanya. I am gay. I am a gay man. I do not know how to help you here. why are you not asking Quill for help??” 

and Tanya is like “you’re just who I come to when I’m in a gay crisis, but wow, I really lost my head there for a second, but you’re right, Quill can probably help, thanks”

the next morning, Quill is like “so do you want to explain why Tanya called me for advice on how to have sex with girls in the middle of the night bc I’ve been led to believe that you had something to do with that”

Matteusz blushes a bit and just shrugs and goes “well, you would know better than me”

and Quill is like “huh, yeah, fair point” 

  • Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

what about an AU where Tanya’s brothers did get killed by Corakinus before Quill could get there, and Matteusz is like right well I’m her brother now

he obviously gives her time to grieve but he starts getting more protective and playful with her, and she starts responding to his teasing pretty well

and one night she’s like “I know what you’re doing. thanks.” and he puts his arm around her and lets her cry for a bit, and he murmurs things to her in Polish that tell her that everything is okay

they’re thick as thieves from that point on

  • Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

I’m imagining what kind of hilarious dynamic could be had with them and Charlie plus Dorothea

the good gay, his somewhat questionable alien boyfriend, the baby lesbian, and the weird older shady lesbian

I’m just imagining them all in a room for some reason, or they’re stuck somewhere and can’t get out, and it’s a really awkward situation all things considered what with Marlie and Dorothea having held each other up at gunpoint in the past. like, really awkward. so awkward that Tanya feels the need to do something about it

so Tanya’s like “so. heterosexuals. what’s up with them”

and there’s another silence

and then Dorothea is like “honestly, Miss Adeola, I’ve been wondering that my whole life” 

next thing you know, the four of them are all laughing hysterically in true gay solidarity

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Can you tell me about Cil and Quills relationship?

…Describe? Well, it’s true that the two of them have feelings for each other, though Quill not being too open about relationships in public sometimes, or at the very least, at school, not many people know about it… Cil’s asexual, but although Quill is accepting of it, seeing Cil in any sort of… ‘sexy’ way he has a slightly hard time controlling himself
Cil and Quill are rather similar opposites with the fact that Cil is a kind jock and Quill is a pretty feisty nerd [please, don’t mess with him xD]. The two of them were close friends before Cil mentioned that he may want to take it further with him but was too scared to say anything in case it broke their friendship. In the end, he decided to write him a letter, bringing them closer together then before. 
They’ve been on a date to the fair once, learning I’m pretty sure Quill does not like rollercoasters xD Other than that the two of them mostly tend to act more like friends often, especially out in public. Cil tends to feel lonely sometimes, but knows he can’t get much out of Quill during school and is too afraid to talk to him about because he doesn’t want to ruin their relationship since Cil really loves him a lot [he won’t admit that he’s worried Quill might leave him]. 
I hope that’s enough xD I went a little bit further ahead at the end since the AU’s mine now~ Not sure what you wanted to know, just ask if you’re interested in anything else or if I missed anything. 

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“I was the world’s nicest guy and they ruined my life for no reason.”

 The Emperor’s New Groove starters pt. 1 | @ebonyxruler

 Sonic heard of the story & even listening to it the second time was still the SADDEST story he had ever heard. He understood every bit & piece of Shadow’s trauma. He may have not experienced it himself, but he could imagine how horrible it must have been. 

 “They have…” he addressed softly, running his hand against Shadow’s quills as he held him close. He knew of Shadow’s own fair share of nightmares & he was always ready to comfort him about it no matter what. “You didn’t deserve that…”

 He STILL didn’t understand why the GUN soldiers did that in the first place. Shadow wasn’t a threat & yet they label him as that anyway & tarnished his life with just one bullet. That was all it ever took. He wouldn’t blame the Ultimate Lifeform for going back in time & preventing that incident from even happening…

 “…But even if she’s gone, she would want you to be happy, right?” He knew he had no room to talk about this, but he wanted to help his love as much as possible. He rubbed circles down the ebony’s back. “I mean, you deserve that more than anythin’, right? She would want ya to take the skies, protect this world, find some people to befriend or somethin’…” He smiled softly, cupping the other’s cheeks. “…And look at where y’er at now.”

Also, the actor who played Bill Denbrough lowkey looks like a young Dane DeHaan. So until the casting is official, I’ll be fancasting Dane as older Bill Denbrough.

Also, the actor who played Ben Hanscom wants Chris Pratt to be his older version. Honestly, this would be great but seeing as how the actor who played Stanley Uris already played young Peter Quill, it’s only fair that Chris should be adult Stanley Uris.

That being said, this would mean Chris Pratt would only have a cameo role in Chapter Two.

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Wolfstar fighting for stupid things, like a old married couple?

  • “Remus I swear to god, I’m just going to start throwing out every sock of yours I see on the floor soon this is ridiculous.”
  • Remus sips his tea, not looking up from his book, “Fine. I’ll just throw out your hair products.”
  • Sirius splutters, “Wha- those aren’t even in the way!”
  • “Yeah, but there’s a lot of them!”

  • Sirius, wh- no!” Remus pulls his parchment away from Sirius’ prying eyes, “You can’t copy my homework!”
  • Sirius pouts, “You let me yesterday!”
  • “Yeah, well- you get one a week!”
  • “Since when has that rule existed?”
  • Remus shields his paper with his hand and dips his quill back in his ink, “Since now.”
  • “No fair.”
  • “That’s absolutely fair-”
  • Guys.” James and Peter groan.

  • “Eat one more of my sausages, I swear to god-”
  • “Hm. That’s strange. You usually love it when I eat your sausages.” Sirius smirks.
  • “Not at the breakfast table, boys.” James says from behind his Prophet.
  • “Sorry.” They mutter.
  • *quiet eating for a few seconds*
  • Hey! No. I don’t get your sausage, you don’t get my bacon- no! Moony!”

  • "Sirius you are not sleeping in the hospital wing with me.”
  • “Am too.”
  • “I’ll be gone for a night!”
  • “Yeah… and I’ll miss you all night.”
  • “Well-” Remus groans, “Fuck, that was cute.”
  • Sirius grins triumphantly, “I win.”
  • “No you don’t, get out of here right now!”
  • Sirius crosses his arms, “No. I want to stay with you-”
  • “You just don’t like sleeping alone.”
  • “No it’s because I love you.”
  • “Well, I love you more and I’m telling you you’ll be uncomfortable-”
  • “No I love you more and I’m telling you I don’t want you to be lonely-”
  • No-”
  • And that’s how Madame Pomfrey got her job - the previous healer couldn’t take the monthly ‘I love you more’ fight