the quiet ones are the silent killers!

Her Saying `No` to Them: BTS


With his gentle nature, SeokJin was hard to anger, though that’s not to say that it wasn’t impossible. One of those instances might be when you decide to go out fr secret business and refuse to tell him where you went. His rage is the silent killer one, so looking at him or even being in his presence was a big no-no in those situations. His aura would always increase ten-fold, gaze piercing into your orbs as you shook at the threshold of your house.


YoonGi’s quiet rage was no secret to anybody, YoonGi’s quiet rage with a gun was an omen to everybody, however YoonGi’s loud rage plus that same gun pointed at your forehead was only known to you, and you found that side out just recently; or right now, to be exact. You knew that he had always used his gun for threatening people, but it was never once pointed at you. Like that, you knew that he has finally gone completely insane. To think that you two were fighting about breaking up, as well.


As far as you knew, HoSeok was never an aggressive person, even if he was a leader of a mafia group controlling the crimes all over the city. That didn’t concern you, either. What pissed you off the most was the fact that he had spent a lot of time with other women, be it for work or pleasure. She didn’t know and couldn’t care less to figure out, either, so the wisest choice was evident; she was going for a conflict. Him having caught you in a club with a whimsy dress all over some dude was what you wanted, and when he told you to leave before things would become ugly, you obviously refused. You regretted it quickly, though, as he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the poor guy that was now shivering behind you.

“I won’t tolerate such disrespect, sweetheart. Get out or I’ll shoot him.”

Rap Monster:

Ohhh… You regretted your words as soon as they left your lips, cringing horribly as NamJoon’s thick lips were sucked in by his teeth, fury evident in his eyes. With predator’s steps he approached you, trapping you against the wall and bringing his face close to yours, ready to kill you with his gaze.

“What was that, just now?”


You two were arguing, again, as the many times you’ve done, but only this time he clearly told you to keep quiet, as his migraine continued to grow. Getting enough of his attitude, you cursed under your breath, and spoke a loud and clear `No` right in his face, stomping your foot to at least somehow control your anger. Sitting in his chair, JiMin blinked a couple of times, spreading his legs and sinking deeper into the soft cushions. A daring smirk played on his lips as he spoke,

“Say that again, Love, and I will lock you up for a day or two.”


As aloof as Kim TaeHyung tended to be with you, he actually had close to an army under his thumb, ruling over the underworld’s prostitution rings. Nobody ever said `no` to him, so you were a first. Her was surprised, sure, but what actually got to him was your determined stare and bitten lip as you tried to prove your point. Slowly, he could feel the little friend in his pants begin to grow, his hands twitching in excitement. Whoever disobeyed him, never went unpunished.


JeongGuk was being known to have a horrible temper, so when you said no to him ordering you to sit on his lap, in front of quite a number of his colleagues- he was fuming. His hands balled into fists and soon turned white, eyes were tightly closed as he counted up till ten in his head. You saw his reaction, and were left standing and shaking in your boots, the tens of pairs of eyes were staring at you with pitying looks. It felt as if you were in a lion’s den, about to be devoured. Without him even saying anything, you listened to his finger as it crooked up and back again, letting you know that he wanted you to come.

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WHAT would harry styles not shut up about that made dunkirk become a silent movie???? different kinds of candles? his favorite unisex perfumes? dogs he met one time who he thought could maybe talk?

ALL OF THE ABOVE plus thoughts on stanislavski’s an actor prepares, a dream about salad dressing, suggestions for romance subplots involving mark rylance, and a bunch of killer knock-knock jokes. i mean, whatever it was, they clearly tried so hard not to hurt his feelings and I think that’s sweet.

harry: what if in this scene i reminisce about kippers

nolan: harry we’re gonna play something called the quiet game!!

harry: i love a game!

nolan: everybody stays very, very quiet, and the first person to say something loses!

harry: ooh!



harry: hey mr nolan. mr nolan? while we were being quiet i wrote some soldier poetry in my head

nolan: okay, now we’re gonna play a game called no one in this movie has any lines whatsoever

harry: i’m gonna win :D


“Oh, the symphonic shriek of a thousand hiding voices, the cry of the need inside, the entity, the silent watcher, the cold quiet thing, the one that laughs, the moondancer. The me that was not me, the thing that mocked and laughed and calling with its hunger.”
                                                                       - Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Noah Foster


hi i was wondering if i could have a noah foster imagine where y/n is a total badass and saves his life ?? if not thats fine too :))

(Kind of based off of Revelations, but just with different details.)


A thousand thoughts were running through y/n’s head. Maybe if y/n would have stayed at the school with the police she wouldn’t be in this position. The party was fun at first yeah, but when y/n got bored she went for a walk and went she came back everyone was gone.

She had no idea what to do. She didn’t have her phone on her so it wasn’t like she could call or text her friends.

She tried to remember anything that Noah said during that one English lesson, she had also watched horror movies like Noah so she knew that a scene like this one was a little sketchy and to keep an eye out.

She pulled open the patio door and stepped inside Brooke’s home.

“Hello?” She called out. She didn’t receive an answer, which is what she was expecting, what she wasn’t expecting was to hear a few movements in a closet.

All of her horror instincts were telling her to not go and check inside the closeted pantry. Then again why would I killer hide in a closet, right?

Y/N slowly walked towards the door and just as she placed her hand on the doorknob, she heard more rustling. So she turned the knob slow and once she opened the pantry, she saw a boy huddled up in a ball in the corner. She knew that it wasn’t just a jock, it was Noah.

“Noah?” She called out. Noah slowly lifted his head from resting on his legs and got up. Noah quickly stepped forward and pulled Y/N in the closet and he shut the door.

“Shh, be quiet” He whispered. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. She doesn’t scare easily, especially when there was nothing to be afraid of. Y/N stepped away and opened up the closet door and stepped outside of the closet once again.

“Noah, what the hell is going on?” She asked. Noah then grabbed her and shut the door.

“The killer was here, we need to stay quiet, I really don’t want to die tonight.”

“Well, one, find a better hiding spot then a closet you should know better, two, its dead silent, I don’t think anyones here.”

“That’s what the killer wants us to think.”  Y/N stuck her head out and shook her head. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Noah’s hand.

“Wh-what are you doing?” He asked.

“We’re going to go and find Jake or Brooke, c’mon” She pulled him and he followed, the two tried to be as quiet as possible when they were heading up the stairs. Everything in the house was quiet.

The pair tried to to make a sound, until they heard a loud squeak from the floorboards. The two looked at each other and nodded to go and look.

As they were walking down the hall way they made quick peeps into the room and nobody was to be found. Right when they made it to the end of the hallway, ghost face turned to the hallway.

“Run!” Noah yelled, the two sprinted down the hallway with ghost face trailing behind them, they ran into a spare bedroom, ghost face grabbed Noah, but in a split second, Y/N kicked whomever it was in the crotch and they were able to shut the door and lock it without anyone getting in.

The two were panting as they had almost gotten scared to death, but for Noah, scared wasn’t the only emotion going through his body, admiration was spilling with it.

“You saved my life,” Noah spoke. Y/N chuckled a bit with a grin on her face. She walked up to him and hugged him tightly. “It was no biggie,”


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Who Got7 Would Be In A Horror Movie

Jackson: Jackson would be the person who would get everyone even more tense with his sudden out bursts of fear. Even with his amazing abilities to do flips, and his strong lower body, he wouldn’t be able to fight anyone off because of his constant screaming. He would get himself killed, and lead the killer to the rest of the group.

BamBam: Bambam wouldn’t know what was going on, because he would be too busy picking out the perfect outfit for the occasion. He would be the character in the movie that’s not around, but then suddenly appears out of no where. This would cause him to ask the very blunt, yet intelligent questions the audience screams at the screen. He’s also completely helpless, which is a downfall for him. He thinks his good looks will keep him safe, which is very wrong.

Junior: He’s the killer chasing the group.  He would use his wit and charm to trap everyone. Jackson being his first victim. His original first victim was to be Yugyeom, but Jackson’s screams made him an easy target.  

Mark: He’s the guy who plans the getaway with the group and his girlfriend. His original plan was to take his girlfriend to the cabin for some fun, but he wanted to take Coco and Youngjae wouldn’t let him take her. So, Mark had to invite Youngjae, which included the rest of the group. Junior would find Mark and his girlfriend alone, doing the unspeakable, and takes advantage of their vulnerability. Mark’s good looks literally kill, and that person is him.

Originally posted by markjin

Youngjae: Youngjae is the worried father. When shit hits the fan, he grabs Coco and runs into the woods. Of course, running in the dark of night, he gets lost. He runs right into the arms of Junior, which leads to his demise. Of course, when faced with the decision of him or Coco, he sacrifices himself to save her life.

Yugyeom: The baby of the group is actually the silent killer. He would show up when JB needs help, and he’s all alone because the rest of the group is dead. Yugyeom would be the only other one who survives till the end. Since Yugyeom is so quiet, it makes it easier for him to hide. He picks the basement, and stays there until the chaos quiets down. He only resurfaces when he thinks the coast is clear, only to run into JB and Junior in their final showdown.

JB: He’s just there to make sure no one gets hurt…or pregnant. He ends up being the only one who takes on Junior. Since he has nerves of steel, and a grade A poker face, this makes him the perfect person to take on Junior. The typical fight of good versus evil, and the good wins.

I can't bring myself to celebrate

It’s Gay Marriage USA today, but it brings me no joy. Twelve years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas, striking down sodomy laws across the country. That day is inextricably linked to this one. Yet the feelings on this day are so different from that one. I remember June 26, 2003 quite distinctly. I was an intern that summer at Equality North Carolina, a small but mighty organization that then was teetering on the brink of financial collapse. We were in desperate need of good news. At the time, North Carolina was the South’s bastion of progressivism, such as it was. Yet consensual same-sex intimate encounters were still illegal. I was living in Raleigh that summer with my partner Elijah – the first time I’d ever lived with anyone. We needed good news. 

I remember it well. The Supreme Court ruled that morning. An ordinary day at the office became something dramatically different. A party seemingly came out of nowhere at a cafe over in Durham. We raised some money. We had new energy. It was a good day. An odd victory, I suppose – “Hey, congrats! For the first time in your life, you can legally fuck!” – but a victory just the same.

I don’t feel that today. I feel all twisted up, raw, emotive, angsty, and disaffected. I grabbed a drink with a friend this evening after work, and noted to him that this seems like a victory for one group of folks – namely the affluent, white gays – won largely on the backs of trans women of color like Sylvia Rivera and Miss Major and Jennicet Gutierrez. Those women are, of course, unrecognized in today’s celebrations. And the ills they suffer – poverty, homelessness, inadequate healthcare, inaccessible education, rampant employment discrimination, violence both within and without our legal system – go on unabated. I hope that today’s ruling gives some poor child in some tiny Southern town a glimmer of joy for a better tomorrow, but I know from my own experience that probably isn’t the case. It’s hard to plan for your wedding when you’re constantly planning for how to stay alive.

A young black gay man was killed in DC early on Thursday morning. You haven’t heard about it yet. His story will be erased. He was walking to his boyfriend’s house. He was 21. Marriage will not bring him back. Nor will it bring back the dozens of trans and queer people that have been killed in DC in the last fifteen years. Marriage won’t make their schools safe. It won’t make their doctors competent. It won’t get them a job. And it sure as hell won’t stop a cop’s bullet from entering their chests. I just can’t seem to celebrate today. What I want to do is cry.

The last paragraph of today’s ruling, which so many have found beautiful, I find terrifying. It reinforces this myth that married couples are the ultimate members of our society, somehow more valuable, more productive, more worthy of protection than lowly single people or those who choose to construct their intimate relationships in other ways. In the same breath that rights are enshrined for a few, they continue to be disdained for many more. It’s frightening. I’m only barely able to contain tears and rage and sorrow and pain. Today was a victory, but look at the collateral damage. How many people died, their plights ignored, while the allegedly LGBT movement focused too much of its energies to getting to this moment? Can we even count them? Do we even know their names?

Of course we don’t.

My twitter exploded this morning when the ruling was issued. Tweets came in by the hundreds. There was no way to catch them all. Of course, the message was clear: marriage was won, and it was time to celebrate. What a momentous occasion for equality. This afternoon, as President Obama gave a stunning and vibrant eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, a man who died at the hands of a racist killer – a man who clearly did justice, loved mercy, and walked humbly – those same digital voices were largely silent. White gay twitter went quiet. Black twitter was alive. As someone who grew up among dozens of Dylann Roof clones, the silence was deafening. I’ve seen that kind of hatred. It has looked me in the eye. It has threatened my own life. But it seemed that no one shouting with joy this morning was shouting with grace this afternoon.

Equality is a weak word. It lacks ambition. It lacks hope. Those who seek only equality do so with seemingly no understanding of the injustice in this world. Imagine yourself walking up to the top of your local pile and saying to the man up there (and it will be a man): “Hi, my name is Jason, and I want to be just like you,” and the man says, “But what about all the people you passed on the way here?” and you say “Who?” and so he says, “Yes, ok, you’re in.” That’s equality, and that is this day.

Congratulations on joining the crowd of oppressors. You’ve made it. You’ve moved on up. You’ve finally got your piece of the pie.

What? Millions can’t even reach the pie? Well, that’s their problem.

I have no interest in equality. What I want is justice. I want the death to stop. I want the homelessness to end. I want healthy, vibrant people equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their dreams. I want a system of laws that values life more than it values order and the status quo. Lacking those things, I can’t bring myself to celebrate this day.

Drabble prompt 1

charter007: A Lewis/Arthur where Arthur breaks down once realizing that the skeleton ghost in front of him was Lewis. Lewis is confused as to why his killer is crying in such a way after finding out it was him.


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Hi! I saw the thing with how the Nordics would react if their special one died, but I was just wondering how they would react if their special one got killed. And they knew who the killer was. And also, while I'm here, I love you :D okay that's all, bye

Aph Sweden: Sweden would be silent, simmering with quiet fury. He’d barely restrain himself from lunging forwards and throttling the killer, the only thing holding him back being the knowledge that killing him now would be getting him of easy, that he’d have a much worse time living the rest of his life out in prison.

Aph Finland: Finland has no such restraint. The second he catches sight of the murderer, he’d charge at him, screaming bloody murder and ready to rip his head from his body.

Aph Iceland: iceland would keep himself contained, up until the moment the killer winks at him in court. At that second, he’d run forwards, screaming curses and threats at the killer, tears streaming down his face.

Aph Hong Kong: Hong Kong would be reserved, silent. In court, he’d glare frostily at the killer from across the room, sending chills down his spine. A few months later, he’d visit him in prison and promise to destroy what little was left of the killer’s life outside of prison.

Aph Denmark: Denmark would try to attack the killer, but his punches would be clumsy and his vision blurred with tears. After the others intervene, holding him back, all Denmark can do is look into the killer’s eyes, and choke out “why?”

Aph Norway: of all the Nordics, Norway is the only one who might actually be successful in killing the son of a bitch. Since the murder, he’d devote his entire life, every waking minute to a twisted revenge plan, determined to make the killer suffer the way he did.

WH’s of Tumblr Meetups


In a social-networking site such as Tumblr, one will get in touch with his/her online friends. Then, there will come a time that they will meet outside the dashboard. From this, a new friendship begins. This article answers the WH’s questions about Tumblr meetups.

A meetup is a meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking web site such as Tumblr. It is usually planned by a group of organizers; sometimes, a meetup happens unexpectedly. In a typical meetup, a different set of people learn to know each other, greet and take a picture with their online buddies. Sometimes, a program is prepared by the organizers consisting different activities and gimmicks. 

One thing about tumblr meetups is that they have different themes depending on the events or the season. The first ever tumblr meetup was held at Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles, California on April 2008. In the Philippines, a group of tumblristas called tumblrkadaorganized last February 2010 a Free Hugs meetup in Mall of Asia seaside, and this is considered as the first ever Filipino big tumblr meetup.

There are some memorable big meetups that happened in Filipino community. In celebration of White Day in Korea, tumblrkada organized a White Day meetup last March 2010. In the same year, @porkandbeans (deactivated) organized a MOA meetup on the day of her birthday last November, and @hspy a Christmas meetup in December. 

Bigger meetups happened in 2011. A group of people organized a Valentines Day meetup wherein the attendees celebrated a pre-Valentines Day party last February in a private resort at Las Piñas City. The month after that, tumblrkada brought back the White Day meetup for Filipino tumblristas who made a greater participation compared to WDM 2010 at Venice Piazza, Taguig. Another set of tumblristas planned to organize a meetup in the famous theme park, Enchanted Kingdom meetup or commonly known as the EK meetup. It was organized by @darwinpogi, @nagparaya, @tr1nitrotoluene (deactivated), 

Who can forget the historical Independence Day meetup? As the main organizer of the event, @tumblrdjaie (deactivated) successfully used his connections and charms to get the Alabang Town Center as the venue of the said event. Another meetup held this year was a movie-themed called The Epic Harry Potter meetup in Trinoma Mall and whose main organizer was @ohpatrick. The program of the said event mainly focused on the Harry Potter series (both book and movie); the activity was held after three days of the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. All of the meetups discussed above had 100+ attendees that made them the biggest meetups for this year.

In addition to the meetups mentioned, there are still a number of provincial meetups happening on the same year, such as in Laguna organized by elbikada, Batangas, Cebu, Pampanga, Davao, even outside the Philippines such as Dubai and many more. There are also unexpected and exclusive meetups done by different groups of tumblristas and they call them Mini-meetups

Tumblr meetups are held in common places which is accessible for everyone – usually, the shopping centers in Manila, such as Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. In provinces, there are tumblristas who organize mini-meetups in their places for others to experience the spirit of a meetup. One thing about metups is that you can travel in places you’ve never been before.

There is a need for an online community to have personal meetups in order for its people to know each other better. Being friends in a social-networking sites is not enough. Nowadays, you will never know if someone whom you are talking to in the World Wide Web is real or a poser who uses other poeple’s identity such as photos, videos, audio covers and alike. 

For almost two years introduced to Filipinos, Tumblr has built friendships even serious relationships among its loyal bloggers. Moreover, the site was intended to be a microblogging site before, but Filipinos have proven that Tumblr is like just other social-media sites such Facebook and Myspace. 

Most importantly, the reason why tumblristas should have a personal meetup as said by one of the members of tumblrkada as well as a4kada, @amateurdreamer, “Tumblr meetups are made for us to know that there are also other people just like us who also like to share stuff about themselves. We need to have this kind of gathering in order for us to meet new friends – friends in real life and not just on our computer screens and friends that we can rely on and be there whenever we are in need of help.” Thus, for each one of the tumblristas, the value of friendship is the most important thing after all. 

In a Tumblr meetup, one can meet different people with different personalities, likes and point-of-views. To sum up all of them, here is a list of all kinds of tumblristas in a meetup:

  • Organizers. They are the ones who organize/plan a meetup. Usually they are divided into different committees which have different tasks to do. On the day of the meetup itself, one can identify them as very busy persons who facilitate the program and entertain the attendees.
  • Newbies. These people are the first-timers of a meetup. They are being “baptized” and sometimes the ones who experience “culture shock” because of the differences among the people. They are easily distinguished in a meetup for being timid and quiet.
  • Veterans. They are the ones who are always present in the meetups. They have a lot of experiences in meetups and usually they pin point the flaws of the meetup’s program.
  • Observers. These people are only silent observing the different personalities of the attendees what is going on the program.
  • Bored. As the description itself, they are bored out of their skull. They do not participate in the activities and just chat with other bored people.
  • Active. The opposite of the Bored.
  • Killer Smile. These people love to smile to anyone anytime anywhere. They use smiling as defense mechanism for being shy.
  • Camwhores. They are the people who love to take pictures and be in pictures all the time with other tumblristas especially with their idols and followers.
  • Flirt. They just attend the meetup to see their crushes and talk to them.
  • Bipolar. These persons are very loud in the dashboard, but when it comes in meetup, they are the people who always remain silent through out the program. Bipolars can also be applicable to those people who are silent online but in meetups, they are unexpectedly, the wild ones.

The last question would be How? How must I behave in meetups so that I would not feel like I’m out-of-place? How can we have a succcessful meetup?

As organizers, they should always update each other about the plans and changes about their meetup. Once a tumblrista who is interested to attend asks one of the organizers, they should provide an immediate answer. Meeting with the organizers via skype or yahoo conference would not be enough. It is better to plan personal meetup weeks before the event. They should always check the materials to be used and most importantly the condition of the venue of the meetup.

As attendees of the meetup, they will always have tendency to think that they will get outcasted in the event. Here are some tips by @matabangutak (based on his post) on how one should do for him/her not to get OP:

  • Bring a friend or someone you know already.
  • If you do not have one, try to know someone who will attend and be closed to him/her weeks before the meetup.
  • Know his/her details such as address, so that if his/her place is near at your place, perhaps you can go the meetup place together.
  • You will not probably get outcasted since you have someone who will accompany and talk to you.
  • You should not be shy to know other attendees. Be initiative to introduce yourself
  • All people who attend meetups are approachable. You just need courage and not to think that talking to them will make you FC or “feeling close”. You should always bear in mind that the purpose of meetups is to get to know one another and make friends to other people.
  • It’s your choice to get bored in the program or not. If you allow yourself to get OP, then it’s your fault.
  • You should remember that in the first place, not everyone knows each other, and it is only the day they meet for the first time. Who knows, that next meetup you will attend, you and those people you met and jive with from the last meetup are already friends.
  • Enjoy. Participate in the activities and taking pictures. Just always smile and allow yourself to show your confidence.

After each meetup, usually there would be after-meetup party in a specific place, such as bar or residence of a tumblrista wherein there will be drinks and exchange of stories. This is the best time to know one another.