the quickest light


how to be a schnee: own only white and light blue outfits ( and tiaras )


Bucky pretends to eat Tiny Princess Thor’s tiny princess fingers to the sound of her shrieking laughter, which is, y'know, totally fine. Clint didn’t actually need his heart, anyway, so it’s not a problem that it’s flopped out of his chest to land with a sad splat at Bucky’s feet. Clint grins for the seven hundredth Super Selfie - $5 a pop, all proceeds to the local children’s hospital - and then heads over to the grill. Apparently there’s a space inside him to fill.

It turns out hotdogs do not, actually, cure all ills, no matter the amount of relish. So Clint finds a spot that’s quickest to lose the light that’s slowly fading out of the sky, tilts his head back against the trunk of a bunting-wrapped tree, and sighs the sigh of the world-weary and love-lorn. It’s a tune that comes easy to his lips.

(Bungee cord is maybe what he needs, ‘cos he always gives his heart away too quickly, and it’s never particularly timely about coming back.)

“Hey,” a low voice says, and Clint hitches a grin into place with a block and tackle.

“Tired of the adoration, Barnes?”

Bucky shrugs, his shoulders loosed from the tension they normally carry.

“Not sure it’s deserved,” he says, taking his share of the tree. Clint elbows him in the side.

“Sure it is,” he says, matter-of-fact enough to build a university on. “You’re a gold-standard genuine hero, Buck, nobody doubts that but you.”

Bucky shifts his weight, turns to the side, rests his shoulder against the tree. Clint figures it’s safer to keep staring up at the stars.

“You’re a goddamn prince, Barton,” he says, “and you don’t get told that nearly enough.”

Clint risks a glance right, regrets it immediately. Mentally kisses his heart goodbye, 'cos he’s not sure this time he’s getting it back.

Clans in the swamps

Okay so, clans here have webbed feet like purebred Riverclan cats have. They have lightly build bodies and strong legs for swimming.
They feed on frogs, fish, some birds, lizards and other animals like these. It’s not uncommon to take on a newly hatched alligator, though many has met their fate by doing so since their mothers are protective asf.

First clan is called Mudclan.
Mudclan has really weird defense tactic. They cover themselves in mud and even sit still in muddy mess until prey goes close by. These cats are bigger and clumsier than other clans, so they use this ambush tactic. Their camp is simply a cave, its hidden really well.

They live in swamps trees. They are the most light and quickest cats in the clans and they mainly prey on birds and lizards. Theie camp is in the thick tree group, where cats have just put branches and made a tree house kinda thing but its absolutely huge. It’s unreachable without proper climbing ability.

They swim like fish, prey on fish and they can hold their breaths for a long while. They have a waterproof coat which keeps them warm. They also hunt for birds and reptiles, but mainly fish.
Their camps entrance is underwater. It’s a cave where you have to swim in in order to get there. Kits are taught to swim when they are two moons old.

Leaders get their lives from the Elder Alligator. It’s not alive, it’s just a huge, ancient skeleton in a cave. Leaders have to sleep in its skull in order to get their lives.

Biggest enemy in the swamps are gators. There’s also occassional humans who are called Scaleless Gators.

They believe that when they die, Elder Alligator claims their souls and leads them to the eternal hunting grounds. Bad cats get eaten by the Elder Alligators soul.
Dead cats are called Eternal Souls, which guard them with the Elder.

Burial ceremony is really complex.
Dead cat has to be cleansed with some herbs. The herbs are smelly and are said to drive the dead cats soul to the Elder Gator.
After this, the cat is taken to the burial site, where they are buried with a beautiful flower.
Clans believe that if this is not done correctly, the dead cat will start haunting their clanmates for disrespecting their soul.
Healer has to drive the spirit away by cleansing the camp.

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