the quicker picker upper


Perfect for cleaning up tears and mass devastation !!!

Well , Puerto Rico should just stop being cry babies … after all they’ve only had like 16 deaths and Katrina had hundreds and hundreds of deaths , it’s not nearly as bad as that !

Maybe if they helped themselves a bit more they wouldn’t be draining the financial budget .

But hey , let me throw you some party favors like I’m at Mardi Gras , that should make everything better.

Nothing a few rolls of Bounty shouldn’t be able to fix. After all , it is the quicker picker upper. It totally will sop up all that mess and devastation .. ughhh😡

Oh wait….you want to use food stamps for hot meals … No Way , it’s not like your Florida or Texas .. pffff , the nerve of those people.

You’re welcome Puerto Rico .. problem solved .
I just really wish he threw out some duct tape too.
( Now that stuff fixes everything )

*** please take note this is sarcasm based off the dumbasses statement.
This man is a complete reprehensible IDIOT !!!!