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Starmyu Event - 5/29 Night Session Fanreport

It has been a few weeks since the event so some things might be out of order. XD My memory is a bit fuzzy, too… and my Japanese… I looked at a few past tweets as well… And this is why I should write a report ASAP and not procrastinate. Anyway, please enjoy this long post of text and some pictures (not beta-ed at all).

The Starmyu event was held in Yomiuri Hall, close to Yurakucho Station.

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earlier tonight I watched the movie Deadpool, which features a famous scene where a character dramatically says, “time to make the chimichangas.”

later tonight I watched the movie Tangerine, which features a famous scene where a character dramatically says, “time to make the donuts, bitch.”

coincidences like these never fail to make me feel like I’m on the right path.

Edit: for those of you just tuning in… the coincidence I was referring to was that I happened randomly to watch two movies in the same day that had jokes riffing on the same popular commercial, which I most certainly know about since I am in my thirties. jfc.

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Phew! This has been a long time in the making (since building even small sets takes me forever) but it’s finally done! I’ve recreated–with some adjustments–Hope’s Peak Academy! These aren’t even a fifth of the areas available! @.@  Now all I need are sims.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game Danganronpa (or the LPs, or the anime), the series is about a group of high school students that wake up one day to find that they have been caged in their school and are told that they are to live there for the rest of their lives. If they want to leave, there is only one way to do it. They must kill one of the other students.

Once a murder occurs, a short period of time is allowed for investigation and then a trial must be held by the surviving students. In the trial, if the students correctly identify the culprit, the mastermind will “punish” (AKA execute) them accordingly. If they fail, the murderer gets to leave the school while the remaining students are punished instead.

In the midst of these horrific events, the students try desperately to uncover the secrets of the school and find a way for them to escape together unharmed.

I hope I made it sound at least a little exciting because I’ll be needing 16 Sims to be the students of Hope’s Peak! (; u ;) If you’re still interested, please read under the cut for information on what kinds of sims I’m looking for! 


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