the queue state


01- Until Now
02- Lone Star State Of Mine, Written by River Phoenix
03- What Love Is, Written by River Phoenix
04- Standing On A Rock

In August 1993, Phoenix described the title track “Lone Star State of Mind”, “It originated from deep emotion and solitude and many days of being alone and in LA and a lot of childhood memories. It’s an ode to solitude and preservation of one’s independence and i guess, self-confidence.”


Aang: Well, I met with this Guru who was supposed to help me master the Avatar State, and control this great power. But to do it, I had to let go of someone I love, and I just couldn't.

Iroh: Perfection and power are overrated. I think you were very wise to choose happiness and love.

 he  is  a  man  of  great  class,  a  man  who  knows  how  to  carry  himself  and  how  to  make  an  impression.  a  gentleman,  a  leader  —  someone  who  values  rules  and  ensures  others  stick  to  them.  —— freed justine + aesthetic for @freedthedark


a series of unlikely crossovers