the queue is a pretty plot for fairytales


[♛]—He’d visited Sophie as much as he could, which seemed to be once a week. Work had often kept him busy, and he was grateful that the young hatter girl was completely understanding of him and his endless amount of work that kept him tired and dazed. Still, he often dropped by on either a Sunday or Saturday, had tea and cookies (sometimes dinner) with her and had a lot of lovely private times with her. Once they had spent their time together, he pecked her face with a goodbye, and returned to the palace with great haste. He barely had free time the next day, which always was a disappointment.

However, as he sat in his coach, a bright smile on his face as he gazed out the window, the Grand Duke had a surprise for his little hatter lover. Not only was he free for the entire day, but he was also free the next day. With a soft chuckle from  his lips, he could imagine the look on her face when he told her he could spend the night with her, and it would probably be the cutest expression. Theodore watched as his carriage entered the village, and he could feel his heart give a pitter-patter within his chest, and his hands curled excitedly into his jacket.

Almost there. Almost there.

Theodore nearly jumped out of the coach when it stopped, and he waved them goodbye when the coach turned around to return to the palace. Inhaling sharply, he strutted to the door of the shop, and opened it like he usually did. Smiling from ear to ear, he slipped into the nearly empty shop, and closed the door behind him. He just removed his own hat, tucking it under his arm as he stepped forward, searching about the place.



[]—It was pretty stupid, and as he stared at what he often called his favorite hat, he felt his lips turn down in a deep frown. It took him a lot longer than he cared to admit, but he had taken a hunter’s blade to the top of his hat, cutting a gash into it, and as he did this, he plucked out the thick stitch-work that kept everything together. Theodore huffed at himself, feeling more and more moronic by the minute as he rode his mare into town, damaged hat in hand, and made his way to the little shop.

Was she even going to accept his stupid little lie at face value? Probably not; he wouldn’t even believe it if he hadn’t made it up. Oh, the palace’s armor had snagged on his hat, tearing it open and now it had to be fixed! It was just about the most moronic lie he had ever come up with! Then again, Theodore was not one for lies, and if pressed, he often giggled nervously out some half-ass fib that made him look like a little boy.

Still, determined to make this little plan work, he dismounted from his mare, tied her down firmly to one of the many wooden poles that scattered the little village, and approached her shop. Glancing in the window, he noticed that there were more pre-made hats, which made him assume that business was doing even better than he expected. Smiling, he opened the door and stepped inside, noticing just how cooler it was than outside, and then he called out.

“Mademoiselle Hatter?”

Eyes on You


[♛]—Balls were always a fantastical event.

And they were also a fantastical nightmare to arrange. However, the Grand Duke was proud of his arrangement and how everything looked. The servants were attending to the guests and doing their job dutifully, the food was being prepared as the guests entertained themselves, the guards were keeping a close watch, and (above all) the King looked pleased.

Which meant Theodore was pleased.

And thus he stood off to the side, sipping at his wine and watching the guests. All were dressed to impress–the women showing off what their husbands have bought, the bachelor men trying to get a lady’s attention, and men shuffling off to the other side to chat politics.

Theodore, meanwhile, was looking for a particular someone–someone who had stolen his heart and refused to ever give it back (though, he hardly as against it): Pocahontas.

The young woman had lived here at the palace for sometime, and he had been her instructor at first. Now they were secret lovers playing a game of cat and mouse. She had hidden from him all day, even though he tried his best to search her out. He ached for her touch, and he longed to have her lips upon his. He would get his way once he found her, and it appeared that he had.

He took a sip of his wine, staring at her from across the ballroom floor, and smirked at her. Well, well, there she was. The little darling of his life. Theodore took another drink from his glass and continued to stare at her.

Good Morning, Gothel // Duke and Gothel

Sleep had been a distant thing for him. Most of the night he found himself waking up and often coughing loudly. And now it was morning, bags under his eyes and a dull ache in the middle of his chest, he slowly sipped down steaming hot tea in hopes in clearing his runny nose.

Oh, great, he had caught a cold.

The Duke was positively certain that being outside in the rain had caused this, and the fact that his curse seemed to weaken him against the weather made it all the more worse. Gothel was still asleep, for she wasn’t eating breakfast with the rest of them (and “them” being his royal majesty and his royal highness).

Theodore tried to keep his clearing of his throat and sniffles silent as he ate his hearty, meaty breakfast. He often found himself drinking cup after cup of pipping hot tea in hopes in warming his weary body. The King, and soon the Prince, finished eating and started their day.

The Grand Duke, however, sat in his chair as he consumed yet another cup of tea with added ginger, and breathed in the steam. What followed was a very loud sneeze–one that hurt his chest and gut.

“Ugh, excuse me.”

The Biggest Buck//Duke and Gothel

It was mid-morning when Maximilien proclaimed that they should start hunting. It was a good idea, for lunch would roll by quickly and dinner would be here soon. It was apparent that the three of them had to catch something and give the servants enough time to prepare it and serve it. With a heavy belly, the Duke moved slowly to follow Gothel and Maximilien, who were just before him.

The three of them made their way to the stables, and servants rushed about, preparing the horses and retrieving their guns.

“I’m going to win this, sweetheart,” his brother stated, grinning widely as he looked over Gothel.

He wore his hunter’s outfit: a simple red jacket with white trousers tucked into knee-high boots. The Duke wore something similar, but his coat was coloured with a simple, but lovely shade of pink. Theodore reached up, plucking his monocle from his face and tucked it away in his jacket, to keep it safe, of course.

“I’m the best hunter around these parts. I’d like to see what you can do.”

There was a smug look on his face, and his lips had turned into a large grin as he spoke. Snickering, he turned on his heel as he sprinted to the stables, passing the man-servants as he reached his favorite horse–a hulking brown steed–and began stroking it.

“There’s my boy.”

The steed made a soft sound, flicking his tail as the human next to him stroked his thick neck. Turning, he smiled to his half-brother and Gothel as they approached.

“Go pick out a horse, you two.”

The Engagement Party // Duke and Gothel

It took a while for his extended family to get the message of the engagement party and come to the mansion. Theodore was dressed in his best–but of course he always fussed with it. Smoothing down his front in the full-length mirror, he gazed at his reflection for a bit before giving a huff of annoyance. He tilted his head to the side, and glanced to his lady love.

“D–do I look alright, dear?”

Making another humming sound, he turned back to the mirror and fussed with his clothing again. Then his hair, and then his monocle. The Grand Duke gave a sour frown as he allowed his arms to drop to his side. He wanted to look his best for his family–for some of them, it had been a while since he’d seen them and he didn’t want to look disheveled and nervous.

Giving up, he placed his monocle to his eye and peered at himself in deep thought. He knew for a fact that there would be some members of his family wildly disapproving of his Gothel, but he was determined to keep her honor and fight back. Of course, with that in mind, during the days he thought of what he wanted to say and comebacks; all were a drain on him, and he deeply sighed.

Slippery Slopes//Duke and Gothel

It poured, and the downfall was cold and harsh.

Plip, plop.

The rain sung its song.

Plip, plop.

It was wise for those to stay indoors (well, except the guards, for they had a duty to uphold), but Theodore was outside. Why was the Duke out here, then? Simply lost in thought. He stood by the housing for the royal horses, and there he tended to Juliet. The Duke was obviously in his own little world, where it was just him and his horse. He brushed out her mane with the thick brush about as big as his hand, and he continued his ministrations in silence.

The horse rotated her head around to squarely look at him. She knew that something was troubling her master, but she didn’t understand what it was. Gently, she nudged him with her snout, and nibbled at his sleeve. The Duke stopped combing out her mane, and looked to her with a deep sigh.

“Don’t you mind me.”

His free hand stroked her snout before he returned to brushing out her mane. She made a sound that could have been passed as disapproval, and her human turned to look at her. Lightly smiling, he reached over to scratch under her chin.

“Nothing you have to worry about. I–I just have a lot on my mind.”

And a lot being someone.

The Duke frowned and quicky returned to his work.