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  2. What do you think about muses on Sideblogs? 
  3. Do you have any pets? 
  4. What is your favorite music? 
  5. What do you think about your writting?
  6. If you  face your muse, what would you tell them? 
  7. Do you accept any kind of anons? 
  8. What do you think about people that hates you? 
  9. ( if the mun have a fc ): Why you choose this fc for your use? 
  10. What connect you with your actual muse? 

Hey guys! I’ve got sort of an artsy question to which I’ve tried to find an answer on numerous occasions but every time I couldn’t find any specific or substantial solution. The problem is as follows: I sometimes use markers to cover larger areas while inking because if I had to ink that stuff with an 0.8mm on A3 sized paper I’d go bananas. But, I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that, after a while in storage, there is this strange yellowish ‘print’ that transfers from both back and front of the image onto other pages (I store my stuff stacked one on top of another in a briefcase). It drives me feckin NUTS since I’ve damaged numerous of my both newer and older works this way. I assumed it was the case of shitty markers but, for crying out loud, I’ve noticed even more expensive brands leave this shit behind (except from ProMarkers but they are too expensive for the sole purpose of covering large areas of A3 sheets…)

This is definitely NOT cheeki breeki so I’ll be really grateful for any insight, if someone ever had a similar problem or knows what happens/can offer a solution/change of technique. I believe the cause must be some toxins in the markers themselves, even though most of them are supposedly non-toxic [or so they say on the label]). The last image was inked with archival inks only, so no problems with that one except I’ve barely managed to save it from the yellow stains; it has some markings on the back but it’s manageable as long as the front is clear.

If anyone is able to help I’ll really appreciate since I’ve had quite an artistic breakdown when I saw a lot of my stuff stained and, often, damaged beyond repair. All of this made me stay away from drawing for a while until I can figure something out; my health is a bit better right now but I still can’t sit and draw for longer periods of time so the drawing hiatus, unfortunately, continues, and the ink/material issues are not helping me out to get myself together and start working on paper again…

Anyways, hope you are doing allright everyone!:)

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What’s a cosplay you have always wanted to do? AntiSepticEye

Do you have a word that you really like? Cactus

What is your favorite pokemon? Pikachu

Anything you are currently working on? school work

If you could only eat one food forever what would it be? pineapple pizza

Preffered drink of choice? Tea

One thing from your childhood that you miss that was brought back for today’s generation? Teddy Bear

What is one word you really dislike? Ugly

Your favorite place to relax? The nature

Favorite video game? PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Tell me one thing about you that you’d like me to know. I love people! ^^

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If you were an animal, what kind?

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Relationship status: 
Uppsala University and me have had a difficult romance for a while now.. Apart from that I’m single. 

Lipstick or chapstick? 
Chapstick everyday. I have multiple ones in different bags and pockets! I do like a bright red lipstick though. 

Last song I listened to: 
My spotify has stopped at Paloma Faith’s Can’t Rely on you, and my youtube on Eet, by Regina Spektor. (Not sure which was last) 

 Last movie I watched: 
A friend told me to watch Lost and Delirious, and I am not sure what to say about it.. I saw Hidden Figures at the cinema though and it was MADLY GOOD. 

Top three characters: 
Patsy Mount (She is forever interesting, fantastic and kind) 
Zach (from Goodnight Mr Tom, I thought about him the other day and he was just such a genuine kind-hearted character and a huge part of my childhood!) 
Phyllis Crane (She has had such a massive amount of character development. And I feel like we all need a Phyllis Crane in our lives) 

Top three ships: 
Patsy and Delia (OF COURSE) 
Zach and Will (Because I am thinking about them and they didn’t get enough time) 
Can I say a real couple? Cause @gayhistorians you are ridiculously cute. 
If I can’t then I’ll say Sven and Olaf from Frozen ^^ because I love that film! 

A lot have done this now but @governed-by-sound-reason, @gayhistorians (if you want to) @flyingnonny, @severingsnapes, @puddles-of-pupcake and seriously go one anyone! This is mainly a distraction because soon CTM will be here and aaaaaaaaaaah 

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I was hoping you could help with with a simple marxist economic queston. if one day a capitalist spends $1000 on constant capital $100 on wages and sells the commodity for $1300 the $200 surplus value is created by the worker. If the next day the capitalist gets cheaper materials so that $900 is now the constant capital but sells it at the same price did the worker now create more surplus value ($300) without doing anything new?

this happens all the time in real world competition. new forms of labor-saving machinery are thrown into the process, “fixed” costs are cut in various ways. the capitalist in this instance would be imposing a price which is based not on the value production of an individual factory/business, but on the average productivity (remember social necessity) of all other competing factories/businesses. the capitalist could also lower the price to reflect the change in costs, and this might bring in more customers, but in your hypothetical (which also happens in the real world), the capitalist would probably just be trying to grab at a larger profit than normal before the rest of their industry catches up and the price drops for everyone. this larger profit wouldnt come from actual surplus labor expended but from being at the front lines of competition and cost-cutting before the rest of the industry adjusts similarly to avoid falling behind. 

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Hmmm.. Quizá sea yo, pero.. Estás tratando de responder algunas preguntas junto a las imágenes o no has enlazado ninguna pregunta con algunas imágenes? (no se si me explico😂) lo digo porque algunas imágenes-respuesta no tienen ningún texto-pregunta enlazado (srry que te hable español,si quieres hablo en inglés, lo digo porque así tengo más agilidad en el habla)

[[oh yeah i know some answers dont have questons… on mobile
on the computer you can see the posts perfectly, but i guess the movile app just doesn’t read the posts correctly
man, tumblr’s mobile app is so bad
i’m not sure how to solve it, so i would recommend reading the blog on the computer, sorry]]

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Hi, I'm not sure if I could be Demi/Gray because I never rly wanted to be in a relationship and have sex so badly but I'm not totally against it. I made some research on Demi/Gray sexuality and see some paralles to me in both. Maybe I'm just unsure, because everyone in my family and friends are always asking why I don't have a boyfriend and I startet asking me the same queston. I'm just so confused at the moment. Do you have some advice so order my thoughts? <3

If you think you have some stuff in common with what you read about demisexuals and gray asexuals, it’s like that the labels fit you. Now the question is—do you WANT to use the labels? Do they help you understand yourself better? Do you like the sense of community they may provide? If so, you’re welcome to use them.

Another random game! Type "Lincoln is.." and press the middle button!

Warning: shitpost.

Lincoln is awesome because i didn’t get some more random header i dare Lisa to believe Boddy I made some Loud Sisters are the ones to be insluting, I don’t think anybody who come out of the classroom an hour. I made a drawing! It’s been requested through a great thing. I have been summoned. I made some things anyone about to start out of the school. I have to take yourself to be herself what the heck is a incest shop of you growing up to not give her back and nearly fainted. I made a Melanie and it made a drawing for the loud fanfic right now! It’s funny because i dare you to keep it out idiots I made some Loud Sisters Spit Out Boy Complicated I made some things anyone has woken up. I have to think of a show i didn’t really know that you took I’ve ever heard a knock on the queston I have been requested through the curtains. I made some Loud House things anyone about it either Luan Loud has woken up, I guess this brand I made a drawing! It’s been forever warmed! It’s funny to NOT SILENCED I made some things anyone has a PlayStation and i didn’t get some matching shirts just a notification or anything like THIS ISN’T LOUD WEEK IS SHE SITTING ON HER NECK WHY AM SOOO SORY I made a Melanie and i didn’t really knew who I am so confused plz ask one of Lucy’s bars I made some Loud Sisters are the loud fanfic when the suggested words I have been summoned.

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hear comes a shitton o questons 1 , 2, 4, 6, 19, 29, 36, 41 and 42 mwah lov you as much as a stranger can love another stranger

1. Yep.

2. I’m emo trash. Yep.

4. Yep. When I was 7 with my childhood friend rip.

6. Someone I hate? Myself!

19. That I could have a good life.

29. My ‘internet boyfriend’ from around what? Last year. I still cringe thinking about it.

36. My bad habits are probably just drinking too much on the weekend and getting political anytime I get angry about anything non-political. And thinking it’s 110% okay to indulge in super spicy nachos with spicy salsa whenever the opportunity presents itself.

41. OMG! Me again. I hate/dislike me too!

42. I’m doing pretty good. I’m cuddling with my little weasel of a cat, Pudding.

Omg I luv you too!!!! Thank you!

idk because i’ve been thinking about it a lot here’s a list of wholesome Iyami and sextuplets interactions:

-Iyami loitering around Chibita’s oden stall every night pretending to be there for free food, but in reality it’s one of the few places he can talk Chibita and the sextuplets and it not be weird

-Iyami originally driving around the sextuplets in his van bc he was getting bribes from momma matsuno, but then kinda doing it out of muscle memory and not realising he hasn’t been paid in months

-Iyami and Karamatsu talking about their shared flair for fashion, with Iyami pretending he knows ‘french fashion trends’ and Karamstu just being cringy as usual, they’re both so ignorant on the subject neither queston anything the other says

-for the brief period where Ichimatsu was homeless, Iyami bumping into him and seeing how frightfully thin he is, so giving him basic advice (disguised as a rant) on how to scam food/find shelter ect

-Osomatsu becoming super overwhelmed about being the main protag, and coming to Iyami for advice. Iyami is a bitter asshole at first but after a few drinks they actually have a deep conversation

-Iyami and the sextuplets teaming up against a big bad, the whole time so fixated in defeating the other guys that they don’t realise they work extremely well with each other and have been super chummy

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Hello! I was hoping maybe you know the answer to my queston (or theory). it's not anything big, but I was curous about why Derek's eyes were so firmily on Stiles, while there were literal wonder happening. Like shouldn't he look at Brett guy instead? You can see it here quite clearly here hoechlder(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93207798472. Even light, I think, is meant to empathise something. But I don't really understand what's so important here. And light is important, Jeff once said, right?

Firstly here’s a link to the gifset

I think the answer might tie into the conversation and other things going on in that scene. Let’s ask ourselves the always important question of WHY WAS THIS SCENE INCLUDED?

Stiles: What the hell is happening to this kid? 
Deaton: He’s been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane. I need to make an incision and you need to hold him as still as possible. 
Stiles: Hey, Derek, how about a little werewolf strength? 
Derek: Yeah, I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength. 
Deaton: If you can’t hold him still, the incision might kill him. 
Stiles: Derek, he’s slipping. I don’t think I can hold him. Ah! 
Peter: I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself. 
Derek: Yeah, maybe more than a little. 
Stiles: Hey, Doc, I don’t think he’s breathing. Is he okay? 
Deaton: I think he’ll be fine, but probably out for a while. 
Stiles: Guys, can you hear that? I think he’s saying something. 
Brett: The sun… The moon… The truth… The sun… The moon… The truth… 
Deaton: Three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. It’s Buddhist. 
Peter: Satomi.

This scene gives us both overt and subvert information 

  • How to get the rare wolsbane poison out of a body
  • Peter is strong again. He’s been saying that he’s physically weak since he came back from the dead, in fact he’s taken great care to repeat it several times. This raises the question of HOW he got his strength back and so suddenly.
  • The Satomi buddist mantra is repeated, this will become important later in the season, so great reminder.
  • Derek is losing his strength. His cuts heal more slowly. Stiles clearly notices
  • Derek’s cryptic “I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength” that I believe is at least partly in reference to Stiles, who is managing to hold Brett down rather well considering he’s a werewolf with panic and spasms and Derek is losing his powers. 

I think Derek is perhaps one of the few who has actually noticed that Stiles is stronger than you would expect from a human. They have not spent all that much time together lately (that we know of) and in this scene Stiles comments and notices Derek’s diminishing strength and for the first time Derek actually somewhat cryptically addresses Stiles’ increasing strength. Stiles reaction when he says that is very telling. 

The wonderfully clever, and yet sometimes also frustrating thing about TW is that the dialogue is so layered. We can watch a scene and think we understand what just happened and then you sit down and watch it again and really pay attention to what is said, and it can turn out that it’s worded in such a way that you might not have understood it the right way after all. Or maybe there isn’t a right way - perhaps both ways are true. 

So stiles is slightly baffled that Derek is struggling to hold Brett down. In fact they’re showing about equal strength in this scene. And Derek isn’t fully human yet, he’s just a bit drained at this stage. So this serves to make Stiles aware that all is not well with Derek.

That is the first layer of this scene.

The second alludes to Stiles, but it’s shown indirectly with Derek’s choice of words and hidden behind the easy assumption that he’s referring to Brett. Which of course he also is…. Confused yet? :)  When Stiles requests werewolf strength Derek’s reply is “I’m not the only one here with werewolf strength” which leaves it ambiguous to whom he’s referring.

The obvious interpretation is Brett. But if so why no just say that - “He’s got werewolf strength too”  making it 100 % clear that he’s referring to Brett and not Stiles. But by choosing “I’m not the only one” that leaves three other people in the room to choose from. And he could also mean more than one, as in both Brett and Stiles. We just don’t know. We can’t really be sure. But there’re also the looks exchanged that speak volumes…

And the way Derek barks out “werewolf strength” you can almost hear the sarcastic quote marks.

Remember Derek has been present for a few of Stiles’ show of strength before, and he seems to be the only one (aside from Peter) who keeps an eye on Stiles when shit is going down. 

I seriously googled how to make your bat splinter into a million pieces by hitting something hard, and it’s next to impossible… 

I also googled how long can you thread water while wearing clothes, shoes and holding someone up who’s unable to help in any way. The answer is a depressingly short time. 

In this scene Derek wants Stiles to come and hold down a werewolf who’s about to experience the worst pain he’s ever felt.

It takes two werewolves to hold down the top of Isaac but Stiles is perfectly capable to hold down his feet while Deaton watches the proceedings all zen-like. 

I think the end of the scene where Derek just stares at Stiles mostly in wonder is just that. To Derek the most fascinating thing in that room is Stiles - the person who’s his anchor, and trumps both suspicious uncle and close-to-death teenager.

The lightning is also important in TW. I can’t remember if Jeff or someone else has said this outright, but we’ve tracked the various kids of lightning used in different scenes throughout the series and there is a pattern. Scenes are usually white, gold, blue or turquoise in color, and each convey certain emotions. I won’t get into that in this meta, but I know others have written about it before, but unfortunately I can’t see to find it. 

In this scene what we do notice is the light behind Derek that shines very deliberately onto Stiles. The light beams go out in many directions, but they never reach Deaton, but it’s a direct line between Derek and Stiles. 

In the first one here Derek looks at his arm where the wound heals, albeit slower than usual. His focus is then on Stiles for the rest of the scene. It’s like he’s really seeing him here - like all doubt has been erased. 

I might be reading to much into things as usual. 

Or maybe not

The two gifs above belongs to hoechlder