the question that hunts me forever

13 Reasons Why (Tape 3)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Mary, Sam, John, Cas(mentioned), Jody(mentioned), Claire(mentioned), Alex(mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, mention of death

Word count: 3830

Summary: Mary’s tape hits Dean harder than he expected and he starts to see the people he loves in a different light

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Here it was. Tape 3. Ready in the tape player, but Dean just couldn’t bring himself to listen to it… At least not yet.

There were more things that you left behind that he had thought. First of all there were these tapes and how he found out that you left Sam a note. He wasn’t sure when to start reading it, maybe even just looking at your handwriting would have been too heartbreaking for him to see. Even just holding that paper in his hand and knowing that you once held it in your hand was enough to almost make Dean cry. How could he possibly handle reading the letter? The tapes were killing him already, adding more to that would have been too much for him to take in.

He took the tape player with him. It was inside his duffel bag that he had packed ready for the hunt Sam had found them. “You ready to go?” Sam questioned from the passenger seat in the impala.

Dean had been daydreaming this entire time just thinking about the tapes. “Yeah.”

The drive to Tulsa was around 4 to 5 hours long, a car journey that would probably require talking to each other. Dean wasn’t mad at Sam, and it wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak to his brother but everything just felt too tense and awkward after talking about the tapes so much already.

“So, what did you say this hunt was?” Dean questioned after they had been driving for over an hour.

“Well-” Sam started as he pulled out the newspaper from his duffel bag, “-it seems to me like a demon case, but I could be wrong. There’s nothing on here about sulphur so it could be case of ghost possession. But I could be wrong, we’ll see when we get there.“

Dean listened to what Sam said but the words went through one ear and out of the other. He didn’t care about this damn hunt, his mind was on the tapes and he couldn’t stop thinking about them.

“How far are you?” Sam asked. The subject always had to be the tapes, didn’t it?

“Why does it matter? I’m the last one on the tape anyway so I don’t have to pass them on,” Dean replied, keeping his eyes on the road to avoid having to see the judgemental look from his brother.

“Because once you’ve heard them all we can do something about a few of the people on them,” Sam answered as if it was obvious. “Who’s are you up to? Are you on yours?”

“No I’m not on mine!” Dean hissed. He concentrated on the road hard to make sure he looked like he was only focused on driving.

“Then who’s? Have you heard Cas’ tape yet?” Sam questioned which caused Dean to press his foot harshly on the breaks.

“Cas is on the tapes?” He shouted angrily as his look shot to his brother. “Are you fucking kidding me?”’

“Dean, calm-” Sam started to speak but was quickly cut off by Dean’s rage.

“Sammy, I swear if you tell me to calm down.” He shook his head with closed eyes. His voice was steady but angry which was even scarier than when he screamed at Sam.

“Look, I’m sorry, OK?” Sam apologised. “I thought maybe you had listened to a few more.”

“Which tape is Cas’?” Dean asked with his car still pulled over in the middle of an empty highway.


“Ten?” Dean repeated with a loud voice. “I’m not that far! Why are these tapes so easy for everyone else to listen to? I haven’t even started tape three yet!”

“You’re going slower that everyone else, but it’s only because you care about her,“ Sam concluded.

“What, Cas didn’t?” Dean shot back before starting up the car again. He drove slower this time, he didn’t wanna pull over again when driving so fast.

“Of course he did. He still does, but not many people on the tapes did. Only a few of you cared,” Sam explained. “People like you, and Cas. But then there’s Crowley.”

“Crowley’s a dead man,” Dean snapped. “I mean it, when I see him next I’m gonna torture him for months and then drive Ruby’s knife into his heart so hard that not even Hell will be able to save him from what’s coming.”

“Crowley isn’t the only one you’re going to hate after listening to them,” Sam admitted with a quiet voice. “I know that you’re angry at dad.”

“Angry at him, yes,” Dean repeated, “hate him? No.”

“Look, we know everyone on these tapes and we care about most of them,” Sam explained. “It’s gonna be hard to hear them, because they will change the way you see people. Especially this one.“

“Especially this one? What the hell does that mean?!” Dean demanded.

“I told you, you just have to listen to the-”

“Wait a second,” Dean said, coming to a sudden realisation. “Are these tapes the reason you’re all avoiding going to Jody’s?”

Sam swallowed thickly. He had already said too much by saying that Cas was on the tapes.

“Is Jody on the tapes?!” Dean demanded. “Or… Is it Claire? Or Alex?”

“You need to stop asking questions, listen to the tapes,” Sam finished. No matter what was said now Sam would have ignored him so Dean just didn’t bother to reply.

His thoughts for the rest of the drive were on Jody. It couldn’t be her on the tapes, it must have been Claire or Alex. Maybe it was Claire and Alex… You always did have a bumpy relationship with the two girls. Dean always guessed it was because you were all the same age, but maybe there was more to the story.

Before Dean knew it, they had arrived at the motel and checked in. He wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing but it was such a natural occurrence it didn’t take much thought.

Once they were checked in they went to the house where the victim had died to ask his wife a few questions. They knocked at the door and were greeted by a woman with tears still streaming down her face.

“I’m Agent Stills, this is Agent Collins,” Sam spoke professionally. “We’d like to ask you a few questions.”

“Of course,” she sniffled as she invited them in.

They sat on the couch opposite her and began to ask the usual questions. The funny smells, cold spots, strange noises and all that. She did say it felt a little chilly when she arrived home. She was at the hospital that day having another pregnancy scan because she was over the due date.

Sam and Dean thought how heartbreaking that must have been for her, having her husband die just before she had their baby.

“We’re very sorry for your loss,” Sam Finished. He passed her his card and told her to call if she had anything else to tell them. Once they were done talking to the wife of the victim, they headed back to the motel.

Dean sat on his bed with his duffel bag on Sam’s bed. He just stared at it knowing that those damn tapes were inside there, ready to be listened to. Sam sat at the table on his laptop doing research for the case. “Dean,” he said, but Dean didn’t answer.

“Hey!” Sam repeated as he threw a screwed up piece of newspaper at his brother. “What are you thinking about?”

“What do you think?” Dean replied without moving his eyes away from the bag.

Sam sighed, “I’m gonna swing by the diner, wanna come with?”

“I think I’ll stay here,” Dean snapped. Once again, his eyes never left the bag. Sam said something before leaving but Dean ignored him just like he had been for most of the day. He couldn’t be bothered to listen to what he had to say, all that mattered was the tapes.

And he repeated it once again, just like a mantra. Pick up the tapes, but the headset on, press play. Your cold voice spoke through the headphones and into Dean’s ears.

“I never realised how much a persons life could be affected just by the opinion of another,” you said to start off the tape. “Sure, there’s that saying that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’, but seriously… Words tear our brains apart. Broken bones are just a physical pain that can pass, but our emotions and the way people make us feel stays with us forever.”

* * *

Three days had passed since your mother had died and you hadn’t even seen John or Mary. After you left they took off on the hunt you were looking at in the newspaper and left Sam and Dean behind which meant only they showed up when you called.

When they took you back to the bunker you started to question things in your mind. Dean was 38 and Sam was 34, they were old enough to look after you, so why did they have to live with John? Why couldn’t they kick John and Mary out of the bunker? You knew they were so excited because your dad was back and their mom was back too- but were they really needed?

John and Mary were planning on coming back to the bunker again, still unaware that you had returned. Sam and Dean had no idea how to tell them what had happened so they just waited for them to return.

Your brothers were always so kind to you. As soon as you returned to the bunker they made sure you were ok, they took you to your room to make sure you got some sleep and enough food and water when you woke up. And as annoying as it got, they constantly explained to you how hard this life was and how hard things can be, and that if you really wanted to they could send you to live with a woman they knew called Jody. She had two other girls staying with her, Claire and Alex, and she set them both up at school.

Their offers were kind, they didn’t care about what they wanted, they just wanted you to be happy.

It was around 4pm when John and Mary came home to the bunker. You sat in the library and impatiently waited for them to notice you. You were worried to say the least, the last time you saw John things got really bad. His words hurt you, they would stay with you until the day you died.

* * *

“Hey,” Sam said as he walked through the door with a takeout burger in a box for Dean. “I got you some food.”

Dean paused the tape to listen to his brother. He took it back off again, it was still so hard to listen to.

Sam threw the box to Dean, sat at the table and opened up his laptop. “I’m gonna do some research on the case and this town, can you check out some lore?“

“Sure,” Dean nodded before pulling an old book out to see if any of the descriptions matched the deaths of the victims that had lived in that house over the years. They all died exactly the same way so there must have been some kind of explanation. He ate his burger within minutes, just like he always did. Everything felt like such a rush unless it was hunting.

Hours and hours had passed before they finally came to the conclusion that it was a Pontianak. It was some kind of ghost that died when they were pregnant and went after men with pregnant wives.

The case was all a bit strange, but nonetheless, it was a case. People were dying and it was their job to save them.

Thinking that way broke Dean’s heart because there was only one persons life that he wanted to save… But it was too late for that.

* * *

John and Mary looked at you as they passed Sam and Dean. “Y/N?” John asked. He didn’t seem angry, but not exactly happy either.

“We didn’t want to worry you while you and mom were hunting,” Dean began to explain. “But something bad happened… Y/N’s mom was murdered.”

“What?” Mary gasped. “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry.”

Mary spoke softly to you as she took a seat next to you and rested her hand on your shoulder. “What happened? Did you see anything?”

“No,” you lied with a shake of your head. “She just, I got home and she was dead. The demon attacked me but I didn’t get a good look, it all happened so fast.”

“So, are you moving back here?” John asked.

“I know you don’t want me here,” you looked down. “After what you said-”

“I didn’t mean it, Y/N. I’m sorry that I sent you away,” he apologised. It wasn’t enough that he was sorry for sending you away; you knew that he didn’t love you the same amount that he loved Sam and Dean and that telling you to leave didn’t affect him.

“Sam suggested me going to live with Jody,” you replied as you wiped your tear away quickly. He already thought you weren’t as strong as the rest of them, but you couldn’t show weakness, even if it was one of the hardest moments you ever had to go through.

“I think that’s a great idea,” John agreed. Now you were sure that he meant what he said when he told you to leave. He just wanted to be kind to you right now because you were in pain. For a second, you thought that maybe he was sending you away to protect you, but the thought was quickly pushed to the side when you remembered how angry he was towards you when he kicked you out of the motel.

“Oh, I don’t know if I want to,” you admitted. “I mean, I want to stop the world from having to deal with deaths because of monsters. I know I can never get mine back but I could stop people from losing their mothers and that’s enough for me. I want to continue hunting,” you spoke with a strong voice as you stood from your chair. “You’re all good hunters, you can teach me.”

Dean smiled. He loved seeing this side of you, you took charge and told them what was happening. No more crap about, ‘maybe next time’ or ‘you need a different life’. If you wanted a different life you would have taken it but this was your decision. Not John’s or Mary’s or Sam’s or Dean’s. It was time for you to make your own decisions.

* * *

Sam and Dean decided to check the house out at night. The woman had gone into hospital to give birth and the boys wanted to go back to the house and kill the Pontianak. They figured the house being empty would be a good opportunity to get the job done.

Dean went inside first, his flashlight stopped working the second he set foot in the living room. From their research they knew who the Pontianak was, they just didn’t know where she was buried. The Pontianak was once a woman called Jane White that lived in the house hundreds of years ago. They figured there would be something that would tell them where she was buried.

* * *

A few months had passed since you moved back into the bunker and things were going well. John seemed to adapt to you being around and although you still knew he didn’t like you, it was something you had to move past.

You sometimes had those moments where you would share a father/daughter bond, and in those times you felt happy. But afterwards you would just remember what it was really like and that you just had to keep a work relationship.

The boys were still the boys. Very loving and very protective, but you could also mess around, laugh and actually have some kind of relationship with them. There were a few snappy moments here and there but apart from that things were fine. They were going great.

But as soon as things got better, they got worse once again.

* * *

Sam checked down in the basement for clues while Dean stayed in the living room and waited for her to show. He put salt on all the windows and doors.

He felt a sudden chill as she appeared in the living room

“Dean,” Sam shouted up the stairs. “She’s buried in the basement, I just have to break through this wall.”

“Hurry, Sammy,” Dean replied as he picked up his gun and shot the Pontianak with rock salt.

The hunt was fairly simple. Sam burned the body, the spirit was gone and no one else had to die. The next day they packed up their things, got in the impala and drove off back home to the bunker.

The hunt wasn’t enough for Dean. He really wanted something he could stab, shoot, fight or punch. Dean needed to let go of all his rage and hunting seemed like the only way… He needed something bigger than this.

Sam was still tired on the way home and ended up falling asleep, so Dean continued with the tape while he was driving.

* * *

It was around 9AM on a Monday morning when you came into the bunker kitchen. You heard yelling on your way down and wondered what the hell was going on. No one had argued for a while, maybe it was just something that needed to happen.

“She has to go!” You heard John shout. You felt a twinge of panic in your stomach as he spoke, you really thought things between you and John were getting better.

“I thought you were past this, dad!” Sam yelled. “Christ, what is your problem?”

“Your mom doesn’t want her here either. It makes her uncomfortable to know that Y/N’s my child but not hers,” John revealed.

* * *

“Welcome to your tape, Mary.”

Dean, once again, was shocked by what he had heard on this tape. Mary was involved? She was uncomfortable with you living with them? Dean always thought that Mary loved you like the daughter she never had. He always thought that, to her, you were one of the Winchesters. That was another misjudgment he had made about his family. Where do their loyalties lie? Can he really trust them?

* * *

You didn’t want to hear anymore, so you stepped into the kitchen. Sam’s eyes shot to you and John followed. “Y/N…” John spoke.

“Thank you for being honest,” you simply replied. “I’m glad I know where we stand. John.”

“Wait,” he tried to explain but you had already wondered off. This was all probably just a misunderstanding. Maybe Mary always wanted a daughter and she was upset that you weren’t really hers. She was such a kind woman from what you knew, she comforted you when you lost your mom and treated you so well. You wanted to make her feel like she didn’t have to be uncomfortable with you.

“Mary,” you smiled as you stepped into the library.

“Oh,” she replied with tense shoulders. “Hi, Y/N.”

“So, listen. John told me that you feel uncomfortable with me around because I’m not your daughter,” you said, getting straight to the point. You folded your arms and Mary looked shocked at your words. “I’m not mad. But Mary, I see you like a mother. You’re not just Sam and Dean’s mom, you’re mine too.”

You stood there for a second and waited for her reaction. You didn’t know what to expect yet what she did still surprised you. She laughed.

“Oh, Y/N,” she continued to laugh. “You think I want you to be my daughter?”

“What?” You questioned as you unfolded your arms and dropped them to your sides. “Mary-”

“Thank you for that, I really needed that,” she replied with her final laugh. “You see, I’m not uncomfortable with you because I wish you were my daughter. I’m uncomfortable to know that you are John’s mistake. He didn’t love your mother… He only slept with her because I was dead.”

Her words hit you. You never expected her to say anything like this. You wanted to reply but you were frozen in shock.

“So,” she continued as she stood up and spoke so close to your face that you could feel her breath. “Sam and Dean are my children and John is my husband. I don’t need you coming in and messing up my family. You can stay, I can’t make you go, but don’t think for a second that you are my daughter, you never will be. You’d be better off dead.”

* * *

“I don’t remember everything that you said, but a lot of it stayed with me. I remember you saying that I’m not a really Winchester and that I messed up your family. I remember you calling me ‘John’s mistake’. But the thing that hurt me most was when you said that I’m not your daughter and I never will be, that I would be better off dead.”

If only there was a way to explain how angry Dean was. How could Mary say that to you? How could she make you feel so worthless? To tell you that you were better off dead could have been the first thing to give you the idea that death was an option.

“My message in this, ladies and gentlemen, is to be careful what you say to people. To you it may seem like you’re just getting your point across, but to the person on the other end it could quite literally feel like the end of their world. Mary, I want you to know how badly that scarred me, how much it hurt to know that a few months after I lost my real mother, the closest thing I had to one didn’t love me. You never wanted me, and that’s when I began to feel like I didn’t belong anymore.”

That was it. The end of tape 3. This changed the way Dean felt about everyone on there. He was furious with his dad, he was ready to kill Crowley, and when he next say Mary- well, he’s not going to keep his feelings to himself.

It seemed so unlike Mary to say anything like that. There must have been a reason. Something must have happened to cause her to act that way. But that didn’t matter to Dean, all he knew was that she said it and it was way out of line.

But, then again, she should have thought about that before she became one of the reasons why.

Bite Me (The Epilogue)

Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warnings: slight angst, some fluff, some feels, and crying from the author because she can’t believe it’s really over

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 2,008

A/N: And here it is. The final part of my first ever fanfic series. To each and every one of you who have joined me on this adventure, thank you. Thank you for your likes, your comments, your reblogs, and your overall encouragement for this story. I have loved writing every word and feel blessed to be able to share it with you all. To Lee and Han, my sole sister and writing soulmate, I love you both dearly and am constantly blessed by your support and love. Thank you both for helping this series reach its fullest potential. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12) (Part 13) (Part 14) (Part 15) (Part 16) (Part 17)

I watched as each breath I took created a small ghost that drifted in front of my face before disappearing. I shifted my feet in the snow, the movements accompanied by soft crunches as the icy state was padded down, and rested a hand on the squirming bundle of fur that was trying its best to sit still beside me.

“It’s ok, Zuri. We’re home now.”

The first place I had gone after I left the Winchesters was to my roots, my origins, the rebuilt frame of a house that I had once lived in and had been taken from. I had talked to Dean about my past, but I never went into the specifics. I knew it would be a place he couldn’t find me, and I also knew that the proper way to finish any story was to start at the beginning.  

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He loves me, he loves me not

Summary: You always thought your feelings towards your brother were wrong and one-sided. Little do you know he feels the same way about you.
Pairing: Castiel x Angel!Reader
Word counting: 520+
Warnings: Maybe… Angst? And kinda of incest if you squeeze it and consider it is incest if an angel is in love with other angel. Angelcest.

(He Loves me, He Loves me Not Masterlist)

Originally posted by subcas

You were an angel of the Lord living on Earth for thousands of years, guarding humans who deserved it from time to time, but hiding for the most part of it. You haven’t be in heaven in thousands of years, afraid of them to know the truth about you and your feelings towards your own brother. 

Against every odd, against every implied rule, you were in love with Castiel, your brother, ever since you were decades old, learning your duties with him in heaven. For centuries you’ve hidden your feelings from him under his nose, but a time came when you couldn’t look at him and not desire him anymore, so you ran away.

Thousands of years later, you were hiding among humans when you lost your grace and encountered him again. Now, you were in the bunker, living with the Winchesters and Castiel, saving the world from monsters and demons and deceiving your feelings once again.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice.

Silently, you appeared in the room with a flap of your wings, surprising the Winchester.

“You could have just walked here” He stated. “You angels…”

You ignored his complains.

“Is my assistance needed?” 

Sam nodded quickly, showing you a book. 

“Do you know anything about this symbol?”

When you leaned down, Sam’s hand touched your wrist softly, and you felt Cass’ eyes lading where your skins touched each other.

“It looks Hindu.” You decided after a long look, and used your grace to bring a pair of books you knew could help to the table. “Here. Those books may have an answer.”

You sat by his side, grabbing one of them and opening it.

Castiel watched as you read beside he younger Winchester. Sam was always showing affection towards you, and the angel didn’t feel good about. There was something about him touching his sister that made him bothered and angry, but he didn’t want to think about the reason.

“Am I the only one seeing it?” Dean called his attention.


Dean rolled his eyes.

“My brother and your sister.” He pointed. “They are a match.”

Castiel frowned.

“No, they’re not.” He spat back, standing up and leaving you three alone in the map room. 

A small amount of angels had relationships with other angels. Once, that was a taboo, but centuries after you left heaven it had slowly become normal. But it didn’t change the fact that he was ashamed of his feelings for you; not because they were wrong, but because he thought you would never see him like more than just another brother.

See you with Sam… It was painful. It made him want to take you in his arms and fly away so you could be alone together. 

“Castiel?” He heard you for a moment inside his head. “Is there any problem? You looked disturbed.” 

“No, sister.” He lied. “I’m just intrigued by the hunt.”

You stood in silence for a long moment before answering. 

“Do you trust me, brother?” 

Castiel was surprised by the question.

“With my life.” He didn’t hesitate.

Your next words and the sad tone in your voice echoed painfully inside him.

“Then why do lie to me?” 

To that, he had no answer.

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Destiel AU: Sleepy Dean

Okay so last night I had a Destiel dream and I suck at drawing so if someone wants to complete my life and draw this for me I would cry and thank you forever…
So after a hunt Dean and Cas are tired af so Sam gets in the drivers seat of Cas’ truck and Dean is holding the door open for Cas to get in the middle but Cas climbs in the back of the truck instead. Sleepy Dean doesn’t have the energy to ask why so he just gets in the passenger side and puts his hand out the window to hold Cas’ hand. Sam see’s this and instead of questioning it he thinks “finally” and just smiles and drives home. Once they get back to the bunker Cas decides to help Dean to his room where as soon as his head hits the pillow Dean falls asleep. Cas crawls into bed next to Dean, kisses the back of his neck and holds his sleeping hunter in his arms. Sam passes Dean’s door and stops to look at them. Biggest fuckin smile on Sam’s face as he sneaks a picture then slowly closes the door.

Amnesia part 3

This is a direct continuation of ‘ Amnesia part 1’ and ‘ Amnesia part 2.

This is a brand new chapter so do check it out! ;)

I’ve done a minor edit on the last paragraph of ‘ Amnesia part 2’ to make it a smooth transition to this part. Also I’ve changed the gestational age of the baby’s birth to 8 months so she’s only borderline premature.

And again thanks to the lovely @jia911 for taking the time out from her busy schedule to proofread for me. You’re the best!! <3

Hope you enjoy! :)

Suddenly Amelia’s blue eyes opened and she looked straight at him.

Owen’s heart leapt with joy as a stray tear rolled down his cheek. He thought he would never see those eyes again. The powers above have answered his prayers after all!

’ Amelia’ Owen whispered , his voice full of emotion as he gently took her hands in his. ’ You’re awake! Thank God. Please don’t do this to me ever again,you hear me? I need you, our daughter needs you.’

Amelia just stared at him, with a frightened and confused expression on her face.

‘Our daughter?’ she croaked. ’ What are you talking about? Where am I?’

Owen’s heart sank to the bottom of his chest.

He hoped against hope that she was just playing one of her infamous games again- and that the next moment she would show her infectious dimpled smile and proclaim that she was just kidding.

But Amelia had this look of fear in her eyes which he had never seen before. She was scanning the room frantically, as if desperately searching for a familiar face.

‘ Amelia’ Owen whispered, placing his hand gently on her arm. ‘It’s me. Owen. Your husband. You’re in a hospital- you have been in a car accident.’

Amelia flinched a little at the contact, and looked at him, her blue eyes widened and darkened with fear.

‘ You’re lying, Hunt. You’re just a colleague, not my husband.’ she cried out in a hoarse voice, pushing his hand away.

She pressed the nurses call button and soon several nurses rushed into her room.

‘ Help!’ Amelia croaked, pointing at Owen. ‘Please just get him out of here!’

Owen sank further in the bedside chair, feeling his heart break. What the hell happened? This was not the wife he knew and loved.

‘ I think it’s best if you vacate the room now Dr. Hunt.’ one nurse suggested softly as the other nurses looked on sympathetically. ‘ She’s not in the right condition to see you now- maybe you can come back when she gets better.’

Owen left the room with his head bowed down in dejection as Amelia turned her head in the opposite direction, refusing to look at him.

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Jess’ Hunter Celebration

To celebrate me hitting 500 followers, I’m hosting a writing challenge. I feel blessed to have each and every one of you following me. Thank you for all of your love and support - my lovelies truly are the best.

This challenge is meant to be just that - a challenge.

Send me 3 random numbers. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are as long as they’re all different.

Using your numbers, I’ll send you a hunting partner, a monster to hunt, and a weapon to hunt it with.

I’ve got 20 spots for this, so first come first serve ;)

The Guidelines:

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You Promised me Forever

A/N: Something that happened when I couldn’t sleep… Thanks for betaing this @thorne93.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: All the ANGST. Character death.

Wordcount: 730

*not my GIF*

Originally posted by firsthybridfamily

I have never believed in love, at least not in this life, not as a hunter. The few people I’ve known to have that has lost it, brutally, bloody. No, I have never believed in love, not until the day I met Dean Winchester.

It started for us with a simple arrangement, a kind of friends with benefits deal where we would share a night of passion and comfort whenever we worked a case together. After a while it evolved to texts and phonecalls, and one day we found ourselves going out of our way to spend some time together. I worked more and more cases with the Winchester brothers and within a year of our first night together I found myself living in the bunker with them.

I knew long before then that I loved him, maybe I even knew after that first night, but much like Dean I didn’t think I deserved love. We struggled with findinding our pace me and him. Equally stubborn, equally broken by this life. But somehow we managed and we found what we needed, what we had longed for, in each other. It was like the pieces of our broken souls fit perfectly together.

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Dean Winchester X Reader: Please Don’t Leave

Summary: The reader tries to help out on a hunt, but gets hurt. Dean and the reader fight, it ending with her wanting to leave.

Warnings: Verbal fight, minor gore from injury

Word Count: 930

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @lucifer-in-leather, @outsidersimagines57, @nea90sweetie, @trumpetsaretheworst, @hey-nice-assbutt, @kittenofdoomage, @angelkurenai, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @nichelle-my-belle, @oriona75, @supernatural-jackles

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(Y/n) sat in the backseat of the Impala, she watched as Dean’s jaw clenched and unclenched. His knuckles became white from holding the steering wheel. She looked over to Sam, he was uncomfortably shifting in his seat, giving nervous glances towards Dean every once and awhile, he knew what was coming next. (Y/n) braced herself. There were a few more minutes of uncomfortable silence, before Dean exploded.

“What the hell were you thinking?! You could have gotten yourself, or Sam and I killed! Do you even have a brain inside that head? I told you to stay in the car, but no, you just had to come charging in and screw up everything! You have to stick to the plan (Y/n)! If you don’t, you’re going to get someone killed!”

“Dean, I’m sorry-”

“Saying you’re sorry isn’t enough! What if someone had died? If you had just stuck to the plan, you wouldn’t be bleeding out in the back of my car!”

“Dean I said I’m sorry, just drop it”

“I won’t ‘just drop it’, do you understand what you did?”

“I understand perfectly Dean, now just drop it, we can finish this conversation later”

“We can finish this conversation now!”

“I said drop it Dean”

Dean was about to respond, before shutting his mouth, and concentrating on the road. Soon, they arrived back at the bunker. (Y/n) quickly got out of the Impala, and made her way inside. She walked past her shared room with Dean, and toward her old room. She had just turned the doorknob when she remembered her bag was still in the trunk of the Impala. She quickly made her way back out, hoping to spare another fight with Dean, she was almost back, when she heard Dean’s voice in the garage. She stopped and listened to the conversation.

“Sam we really need to talk about (Y/n)”

“What about her Dean?”

“I don’t think she should hunt with us anymore, it’s obvious she isn’t cut out for the job and-”

(Y/n) backed away from the garage, she stumbled back to her room, and quickly shut and locked the door behind her. She went into the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed. She took off her shirt, cleaned and stitched her wound, wrapped it, and changed into clean clothes. She had just stepped out of the bathroom when she heard a loud knock at the door.

“(Y/n) let me in”

She sighed, before walking to the door.

“Leave me alone Dean, it’s not like you want me here anyway! All I do is screw things up. I’ll be gone by morning”

(Y/n) walked away from the door, and toward the closet, she had left all of her clothes in her old room, not wanting to clutter up Dean’s room. She began pulling out her clothes, and putting them into a bag. She planned to be long gone by the time the boys woke up the next morning. While walking around the room, she ran into the desk in the corner of the room, she cried out in pain, as her new wound was struck. She took deep breaths to try and relieve the pain, but her attempts were unsuccessful. Seconds later, the door was broken down, and there stood a very worried Dean Winchester, he looked around the room, before realizing that (Y/n) was the only one in the room. He walked over to her and looked her up and down, he saw that she was holding her side, where blood had leaked through the bandages. He led her to the bathroom, where he inspected the wound, she had ripped her stitches out when she hit the desk. Dean pressed gauze to the wound to try and stop the bleeding, and began to prepare to re stitch the wound. After he finished, Dean cleaned the blood off of his hands and started to leave the room when he saw (Y/n)’s partially packed bag. He looked at her,

“You- you were serious about leaving?”

“Yes, it’s clear to me that I’m not wanted nor needed here”

“I need you here”

“No you don’t! I heard you earlier, when you were talking to Sam. I’ll be gone by tomorrow”

“Please don’t go”

“I’m leaving Dean, you and Sam will be alright without me”

(Y/n) went to the closet and continued pulling her clothes out. Dean just watched her with empty eyes, it wasn’t until (Y/n) tried to push past him to walk out the door that he came back to reality of the fact that she was about to leave, walk out of his life forever. The only question was, was he going to let her go? Dean made a quick decision, grabbing (Y/n)’s arm before she could get out the door. She looked at him with sad eyes,

“Let me go Dean”



“Please don’t leave me, I need you”

“But what you said-”

“I just didn’t want you getting hurt, I want to keep you safe, and if you are out hunting with us… I-… I can’t guarantee that you will be safe”

“I know Dean, but I want to help people, you can’t keep me hidden away”

“I know. I’m sorry baby. Please stay?”

(Y/n) dropped her bag to the ground, soon after, she felt strong arms wrap around in a tight hug. (Y/n)’s arms wrapped around Dean, she closed her eyes and breathed in his scent. This was where she belonged.

Bobby X Reader (father/daughter relationship)

Request: An imagine where the reader has to get used to having a serious permanent limp caused by a bad hunt resulting in the reader unable to hunt ever again. Bobby helps the reader through it because he was once disabled and knows what it’s like to feel like giving up on life when he couldn’t hunt.

Request: Hey could you write a fic where the reader is the niece of bobby and she meets sam and dean after he is paralyzed? Thank you

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The Divided bride - Part 2
  • +18 Content. Part 2 of 3, first person perspective
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Loki and Thor, OFC
  • Genre: Romance and smut
  • Summary: A young Asgardian noblewoman is supposed to become married to Thor, son of Odin. But her heart belongs to another man…

Read Part 1 here.

Numerous times in our childhood I had watched Loki work his magic, in ways as manifold as they were different. He enchanted a boar once and gave him the ability to run twice as fast as nature had made him able to, only to make it impossible for Thor to hunt the animal down and catch it. When we lay together some evenings and he read to me, he let the book float in the air above us not to have to hold the heavy, often leather-bound item and to have his hands free to take sips from his glass or to place himself in a comfortable position. Harmless little magic tricks were those back then; but what he attempted to do to me now was far from harmless - quite the opposite.

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He wasn’t buying it. But you had to try. The hunt was crazy and not to be dramatic but you were bleeding internally, or so you felt like.

“Dean.. I’m serious. I just went to visit some family.”

“Bullshit Y/N. You don’t have any family.” Dean was pissed, but so could You.

“Excuse me but you don’t know me that well. You have no right.” That was not called for. Yes, the life made it hard to see them but you still talked.

“Listen Y/N, if you went on the hunt just say so. Stop lying to my face.” Dean was not impressed. But he looked more concerned than angry. And you understood. Somewhat at least as your relationship wasn’t really defined. Together or friends? The big question that you both avoided.

“I just want you to be safe Y/N.. Just please.” His expression forever worried.

“Fine.” You were stubborn. And it made life so much harder for you both.

You took off your jacket and immediately Dean was by your side. Your entire shirt covered in blood. Okay, so maybe you were bleeding. But his eyes were too addicting for you to feel anything.

Helping you clean up, he made sure you laid down in your bed and sat next to you.

“I don’t want to be touchy feely or anything but I do really care for you Y/N. Just don’t go alone. You mean too much.” His words made you melt. Maybe you were more. But that’s a question for another night.


Request- Hey carol I was hoping you can do my request. So I was hoping if you could write an imagine for me where you are in love with Lucifer and one day you confess. Over the years your his queen but one day you die. So it’s been years and one day you go to hell to see Lucifer and be reunited

A/N- HEEEY!!! I had to do it! This was soo much like my little drabble thing! It’s a prequel to it! and the ending connects! I’m honestly surprised that it was more than 2000 words cause it sure as hell didn’t feel like it hahaha OKAY Any who! Tell me what you think! x)

Lucifer x Reader

Drabble that I’m talking about

Word Count- 2178

“H-Hey Lucifer! How’s it going?” you ask cheerfully.

“Y/N? What’re you doing here? I thought I told you not to come here anymore,” He said wanting to sound angry but he’s secretly glad that you’re here.

“If you didn’t want me to come then why are you still in this house and not in hell?” you questioned.

“I still have business here,” he responded rather quickly. He seemed his normal confident self but deep down he was all torn up. He had convinced himself that he had to distance himself from you.

“Well I have business with you,” you tell him in all seriousness.

He was confused, “What is your business with me?” he questioned.

“I-” you start but stop yourself from saying more.

“You what?” he asked, a bit curious but mostly afraid of what you want to say.

You stared at him while biting your lower lip. You steeled yourself, “I love you,” you said, closing your eyes tightly, not wanting to see his reaction. His silence was too painful so you slowly opened your eyes. He seemed shocked. His mouth was slightly open and he was staring blankly in your direction. “Luci?” you called out.

“No…” he finally said.

“No?” you inquired, not understanding what he was saying.

“No… You don’t love me… You don’t know… You can’t. You can’t love me,” he told you.

“What? Would you mean I can’t love you?” you inquire with a broke voice.

“Y/N… I’m Lucifer… The DEVIL. I specialize in torcher and misery! Just being around me is dangerous. Loving me is… Loving me is the stupidest thing you could do! Loving me is suicide!” he shouted.

“Don’t you think I know that?! I know it’s stupid! I know it’s dangerous! I know that you torcher people and that you hate humans! I know I’m supposed to hate you! I know! I know… but… I can’t! I don’t choose who I love and even if I did I’d still pick you!” you shouted at him, your voice gradually becoming softer.

He was shocked. He tries and he tries but he just can’t get you away from him, and although this makes him happier than anything, it also scared him. “Y/N,” he whispers.

You walk over to him, “Let me be with you. Let me… stay by your side. Even if you don’t want me here. I just… Please.”

He places his hand on your cheek, “Y/N… that’s just it… I love you too and I want you with me forever but… I don’t want you to be there when… when I have to do horrible things. When I torcher and mess with people’s minds. I don’t want you to hate me, like the rest of the world.”

You look into his eyes with a sad smile, “That’ll never happen,” you tell him.

He smiled and leaned in to give you a soft peck on your lips. “Then,” he starts, “Will you consider becoming my queen?”

You smiled, “I’ll be whatever I need to be in order to stay with you forever.”

He kissed you again with more passion, with more hunger. He can finally give into this love of his. He can finally let himself love you and stay with you.

Three year later~

You were in hell’s throne room with Lucifer when a demon walked in.

“What is it?” Lucifer questioned.

He bowed, “This news is for the queen sire.”

“For me?” you questioned, a bit surprised.

“Yes Mistress. Word has gone around that the Winchesters are looking for you. It seems they need your help with a hunt,” he said.

You looked over toward your husband. You don’t want to leave but you want to help your friends.

He sighed, “Don’t give me that look,” he said as he waved the demon away. He looked at you, “You can go if you want.”

“But…” you mutter.

“You’ll regret it if you don’t go and you know it. Just go. I’ll be here when you come back,” he told you.

You smile and stand from your seat and sit on his lap. You wrap your arms around the back of his neck and kiss him. You smile into the kiss as you felt him smile. “You know me so well,” you say.

“Of course I do. Someone had to learn to put up with you,” he joked.

You lightly punch his shoulder, “Say you!” You stood up, “I’ll come back right away!”

He waved goodbye “Keep your ring with you alright. It lets me know that you’re safe,” he said as you nod. You snapped your fingers and disappeared.

You appeared outside a motel room. You knocked twice and Sam opened the door right away. “Hi Sam! I heard you guys need me for a hunt?” you say as you walk in.

“Y/N? What? How did?” he questioned as he stuck his head out of the room to check for others before closing the door.

Dean who was in the bathroom, came out and was startled when he saw you, “Y/N?”

“Hey Dean,” you wave.

“Y/N where have you-” Dean starts but stops when he noticed your ring. “You got hitched? Did you quit being a hunter?” he questioned.

“What? Y/N if we knew we wouldn’t have-” Sam starts but you stop him.

“It’s alright guys. I technically haven’t quit since I still do hunts every now and them but… yeah… I’m married now…” you end with a small voice, knowing that they’d disapprove.

“So it’s true then?” Dean questioned with a serious voice.

“What?” you say nervously.

Sam sighed, “You married Lucifer…” he mumbled.

Your eyes went wide, “How did you know?”

“Crowley told us,” Dean answered.

“Crowley?” your eyes narrowed. Lucifer has been looking for Crowley for some time now. “You know where Crowley is?”

“Yeah. We do but-” Sam started.

“I know. I know. You aren’t going to tell me. That’s fine. So what hunt do you need me for?” you inquired.

They looked at one another before looking back at you, “Demons.” Dean answered.

“Demons? Alright. Where to?” you asked. They seemed surprised. “What? Just cause I’m married to Lucifer doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill some demons.”

“Aren’t you a demon now?” Sam questioned.

You shake your head, “Nope.” You hold out your hand to show them your ring, “My ring gives me some powers but I’m not a demon, if that comforts you.”

“It’s not that we wouldn’t trust if you were a demon but…” Dean says, dropping his head while shaking it.

“Are you happy… with Lucifer?” Sam asked you.

You smile and nod, “Yeah, I really am.” you respond. “And um… I was going to invite you both to the wedding but…”

“It okay. We get why you didn’t,” Dean said.

“It wasn’t much of a ceremony since you know… It was more of an exchange of vows,” you chuckled.

Sam chuckled, “Yeah? What did Lucifer say?” he asked.

Dean also chuckled, “Wait. We have a hunt to get over first. Then we’ll sit down and talk.”

Sam and Dean filled you in on what they know and apparently it was a lot. All they really had to do was kill the group of demons. You all hopped into the impala and went to the empty warehouse the demons were using. The three of you split up as you sneaked inside. Sam had the top floor, Dean had the first floor, and you had the basement level.

You searched the entire floor and nothing. You were heading back upstairs when a demon appeared before you. Your grip tightened around your blade.

“I’m actually surprised you fell for this,” she said.

“You going to talk or are you going to fight me?” you retort.

She glared at you, “You don’t deserve to be queen!” she shouted. She stomped her way to you blade in hand. Then your blades clashed.

As you fought her, you didn’t see the demon sneaking up from behind you. Just when the second demon was about to stab you, the one you were fighting looked toward them. You quickly turn around and killed him, leaving nothing but a dead body and a flash of orange. While you were talking your blade back, the female demon you were fighting stabbed you in the heart.

You gasped and fell to the floor. She cackled. You tried to get up but the pain was unbearable and you were starting to lose your senses. It didn’t take long for you to feel so tired that all you wanted was to close your eyes. Your breathing slowed down and your eyes were slowly closing no matter how much you fought it. The last thing you see was your ring slowly corroding away.

At the same time~

Lucifer was holding a picture frame you insisted on having. It was the only one. In the picture was you sitting on Lucifer’s lap in the throne room. You were smiling toward the camera and you thought Lucifer was doing the same but he was staring lovingly at you.

As he admired the picture he noticed his ring was smoking. He held up his hand and his heart shattered as he saw his ring disintegrate into nothingness. He immediately went to you.

When he arrived, you were on the floor bleeding and the demon that stabbed you was laughing. The second she noticed him, she tried to escape from her vessel but Lucifer wasn’t having any of that. He shoved the black smoke back into the body and one by one, ripped her limbs apart, until he finally stabbed her.

He went back to you and held your body. He cried out in agony. Which made the demons that were still in the building retreat. Dean and Sam ran down to find you dead in Lucifer’s arms.

Lucifer stood up whilst you still in his arms. He turned toward the brothers, anger in his eyes, “YOU!” he shouted. He slammed them against the wall and was choking them. Then he remembered that they were your friends, your family, and you loved them. He let them go and left with you.

Lucifer laid you down on the bed you both shared. “Y/N,” he cried. “Come back to me,” he said through sobs. “Please…” he begged. After hours and hours of crying for your return he remembered that you wanted a hunter’s funeral no matter what. Lucifer was against it but you were serious about it. So Lucifer took you to the Winchesters and they set everything up.

Lucifer has never hated fire before, but seeing your body burn was unbearable. His fist trembled as he watched the fire dance around as if celebrating. What is there to celebrate?

Sam and Dean also stayed. They all stayed until the last bit of ember died down. Sam was the first to turn around and head back to the car. Dean wasn’t too long after. Lucifer. Lucifer stayed a while longer. He didn’t want to go back to hell. Not when he knows you were never returning. He didn’t want to stay there either. He didn’t want to do nothing. Then he realized that some demons that were there had gotten away. He realized that he does have to go back to hell. He has to go back and kill every demon who had wished you ill will. That’s what he did.

A few years later~

“Sir! There’s a woman. She claims she’s the queen,” said a demon.

Lucifer chuckle and turned toward him, “Queen? Right?” he said. Though he smiled, he hurt a little on the inside. He had a queen once. She’s gone now.

You burst through the doors. Lucifer turned toward you and his eyes widened for a second. You on the other hand smiled at him. You hadn’t seen him in so long. You were so happy. “You’re queen is here,” you said softly.

“Sir, do I-” the demon started but stopped once Lucifer lifted his hand.

“Leave,” he told him.

The demon did as he was told and left as quickly as he could.

He stared at you a while longer. “Y/N?”

You nodded as you continued to smile, “Yeah Luci… I’m really actually here.”

“How? How are you here? You died,” he questioned.

“I have no idea. I just woke up at a hospital. I came straight here,” you responded, walking closer to him. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in so long but it also feels like I just saw you yesterday. I missed you.”

“You haven’t. You’ve been gone for years… I missed you,” he told you.

“Years? It’s been years huh? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean. Maybe… Maybe I shouldn’t have come,” you say, taking a step back.

He takes your hand, “You shouldn’t have…” he smiles, “But I’m glad you did.”

You kissed him like you’ve never kissed him before. Trying to make up for all those years you had disappeared. For all those years you were… dead. When you both had to pull away, “I love you Luci.”

Hope you liked it!

Request: Hi!! Could you do one where the reader is Sams best friend from college and he runs into her one day with Cas and Dean who both have a crush on her and try to go for her because she starts spending time with them (they mess around and fight over her, etc.) and after a few days of this Sam gets fed up and tells y/n everything, so she ends up having to choose but it's really hard because she likes both of them. (She eventually chooses Cas.) thank you!! Your writing is amazing by the way :)

All you wanted to do was take the stupid heels off. Sure, they made your ass look great, and they made you feel powerful, but after wearing them for four hours, you just wanted to take them off! But, your hunger was greater than the pain, so you decided to stop at a diner before going home. 

“Hey, Claire.” You greeted the hostess with a warm smile. 

“Hey, Y/N. Normal seat?” She asked, grabbing a menu. 

“Of course.” You answered, and followed her to your booth in the corner of the diner. You were sitting for only a minute before Aaron, your normal waiter, approached you. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He greeted you. “The usual?”

“Yup.” You answered, handing him the menu.

“I don’t know why we bother giving you one of these.” He commented, then walked away. 

You looked around the diner, taking in the scene. You were a regular, you’d eaten there at least once a week, and knew the usual crowd. Greg sat at the diner, slowly eating his eggs. Sarah stared longingly at the cook, Matt, who was chopping some onions. You watched the door, waiting for Maggie, the new waitress, to enter. 

But before Maggie could walk in, three tall, handsome men entered. Your eyes wandered over the one in the trench coat, taking in his dark hair and blue eyes. Then you sized up the man next to him, who had short, light hair, with startling green eyes. And finally, you looked at the third man, who had long hair and was the size of a moose. 

You knew that moose. “Sam?” You called, waving frantically. The man’s head snapped towards you, his hair flowing when his head moved. His eyes landed on you, and a smile spread over his face. 

“Y/N?” He asked, walking up to you. You slid out of your booth and met him halfway, wrapping him in a hug. “What are you doing here?” He asked in disbelief.

“I live here. What are you doing here?” You replied, looking him over. “And what did you do to your hair?”

“I like it.” He said defensively, earning a laugh from you. “And I’m working a case with my brother and friend.” With that, the two other men joined the conversation. “This is my brother Dean, and this is Castiel.” Sam introduced you. 

“I’m sorry, but you are way too hot to know my brother.” Dean stated, shaking your hand.

You laughed and rolled your eyes. “We went to college together.” You explained, then shook Castiel’s hand. “Do you guys wanna sit?” You offered, motioning to your booth.

“Yeah!” Sam exclaimed, and you all sat down. Sam sat beside you, and you sat across from Castiel, who sat next to Dean. 

“Friends of yours, Y/N?” Aaron asked, standing at the head of the table. 

“Yeah, can you get them some menus? Their not from around here.” You said.

“Sure thing. Want me to hold your order?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks." 

"How often do you come here?” Sam asked, laughing.

“Shut up. You know I love diners.” You replied. “And the pie is to die for.” You added.

“Pie?” Dean questioned, sitting up.

You laughed and nodded. “Best pie I’ve ever had." 

Aaron returned and passed three menus around, then he left. "What do you recommend?” Castiel asked, staring at you with those amazing blue eyes. 

“Well, do you like eggs?” You asked.

“I don’t know.” He answered.

“You’ve never had eggs?” You questioned in disbelief.

“Cas doesn’t get out much.” Sam stated.

“Wow. Alright, well, what kind of food do you like?”

“I like pie.” He answered, making you laugh. He smiled a little, and you realized that he had a very nice smile.

“Good. But that’s not a meal. I usually get a bacon and cheese omelette, with home fries and a side of sausage.” You told him.

“That sounds good.” He commented. 

“How are the burgers?” Dean asked.

“Juicy and cooked to perfection.” You stated.

“Awesome.” Dean remarked, putting the menu down.

“Let me guess, Sam, a salad?” You teased.

“I’m sorry I like to eat healthy.” Sam said, rolling his eyes.

You laughed and waved to Aaron, who quickly took your orders. You talked to the boys while waiting for the food, and realized just how awesome they were. You’d really missed Sam, he was like your best friend. And Dean and Castiel were both really cool. You found yourself staring at Dean and Castiel a little too long, and had to remind yourself not to drool. God they were attractive!

Aaron returned with your food, then left. You watched Cas expectantly, waiting to see his reaction. He put a bite of the omelette in his mouth, and his eyes widened. “This is amazing.” He stated, nodding his head. 

“I know!” you exclaimed, digging into your own food. 

There wasn’t much conversation while you all ate, you were too absorbed in the tastes to talk. Aaron walked back over once you were all finished, “How many pieces of pie?” He asked.

You looked at the boys, and Dean and Cas decided they wanted one. Sam, being the health nut, denied it. “Three.” You answered.

“Alright. Oh, and Y/N, Billy’s been staring at you for a while.” Aaron informed you with a wink. It took all your will power not to make a sour face. 

“Thanks, Aaron.” You said as he walked away.

“Who’s Billy?” Sam asked in a teasing tone.

“The most annoying jerk in town.” You answered. “He’s been asking me out ever since I moved here, and won’t take no for an answer." 

"Want me to set him straight?” Dean offered.

“Nah, I’ll handle it.” You assured him, glancing at Billy. Sure enough, he was looking in your direction, glaring daggers at the men you were sitting with. 

Soon you were all eating pie, Billy completely forgotten. Sam paid for your meal and you all got up to leave. As you passed Billy’s table, he grabbed your wrist. 

“Hey, baby.” He said, pulling you towards him.

You didn’t even speak to him. You were too pissed. You twisted your wrist, so that you were grabbing him, then snapped it back. Billy cried out in pain and grabbed his wrist. “Don’t you ever touch me again.” You growled, then walked away from him. 

“That was awesome.” Dean whispered as you left the diner.

“Are you okay?” Castiel asked, looking at you with concern.

“Yeah, just pissed.” You answered.

Castiel lightly took your hand and examined your wrist. It was bruising slightly from where Billy had gripped you. “He hurt you.” Castiel muttered.

“It’s fine.” You assured him, but before you could pull your wrist away you watched the bruises fade. “What the hell?” You muttered, pulling your arm away and taking a step back from Cas.

“Cas, really?” Dean asked in exasperation. 

“What the Hell?” You repeated, a little louder.

“Y/N, please don’t freak out.” Sam pleaded.

“Sam, I won’t freak out if you tell me what the hell!” You exclaimed.

“Cas is an angel.” Sam stated.

“Look, I know he’s cute and all-” You started.

“No, like an actual angel.” Sam interrupted.

“You think I’m cute?” Castiel asked, a small smile forming on his lips.

“Angels don’t exist.” You said, not hearing Cas’ question.

“Cas, show her your angel mojo.” Dean requested.

Castiel tilted his head, but stepped closer to you. He gripped your arm lightly, and soon you were in a completely different area. A warm breeze hit your face, pushing your hair back lightly. You heard waves crash and looked at Cas in shock. Then, just as quickly as you were taken away, you were brought back to the diner. 

“Holy shit!” You exclaimed.

“Do you maybe wanna come to our motel?” Sam offered.

“Uh, yeah! I’ve got some questions.” You answered, walking to your car. “Where’s your car? I’ll follow you.” You suggested.

“I’m parked right next to you.” Dean said, pointing to a black car. 

“That’s your car?” You asked in amazement. You didn’t know much about cars, bu you knew a classic when you saw one. “That’s awesome." 

"You wanna drive her?” Dean offered, shaking the keys slightly. 

“Hell yeah!” You exclaimed. “Sam, you drive my car.” You ordered, throwing your keys at him. 

You got in the driver seat of the car, and put the keys in. The engine purred to life, and you smiled widely. Then, rock music blared through the speakers. “Is this Metallica?” You asked.

“Yeah, I can turn it down if you want.” Dean offered, moving his hand towards the volume nob.

“Don’t you dare!” You exclaimed, slapping his hand away. “I love this song!”

You started adjusting the mirrors, and didn’t see the look of pure shock and adoration on Dean’s features. The drive to the motel was smooth and loud, seeing as you and Dean sang along to every song. 

You stayed at the motel with the boys for the whole night, asking questions and learning all about the supernatural world. Apparently they’d stopped the apocalypse. No big deal.

“How long are you guys in town?” You asked.

“A few days. We’re hunting some vampires.” Dean answered.

“Alright, well it’s late and i have to go, but I’ve got more questions. So, can I come by tomorrow again?” You asked.

“Sure!” Castiel exclaimed. 

“Alright, uh, just text me.” You suggested, then left.

*Third Person POV*

“Sammy, she’s great.” Dean commented as he watched Y/N drive away.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen her in forever.” Sam muttered.

“She’s very beautiful.” Castiel stated.

“Cas, do you have a crush on Y/N?” Sam teased.

“I hope not. Cause I’m calling dibs.” Dean said.

“I don’t know what a crush is, but I do like her very much.” Castiel said. 

“Well, I’m gonna ask her out, so stop.” Dean announced.

“No, I want to ask her out.” Castiel said.

“Cas, she likes rock music and pie, we were practically made for each other!” Dean exclaimed.

“And she is sweet, and caring, and very beautiful. I enjoy pie and music too, so I should ask her out." 

Dean and Castiel started arguing over who should ask her out, arguing most of the night. Sam found the whole thing a little funny at first, but after an hour of them yelling he started to go crazy. He snuck to the bathroom and pulled his phone out, then called Y/N. 

"Hey!” Y/N’s cheerful voice exclaimed over the phone. “Miss me already?”

“Well Dean and Cas certainly do.” Sam answered. “Look, they both really like you. They’ve been arguing over who gets to ask you out all night.”

Y/N laughed over the phone, then was silent. “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll handle it tomorrow.”

“Like you handled Billy?” Sam joked.

“Hopefully I won’t have to break their wrists, but don’t worry about it.” Then they hung up, and Sam continued to listen to the two argue all night. 

*Normal POV*

You pulled up outside the motel, heart racing. You’d been thinking about what Sam said all day. You really liked both Dean and Castiel. You had so much in common with Dean, but Cas was so sweet and kind. But, you’d made up your mind.

You knocked on the door and Sam answered it. Relief flooded over his features. “You need to stop them.” He whispered, making you laugh.

“Hey guys!” You exclaimed, walking in the room.

“Hello.” Castiel greeted you.

“Hey!” Dean said. “You want a beer?”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” You joked, but accepted the drink. 

If Sam hadn’t told you how Dean and Cas felt, you probably never would have noticed. But, since you were looking for it, you noticed how Castiel seemed to move closer to you throughout the night. And how Dean kept lightly touching your arm. 

“So, I gotta ask. Cas, what’s it like being an angel?” You questioned.

“I don’t know.” He answered with a shrug. “To me, it’s normal. But I enjoy being on Earth more than Heaven." 

"Really? Why?” You asked.

“There’s so much beauty on Earth.” He stated, smiling at you. You couldn’t help but blush slightly. 

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Castiel offered.

“I’d love to.” You agreed, standing up and grabbing your jacket. 

As you left the room, you heard Dean mutter, “Damn.” It wasn’t really his fault you picked Cas, he was just so charming and cute. The night was cool and the wind hit you slightly. You a shiver went through you, and you rubbed your arms trying to warm up.

“Here.” Castiel said, taking his trench coat off and draping it over you. 

“Won’t you get cold?” You asked.

“I’m an angel. I can’t.” He answered.

You walked silently for a few minutes. You hoped Cas would grab your hand, or maybe ask you out, but he didn’t. Apparently it was up to you to make the first move. 

“Cas, Sam told me that you sorta like me.” You said, hoping it didn’t sound as lame as you thought.

“Yes.” Castiel stated.

“Well, I like you too.” You told him, stopping so you could look at him.

Castiel stopped and faced you. “You do?” He asked in shock.

“Of course.” You said, then pulled him into a kiss. He ran his hands through your hair and pulled you closer to him. You were very happy with your choice.

(I hope you like it!)

Request: Say Goodbye

Request: Hi hun, could I have a Cas one shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s sister, Sam’s twin, and she and human!Cas are engaged. She sold her soul after Cas dies during a hunt, and gets two years. She and Cas get married. When the hellhounds attack, she says tearful goodbyes to her brothers and Cas, as she lays dying. She and Cas kiss before she dies in his arms. Lots of bittersweet fluff please. It’s long sorry xxx

Word Count: 2,776 (oops)

Okay, this is sad. Also, I changed the end slightly, which is why there’s a warning. I think it still works. I hope you like it, thanks!<3

WARNING: Euthanasia-style suicide, in a lesser-of-two-evils situation.

“We’ll be fine, yeah?” You assure Cas, and he nods, squeezing your hand once more. He doesn’t talk, though, the nerves obviously striking his system like lightning over the sea. Instead, he laces his hand with yours, bringing it to his lips and kissing your knuckles. His eyes remain focused on yours as he runs his thumb over the ring on your finger. He blinks once, remembering the promise he made to you.

Always. He’d said, Always. Every day for the rest of our lives. If you’ll have me, that is.

He’d proposed just over three weeks ago, with your brothers’ blessings – somewhat ironic, for a man who was once an angel to need the blessings of humans. Nonetheless, with the encouragement of the Winchester brothers, he popped the question and you accepted with zero hesitation.

This hunt is something you’ve all been no less than terrified of for what seems like forever. Demons, strategically moving through towns and cities, causing bloodshed and terror in the name of demonic superiority. This kind of massacre is something you’ve all been dreading having to deal with – this time, you don’t have angel grace on your side. This time, it’s do or die – literally.


“Cas! No!” You cry, lunging towards your fiancé. His cobalt eyes stare at you in widened horror as the blood-slicked blade is yanked back out from between his ribs. In desperation, you hurl the engraved knife towards the demon, burying it into the thing’s stomach. You couldn’t care less for the meatsuit at the moment; catching Cas as he collapses to the floor.

“No, no, no.” You shake your head, your braid further falling out – you lost the tie somewhere in the chaos. The frazzled hair falls around your face, “No, Cas! Stay with me!”

“Y/N-” He tries, but you shake your head, “Sam! Dean!” You cry out into the darkness, the sound of Cas’ ragged breathing too loud in your ears. He coughs weakly, a spurt of crimson making you cringe.

“Cas, no. Please. I need you.” You whisper, “Please, baby. Hold on. For me, please.”

“Y/N,” He chokes, more blood trickling over his cheek, “I – I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. I love you too. So much.” Tears fill your eyes, and you cradle his head to your chest. Reaching over, you wipe the blood from his cheek and lips with your sleeve, “So much, Cas.”

His eyes close and you watch as his chest rises and falls. You continue whispering reassurances; his ragged, shallow breaths fill the room for another moment. Then, they stop.

“Oh, Cas.” You whisper, a sob threatening each of your words, “Cas.” His hands are limp by his side and his head lolls helplessly in your arms. You hold him close to you, rocking him like you would a child.

A child. A life together. A home, a family. To be normal.

The ring on your finger seems too tight and so does your chest, you can’t breathe, and a you can hear a horrible wailing. It takes until Sam and Dean appear in the room for you to realise that it’s actually you.

And then they just drag you away from him, whispering words that you can’t hear; don’t want to hear.


“Just let me say goodbye,” You plead, wiping at your eyes for the billionth time, “Give me until morning. Please.”

“Y/N…” Dean seems reluctant, but Sam lays a hand on his older brother’s shoulder.

“Let her, Dean,” He says softly, “Just one night. It’ll help her heal. Being able to goodbye properly…” He trails off, and you just know he’s thinking about Jess. Dean knows, too, and he nods slightly.

“One night, alright? Try to get some sleep.”

You nod, knowing fine well you won’t. Instead, you push the door open, almost collapsing to your knees as you see him lying on the bed, bloody and beaten and limp and not Cas. Not your Cas. Not the strong and infallible and-

“Oh, Cas,” You whisper, sitting on the floor beside the bed and taking his hand in yours, “Don’t you see how much I need you? The world is so big; so scary. But you know it so well and I can’t do this alone. I don’t want to do it alone. Everything is pointless without you.” You admit, tears streaming down your cheeks, “I don’t want to be here if you’re not.”

I don’t want to be here if you’re not. I don’t want to be here if you’re not.

And then it hits you like three tons of bricks. There are other options. You don’t have to live without him.

You’re on your feet in a matter of moments, scrambling around your room for the right things. You’ve kept the little tin in your bottom drawer for years, just in case.


“Well, well, well,” The thing speaks from behind you, “Another Winchester?”

You don’t answer – you don’t even turn around; just inspect your fingernails. The dust surrounding them serves as a reminder of what you’re doing.

“What can I do you for?” He asks, suddenly speaking from right over your shoulder. You spin in shock, gasping at his proximity.

“I- Cas.” You say simply, “I need Cas.”

“Oh, a sacrifice in the name of love?” He grins, touching your cheek with a rough hand. Too rough. Not like Cas – his hands, though calloused, never fail to have the gentlest of intentions behind them, “How adorable. I can give you two.”


“Two years.”

“No way. I want my ten. Why can’t I have my ten?”

“Well, its gonna be hard, dragging one of the most wanted beings in all of existence back to our earthly plane,” He shrugs nonchalantly, “Plus, you are a Winchester, and you’ve caused us utter havoc over the past few years. I think the two years is pretty generous, if you ask me.”

“I didn’t.” You snap, “Please… is there a shred of humanity within you?” As the man’s eyes flicker to blood red, you shudder, “Stupid question.”

“It’s a lovely long life without your dear Cas, or two years with. What do you choose?”

“Cas.” You don’t hesitate, “Cas. Give me the two, I don’t care. Bring him back to me.” For the first time, you feel a stony resolution settling in your gut. The man grins, that shiteating smirk eating away at you.

“Well, you know the drill, sweetheart.”

For Cas, you think to yourself as he plants his lips on yours for a moment that seems to last a lifetime.

“See you in two years.”


“Y/N? Where the hell have you been?” Dean asks, but he already knows. You know he knows because of the raw panic on his face as he stands up. You can tell you look ragged as hell, but you don’t care.

You shrug, “I had to, Dean.”

“Y/N?” He doesn’t want to believe it because he’s been there and he’s done that and he’d never wish it upon his worst enemy, never mind his own sister.

“Where is he?”

“Bedroom. He’s asking for you.”

“Did you tell him?”


You nod gratefully, “Thanks, Dean.”

You’re surprised he doesn’t make a comment about how stupid you were. Maybe he knew you’d do it. You walk past him, avoiding his imploring gaze and walking straight into your room. Cas sees you and his eyes light up, and he propels himself from the bed and you launch yourself into his arms.

“Y/N,” He whispers, “What happened?”

“The demon… he stabbed you.” You say quietly. As much as you don’t want to tell him the truth, you can’t lie to him. You just can’t. “You died.”

“Then how am I…” He gasps, pulling away and holding you at arms length, “You didn’t.”

You nod, “Yeah, I did.”

“Y/N, no. I thought we’d discussed this.” He intones, “No deals, remember?”

“Try watching the person you love most in the world die before your eyes, Cas. It’s a whole new story.”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to in ten years.”

He sees that you’re avoiding his gaze and inhales sharply.

“How many? Five? One?”


“You’re so stupid sometimes. I’m not worth it. You have so much life to live.”

“Not without you I don’t. Anyway, it’s not about the time you get, it’s about what you do with it.” You smile with false enthusiasm, “Let’s make the most of what I’ve got, yeah?”


The wedding is nothing short of stunning. It’s in a small village church, nothing special, just a handful of friends – the ones you have alive. You refuse to let the sad undertones of the situation have any impact on the day as you head back to the bunker with a ton of junk food and beer for you two and the friends. In favour of the usual reception, you hang out with the people you love most in the world.

Yet, the morning after, wrapped in the soft cocoon of Cas’ arms, you can’t help but wonder where you go from here. You’re reluctant to hunt and you’re 90% sure Cas wouldn’t want either of you hunting. But how do you make the most of the two years you have left?

One year, eleven months, three days.

So that’s exactly what you do – you make the most of it. You visit glorious beaches and trashy amusement parks and ancient museums and old farms and anything and everything that catches your eye. No obligations, no goals. Just the four of you (occasionally two, if Sam and Dean head off to hunt something) doing whatever you want, whenever you want to.

It’s almost as if time will never end.


As all things do, your time comes to an end. You have just one day until your deal is up, when you finally snap.

“Will you quit looking at me like I’m about to drop dead?” You snap as your brothers, who’d been observing you from across the room, “I have another day, you bastards!”

“Y/N, I-” Sam begins, but you interrupt him.

“No, Sam. I know what’s going to happen. I’ve accepted it. It’s time you do, too. I know you’re still hoping for a way out, but if either of you dare endanger yourselves…”

Your brothers look at each other, then over at you. Then, Dean nods.

“I know how you feel, kid. We’re sorry. It’s just… hard.”

“I know.” You nod, “I gotta go. I’ll be back soon, tell Cas not to worry.”

You leave before they can ask any questions.


“You want to what?” Sam lurches forward, trying to grab the small paper bag form your hand. You snatch it away.

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what I don’t want.” You say, calmer than you thought you’d be, “Please.”

“But… Y/N?” Cas looks incredibly hurt by your proposition, “I thought… all the time we can get, remember?”

“I know. I know,” You say quietly, clutching the bag to your chest, “But it’s so much easier this way. I want to go on my terms. I’m sorry, I don’t want you to have to deal with hellhound leftovers.”

You’d disappeared off earlier to find a contact you’d hoped you’d never have to use. It’s simple, it’s painless, and it’s a million times better then being hellhound chow.

“I just… you’re not killing yourself, Y/N.” Dean is stood with his arms folded, that stony mask settled into his features, “That’s not happening.”

“So you’d rather I got ripped up by rabid dogs? Come on, you have to see that this is the better option. Quick, easy, painless, not messy…”

Surprisingly, Cas is the first to accept it.

“I agree,” He says suddenly, “It’s less violent. Quiet. It’s what she wants.” He wraps an arm around your waist, holding you closer to him. Not that he’s let you go too far for the past two years.


Goodbyes are hard. Anyone can go up to someone and say hi, using the time they have together over the next few days or weeks or months or years to learn with them and have experiences with them. Goodbyes are different. Goodbyes are like trying to sum up everything you feel in a paragraph when you need an entire novel.

“Hey, Dean.” You grab your older brother’s shoulders, holding back your tears, “You look after yourself, okay? Because I know you won’t. But I want you to. Be happy, because you don’t do that enough. You deserve the best in life. I don’t care if you think you do or not, but I say so, so you be nice to yourself, okay? You’ve been the best big brother a little brat like me could ever want, so thank you. I love you.” You say, before wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling yourself closer to him. He hugs you tightly, and clings to your shirt for a moment before letting you go.

“I don’t want you to be down there. It’s horrible.” He whispers, a tear slipping down his cheek. You offer a smile.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m practically best friends with the king of hell, I’m a VIP.”

He smiles, ruffling your hair.

“See you later, kid.”

Sam. What the hell do you say to Sam? Your twin brother, (older by six minutes, as he’s never failed to remind you) your other half, your partner in crime. He’s not even holding back the tears, just biting his lip to keep back the sobs.

“Aw, Sammy. Don’t cry. I ain’t worth it.” You say gently, squeezing his hand, “You gotta be happy too, you hear me? You get yourself out of this life and you find yourself a dog and maybe a pretty girl – or a guy, whatever you decide you’re into – and you do what makes you happy. Don’t do it for mom, or dad, or me or Dean or anyone. I think you forget how much you matter, yeah? Don’t worry about me, either. I’ll be fine.”

He smiles, grabbing you and holding you close to him like he would when you were kids and something had scared you. You can feel him shaking with sobs and you hold in your own.

When he finally lets you go, he can’t bring himself to say anything. Instead, he kisses your forehead.

You turn to Cas, but he shakes his head.

“I’m coming in with you.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to.”

You don’t protest him. He wouldn’t give in anyway. You just take his hand.

“I’ll see you guys later, yeah?” You offer a tearful smile to your brothers, who nod in turn and let you go. You retreat to your room, looking at the pill in your hand.

“Let’s do this, yeah?” You say quietly. Cas nods.

Before you can stop yourself, you down the pill with water, and take a deep breath. Sitting on the bed, you look around.

“Just like falling asleep, that’s what he said.” You say softly, and Cas wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him like you actually were about to go to sleep. You smile serenely – this isn’t as scary as you’d thought.

“Y/N?” Cas says softly, his tears falling into your hair. You look up at him.


“You – you shouldn’t have, you know. I’m not worth-”

“You are, Cas. You are.” You take a breath, “Just one thing?”


“Well… don’t tax yourself or anything, but if you happen to find yourself with a pair of wings and a lump of spare time…”

“You’re my first priority.” He promises, kissing you again and again all over your face, “You always were, always will be.”

“Much appreciated.” You laugh, grabbing his face and kissing his lips.

And that’s how you stay, curled up together and talking and laughing. There’s no real goodbye, because no word – no words are big enough. A thousand novels couldn’t do your story any justice. And you’re with him when your eyelids begin drooping and you can’t stay awake anymore.

It really is just as easy as felling asleep.

Sam Winchester and Control

Oops I kind of meta’d? This turned out a lot longer than I expected…


I feel a lot of people misunderstand Sam’s motivation for leaving and going to college.

To me, his goal wasn’t necessarily to get a law degree. Or a degree in general. It wasn’t to find a girl to fall in love with and maybe marry one day. It really wasn’t to make lifelong friends, to forget hunting forever. It wasn’t to spite his father or leave Dean behind.

To me, he left and went to college so that he could gain some sense of control over his life. 

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Characters: Sam (mentioned) x Reader, Dean
Words:  1005
Requested by Anonymous:   Hey, I love your writing! Can I request a Sam x Reader based on the song Roses by Against the Current where Sam dies on a hunt, Dean tries to get him back but can’t and the reader gets all emotional while putting roses on his grave because he gave her a rose on their first date? Sorry its so specific and pretty sad. Also, sorry if this request came through twice, my computer froze and I wasn’t sure it went through. Have a great day/night (depending on when you read this)! 

Warning: Sadness. Death of a character. I hurt writing this. I hurt again rereading it.

         Sam should have crawled into bed beside of you by now. The hunt shouldn’t have taken this long. He said he would be home and with you by now. But you were still alone, in the dark, and worried.

           You didn’t remember falling asleep, but when you woke up to your usual alarm, you flipped over, hoping to find Sam there, but he wasn’t.

           You padded through the bunker, looking for any signs of Sam or Dean, but neither of them were there. It was time to call.

           Sam’s phone rang and rang. Your heart began to pound harder with each one, “Come on, Sammy.”

           Sam’s phone went to voicemail; you hung up and called Dean’s immediately, “Please, please, please.”

           “Y/N …” Dean’s voice broke your heart.

           “No, Dean,” you felt everything in you break.

           “I tried, Sweetheart,” he said, “I’m so sorry. I tried everything I could do. I just . . . I couldn’t save him.”

           “No,” I cried, “Dean, no.”

           “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

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aaaanko  asked:

Oc of your choice and bull, about his hammer pants.

“I get the shirtless big frightening ‘I don’t need a fucking breast plate, YOU need a fucking breastplate’ thing.” Vera slurred, and gestured, which sent her whiskey splashing over the rim of her cup. “But I just– Bull. Listen. We’re friends right? I always take you on dragon hunts.” She finished, and tipped forward to blink at him owlishly. 

He grinned at her and righted her glass. “Sure, Boss, sure. You’re the best with the fire and demons and the being an elf." 

She covered her mouth delicately, and twitched her ears. "Listen, I have a very, very serious question, a question that may change our friendship forever, so just listen, just hear me out, here." 

She squinted at him, and rested her elbow on the bar, and her chin on her hand. 

"If you want tips for Cullen, you’re gonna have to drag him down here because I’m a show not tell kind of guy.” He said, good naturedly. 

She snorted violently, which turned into a sneeze, and then a chortle. “It would almost be worth asking just to see his face, but no. Not needed and you’re getting me off track." 

"If you get near a question, boss, just ask.” He said, and shrugged. 

“It’s the pants, Bull.” She said, and held up a hand for silence. “Why? Did you–did you raid an Antivan circus and just go with the result? I have to know, are they–wait they’re emergency sails, right? This is some kind of naval thing." 

"He likes the breeze!” Krem yelled from a table away. “And we refuse to let him go full naked.” Added Dalish.