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Yuri had a previous owner? Were they good to him?

Yuri’s previous owner was a very nice older woman who lived in a quiet house and liked to crochet a lot =u= She treated him very well, and he loved her very much.

When she passed away he went to the shelter. He made lots of friends, but it was also the beginning of The Anxiety.

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wait can u join it ???? ? ?

stares into the distance

yes u can, i dont have the links or anything to it because group chats with more than four people make me anxious/overwhelmed (and frm past experience in large fandom group chats they can get really extra to me) but if i recall correctly, you can speak to @bi-evan about it

bother me with these please

1: What’s the most annoying thing about your best friend/s?
2: Least favorite TV shows?
3: Favorite moment with your best friend/s?
4: What’s one quality you would like to have?
5: Name three people of your same sex you would: marry,kiss and fuck
6: Do you like your full name?
7: Tell me your most embarrasing memory
8: Favorite color to wear?
9: Favorite restaurant?
10: What would be a good first date for you?
11: Are you a good wrestler?
12: Are you allergic to something?
13: Would you be a good singer?
14: Who’s the last person you told “I love you” to?
15: What car would you buy if you had enough money?
16: Favorite cover of a song?
17: What was your last conversation about?
18: Where were you born?
19: Least favorite app?
20: Tell me two facts about your country of birth
21: Do you like wearing sunglasses?
22: When it’s a good moment for a first kiss?
23: What are your nationalities?
24: What would make you drop college/university?
25: A crossover between two shows (any shows) you would like to see?
26: Long or short hair?
27:A character from a book/TV show/movie that shouldn’t have died?
28: Favorite movie scene?
29:Do you ship more fiction people or more real people?
30: Favorite country song?
31: Favorite John Green book?
32: Least favorite Ed Sheeran song?
33: Favorite ship?
34: How do you deal with sexual tension?
35: Name a celebrity who died that you miss
36: Favorite Harry Potter spell?
37: Something you are scared of losing?
38: Someone you regret meeting?
39: Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought he/she was your friend?
40: Do you easily open up to people?
41: What is a gift you love receiving?
42: What is something you could leave easily?
43: Rant about that’s eating you up
44: If you could make one phone call to anyone right now, who would it be and what would you say?
45:Are you easy to love?


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If you think cutieflies are useless you certainly have never had them in every orifice at once.


(Today’s daily was guest drawn by @occasionallylucario!)