the question is how such beauty exists at all

All I know is this:
You need to love her like she loves the sky. Love her for her vastness, how she blankets everything.
Love her for her clouds, her lightness, her storms.
Love her for the stars in her eyes, how they shine when it’s dark, how they leave you questioning your very existence.
And love her for her sunsets. The colours, the peace, the finality. Love her for the way she ends things with beauty, love her for her need to turn everything to art.

The sky might never know that there is someone on earth that loves it as much as she does, but she loves it all the same. Love her like that.

—  Sky high
On Neil Gaiman, and Heroes.

I think I realised something, a reason for why I love about Neil Gaiman’s work so much that I never realised before. Many of his main characters are very…wallflower. At least, they have been in most of the stories I have read. They aren’t celebrated. They aren’t suave or extra clever or grand in any way. They just are. Richard is a man with an okay job and an iffy girlfriend. Shadow is a down on his luck ex-con. The Narrator in Ocean is a man questioning life in his late 40′s, in a not too different way from how one questions in their 20′s. Barbie too, is just a girl. They all lead wallflower existences, unnoticed by those not looking, easily passed over by the random on the street. 

And then these wallflower heroes of his go on to see fantastic things, have reality warping adventures. Adventures on scales so abstract and so vast, and so, so beautiful. And then they come back. Then they come back to a normal life, or at least, a life normal enough. No one knows of what they’ve done. They aren’t congratulated or patted on the back. They come back and live more of their wallflower lives.

And I think the reason I really love this trope of his is because, as time goes by, I too feel more and more wallflower. As children, we dream big. I was going to be the next Tesla, re-invent electricity based technology for the world. Right now, I’d be happy to get a job out of uni that pays okay. Life lowers our expectations and makes wallflowers out of most of us, meant to go just watch the world swing madly on. We contribute to it, but in small ways, ways that seem insignificant. And when we pick up a book, we hide ourselves in awe behind heroes like Vin and Daenerys who can decimate armies and change the course of history in minutes. Which is fine - it’s a lovely escape. But sometimes, we need something a bit less from our heroes. Sometimes, we just need someone to see ourselves in, to stand by, to walk with, to fight with, and in the end, come back with to our everyday lives, with a world none the wiser, and feeling no more changed. Sometimes, we need Shadow, and we need Barbie, and we need Richard. And we need Gaiman.

I don’t like questions without any answers. Like ‘Where do we go when we die?’ I mean, I know what happens physiologically speaking but beyond that, what really happens? Anything? That’s what you start asking yourself when you live on a clock. All these questions without any answers. It’ll drive you nuts. That’s why I like what I do. Fixing babies, birthing babies. No ambiguity, no questions. Just answers. Clear, precise, obvious answers. And life, beautiful new life. Hope for the future. God, I miss that.

I never placed much value on wondering about an after life. My concern was always this life. What would I do with it? How would I make my mark? I wanted to break new ground. I wanted to leave a legacy. I wanted my life, my brain, my existence to mean something. The thing I never really thought about though, the thing I never really wrapped my brain around until now was that in order to do that, in order to be remembered, in order to leave something significant behind, you have to leave.
—  Nicole Herman (Season11, Ep.13-Staring At the End)

Atheist: *exists* *doesn’t say anything*

People: Wow you’re so edgy how dare you question my faith I mean how could you not believe in God have you ever seen a mountain???? HUH? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MOUNTAIN? THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL, GODDAMNIT.

I think it’s time to wake up. When are you going to understand that the beauty of a woman is not only reserved for white women, Arabs or mixed race? A black woman can also be much more beautiful than your criteria. What are you doing seriously? Put you in question .. If you would be instead of all these black women who are dismissed because of their colors .. & mine? How do you react? Come on ..! The beauty exist everywhere and including in black and dark skin women !