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Hanzo has a new voiceline in which he goes, "This year I'll buy two cakes, 1 for home and the other for a snack."

i’m glad my headcanon of sweet tooth hanzo eating entire cakes with his bare hands as a snack is living

Look, I’m going to be perfectly honest. Three maybe four years back, when I was 12 or 11, I didn’t support LGBTQ people. Hell I didn’t even know a LGBTQ community existed. I lived in a prejudiced country, where being gay or trans or bi wasn’t an open topic to be discussed. I thought everyone was straight or cis. “It is not suitable for your younger siblings to hear” my parents told me when i asked them what being gay meant. I was 10 or 11 at the time. I was in my pre teen years and I had no idea people who had different preferences even existed. I went to a school where you were called a fag whenever you did something different. When a boy wore a pink shirt, he was automatically a fag. I grew up thinking that those “fags” were bad people. I never actually knew what being gay meant. And when I learn what it was my first reaction was “that’s possible? That’s weird”. I am going to admit I was close minded at the time, but my point is that I was never taught that being gay is normal. No one in my whole fucking life told me that being gay is ok, that these people are not weird or ill. Even teachers were making fun of gay people.

When I was 13 Harry Potter became a big part of my life. I somehow found fanfictions. First I started reading Hermione/Ron and Hermione/Draco but a few months later, I remember reading a marauders fic and suddenly wolfstar appeared. At first I didn’t realise that Remus and Sirius were in fact in love in this fic. I thought they were just friends like they were supposed to be in the books. But then they started kissing and sharing beds and at that moment I realised that they weren’t just friends. For a few chapters I was like “ok this is weird but this fic is awesome so I’m just going to ignore the weird gay parts”, however I was slowly falling in love with the pairing. And suddenly I was looking through Pinterest looking for wolfstar pictures and headcanons. Then I slowly transitioned to drarry.

During this time I still didn’t know trans people existed. One day I was on YouTube for the majority of my day just watching medical documentaries when I spotted I video with a title “a boy stuck in a girl’s body” or something like that. I found that title intriguing so I clicked it and watched it. At first I didn’t really know what’s going on “so is that a boy or a girl?”. But when the documentary was reaching its end I was crying for the little boy. That poor thing had to deal with all this stuff only because he had the wrong body. That’s when I became really interested in trans people. I binge watched every documentary on YouTube about trans people.

So with this post I would like to apologise for my closemindness. Eventhough I never bullied anyone who was LGBTQ (I never even knew anyone) I know it still hurts when people think poorly of you for something you can’t control. Up to this day I don’t know if my parents support LGBTQ people. I never know if I’m going to be able to come out to them. I would like to thank my fandom for opening my eyes, because gosh, those fanfic and fanarts will be the end of me. Just So you know, I am really disappointed that I had this point of view once, but feeling bad will never make a better person for something that was already done. So hopefully you guys won’t kill me over this post and once more I apologise. This post is proving all the people, that once told me that reading fantasy won’t change me or make me smarter, wrong. Look where I am now. From a close minded person I became a part of the LGBTQ community

Ps- if you’re a close minded person, START READING FANFICTIONS AND GET A TUMBLR


Can you believe that this photo is discarded from the 7/27 photoshoot? And IT’S NOT  A MANIP asdfghjklalslflndldn 💞💞🦋🌹😏☺️🌺🌈🌙

ok for fucks sake ive been thinking about this for years are we all just going to sit here and pretend like we understand harrys whale thing? how is it even fucking possible? like wtf how does it happen? what’s the physics behind it??? how does he make it go so high? how does it turn into fucking mist??? how is he a fucking spray bottle???? why is it not just some weird sort of water dribble from his mouth??? is the hip thrust a crucial element? can he do it without the trust? AND WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING WITH HIS MOUTH?? IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE