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Question. How do I. A simple smol. Become a fren of the almighty

im love making friends !! but rn im getting a wee overwhelmed bc so many people message me & stuff,, its a bit hard to keep !! so if u do talk to me & u want to talk ,make sure u message me first bc I always forget :’00

(but in simple , just message me !)

Buffyverse Survey!

Your responses will be used for…*dramatic pause*…absolutely nothing. I just always love hearing the opinions of fellow fans, and these surveys are a fun diversion from the horror show known as real life. So please reply and/or reblog, add any of your own questions that pop to mind, and feel free to tag others who might want to join in on the fun. No one’s answers will be judged or mocked. After all, I’m a big fan of BtVS episodes like Some Assembly Required, Beer Bad and Go Fish, so suffice it to say I would never dare make fun of anyone else’s opinions :) 

1. How would you rank all seven seasons of BtVS from favorite to least favorite? No ties allowed, of course :)

2.  How would you rank all five seasons of AtS from favorite to least favorite?

3. What are your 12-15 very favorite episodes of BtVS?

4.  What are your 12-15 very favorite episodes of AtS?

5. Name your 10-12 favorite female Buffyverse (BtVS and AtS) characters. 

6. Name your 10-12 favorite male Buffyverse characters. 

7. Name your 5-7 favorite Buffyverse OTPs, canon or otherwise.

8. Name your 3-5 Buffyverse NOTPs.

9. Name your 5-7 favorite Buffyverse BROTPs. 

10. Name a few popular characters and/or ships that you’re not too enthused about 

11. Name a few unpopular/generally overlooked characters and/or ships that you adore

12. Name 5-7 underrated or unpopular Buffyverse episodes that you absolutely love 

13. Name 5-7 Buffyverse acclaimed, popular episodes that you find kind of overrated 

14. If you could bring just three Buffyverse characters back to life, who would they be?

15. If you had to be stranded on an island with 10 Buffyverse characters, which 10 would you choose?!  (This is different from asking about favorite characters since, as we all know, the fictional characters you find most compelling and are drawn to are NOT necessarily the ones you’d most want to deal with in real life!) 

A big thank you in advance to anyone who fills this out!!! I’m tagging the first Buffyverse fans to pop up on my dash: @alkenifanfiction @mayorwilkins @dreadfulcalendarwoman @rorysummersblog @buffy-angel-and-co  @mossomness @illyriaddict @sunnydaleslut

I happen to not have any lessons tomorrow, no rehearsal, no work… inadvertent day off! So I want to do a video Q&A for you guys. Send your questions tonight, and start your ask with “VIDEO QUESTION” so that I know you want it answered in the Q&A! Questions can be about technique, the industry, auditions, me, rep building, colleges, nerves, or anything else I discuss on this blog! No song recs or cut recs, as always. Alright, bring them on!

To my dear followers

If you’ve sent an ask of a meme but another ask of a different meme which clearly was reblogged after the meme you sent in was answered first (to make this easier: someone who sent stuff in later got their question answered earlier) please never think I dislike you or something. It’s just that I can’t think of anything for that ask at the moment and that I don’t want to push myself into doing something with lower quality. I take my time to do all of the requests and some are easier to answer than others. 

But I’ll always get to answer yours too okay?

((thank you for all the Munday questions. I’m actually on my way to school so I won’t be answering them till later in the day when I can get on my tablet and draw out some updates for Gilen. Thank you guys so much for your support and kind words! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!
Do to a couple of requests; here is a selfie of puppy mun. I will be deleting it later, but till then, yanno, here lol
I love ya’ll so much and if you ever want to chat my messages are always open! Love ya’ll again! I’ll talk to you when school is over!))

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How come so many of these mexican immigrants come here and dont assimilate? Plus they always use a mexican flag on their homes! Why dont they just go back to mexico if they dont love my country?!?!

Is it now illegal to hang a flag on your own home?Where does hanging a flag mean mean they haven’t assimilated. I’ve seen people who are Irish and Italian also put flags of their heritage at their homes, have they not assimilated either are they not real Americans, do they not love their country? 

Answer these questions please. I want to know, who are “These” Mexican immigrants, and do you even know what the flag of Mexico looks like, just wondering. 

Thanks to @chmuhlbeier and @amandashepard for tagging me in the Ryder Meme. I kinda don’t know enough about my Ryder yet to answer properly. I do know I’d play as sis!ryder and would romance Peebee (if I can - here’s hoping!).

Edit to add: I have a couple name ideas too. :)

Also if anyone wants to do this consider yourself tagged. Here are the questions:




Eye Color: 

Hair Color/Description: 

Skin (Color, blemishes, tattoos, ect):  

Misc physical attributes: 

Preferred romance option:

Relationship with Alec & Sibling (Do they get along? etc.):

Projected BFF (The squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take):



Other (What else should we know about your Ryder):

I am fascinated by you. The way you tick, what makes you wake up in the morning, what sets you over the edge. I want to know why hearing “I love you” makes you jump and shake and worry. I want to know the little things, too, like your favorite color and what the best part of the day is for you and I truly cannot wait to know the answers to all of my questions about you.
No matter how hard things are going to get, it is still you that I want. It will still be you that I choose for every single day that comes. I will always choose you, as long as you let me to.
—  Lukas W. // “What if you leave one day?”

“What to do when you have too much to do”
With Studyblrheaven

1. Write it down
I have a whiteboard where I write everything down. Not only what events are coming up, but also my todo for the day. You can also use a planner or whatever you want to use.

2. Clean up
A clean room is a clean mind! The best thing to do at the end of the day is clean up your room. Not only do you sleep better in a cleaned up room, the process itself always helps me to clean up my mind too!

3. Tea
Tea. Tea is always the answer.

4. Here and now 
If there is one question that has opened my eyes on the subject of overthinking, it has to be “what can you do about it NOW” it means that it is no use to keep thinking and worrying about something you can’t do anything about at that moment anyway.

5. Meditation and sleep
The most important thing in stressful times is to stay calm. Meditation really helped me. I would really to recommend the app “Stop, Breath & Think”. (My friend @zolderraam brought it to my attention) It’s a meditation app which is perfect for people like me who aren’t very experienced with meditation yet. It also looks really pretty. It is free and you get a list of 16 tracks. You can also buy other tracks to support the makers! You can also fill in how you feel and it will recommend certain tracks!
When I can’t sleep I always listen to this YouTube video, it always works for me.

I hope these 5 tips were useful to you and good luck getting done what you need to get done!

Dating Someone with Anxiety

When dating someone with Anxiety you need to be prepared for a list of things.

  • Them being nervous for seemingly simple tasks.
  • Answering the same question several times a day.
  • Directions never being truly clear.
  • Never being late.
  • Always being early or on time.
  • Them being indecisive and always changing their mind.
  • Constant reassuring.
  • Sweaty palms.
  • Texts to keep them from worrying.
  • Repeating directions to the point where you just go with them.
  • Making stressful phone calls for them.
  • Ordering for them when they don’t know what they want.
  • Promising them everything is okay.
  • Them constantly apologizing for things.
  • Them making excuses to not go somewhere.
  • Giving them hugs and kisses for reassurement.
  • Possible Panic Attacks

Note: I found something very similar to this on a photo and thought I would just share it with you all.


In answer to this lovely question (thank you!)

I didn’t have a particular reference in mind for Feyre’s dress, no. I just wanted to paint something dark and smokey and glittering. Something befitting of the Night Court :)

Having said that though any time I’m thinking of gorgeous dresses I’m always thinking about couture. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THEM. Gowns like these are fantastic for inspiration and it kind of makes me sad I’ll likely never paint all the dresses I’d like to < 3

Thankfully some Gods aren't easily offended

Playing a home brew game, the party is investigating a missing person and end up at the library and are trying to question the Librarian who’s not giving them anything.

Mage: *throws down spell card* I want to use Zone of Truth!

Me (DM): Are you SURE?

Thief: If the DM asks you that the answer should always be no!

Mage: I want to do it!

Me: *flipping open my reference notebook to the deities page*  Okay you just tried to cast that on THE GOD OF KNOWLEDGE.

Party collectively: Oh fuck we’re gunna die in the first session!!

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What sort of questions should I be asking my beta readers?


When I send out my chapter to be read over by my beta readers, I always include a set of questions typed out at the bottom, grouped into different categories such as: plot, pacing, character, setting, etc. 

You might want to tailor the questions depending on the genre or which chapter it is. For example, if it’s the first chapter you’ll want to ask them about how well your story managed to hook them, or if they managed to easily get an idea of the world you’ve introduced them to. If it’s the climax you might want to ask if the action scenes are fluid, and if the plot twist/s were predictable or surprising. 

Here’s some example questions that you could use:

Opening Chapter:

  • What is your first impression of the main character? Do you find them likable? Annoying? Boring?
  • After reading it for the first time, what is your first impression? Was it cohesive and compelling? Boring and confusing?
  • Did the first sentence/paragraph/page efficiently grab your attention and hook you in?
  • If you were to read this chapter in a bookstore/library would you be convinced to buy it? Or would you need to read further before deciding? Why or why not?
  • Did you get oriented fairly quickly at the beginning as to whose story it is, what’s going on, and where and when it’s taking place? If not, what were you confused about at the beginning?
  • Does the first chapter establish the main character efficiently? Do they feel believable?


  • Could you clearly imagine what the characters looked like? If not, who?
  • Who was your favourite character and why? Has your favourite character changed? (if this hasn’t changed feel free to skip this question) 
  • Are there any characters that you do not like? Why do you not like them? (Boring, annoying, problematic, etc.) 
  • Was there ever a moment when you found yourself annoyed or frustrated by a character? 
  • Could you relate to the main character? Did you empathise with their motivation or find yourself indifferent? 
  • Were the characters goals/motivations clear and understandable? 
  • Did you get confused about who’s who? Are there too many characters to keep track of? Are any of the names or characters too similar?
  • Do the characters feel three-dimensional or like cardboard cutouts? 
  • How familiar have you become with the main characters? Without cheating could you name the four main characters? Can you remember their appearance? Can you remember their goal or motivation? 


  • Did the dialogue seem natural to you?
  • Was there ever a moment where you didn’t know who was talking?


  • Were you able to visualize where and when the story is taking place?
  • Is the setting realistic and believable? 
  • How well do you remember the setting? Without cheating, can you name four important settings?


  • Did anything about the story seem cliche or tired to you? How so? 
  • Did anything you read (character, setting, etc.) remind you of any others works? (Books, movies, etc.) 


  • Do you feel there were any unnecessary scenes/moments that deserved to be deleted or cut back?
  • Do the scenes flow naturally and comprehensively at an appropriate pace? Did you ever feel like they were jumping around the place? 
  • Was there ever a moment where you attention started to lag, or the chapter begun to drag? Particular paragraph numbers would be very helpful. 
  • Did you ever come across a sentence that took you out of the moment, or you had to reread to understand fully? 
  • Was the writing style fluid and easy to read? Stilted? Purple prose-y? Awkward?
  • Did you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in facts, places, character details, plot, etc.?

Additional questions:

  • What three things did you like? What three things did you not like? 
  • Can you try predicting any upcoming plot twists or outcomes? 
  • Was there ever a moment when your suspension of disbelief was tested? 
  • Is there anything you’d personally change about the story? 
  • Was the twist expected or surprising? Do you feel that the foreshadowing was almost nonexistent, or heavy handed? 

Feel free to tailor these to your needs or ignore some of them if you don’t think they’re useful. Basically, your questions are about finding out the information about how others perceive your own writing and how you can improve your story.


“Give me answers,” she asks, her eyes are blurry with tears, “why do I always drive people who loves me away and wants someone who doesn’t want me?”

I realize I have no answers for that question. Because I also wonder the answer for that.

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #47

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okay I understand how you became a larrie but like with 2016 when we didn't see them togehter at all how are you so confident in them being a couple?

Well that’s just is isn’t it? One thing I have learned from being in this fandom is this: We see what they want us to see. Whatever story they want us to believe in is always right there, on the front pages of the glossy magazines on full display for everyone to read and discuss. Written in bold letters, with accompanying pictures and the main characters introduced with full name, a head to toe outfit presentation and a very creative curriculum vitae to establish the validity of it all. So what I always look for are the things we don’t see. The stories that aren’t told, the topics that are avoided and swept under the carpet. The little details that make me go ‘huh?’. The times Harry and Louis have been mia for days or weeks even, then reappearing on the same day, in the same city or close enough for a nice drive from A to B, the too in-your-face “proofs” of places they have supposedly been in or people they have been with, the way they seem to have been following each other from country to country, and the way they seem to have been going through the same struggles this year, both looking exhausted at the same time (for apparent reasons), both suffering or having good days very much in sync. If you start looking for the things that aren’t mentioned, if you start noticing patterns and ask yourself ‘why are they telling us this?’ you might find yourself not only reading the stories you are given but also the stories you aren’t. In short, the things I don’t see is what’s telling me they are in an established and loving relationship, built on trust, on being there for one another while giving each other freedom to pursue one’s own career and being apart when needed but always knowing there is comfort and love to be found at home. Their home. Or if you will, they’re Home ;) 

All the things we don’t see are what’s telling me they are still going strong.
And if you look close enough, it is actually rather obvious x

Ravenclaws!  Well, It seems I put you off for a bit, doesn’t it?  Terribly sorry, didn’t mean to.  I’m really no expert on this, but I’ll do my best to give my opinion on… all of these questions, I suppose.

The simplest, to begin with.  I always admired Ravenclaws- I was paired with one for Potions once, and I did better in that class than any other.  You always seem to have an answer for everything, don’t you?  And still I sometimes felt that, and I do apologize if this seems imposing, but you always seemed to have a delicacy about you.

I think, now again, don’t want to assume anything, but I think, that Ravenclaws have gotten a bit of an unfair reputation for being cold and distant.  The intellectuals and the scholars, and while that might be true for many of you, I can say with certainty that it wasn’t for my Potions friend.

There’s a side of Ravenclaws that so many seem to forget.  Wit.  A great deal of sarcasm, which is really quite refreshing.  And that logic, which so few wizards and witches seem to possess.  It seems these days that all that’s expected from a Ravenclaw is brutal intelligence, but that really isn’t the case.  Out of all houses, Ravenclaws showed some of the most diverse students I ever saw during my school years.  I think it was because they alone understood completely that intelligence isn’t quite quantifiable with tests and classes, although those are very important.  You have a wisdom about you that others will want to gravitate towards, so be prepared for that, and try not to shy away.

Your delicacy, I might say, comes from a desire to do well in all areas.  You like to succeed in all things, which is a wonderful trait really.  Here, I would suggest just a bit of patience with yourself.  There’s a good muggle quote for this; “You never fail until you stop trying.” And Ravenclaws, I’ve never known a house more willing to keep trying until they prove themselves right.  If you fail, don’t see it as a final thing.  You’re not broken or different, or, perish the thought, unworthy of your house.  It simply means that you get to try again, and chances are, this will only make you stronger.

I believe, Ravenclaws, that your time to shine is still to come.  I do hope you’ll stick around until then, because the rest of us would be hopelessly lost without you.


Kat’s Bookbinding Tutorial - POSTED

I’ve finished a bookbinding tutorial! It got a bit too lengthy for a single post, so I’ve posted it here [google drive], where you can download it as a PDF and make comments/ask questions if something’s unclear. The process is not terribly complicated, but I tried to add lots of pictures so it took up lots of space. Hope this helps out anyone that wanted to try making their own!

As always, please feel free to message me with any questions you have, I’m more than happy to answer :-)