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The struggle of being in a very very small fandom so small that there is no rp blog of it, and no artist doing art of it.

So you just sit alone in a corner looking at the characters of this very very small and unpopular fandom that you like a lot and you’re like “Does someone else want to play with this trash with me please?”

Long Post (SS spoilers below)

Okay, are we all just going to ignore the fact that Harley was triggered into a legit flashback that greatly upset her????

People who interpret her character superficially will only catch the Harley/Joker kiss and “romance”, but they’ll ignore the fact that the flashback downright disturbed her, and when Deadshot pulled her out of it, she was still noticeably agitated!!!

Then! Then! She basically admits that she knows the Joker doesn’t really love her.

The flashback was about Harley declaring her love for the Joker, and him basically “declaring” it back. Afterwards, she asks Deadshot if he’d even been in love. He replies that if he was capable of feeling such love, he wouldn’t be able to kill as easily as he does (who else kills with incredible ease? The Joker). And what does Harley reply????

“Great. Just another textbook sociopath.”


She is indirectly admitting that she believes the Joker is a sociopath and that he is incapable of loving her. She is perfectly aware of what he did to her, and she is torn about how she feels about it.

Thus begins her portrayal of a woman still stuck in an abusive relationship.

Her heart is torn between what the Joker has made her feel about him, what she knows he did to her, and how he really feels about her.

In first major Harley Quinn flashback we see, Harley is terrified because of what the Joker is about to do to her, and she replies with one last inkling of strength before he electrocutes her. Every other flashback shows Harley helplessly in the Joker’s grasp.

When she sees her “Puddin’” choker, we see her pause for a second before smiling and kissing it. That’s clue number one about her internal conflict about the Joker. The second one comes after he arrives in the helicopter to rescue her. She pauses, noticeably conflicted, before standing up to go to him.

Then there’s one of the most important, subtle clues. When the Joker “dies”, her “shock” isn’t the kind of shock you’d expect from someone who lost the object of her obsession. It’s a bit more subdued, incredulous. That wouldn’t mean anything on its own (people react differently to loss, after all), but later comes the scene where she removes the “Puddin’” choker.

It’s a big, clunky thing, and the scene plays out almost like she’s removing one of those neck cuffs we see so often on prisoners in older movies. She seems free. She doesn’t kiss the choker again (this was a potential moment for a reprise of that) - instead, she throws it away. If Margot Robbie and the writers had played Harley the “romance” as non-toxic, she likely would have sobbed into it. She would have exploded with grief. But she didn’t. Not quite.

Then comes something interesting: her “desire” illusion during the Enchantress fight scene features her and the Joker in a loving marriage with kids. This threw me off at first, but then I remembered my stint in an abusive relationship.

Even when you’re just getting out of it, there’s a gross hateful part of you that still “loves” your abuser (mine wanted to stay friends, and for a while I thought I did, too). A part of Harley still wants the Joker to love her in the way she knows he doesn’t. She wants Normal and she wants Love, and at this point she still thinks she wants that Love from the Joker.

Later, we see her focus on how Rick Flag is so focused on saving June. This is meant to parallel the Joker’s focus on saving Harley. One is toxic, and the other is not. Harley is utterly captivated by June and Rick’s love - a real love. She is so focused on the concept of real love that even reads a romance novel in her cell at the end with an espresso.

Stepping back for a bit, we start seeing a small change in her during the Enchantress battle. When she stands up to Enchantress, her excuse is that she wants her to bring back “her puddin’”, but immediately afterward she stabs Enchantress in the heart for her friends. She chooses her friends over the Joker. That is a huge step for her. That, coupled with her mini revelation about real love thanks to June and Rick, she might be realising that she will never find the love she wants with the Joker.

Then, the big end scene. The Joker saves Harley from prison. Finishing the parallels between Rick’s quest to save June, the Joker succeeds in saving Harley. Here, Harley takes a mental step back from where she was before. She might interpret the Joker saving her as “proof” that he can still love her! She is blinded by love and the Joker’s hyper-effective manipulation techniues.

She thinks she wants the Joker again, and I can’t wait to see how she’s proven dead wrong in Suicide Squad 2. I can’t wait to see her start realising, accepting, and recovering when she gets her own movie. Suicide Squad laid the foundations for her character growth later on, and I really hope the writers pull through.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 is happening ⊟ 

Maybe this time will be different? Maybe we’ll get this this one? Square Enix teased this 3DS sequel in the latest issue of Weekly Jump, but the publisher didn’t provide a release date for when iw will come out in Japan.

This game will star the Saiyan Future Trunks fellow rocking a pair of Beats by Dracky headphones in the scanned page above, according to a report from Anime News Network. And that creature next to him is a “mysterious being” going by the name Nochōra.

The site adds, “[DQMJ3′s] story takes place in a ‘cyber’ world with advanced science, and the device the main character wears on his ears is called a ‘reactor.’” The game will also have over 500 monsters.

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Dragon Quest Monsters Joke 3 feature from this week’s Famitsu. 

The Ride System lets the MC ride on any monster, regardless of size. This also means you can travel by land, sea, or air, allowing you to hit up places you might not have otherwise been able to reach.

DQMJ3 is shaping up quite nicely, and it’s already a much stronger looker than its precursors. 

Dragon Quest Taglist Masterpost

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anonymous asked:

Hello I wanted to ask which dq game would be the best place to start? I've always been interested in the series but never got to play and I feel like now seems like a good time to start

Sorry for the late reply.

Now that we’re getting games, go for the latest release (DQ VII for 3DS releases next Friday after waiting for more than three years!). 

A few things you should know before you start: There are a lot of puns and accents, specially in any game released after 2007 outside of Japan (the first chapter of IV is really weird in English). Secondly, gameplay-wise expect the most traditional JRPGs you’ll probably find. And finally, its recommend experimenting with support spells, since those will help you and will avoid you a grindfest.

That said, all the main series except for II are great starting points. I usually like recommending IV and VIII for starters. Both games have likeable playable characters and are overrall great games. 

- IV is divided into chapters so its easier to get into and its better played on Mobile (iOS/Android) since that version includes the party chat feature, a feature that gives a lot of characterization to your party members. That version is only in English. Then you also have the DS version, that doesn’t have the party chat feature (which can easily mean about 1/3 of the total text of the game), but comes in French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. Those two versions include a 6th chapter not present in the original NES version after beating the main story.

- VIII is focused on a few characters and a main story. Each region still has its own small story, but all follows a main plot. In VIII’s case, the best version is 3DS (comes out in the West early next year). It has extra playable characters, scenarios, dungeons, a camera mode (with sidequests), faster battles and a few tweaks. After that, the second best version is PS2 (not Japanese PS2 though, International PS2 included a few improvements not present on Mobile due to that port being based on Japanese PS2). PS2 and 3DS versions are in Multi-5 while the Mobile version is in English and French.

If you want to explore DQ’s importance in the gaming history (remember: first console JRPG) or enjoy the improvements each entry had over the previous one, simply go with the release order (I -> II -> III -> IV -> V ….)

I got something to say about the main games:

  • I and II are VERY basic JRPGs, but still enjoyable. I is specially grindy.
  • III is better enjoyed after playing I and II. In Japan its considered a masterpiece. 
  • IV’s accents can turn off anyone, specially in the first chapter. It gets better once you leave Ragnar’s country (and in later games). 
  • V has probably the best story in the series. In this one you follow the adventures and misadventures of a certain young man. In this game you can recruit monsters (this feature later inspired the DQ Monsters subseries)
  • VI is a love it or hate it experience, mainly because at a point you’re given the ship and not many direction (that also happens in II and in III).
  • VII is the longest DQ. If you like Chrono Trigger you’ll probably like this one (same writer, Yuji Horii, and both games focus on timetravel)
  • VIII is one of the most loved games in the series.  It was also the first DQ to be named “Dragon Quest” in the West (pre-2005 DQ games were called “Dragon Warrior”) and also the first in the main series to get into Europe.
  • IX is a throwback to III, but with local multiplayer and visible changes to appearence. 

There’s also an tenth game in the main series, but for now its a Japan-only MMO.

Anyway, i hope this helps you. Feel free to ask anything else you want to know.

TL;DR: Wait six days and buy VII for 3DS, the series needs support in the West. 

All that was only for main series, but you also have the spinoffs. Depending on your taste, you got these:

  • Monsters. Its the monster-catching series. The originals are for GBC and back there were known as Dragon Warrior Monsters (1 & 2; 2 has two versions like many other monster-catching games). Until the DS games the battles were 3 vs 3 (the DS games also changed how the games worked and added the size system), but the 3DS games (all Japan-only for now) are 4 vs 4. These were released in English: Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Coby’s Journey and Tara’s Adventure (all for GBC); and these had multi-5 releases: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (both for DS). Like in the main series, you can start with the one you prefer.
  • Mystery Dungeon. The original Mystery Dungeon games are actually the first DQ spinoffs, made by the team who did the original DQ games: Chunsoft. The only one in English was Torneko: The Last Hope for PS1 (only released in NA)
  • Heroes. An action-packed spinoff. Basically a fanservice musou game. There’s a sequel in Japan already (which improved pretty much everything over the first one).
  • Rocket Slime. Action focused games in which you play as an adorable slime called Rocket. The original was for GBA, the sequel for DS and the latest entry for 3DS. The DS game is the only one with an English translation (it only released in NA, not in EU … again). Its one of my personal favorites.
  • Builders. What if you mixed Minecraft and DQ1 and got a legit good game? Its coming in a month in NA and EU with a multi-5 traslation. Another personal favorite.
  • Swords. An on-rails game for Wii. Not bad, but not great either.
  • Theatrhythm. Another Japan-only title. Its an ode to fans of Koichi Sugiyama, but if you compare it to the other Theatrhythm games, the DQ version has almost no songs! Without DLC, there were around 60 songs.

First details on the Batgirl DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight

Of all the places, Entertainment Weekly has the first details on what Batgirl will be up to in the first DLC for Arkham Knight. Created by Arkham Origins’ developer WB Games Montreal, the DLC takes place in an entirely new area called the Seagate Amusement Park, a nautical theme park built on top of an oil rig that the Joker has rigged to be a massive death trap. “We wanted to recreate the feeling of being trapped in a bizarre and unique open environment playing a game of cat and mouse with the Joker,” says design producer Justin Vazquez.

The expansion incorporates Arkham Knight’s Dual Play system that allows the player to switch characters at the press of a button, and culminates in an epic tag-team throwdown between Batgirl and Robin and the Joker and Harley Quinn. “Seeing these four iconic characters together at the same time will be a real thrill,” Vazquez says. And for the first time in the Arkham series, Harley will be sporting her trademark black and red ensemble from Batman: The Animated Series.

The DLC features side quests, collectibles left behind by the Joker, and Easter eggs for hardcore DC Comics fans. “[It’s] a love letter to the original game that started this incredible franchise,” Vazquez says. “Batgirl: A Matter of Family” launches July 14 for Arkham Knight DLC ­season-pass holders (PS4 and Xbox One, $40), or it can be purchased separately on July 21 for $6.99. No details on how long this will take you to finish but if it’s anything like the Harley and Red Hood DLC, you can expect 20-30 mins at best.

Pinkie Swear (Part 3)

Damian didn’t want to look at her.

Because if he looked at her, he would be reminded of his epic failure.

If he looked at her, he would see her pale skin, the breathing tube attached to her face, and the IV’s sticking out of her arms.

If he looked at her, he would see the bruises on her face and the scars running down her stomach.

If he looked at her, he would see the outcome of his actions.

He would see his best friend hurt.

He would see his best friend battling death with every single breath she took.

He would see his best friend fighting for her life with every beat of her heart.

He would see his best friend in pain.

He would see what his stupid decisions had brought. It was his fault, and yet she had reaped the consequences. He hadn’t been fast enough. He hadn’t protected her like a partner should. The Joker had gotten there before him. He had hurt her before Damian could save her.

And it was all his fault.

Damian buried his head in his hands. His brothers and father had gone out into the hallway so that he could be alone, but now that the room was empty, he didn’t know what to say.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, he wasn’t able to stop.

“(Y/N) … I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so, so sorry. This is all my fault. This is all my fault! I was supposed to protect you. That’s what partners do for each other. We protect each other. You fulfilled your end of the bargain, but I was too scared to fulfill mine. If it wasn’t for my foolishness, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be in this stupid building with that stupid breathing tube and the stupid IV’s sticking out of your arms! You were so brave, (Y/NN).” The nickname stuck in his throat and he wiped the tears from his cheeks. “You were so brave. Or stupid. I haven’t decided which yet. Maybe it was a bit of both.”

He took a deep breath. “You can’t give up. You can’t. Please. We need you. Without you, Father will probably become bitter and distant. He’s already lost too many people; he can’t lose you too. You’re family now. He can’t lose another kid.”

Damian tilted his head, his eyes closed tightly, voice thick. “And Drake needs you. Without you, he’ll grow reckless and angry like Todd. He’ll grow uncontrollable and rash. You’re just a kid, (Y/N). We’re just kids,(Y/N)! He couldn’t bear it if he lost his little sister.”

“And Grayson… I don’t even want to think of what Grayson would do. He’s already wrecked by you being in a coma. He’s a mess, honestly. He’s too distracted and worried to focus on missions. He’s going to get himself hurt. And if you… didn’t make it, he’d just fall into a pit of despair. He can’t lose another person he loves, (Y/N). Don’t do that to him.”

The boy’s shoulders shook. “And Todd, dear God. You mean too much to him. But first he would go on a killing spree. He would become so angry that he would kill everything. He would hunt down Joker and torture him until it would be a merciful act to go ahead and get rid of him. Hundreds would die at his hands… and then he would hate himself. He would hate himself and what he had done because he would know you would be disappointed. Because that’s not what you would want at all. And he wouldn’t be able to take it. He wouldn’t be able to apologize. And he would end it.”

Damian’s voice cracked again and dropped down to a whimper. “And- and I’d die. You can’t leave me,(Y/N). Please don’t leave me. Please, please, please. I’m begging you. I’m pleading. You can’t leave me. I need you,(Y/N). I need you. You make me happy and you make me laugh and you make me feel like I’m the most special person in the world. You make me a better me. If you didn’t make it, I would die. Simple as that. I would stop eating and sleeping and I would aid Todd in his quest to rip the Joker limb from limb and then I would die. Because this is my fault. This is all my fault and I’m so sorry.”

He laid his head on the bed. “Please don’t leave me. You’re my best friend. I can’t lose you too.”

“Pinkie swear?” he linked his finger through hers, tears blurring his vision.

Pinkie swear.

Part 3 was requested! By the way, guys, requests are open if you want an imagine! And it can be anyone from the Batfamily, don’t worry! I’ just really like Damian right now. Feel free to leave me a message or something!