the quest for the joker

real talk the best thoughts I had regarding the idea of ivy, jon, and croc joining harley in the quest to kill joker are amazing and I’d like to share them.

The first could 100% be jon’s intro where he’s breaking out of jail/arkham and he gets to a sewer grate and opens it and croc’s there and jon just grins down like he totally fuckin knew croc was gonna be there but the audience didn’t and he just smiles and leans down and just goes “well hello handsome” and without skipping a beat croc just replies “you can flirt later, get down here” and that is the first thing jon says in the entire thing and you just saw him single-handedly break out of arkham with nothing but a scalpel.

The second could be like after a long fight and they’re driving and harley turns around like “and how are you two doing?” and croc looks exhausted and his head’s back and it looks like he’s trying to sleep and he just goes “we’re good” meanwhile jon who is literally lying across the entire back seat with his feet in croc’s lap just holds up his phone and a banner goes across the screen that says “FUCK YOU” and it’s sparkly and you can just tell jon was anticipating that question and it’s so obvious that they are not good or even ok.

The third would be amid an argument between ivy and jon which at some point winds up with ivy suspending jon upside down by one leg with one of her vines and then croc walks in and goes “what are you two doing?” and jon just goes “fighting” and croc nods and walks right back out with no other input not even telling ivy to put jon down.

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Dragon Quest Monsters Joke 3 feature from this week’s Famitsu. 

The Ride System lets the MC ride on any monster, regardless of size. This also means you can travel by land, sea, or air, allowing you to hit up places you might not have otherwise been able to reach.

DQMJ3 is shaping up quite nicely, and it’s already a much stronger looker than its precursors.