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Could you please do a reaction to Verbal Jint, Ugly Duck, and Quiett realising his daughters were mad at each other because they were fighting over the same boy? Loving the drabbles btw ♡♡

Verbal Jint would make them sort it out between themselves. Feeling like it was their own lives that they had to sort out and if he got involved it might make it worse. However he’d text the other dads letting them know what was going on. Secretly he’d find it amusing that they all liked the same guy.

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Ugly Duck would call the dads together for an emergency meeting. He’d want to find out what was going on in their household and would hate seeing their daughters falling out over a boy. He’d ask the other fathers to talk to their daughters about it to try to make them become friends again.

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The Quiett would sit his daughter down and talk to her. Telling her that it wasn’t worth losing her friends because they all liked the same boy. Even if his daughter got the boy in the end he’d find it hard to accept him knowing what happened.

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