the queens rebuke


On this day, 26 January, in 1885 the British commander of Khartoum, General Charles Gordon, was killed during an attack by troops of the Mahdi, following a 10 month siege. The failure to relieve Gordon lay heavily upon the Prime Minister, William Gladstone, so otherwise popular he served in the position four separate times. Following a telegram of rebuke from Queen Victoria, which found its way to the press, he resigned - his party ruined.

Gordon died on the steps of a stairway in the northwestern corner of the palace. His corpse was decapitated and his head later transfixed between the branches of a tree - at the command of Muhammad Ahmad, the self-proclaimed Mahdi. His body desecrated and thrown down a well, after the reconquest of the Sudan, in 1898, attempts were made to locate Gordon’s remains, but in vain.


Fucking coolest visuals ever.


The Decemberists-The Queen’s Rebuke of the Crossing


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Music could be cool but only selectively. It would have to really fit the theme a lot. Something like The Queen's Rebuke/The Crossing by The Decemberists, maybe? Not to shove my taste down your throat. I basically think if the music doesn't fit the wickedness (and the actual folklore) of your posts, it could take away from what makes the blog effective. On the other hand, the right choices might take it to the next level. Sorry if this is unhelpful?

the hazards of love is literally my favorite album