the queen's thief


attolis eugenides + trickster archetype

“If I had a gold coin for every time I heard you say that you could do anything you wanted, I’d be rich.  As rich as–”

“As Ornon before he lost all his sheep.”

when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life


I am not and never will be over the fact that Eugenides does his big reveal that he is in fact a manipulative and cunning genius who has quietly masterminded the downfall of one of the most powerful houses of Attolia while tucked up in his wife’s bed, wearing her floral nightie.

BOOKS ♥ Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

If you are wrong about whether he is a friend, perhaps you are wrong as well about whether he is gone, hmm? Sometimes we mistake these things. Be certain before you let go of him.

Little Queen’s Thief Fandom Things

I’ve had a sudden rush of emotion about The Queen’s Thief series. So.

  • The terrible, awful puns about You Know What, that should be in poor-taste, but it’s okay, really.
  • “Not Telling”
  • The endless discussions about characters’ ages.
    • The universal agreement that however young you think Eugenides was, IT WAS TOO YOUNG, GOSH DARN IT.
  • *writes a character’s name* DANGIT, SPOILER.
  • Poor Costis.
  • All the fashion posts that have been commandeered and tagged, because [insert character name] would absolutely wear that!
  • The fact that we’ve taken over so many posts–not just fashion ones–and with all the voracity of fandoms four times our size.
  • Over-analyzing every little thing Megan reblogs, because was that a hint?? Is she going to write something about ravens??? What could this mean?????
  • Probably too obsessed with earrings for our own good.
  • Fics that would be angst or at the very least hurt/comfort in any other fandom, but for Irenides it’s fluff. No, really, it is actually very fluffy, I promise.
  • Nahuserfish.
  • Never being over Pol.
  • At least one line from The Queen of Attolia engraved on your soul.
    • Attolia’s entire conversation with Nahuseresh near the end might be mine, tbh.
  • Coming up with increasingly ridiculous name suggestions for the Magus and the Minister of War.
  • The joy that is @artfrostedleaf​‘s art.
  • Post: *hating on horses* Fandom: GO TO BED EUGENIDES.
  • Oh, you thought you’d got everything in the books? Here’s another reread, prepare for FEELS and realizing five things you hadn’t picked up on before.

Feel free to add more!