the queen's guard dog

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have the poor baby ciel suffer from a stomach bug in the midst of an investigation 😎

Hi! Thank you so much for the request. I may have taken a few liberties with this request, but I hope you like it anyway! (Also, I’ve flubbed up the order of my requests, sorry! I promise I will still write what you want!) Enjoy!

Warning: descriptions of vomit under the cut.

     My dear boy,
I hope that you are well. This letter is of utmost importance. I require something of you.

     Ciel crumpled the paper in his hand. He /had/ been well. Running errands as the Queen’s Guard dog was always a taxing business, but never had it grated on him this much, at least not physically.

     There is a doctor in London. It is imperative that you investigate is practiced. In the past six months, four of his patients have died of unnatural causes. The the past year, all three of his children have died of the same undisclosed cause.  

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Animondays - Black Butler

We’ve all seen Victorian-era period dramas about masters and servants as well as the conflicts and everyday activities happening in a mansion. But this anime completely re-constructed the Period drama with a black comedy and Faustan twist as well as a portrayal of someone who happens to be one hell of a butler.

Synopsis: This is the story of a young 14-year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive who comes from an aristocratic family and was orphaned after the death of his parents at a young age. After he was on the verge of death he formed a contract with a demon who was named Sebastian, to help him in his quest in avenging his parents murders and also assist him with the mystery crimes as a Queen’s guard dog.

In his mansion, he resides with his quirky yet loyal servants: Bardroy - The Cook, Finny - The Gardener, Mey-Rin - The Maid and Tanaka - The Steward. His trusted butler, Sebastian Michaelis is one person who fulfills his duties as the head butler and does just about everything that leaves some people in awe, not realising that Sebastian is a demon in disguise to help Ciel Phantomhive with his mission as part of his Faustan contract as well as dealing with different enemies and finding the real culprit behind the death of the Lord and Lady Phantomhive.

This Victorian-era manga was created by Yana Toboso and the anime was critically acclaimed for its story and setting in London and after the Anime series, the manga became popular that it spawned spinoff series and the 2014 live-action movie adaptation.

I’ve never watched Victorian-period dramas in Anime form but I’ve heard so much about the manga series and how popular it is. I’ve watched the first season and loved how the period setting blended with black comedy as well as the complex stoicism of Ciel Phantomhive and the charming yet devilish appeal of Sebastian.

If you want to watch an alternative period drama Anime with a Devilish sense of humour, this is the Anime to watch and you’ll see why Sebastian makes one good “hell” of a butler. 😉👍🏻😈

I dare say Vincent is reading a letter from the Queen. (ch 75 pg 24)

According to ch 103, Vincent was born June 13, 1851, and his mother died July 13, 1866. Barring his another family member taking over the role, that would make Vincent 15 when he might have begun performing as the Queen’s Guard Dog.

This scene at Weston is presumably during June of Vincent’s last year (since he’s a prefect, and this scene takes place after the June 4 festival), so he’s probably 18 or 19. He may have been doing the Queen’s bidding for years at this point.

Imagine swapping the characters from Black Butler and the characters from Attack On Titan

Black Butler characters in Attack on Titan:


Sebastian: *is Erwin Smith and Levi combined, no questions asked*

Elizabeth: Is that any way to treat a lady? Oh, look, you got my adorable dress dirty! How dare you!

Alois: AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You, my friend, are hideous. Perhaps a divine makeover is in order? Ha!

Claude: *is right up there next to Sebastian, also no questions asked*

Mey-Rin, Finny, & Baldroy: *the new Squad Levi*


Grell: OH MYYY! So many ginormous men around! If only they had reproductive organs, right? Hmm!

Attack on Titan characters in Black Butler:

Eren: The “Queen’s Guard Dog”?! No! I don’t have time for that! I have Titans to kill!

Mikasa: *one hell of a motherly figure*

Armin: *nervously tries to be a servant but fails*

Levi: *the best goddamn maid that manor has ever seen*

Erwin: *the new head of Scotland Yard*

Hanji: Where are all the Titans?? What the devil is a scientist to do here, anyway?!

I don’t think Rachel Phantomhive necessarily knew about the family’s work.

The Midford family clearly knew before the tragedy, because they raised Elizabeth to be a competent fighter in preparation of being the Queen’s Guard Dog’s wife.

Madame Red clearly knew after the tragedy, because she talks with Ciel about taking up the role, over chess in chapter 8. I’m not sure if she ever knew before the fire, though.

I can’t think of any source material that shows that Rachel Phantomhive knew that the family she married into was a family of “villainous nobles.” Is there anything I’m overlooking?