the queen's guard dog

Mycroft Holmes from Guard Me Sherlock! Had to do him, to celebrate GMS’s new character release coming up- Micah. 

If you are a fan of BBC Sherlock I totally recommend checking out this game!

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~Kuroshitsuji - Part Two~

English: Black Butler
Japanese: 黒執事

Tucked away in the English countryside lies the ominous manor of the Phantomhives, a family which has established itself as the cold and ruthless “Guard Dog of the Queen” as well as the head of London’s criminal underground. After a tragedy leaves the Earl and his wife dead, many are shocked when their son, a young boy named Ciel, claims his place as the new Earl of the Phantomhive house. At first, many perceive him only as a child surrounded by a few eccentric servants. But they soon begin to realize that it is foolish to meddle with Ciel and his demonic butler Sebastian. Taking place at the end of the 19th century, Kuroshitsuji follows these two as they face countless mysteries and dangers that plague England and threaten the Queen, uncovering the truth about what really happened to Ciel’s parents in the process.

Author: Yana  Toboso (Story & Art)
Genres: Action, Demons, Mystery, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural
Volumes: 25
Chapters: 122
Status: Ongoing

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Inferiority Mistake

So with the revelation of Astre’s twin (in my theories I call our Ciel, Astre, and real Ciel, Ciel) being alive, Astre’s true feelings come to light.

The question here is why does Astre feel like that? If you put the pieces together, or the way I understand it, this feeling of inferiority is a cause of misinterpretation, from both Ciel and Astre, but mostly Astre. Now throughout chapter 131 we get to see the twins as children and thus we see how they act.

It’s clear Ciel, as the older brother, feels protective of Astre, not just because of age but because of his condition. Astre being sick is probably what caused Ciel to be more…mature in a sense, or appear that way. Hence why he calls Astre “silly” and “naughty” in the chapters. Acting as a sort of adult.

Using such language is like talking to a child, not something a kid says to another kid, at least not in the manner Ciel does. So here Ciel means no harm into making his little brother think he’s superior but this is how Ciel thinks he can care for Astre, to coddle him. We can tell from the flashbacks that back then Astre had no problem with it, he was young so he never saw it in such a manner. And he loved his brother so he could see that his brother was just helping him and caring for him. Astre staying inside and always offering to stay alone so his brother can go out and play or his family can go on a boat trip shows love for his brother and family.

Now that explains little Ciel but why is he still using such language now? Astre is clearly in good health and having spent the last few years as the Queen’s guard dog shows that he no longer needs protecting or to be coddled. Thing is, Astre has been maturing but Ciel may not have. He supposedly ‘died’ at the age of ten and yet now that he’s back as a bizzarro doll, he looks exactly like Astre who has aged three years. It means that perhaps Undertaker brought him back to life after he was sacrificed and kept him alive as he perfected the bizzarro doll. So since he’s alive he would age the same as his brother, or Undertaker recently brought him back and somehow got him to age three years in like months.

Whatever method it is, Ciel probably hasn’t been maturing mentally, in a sense, and he might not have been kept in the loop on what Astre is doing. So now with Ciel back he thinks nothing has changed, or that his brother has been hiding the truth about his condition to be strong, but now with big brother Ciel back there’s no need to pretend.

So with Ciel’s past and present mannerism explained, why does Astre feel like a spare? He was happy back then, had no problem with his brother and family, and even while imprisoned he was happy to have his brother with him. So what changed? Simple, he was alone.

When he escaped he was in a different mental state. He watched his brother die and he knew that the Phantomhive name fell to him. His plan was to return as Ciel to make it easier and keep his brothers name alive. It was an idea and maybe he figured it wouldn’t stick cause the Midford’s, Tanaka, and Madam Red would know he’s Astre, they didn’t. Now of course perhaps they did know the truth, that Astre was pretending to be Ciel but they said nothing, they played along. The Midford’s might not have really known the difference but still. Everyone played along and probably didn’t bring Astre up, out of courtesy but still.

That’s when the idea of being a spare came from. He became Ciel to everyone and no one bat an eye. With him being so young and seeing how no one really seems to know that he is Astre and not Ciel, brings the idea that this was what he was always meant to do, be Ciel if he had too. And no one told him him otherwise, therefore the feeling of inferiority grew, hidden behind, and probably strengthened by, his cold heart. Then with that idea in his head suddenly the way his brother treated him doesn’t seem caring but a display of superiority. This idea was a mistake and came from miscommunication.

No one ever acknowledged Astre for who he was. So he buries himself in work, doesn’t go out, cause it hurts. It all hurts to pretend to be someone else and no one knowing the difference. And with that Astre begins to hate himself, hate the way he looks. He has no identity, he is Ciel to everyone and its like he himself doesn’t exist. These feelings aren’t what I think but an interpretation. In the Campania Arc, Astre says something interesting to Snake.

This line is motivational to many of us. To not hate ourselves, to not be ashamed of ourselves, for looking different, for being our own person. Now look at the line in the context of Astre hating how he looks cause it isn’t really his own face but Ciel’s, of hating himself. Then line changes to “You’re another person so of course you look different, what do you need to be ashamed for?” It could be seen that he might be upset of over Snake’s words. Snake is a different person, he looks different, meaning he is his own person and should own who he is. As for Astre, he is a different person yet he doesn’t look different, he looks like someone else, Ciel, and for that he is ashamed. He can’t really be his own person, own his identity cause no one really knows Astre, they all know Ciel and think it’s him. If Astre came back as himself he’d probably deal with many people thinking he was Ciel and having to explain himself every time. This line kind of hurts me now…seeing how Astre hates who he is, just because he looks like his brother and can’t be his own person, not anymore.

So it’s clear that the feeling of being a spare comes from a misinterpretation of the past and how his family treated him. No one told him that wasn’t the case and so he grew up hating himself. So what about Ciel now? He’s definitely not a villain, at least not like, evil plan to kill Astre and take back his identity. He’s more of a villain to the eyes of the servants, Finnian, Mey-Rin, Baldroy Snake and especially Sebastian. Ciel doesn’t seem to have cruel intentions to his brother, what he said when he revealed himself confirms that.

Ciel still has this sense of responsibility to take care of his brother, especially because they only have each other. We don’t really know what happened when Ciel was sacrificed but there’s a chance Ciel volunteered himself to save his brother. And to be honest Ciel has always carried this responsibility as head of the family serious, as well as his responsibility to Astre. When he was making soup with his dad he said he didn’t want fake brothers, but a sort of theory of mine is that Ciel never had any intentions of letting Astre leave him.

From a young age Ciel might have had an idea of what his future held. Then he hears this, he’s not gonna want to let his brother go off on his own from fear of losing him, or that Astre would get hurt. I mean with how Ciel has been so far in the present has anyone ever thought of the idea that perhaps Ciel is super protective of Astre, even now, especially now if he knows he’s a bizzarro doll and probably can’t be killed so easily. I bring this up too cause I recently saw a post that brought up the idea that maybe Ciel caused the fire and killed his family. If the real Ciel is to be believed to be super protective of his brother, he could kill his family in order to take over the Phantomhive name sooner and decided to keep Astre close at all times. And if both brothers grew up together, and Astre got better this would only benefit the Queen, she would appear to have one guard dog but in fact have two. They do look exactly alike after all.

I know I’m getting off topic with the idea of Ciel being more cruel than we realize, but the question now is what is Ciel’s intent. If he really, really, really, loves Astre then the answer is simple, he’s gonna save his brother.

Now from the beginning Undertaker has always been warning Astre about keeping his soul safe. Astre probably didn’t think much of it besides the ramblings of a lunatic. But we know the truth, and I’ve always figured the creation of these bizzarro dolls was to save Astre. Not from Sebastian but to bring him back after he died and had no soul. Now its clear he was doing this to bring back Ciel, but why? Simple, Ciel would be the only one who could save Astre.

It kind of comes with the idea that Undertaker loves the Phantomhive family, they’ve all died but Astre and with his contract, he would never reunite with his family in the afterlife. So now its clear that Undertaker wants to save Astre’s soul so that when he dies he will be with his family again, but this could be hard, even now.

Think about the situation Astre is in, its clear he’s always choosing darkness and his vengeance over happiness and a good life. If Lizzy knew the truth about what was gonna happen to Astre, she wouldn’t be able to get him to break the contract, if the servants knew, they wouldn’t be able to change Astre’s mind either, and to add to that, it’s been three years, Sebastian has cultivated Astre’s soul and won’t just let it go, as we saw in the Weston Arc.

Sebastian is rather fond of Astre’s personality and how he’s grown, he loves playing the game of a butler and will protect Astre cause he wants his soul. Ciel, being real family has a better chance of getting Astre to break this contract. Of course first everything must be explained but this is most likely Ciel’s intent. Thus why he killed Agni, he could be possessive as well as protective of Astre as I said before. He wouldn’t want anyone else to be close to his brother, thus he’ll probably end up targeting the other servants, excluding Tanaka, in order to start over in a sense. Sebastian is the only problem.

If Astre tried to break the contract, Sebastian could just take his soul. Sebastian could take Astre’s soul anytime he wanted but he has an aesthetic to follow. At this point it’d be in Sebastian’s best interest to interfere and figure out on his own who humiliated Astre and get them to go after him, thus Astre moving forward with his vengeance and the contract ending properly. I doubt Sebastian would do such a thing but he could and he won’t just give up Astre’s soul.

Truth be told, even Ciel might not be able to get Astre to break the contract. Astre has been seen to feel guilt over his actions, especially when the innocents die. That prostitute from the Jack the Ripper Arc is an example, and Madam Red dying too. He’s not happy with that and feels guilt but he won’t dwell on it, so with that in mind Astre would probably willing give his soul to Sebastian to be punished for all his crimes. And with all this it’s possible for the series to still end happily in a sense, even if it goes with the Mother3 theory.

It’s possible this could end in battle and Sebastian gets Astre’s soul, or perhaps Sebastian dies but Astre ends up mortally wounded, and many more outcomes. Either way, if Astre dies, all that would really happen is that he’d lose his soul and be brought back as a bizzarro doll like his brother. Sebastian could get Astre’s soul and it wouldn’t matter much since Astre would be brought back. With that Ciel could be satisfied and the Phantomhive twins would basically live on forever, together, and they could do so much.

Anyway this is all what I think and how I interpret things. Yana could do something completely different, it’s her story after all. So I hoped I entertained you all for a while and have given you something to think about. Can wait for the next chapter, and thanks for reading.

Sebastian when Ciel turns into a demon so he can’t eat his soul

December 17th- The Body Guard

I’m still plugging along guys. It might help if I wasn’t so dead set on writing thousands of words per fic, but here I am, esentially attempting to write a novel’s worth of fanfic. Haha, well better late than never I suppose. Really enjoyed writing this one!

Universe: Modern AU/ Modern Princess Anna AU
Rating: T (Teen and Up) for a brief mention of sex
Length: 3044 Words

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