the queen's guard dog

Mycroft Holmes from Guard Me Sherlock! Had to do him, to celebrate GMS’s new character release coming up- Micah. 

If you are a fan of BBC Sherlock I totally recommend checking out this game!

This fanart is for the amazing fiction writers of the budding Guard Me Sherlock fandom;

@guardmesherlock-rowan, @mistymoonstorm, @cinnamonteaandbiscuits

Let me know if your a GMS fic writer and I’ve missed you!

I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when I had an epiphany that led me to this conclusion.

Undertaker IS behind the Blue Sect arc, or at the very least, is responsible for bringing back the real!Ciel. In the first screenshot I took, I remembered that, back when this chapter was first released, that everyone, including myself, thought he was referring to Vincent. But no, he was referring to the Real!Ciel.

Therefore, I can come to another conclusion and say that the Real!Ciel was supposed to inherit his father’s title- which is only logical. Why would you give the title to the sickly twin who may or may not live to adulthood, much less be able to deal with the dangers of being the Queen’s Guard Dog.

Now, this may or may not be his real reason, but I think that the real!Ciel is after revenge. His brother left him to die, stole the title he was to inherit, along with all the money and property. Most of this does seem petty, but that could have just been extra offenses added onto the main one: leaving him to die.

Book of the Atlantic Reactions
  • UNDERTAKER!!!!!! 
  • Ok so like they fucking went ham on Sebastian’s eye glowy thing that he does. Like hot fucking damn they do not let you forget that he’s a demon. And it’s just so fucking sexy?? With his eyes all sharp and red and hngggg
  • Lizzie being Lizzie. Fucking awesome omg. That scene did not disappoint they did SO GREAT. THE WIFE OF THE QUEEN’S GUARD DOG FUCK YEAH. She lost her shit ain’t no freaky zombies better touch her man or else *puts up fists*
  • Snake doing the voices for his snakes lmfao omg I love that boy
  • Baby Ciel happily drinking milk with honey is my new aesthetic
  • The fact that they actually incorporated Sebastian getting all misty black into his ‘demon-ish’ form which was AWESOME 
  • Seeing the Ciel/Lizzie dynamic was just amazing. I feel so pumped to write something for them. Because despite everything my god you really see how much they’re willing to fight for each other and that shit is my jam. 
  • Grey being a salty salty
  • Hearing Knox call Grell ‘senpai’ 
  • Waiting until the end of the credits to see WILL!!! *heart throbbing*
  • Ok the fact that like they took the key scenes from the manga and just like kept them there for an extra few seconds so we could all soak in the deliciousness. When undertaker reveals his eyes and says the whole ‘how sad should laughter disappear’ thing, the one where he’s holding the woman zombie doll thing, and the whole death scythe GAHH. 
  • the fact that I dragged the bf along so he could finally explain the hell of a butler phrase to me lmao.

I had a theory on ‘if our! Ciel is a girl, why did she take her brother’s identity and become the 'Queen’s Guard dog' instead of living a new and (probably) peaceful life?’ but I then thought:

“Fuck it! We had zombies, boy bands and (to me) a surprising character death. So basically, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!’

Affair of a gang bride@shinigamiwilliamtspears

It was 1912, London, a busy metropolis filled with promice of the future and prosperity. In the life of the upper class, these were the best of times, money was good and business was soaring. For a young heiress named Ciel Phantomhive, it could be a matter of her loosing everything. Age 14 almost 15, the young heiress was a figure of every womans dream: Young,beautiful,rich and modern. Ciel’s family was old and with a noble bloodline of Earls,but, with the candy industry and a business in childrens toys and products, the Phantomhive family knew no poverty.

Ciel was going to be married to a chap named Edward Midford,a nobleman in his own right,however, could be concidered broke by the upper crust society. The Midford family were knights in centuries past,but, due to various schemes and other crimes, the money was spent. Edward made his living as a underground gang lord,leader of a gang called the Brits Green Gang or B.G.G gang. The crimes are wide spread,from drug smuggling and selling,guns,and black market. Edward made a small fortune,but, the Queen Guard dog made it difficult for him to expand his business beyond England. Ciel does not know this,of course. To Edward, Ciel is the golden goose. Ciels family business has access to international docks and shipyards as well as ships and trains, it would take one ring for his dream of riches to come true. 

At any party, Ciel and Edward were the newsletter couple, everyone knew about their engagement, everyone blessed the young couple with many hopes of properity and children as well as luck and riches. Because of Ciel’s status,Edward had to attend most of the parties she went to. Especially the birthday of Queen Mary,wife of King George V (the fifth). Ciel was surrounded by other girls when a rumor was brought up about the BBG gang using the Phantomhive ships to bring guns to the Irish and the German radicals. Ciel did not think it was possible. Edward panicked hearing the rumor,he knew that one job had been botched,but, if anymore rumors were from Ciels ships, his plans could be over.The rumors came from the mouth of a higher nobleman,a Marquis and secretly, the Queens Quard dog..