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Day 9| hanging out with friends

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How to Finish a Fanart - Episode 8/8 (HTFAF) OUAT

The end ! I finally finished it ! 

It’s been a long ride but I am happy that I found the time and the courage to do all the characters. I kept all the steps so I will post a step by step too. If you want a pairing, ask me !

 The poster HD : tuesday ! 

Pairings :

Captain Swan / Snowing / Rumbelle / Outlaw Queen

Swan Queen / Captain Charming / Golden Queen

Hooked Queen / Snow Queen / Golden Hook

Swan Believer / Regal Believer

Characters :

Emma Swan / Killian Jones / Regina Mills

Snow White / David Nolan / Rumplestilskin

Belle French / Robin Hood / Henry Mills

You can see all episodes here !