the queen's art

Ruberiot: Mewni’s current songstrel and Cressie’s private music teacher since she was 4.

“Why wasn’t he executed?”  you may ask. Well, give him credit making Star and Marco confront their feelings for each other, and being their daughter’s teacher because of his talent at music adds to the perk of–well, not being dead. 

He likes Cressie, don’t get him wrong, but… the Queen seems more..

watchful than last time.

(thanks @dasketcherz and @glassesrink for help on ruby’s design!)

Ref for Nera! Here’s her bio. Here’s her story written out as well.

She’s the queen of Altador and the main character in my Neopian Times comics.

Thank you for coming to the stream it should be back tomorrow with a vengeance!

some art under a readmore for. suggestive influences~~~

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