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I wonder how much Pearl fretted over whether they also gonna call Rose’s kid simply “Rose Quartz”, or if they were gonna be called “DNA” or “Hydrocarbon” or “Rose Quartz Hydrate” or something and she ends up with a long list of names that get more and more complicated (”Human chemical nomenclature is so INCONSISTENT! Especially for ORGANIC chemistry! You’d THINK they’d have a better system in place for talking about what they’re MADE out of!”) and she’s still can’t find a neat solution so she just takes the list to Rose Quartz like “This is the best I could do, I’m sorry” and Rose is very touched but also trying not to laugh and trying to think of a way a way to let her down easy, but then Greg comes out of nowhere (actually he was just on the other side of Rose) and

“Wow, that’s really great of you Pearl! But we already decided on ‘Steven’!”
“Yeah! Little Steven Universe”
“Jeez, is she okay?”

It is only through millenia of practice that Rose manages to not break into hideous laughter.

Portrait of a group of Chippewa Indians titled “Chippewa wedding” with the couple getting married posing presumably in the foreground somewhere in Minnesota, c. 1860′s/1870′s. By Martin’s Art Gallery.