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Since you're pretty much the red queen psychic (you just KNOW what's gonna happen) what do you think will happen in rq4?

Sorry, it took me a while to answer, but this needed some time for gestation.

The opening is promising already. Mare and Farley crouching in some dark alley and the eerie politician hints at his scheme. Mare and Farley will both try to play along, yet they’ll constantly have to keep the other from shouting out her doubts. I love their new friendship and I look forward to this.

If I understand this right, the Guard, Monfort and King Volo still have some kind of alliance, so maybe Mare and Cal will still be meeting and discuss things, probably similarly spiteful as Mare’s conversations with Maven, though with a little, guilty, making out.

I’m super-suspicious of Davidson and Monfort. What happened to their Silvers? How much control do they hope to obtain? Do their have Newblood whispers? Is Jon sent by them?

I think there will be some mysterious explanations.

Maybe the title of the last book will be something with “blood”.

I’m not sure if we’ll get another Cameron POV, but if we do, she’ll need more plot on her own. Her storyline seems finished at the moment.

I want the Evangeline POV again, alone for the interaction with Cal. I think the not-couple has a lot of potential (but I thought the Farley x Cal friendship has a lot of potential too and look into what abyss that’s fallen). I’d like a Cal POV, but it’s unlikely we’ll have both him and Eve. I want Evane to be happy. I want Eve get away from her abusive parents.

I’d like the third POV to be from the Nortan court. I want Iris. GIve me Iris Cygnet Queen of Norta or give me death. Yeah. Or give her someone else to interact with. I think she is a force to be reckoned with. If Maven is on the brink of losing, she’ll make the important decisions. Though she will, of course, fight against Volo and this is a battle I want to see. I really hope she won’t get sidelined or just die, but I think she’d rather abdicate instead of fighting to the death (I mean I don’t want her to die).

And I really want a confrontation between Cal and Maven about the shattering of their family. I’d say this might happen during a fight, but as this wouldn’t be a fight between equals, there might be just words, unless Iris fights for Maven against Cal. Cal vs Iris is another duel I want to see.

I want Clara to call Farley mommy and Farley to be surviving the end.

I want Gilorn and Kilorn appreciation.

I want a democrazy in the end.

I think at least one of the trio Mare-Cal-Maven will die. Though right now, I’m more tending to Cal’s death than Mare’s or Maven’s.

I don’t know if I still want the Mare-and-Cal-found-a-power-plant-ending, but it’s remains a nice idea.

With time, I’ll have more thoughts. It’s a year at least, riiight??

Please add your ideas @lilyharvord @dewydrael @the-little-lightning-queen @clarafarleybarrow or whoever sees this.


Can you believe it’s the historical AU of my dreams where Elizabeth of York raises an army and challenges Henry Tudor/Richard III (take your pick) for the throne

5x23 Wishful Thinking No. 8

Nyssa: Oliver Queen, by the law of Nanda Parbat, I formally release you as my husband. We are no longer wed. 

Malcolm: I thought you enjoyed making marital jokes to him and holding it over his head?

Nyssa: I do, but I am also a little afraid of Felicity Smoak, MIT class of ‘09.

“There was a boy, just seventeen, a Red from the frozen north. He didn’t know me on sight, not like everyone else, but he treated me just fine. He treated me like a person. I think he was my first real friend.”

“And I remember the name he carries, the name that reminds me a heart still beats inside him. His name was Thomas and I watched him die. “

Unlikely that will happen, but...

What if, while in the AU, Princess Emma falls under a sleeping curse? Perhaps the Evil Queen still exists in this reality, and she is the one to curse Emma.

BUT Regina is also there, like Emma was in the “Heroes and Villains” AU. And she is the one to kiss Emma and break the curse. And it’s wonderful, and things seem to be working out all right for a change…. Only, this world isn’t real. And some things are just horribly wrong.

Regina is terribly tempted to stay. She has everything she has ever wanted. But so many others are unhappy. And so Regina finds a way to undo the wish that created the AU and sends everyone back to Storybrooke. No one remembers the AU at all…. except Regina.

And every time she looks at Emma, with Hook, she dies inside.

As heartbreaking as this is, I want this.

A Night of Bliss and Beauty (A Lysaedion Oneshot)

Lysandra was terrified.

Not of the idea of giving birth; no, she’d been through much worse. Nor of the idea of becoming a mother. She already loved the child fiercely and has waited anxiously for its arrival since the day she found out she was pregnant. But, Lysandra has seen the horrors of this world in the form of her mother, Arobynn Hamel, and Madame Clarrisse. In the form of every man, every monster, that has ever killed someone she has cared for. In the form of the former King of Adarlan, who had once banished magic from her homeland. Who had trapped her in a body that came from others, overpowering the memory of the one she was born with.

“I hope the baby looks like you,” she mentioned to Aedion the night before.

He hovered over her, trailing kisses from her forehead, to her lips, to her throat, her chest, her stomach. He paused then, resting his forehead against her abdomen. The baby kicked, forcing a laugh from its mother and a grunt of approval from its father.

“I think she’s telling you to move,” Lysandra grinned, raking her fingers through the golden hair of her husband. “She likes her space.”

He propped himself up on his elbows. “She?”

Lysandra shrugged. “A mother knows.”

“Well,” Aedion began, “I hope she looks like my beautiful wife.”

His beautiful wife frowned, a crease forming between her eyebrows. Lysandra was afraid of just that. She couldn’t remember the color of her eyes. She couldn’t remember the color of her hair, or if she had freckles. She couldn’t remember the natural structure of her face, her shoulders, her legs. She remembered being plain. She remembered not being good enough. She remembered piecing together the perfect appearance, one that would gain attention from those who sold the goods she needed to survive. One that would catch the attention of the king of the Assassins.

She wasn’t afraid she would not find the child beautiful- she would think the child beautiful no matter how it looked, and would strive to make that known to the child. She would never want it to feel as she did- plain, not good enough, less. But, she feared her child would look like her, and she was afraid all she would see is a small, fragile stranger.

Or worse, she was afraid she’d see her mother. She was afraid she’d remember all too much.  

Aedion didn’t notice her discomfort. His focus was elsewhere, singing lullabies to their unborn miracle.

She pictured the baby often, with golden hair and turquoise eyes ringed with gold. With Aedion’s smile, the same smile that caused her knees to go weak and her heart to break free from its chamber.

The smile that made her fall in love, and that scared away the terror she had of being in love, and being loved in return.

She prayed to whichever gods were listening that the baby looked like him.

Now, one night later, she lies in the bed she shares with her husband every night, holding the hand of the Queen of Terrasen.

The sun had sunk behind the hills of Terrasen, and the moon and the stars are all that offer the land any light. Inside, the fire is blazing in the fireplace on the far wall and candles are lit by the bedside.

Lysandra lies propped against a series of pillows, drenched in sweat, a cold rag resting on her forehead, hoping this will all be over soon.

“How’s he doing?” Lysandra asks her Queen, breathless from the toll of labor.

“He’s anxious,” Aelin Galathynius grins. “He’s still just outside the door. Waiting, somewhat patiently. He doesn’t want to risk missing it. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” she answers, plainly. “But I told him to- oh!”

Another contraction occurs, forcing a cry from the mother. The midwife hurries over, lifting Lysandra'a gown to see if progress has been made. She feels as if she’s been doing this for hours. For days, even.

“Lady Lysandra,” the midwife smiles. “It’s time. If you want your hus-“

As if he’s been listening the whole time, which she’s sure he has, Aedion storms through the door, rushing to his wife’s side. "What can I do? Tell me what I need to do. What can I do?”

“Staying calm would be helpful,” Aelin mutters, walking around the side of the bed to her friend’s other side.

Aedion narrows his eyes at his cousin. “I am calm. I’m calm.”

“Hold my hand,” Lysandra breathes, nervously, halting the bickering that rarely seems to ease between the two of them. “Both of you.”

Then, with the love of her life on one side and the woman who was once an enemy on the other, a child is brought into the world and a mother is born.

For a moment, everything seems to move in slow motion. The midwife, who was just seconds ago empty handed, holds up a miracle, smaller than Lysandra imagined. She worries she’ll break it. She worries it won’t respond well to her. Do children naturally hate their parents? Oh, gods.

It cries, and the midwife says not to worry, that only means she’s healthy.


Aedion kisses his wife’s forehead, tears silently rolling down his cheeks and into her hair. Tears of joy. Pure, utter joy.

Aelin assists the midwife, setting her apart from most queens and reminding Lysandra why she loves her so much. The queen picks up a bucket of warm water and a washrag, cleansing the baby as the midwife holds the newborn over a small tub.

Aelin glances at the door, and Rowan strolls in with a small, ivory blanket, and hands it to Aedion, who swaddles the baby and cradles her, gently, in his arms. She stops crying, instantly, as her father carries her over to the bed. He sits, and for a moment, Lysandra doesn’t look.

“She’s beautiful,” Aedion whispers.

Lysandra looks to her husband, whose turquoise eyes hold awe and amazement and joy and beauty.

Then, she looks to the small bundle in his arms and everything is forgotten in an instant. Aedion hands the baby to his wife, resting his forehead against hers as the new mother takes in her firstborn.

She does not see Aedion. She doesn’t see his eyes, or his golden hair, or his tanned skin tone. She doesn’t see the shape of his lips or his chin, or how his nose tilts upward, ever so slightly.

Her breathing halts as she sees the hazel eyes, and the light, brown, fuzzy hair that has just been washed. The baby’s skin is lighter than both hers and Aedion’s, porcelain and soft beneath her touch. She sees, for only a second, in her mind, the little girl she used to be.

She remembers.

“She looks like me,” she cries, softly, uncontrollably.

Lysandra breathes in her daughter, who does not look like a stranger at all, but like everything she has gained in this life that begun so poorly. She looks like hope, courage, strength, integrity. She looks like the love she found in her husband, a love she never thought she could have. She looks radiant, like her Queen, her friend, her sister. She thinks of Evangeline and wishes the girl she loved so dearly were here to see this.

“She is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” Aedion says, gazing into the eyes of his wife.

Lysandra looks to Aelin, who is shedding tears of her own, leaning into the chest of her king. “What’s her name?”

“Lillian,” she smiles. “Lillian Evangeline Ashryver.”


AULDOMOUCHE. The mask was fully loaded with its charge: a massive dose of chloropallidol. The stench is overpowering. What possessed him to do this? His curiosity about certain matters must be far stronger than I knew.

SOPHELAIDE. His pulse is returning to normal but his gibbering is the same…

AULDOMOUCHE. It may remain so. With chloropallidol, the mind is not technically intoxicated; rather, it is coerced to perform oneiric processes, identical to dreaming sleep — even while conscious. The mask’s purpose may be to keep its subject in this state for an unusually long amount of time, or perhaps for good.

WILFRED. …warmed by the air of a room. Meet with the queen at night, so that all wishful thinking in the daytime disappears. Answer quickly! Answer quickly! Two eye-holes in front of us…

AULDOMOUCHE. Nevertheless, we’ve found several of the cowled robes that will allow us to attend the conference undetected. It must be starting soon, quite soon. We have to press on.

‘I miss you,’ she said. 'Every day, I miss you. And I wonder what you would have made of all of this. Made of me. I think - I think you would have been a wonderful king. I think they would have liked you more than me, actually.’ Her throat tightened. 'I never told you - how I felt. But I loved you, and I think a part of me might always love you. Maybe you were my mate, and I never knew it. Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about that. Maybe I’ll see you again in the Afterworld, and then I’ll know for sure. But until then… until then I’ll miss you, and I’ll wish you were here.’

Aelin, Queen of Shadows

Do you ever think about the first time Celaena/Aelin told Sam that she loved him, she was looking at his tombstone instead of his face? Do you ever just stop and think about this scene and how much regret she must hold in her heart? Do you think about how it took her four books to finally get her closure and revenge while every day she had to think about what Arobynn did?

Do you ever think about the fact that if Aelin is immortal, there will be no Afterworld for her for a long, long time? That every day for the hundreds or thousands of years she is alive, a little piece of her always loves Sam, always wonders if her people would have liked him more as king, always wonders if he was her mate. And for the rest of her life, there’s a small Sam-shaped hole in her heart that no one would be able to fill. Because no one can replace your first love, especially when your first love was taken from you as violently as Sam was taken from Celaena/Aelin.

clairvoyant. (m) part two.

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Author’s note: just so you know there isn’t any smut yet, that M is just there for future chapters bc of the things they’ll contain okay awesome. also still dont know who its centered around, what a thrill. 

 Word count: 3k

part one. part three.

The stares you were getting as you walked across the quad that separated the girls dorm from the boys were definitely something else. Maybe you had something on your face? Oh wait, no, it was because you were carrying a giant size photo of Taehyung’s ass.

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So, apologies. I was supposed to write an essay today about the curse of Harrenhal, but shit got in the way and, well, it’s still not done. It’ll be done eventually, I promise, but not in time for spoopy-scary Halloween. Instead, I have some passing thoughts on Lady Jeyne Arryn, the Maiden of the Vale, inspired by a conversation I had this morning with @racefortheironthrone.

Lady Jeyne ruled the Vale in her own right from some point late in the reign of Jaehaerys I until her death in 134 AC, the only known Lady Paramount of the Vale. Jeyne had to be born sometime between 86 AC and 100 AC (as she was still in her minority during the Great Council of 101 AC), but no matter the specific year of her birth, Jeyne’s early years coincided with a renewal of royal favor for House Arryn. In 80 AC, Princess Daella Targaryen, daughter of Jaehaerys and Alysanne, wed Lord Rodrik Arryn (possibly a move of conciliation on the Old King’s part, an attempt to apologize for the murder of Lord Ronnel Arryn during the chaotic reign of his father Aenys). Daella would die two years later, but her daughter Aemma Arryn would likewise get a great match, wedding Prince Viserys Targaryen (later King Viserys I), then second in line to the Iron Throne, in 93 AC. 

I think it probable that Jeyne was the product of a second marriage for Lord Rodrik Arryn. It may have been the case that Rodrik considered Lady Aemma his heiress, until she was selected to wed Prince Viserys. It may have made sense as a closing of ranks within the Targaryen family (especially after the Rhaenys inheritance debate started with Prince Aemon’s death in 92 AC), but it also, perhaps, deprived Rodrik of his successor as Defender of the Vale. If Jaehaerys was concerned that later Arryn descendants of Aemma would try to make a claim to the Iron Throne, then he might have demanded that (like Princess Mariah Martell seemingly did in later years) the young lady surrender her rights to the Eyrie as a condition of her marriage. If so, then the Lord of the Eyrie would have needed a new heir, and presumably found himself a bride from one of his vassal Houses. If Jeyne were born in the mid to late 90s AC, that would make her only a small child - at most maybe 6 years old - at the time of the Great Council of 101 AC; it is entirely possible that Rodrik died not long after Jeyne’s birth, and that - like Scotland in 1542 - the rulership of the Vale was left in the tiny hands of little Lady Jeyne. 

Of course, with Jeyne being too young to direct the Vale’s affairs, true power would lay with her regent. Yandel tells us in TWOIAF that Lord Yorbert Royce served as Lord Protector of the Vale during her minority, and in her name attended and voted at the Great Council of 101 AC. Without knowing when Lord Rodrik died and Lady Jeyne ascended, it is impossible to know how early Yorbert took control; however, with Lady Rhea Royce (presumably his daughter, and definitely his successor as ruler of Runestone) being wed to Prince Daemon Targaryen in 97 AC, it is interesting to speculate that, as one of his first acts as Lord Protector, Lord Yorbert arranged the marriage of his heiress to the prince’s brother, attempting to ensure royal protection for his seizure of power in the Vale. (How Yorbert managed to become Lord Protector is another mystery. Perhaps Jeyne’s mother was a Royce of Runestone, though if she were then it would most likely be the case that she had died prior to Jeyne becoming Lady of the Vale; elsewise, she herself might have become Lady Regent for her daughter, as Lysa Arryn was for her young son. It might have also been the case that, though alive, the widow Arryn surrendered her natural right to the regency to the powerful and ambitious Lord Yorbert.) 

What I think is interesting, however, is that the Royces seem to drop off in power significantly between the Great Council of 101 AC and Jeyne’s rulership as seen in the latter days of Viserys I’s reign and the Dance of the Dragons. This effect might have been caused by the death of Lord Yorbert, sometime in the reign of Viserys I, but may have also stemmed from Jeyne herself. If she had succeeded to the weirwood throne of the Arryns while still very young, Lady Jeyne would have spent virtually her entire life surrounded by regents, those eager to use her name and lofty position to secure power within the Vale. It would have been in the interests of young Jeyne’s regents to keep her as ignorant as possible of her real powers: if she came into her inheritance very early, having little or no memory of her father ruling over the Vale, she would have had little means of realizing what she could and could not do as Lady of the Eyrie, and what commands she could dictate to the lords, knights, and ladies who were as much her vassals as her regents.

Of course, by the time Jeyne reached her majority, she might have grown very tired of the regency’s power over her (not unlike the young Princess Victoria, kept in a strictly confined system in childhood under her mother’s hope that she would assume the regency for her child). She was (potentially) sister-in-law to the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and aunt to his named heiress, and her vassal Rhea Royce was wed to the king’s brother (and might have been her kin as well, if her mother had indeed been a Royce); she might have thought she deserved far more power and influence than she had received as merely the child-Lady of the Eyrie. Perhaps this is why the Royces seem to disappear from the historical record after the note on Lord Yorbert’s regency and Lady Rhea’s death in 115 AC: maybe Jeyne had had enough of the Royces and their dominance of her childhood and decided to rule alone (again, if we look to the example of Victoria, the young queen’s first two acts upon learning of her accession to the throne were to ask for an hour alone and then request her bed be moved out of her mother’s room, pointed demonstrations that the new queen wished to rule on her own).

Moreover, I think Jeyne decided early that she would not wed, and remain forever the Maiden of the Vale. Wed, she might have found herself once again subject to the ambitions and demands of one of her vassal Houses, perhaps even a return to something like her childhood regency; confined to maidenly status, she could be her own mistress, subject to no ruler save herself. I think that was what made Jeyne particularly furious over the disposition of Runestone upon the death of Rhea Royce. For all that she may not have been too fond of the Royces in her childhood, Jeyne would still have recognized that Rhea was Lady of Runestone in her own right - just as she, Jeyne, was Lady of the Eyrie in her own right. Jeyne could not have been ignorant of the cruel statements made by Rhea’s consort Prince Daemon (calling her the “bronze bitch”) and his effective abandonment of her to play at being King of the Narrow Sea. So when Daemon attempted to seize Runestone for himself after Rhea’s accidental death, Jeyne might have been reminded too much of her own struggle for power in her childhood, and the ambitions of those who would have seized control of the Eyrie in her name. Hence, Jeyne did not mince words with the king’s brother: her declaration that he was not welcome in the Vale was a strong reminder that the rights of her rulers (especially ruling ladies, like herself) would not be so easily snatched by the ambitions of outsiders.

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I feel like I might've accidentally skipped an episode...what happened to Regina's evil half? Is she still around? And did Robin already leave SB?

I think you did skip one!  The Evil Queen and Wish!Robin went to the Wish Realm, and they met up in that same tavern that Regina didn’t go into to meet Robin.  That’s the last we saw of them.  Before that, the EQ cut the connection between her and Regina, and then Regina split the EQ’s darkness between the two of them, so that they’re pretty much two versions of the same person now.

i’m always wondering what Channary would think of who Cinder became? We know from fairest that Channary genuinely cared for Selene those may have been the most raw emotions and closest thing to love she ever experienced. Do you think she somewhere out there is looking down at Cinder proud. Maybe seeing her being raised by Adri and sneering with disgust and cursing whoever treats her bby that way. but smirking whenever Cinder has a comeback or faces the abuse with her head high, and when Cinder meets the prince and he immediately falls for her, Channary is just like “hm that’s right. Just as charming as her mother.” and as the series goes on she finds herself rooting for her daughter. “That’s my Selene. Doing whatever she needs to do to take her place as queen.” i like to think that. 

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yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 

No matter what else is going on...

The way Emma and Regina look at each other will probably haunt me ‘til the end of time.

What if.......2017 is better?

2016 did not leave me with much hope that the coming year could be better but I am the queen of wishful thinking. Few good things to look forward to in 2017: Sherlock, Shadowhunters S2, Game of Thrones, The Winds of Winter, loads of sequels (that hopefully won’t be a disappointment) and of course PINOF9.

Things that could make 2017 even better for me. 

1. MCR will come back. 

2. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie makeup and Ryan returns to P!ATD.

3. Season 2 of Yuri on Ice with a wedding!


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

favorite Disney Dudez 2 moments

  • the dude who was Pinocchio
  • Queen David’s “shh”
  • Queen David’s voice
  • Queen David sniffing his armpits
  • Basically everything Queen David
  • The little dance
  • Will’s high note <3